Clary Sage Essential Oil Benefits – Hormonal Balance, Insomnia & More

Today I'm excited to share with you the benefits of Clary Sage Essential Oil. I've been excited about essential oils for a long time now, but it wasn't always that way.  I used to think that essential oils were a scam, but later found out that essential oils really work and ended up writing a lot about essential oils on my site including diving into such details as essential oil emulsifiers, the ...Read The Full Post

Dark Chocolate Avocado Ice Cream – vegan, low carb, AIP, THM:S

If you are an chocolate lover, you are going to LOVE this recipe. I'm sure you can tell that by recipes on my site such as Homemade Chocolate Chips and No Bake Almond Joy Bars and Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream that we are big time chocolate lovers here.However, there are some other foods that we have similar addictions to.Do you have the same thing in your home? Foods that you just can't keep ...Read The Full Post

Healing Adrenal Cocktail Mix | Singing Canary Concentrate

Today I'm sharing a recipe for a Singing Canary Concentrate, aka, Adrenal Cocktail Mix.What's a Singing Canary Concentrate, you ask?Good question.For that matter, what's a Singing Canary?Well, I'm glad you asked--and you will be too.Is it a bird?Is it a plane?No--it's a drink!The Singing Canary is the name of a drink developed by the ladies behind the Trim Healthy ...Read The Full Post

Easy Chocolate Avocado Mousse ~ low-carb, vegan, AIP

Chocolate Avocado Mousse.Believe me, you are going to want to make this recipe right now. Like immediately.Most likely you've seen these on the internet before, but believe me, this one is amazing.Avocados are a special diet girl's best friend when it comes to making desserts. And I'm soooo excited to bring more of them to you in the near future.I already have these multiple ...Read The Full Post

Easy Crust Dairy-free Veggie Quiche ~ gluten-free w/ grain-free option

Dairy-free Quiche.Those words might not seem to go together, but when you're a family with food allergies, anything is game.In fact, this is not only a dairy-free quiche--it's a gluten-free quiche as well.So what remains in a quiche after you've removed the cheese and the gluten?Thankfully, a lot of goodness :). Dairy-free Quiche--a Great Make Ahead Meal Breakfast can be a ...Read The Full Post

Healthy Memorial Day Recipes

Holiday weekends can be tough for those who are trying to eat a healthy diet and for those on a special diet. To make your Memorial Day a bit simpler, I've pulled together some healthy Memorial Day Recipes for you all. Memorial Day Thoughts Of course remembering the reason for the Memorial Day holiday is crucial. In the US we are celebrating those who died serving in our armed ...Read The Full Post

4 Ways to Freeze Avocados

Today we're talking about freezing avocados.My family has a problem.An avocado problem.And it's real. I mean real.If there was an Avocados Anonymous we'd all be full-fledged members. And we might even be the heads of our local chapter. In fact, I'm sure that we would be.You can see evidence of our avocado problem ...Read The Full Post

10 Causes of Fatigue–The Tests You Need & How to Heal!

{Fatigue can really be a problem for so many people. It was for me. I still have some issues with it but thanks to so much work on my health, it's a much smaller problem now.  Today, Izabella Wentz is here to talk about some causes of fatigue and how to find out if these are problems for you. I met Izabella several years ago and immediately sensed her passion and knowledge. Her book was one of ...Read The Full Post