7 Amazing Proven Stinging Nettle Benefits

Have you been outside picking weeds, grabbed a plant that looked like no problem--only to end up with stinging and rashes that were a nightmare?Chances are that you encountered the Stinging Nettle.The Stinging Nettle is a the gloveless gardener's and curious plant lover's nightmare.  It doesn't have thorns or prickers that are obvious to the eye, but instead it has fine hairs that look ...Read The Full Post

9 Essential Oil Myths about Purity – DEBUNKED!

Essential oils are all the rage right now.But with all of the information out there, it's hard to know what to believe.One of the most pressing questions out there is, how do you know if you are really buying pure essential oils, and not some bottle of "who knows what" diluted or adulterated with something else?I think you know what I mean.It seems that everyone and his brother (or ...Read The Full Post

Is Your Probiotic Making You Sick?

Today we'll be touching on a fairly uncommon topic--low histamine probiotics.  So what does that mean?Probiotics are something that's commonly accepted as being something that is good for everyone. Gut health is crucial for overall health and probiotics are beneficial bacteria that help to recolonize the gut to restore balance.  So one would think that taking probiotics would always be a good ...Read The Full Post

Nutrition and Child Development – What You Need to Know

How does nutrition affect child development?We all come across various parenting goals on various websites. There are goals about achieving athletic goals, reaching academic achievements, and many more thing.But in reality, many parenting goals revolve around children and their eating habits.  And most of the real goals that we have for our kids involved proper development in one way or ...Read The Full Post

3 Things that Almost Stole Christmas – Part 2

 In Part 1 of "3  Things that Almost Stole Christmas", I talked about the unfortunate timing of my Detox and the sad demise of our Christmas Tree--2 of the 3 things that threatened to steal Christmas this past year.So while you're reading the continuation of the story, keep in mind that I still wasn't feeling fabulous and that we had left our home 2 days before Christmas to get a ...Read The Full Post

3 Things that Almost Stole Christmas – Pt 1

Christmas.It came and went like a flash.We typically Do Christmas Slow around here, but well, this Christmas was more than slow.It kind of didn't happen.Basically, our Christmas didn't go as planned.  In many ways.Instead of Visions of Sugarplums, Parties, and Ho Ho Ho, our Christmas was:Detox, a Broken Tree, and the Dinner that Wasn't.I could say that ours was the ...Read The Full Post

20 Gut Health Tips for Kids with ADHD

ADHD is prevalent these days, wreaking havoc on personal lives, families, and kids in school. There are drugs on the market to deal with it, and lots of different natural remedies for ADHD, but what if there was a way to deal with it from the root -- from the inside out---by considering gut health and ADHD -- or even probiotics and ADHD?Energy, excitement, and bursts of activity are surely ...Read The Full Post

Nigella Seed Oil – True Magic for the Skin!

Today, Lise Andersen, Formulator and Owner of LisaLise Natural Skincare, is sharing with us the magic of Nigella Seed Oil (more commonly known as Black Cumin Seed Oil).Lise has a fabulous website with loads of information on natural skincare ingredients and lovely DIY formulas and how-to's that you can use to make your own skincare products.Lise and I met via a comment she made on my blog ...Read The Full Post

11 Quick Steps to Get Holistic Health Now

You might look healthy on the outside, but are you really healthy?It's important to not have appearance be your goal, but to really learn how to get holistic health -- by that, I mean having not only a healthy body, but also a healthy spirit and a healthy soul.Health is often confused with weight loss. To people, looking slim or athletic means that a person is in good physical ...Read The Full Post

Are Old Essential Oils Dangerous? Use Them or Toss Them?

What is the shelf life of essential oils?Do essential oils expire?These are important questions to answer.Essential oils are not cheap.  Well, some of them are very affordable, but some are quite expensive, and of course the bottles are quite small.If you are into DIYing essential oils blends instead of buying blends pre-made, knowing about essential oils expiration and the shelf ...Read The Full Post