Eating Your Placenta. Why? How? Ummm–Seriously?!?!

My friend Genevieve Howland, aka Mama Natural, is sharing 2 amazing things with you all today.  First is the idea of Eating Placenta.Ummmm---really?  Well, yes.  Really.Eating your Placenta is something that was not on my radar when I had my babies, but since then I have read about it and the potential benefits of it numerous times.  And I've wondered--if I were going to have another ...Read The Full Post

Intermittent Fasting – What It Is & Why You Should Do It

Have you heard of intermittent fasting?  It's a practice that is growing in popularity, with articles popping up here and there. Maybe you know someone who has tried intermittent fasting, or you have even tried some aspect of fasting yourself. Before you push it aside as another "fad", let's look at what intermittent fasting is, what the benefits of it are, fasting safety, and more.What is ...Read The Full Post

How to REALLY Know if Your Essential Oils Are Pure

Since I wrote my series on finding the best essential oils for my family, the question that I get asked most frequently is "What do you think about XYZ essential oils company?" or "Is ABC essential oils company selling essential oils that are pure?"When I first started using essential oils, I thought that essential oils were a scam.  But after my thinking changed on that, I found that ...Read The Full Post

7 Amazing Proven Stinging Nettle Benefits

Have you been outside picking weeds, grabbed a plant that looked like no problem--only to end up with stinging and rashes that were a nightmare?Chances are that you encountered the Stinging Nettle.The Stinging Nettle is a the gloveless gardener's and curious plant lover's nightmare.  It doesn't have thorns or prickers that are obvious to the eye, but instead it has fine hairs that look ...Read The Full Post

Sun-Dried Tomato & Sweet Potato Frittata ~ dairy free

If you're a busy mom like me (and who isn't these days?) anything that can save you time in the kitchen is a big plus.Now, the recipe that I'm sharing today is a Sweet Potato Frittata Recipe.  That title might sound a little fancy schmancy, but the truth is, it's super simple and it's made even easier by doing a lot of the prep ahead of time.Isn't that the big problem?  All of a sudden ...Read The Full Post

9 Essential Oil Myths about Purity – DEBUNKED!

Essential oils are all the rage right now.But with all of the information out there, it's hard to know what to believe.One of the most pressing questions out there is, how do you know if you are really buying pure essential oils, and not some bottle of "who knows what" diluted or adulterated with something else?I think you know what I mean.It seems that everyone and his brother (or ...Read The Full Post

Healing Adrenal Cocktail ~ My Version of the “Singing Canary”

Have you heard of the Singing Canary?No?  Well, it's not a bird--you'll see what I mean.Many of you know that I have battled adrenal fatigue for many years. And with our stressed-out and hurried lifestyles, the adrenals of many are on the fritz.I'm doing worlds better now than years ago, but I still want to do more and continue to support my body using different means.  I will be ...Read The Full Post

Is Your Probiotic Making You Sick?

Today we'll be touching on a fairly uncommon topic--low histamine probiotics.  So what does that mean?Probiotics are something that's commonly accepted as being something that is good for everyone. Gut health is crucial for overall health and probiotics are beneficial bacteria that help to recolonize the gut to restore balance.  So one would think that taking probiotics would always be a good ...Read The Full Post