Healing Adrenal Cocktail Mix | Singing Canary Concentrate

Today I'm sharing a recipe for a Singing Canary Concentrate, aka, Adrenal Cocktail Mix.What's a Singing Canary Concentrate, you ask?Good question.For that matter, what's a Singing Canary?Well, I'm glad you asked--and you will be too.Is it a bird?Is it a plane?No--it's a drink!The Singing Canary is the name of a drink developed by the ladies behind the Trim Healthy ...Read The Full Post

Easy Chocolate Avocado Mousse ~ low-carb, vegan, AIP

Chocolate Avocado Mousse.Believe me, you are going to want to make this recipe right now. Like immediately.Most likely you've seen these on the internet before, but believe me, this one is amazing.Avocados are a special diet girl's best friend when it comes to making desserts. And I'm soooo excited to bring more of them to you in the near future.I already have these multiple ...Read The Full Post

Easy Crust Dairy-free Veggie Quiche ~ gluten-free w/ grain-free option

Dairy-free Quiche.Those words might not seem to go together, but when you're a family with food allergies, anything is game.In fact, this is not only a dairy-free quiche--it's a gluten-free quiche as well.So what remains in a quiche after you've removed the cheese and the gluten?Thankfully, a lot of goodness :). Dairy-free Quiche--a Great Make Ahead Meal Breakfast can be a ...Read The Full Post

Healthy Memorial Day Recipes

Holiday weekends can be tough for those who are trying to eat a healthy diet and for those on a special diet. To make your Memorial Day a bit simpler, I've pulled together some healthy Memorial Day Recipes for you all. Memorial Day Thoughts Of course remembering the reason for the Memorial Day holiday is crucial. In the US we are celebrating those who died serving in our armed ...Read The Full Post

Sun-Dried Tomato & Sweet Potato Frittata ~ dairy free

Today I'm sharing a Sweet Potato Frittata Recipe.  That title might sound a little fancy schmancy, but the truth is, it's super simple and it's made even easier by doing a lot of the prep ahead of time.If you're a busy mom like me (and who isn't these days?) anything that can save you time in the kitchen is a big plus.Isn't that the big problem?  All of a sudden it's mealtime and once you ...Read The Full Post

Healing Adrenal Cocktail ~ My Version of the “Singing Canary”

Have you heard of the Singing Canary?No?  Well, it's not a bird--you'll see what I mean.Many of you know that I have battled adrenal fatigue for many years. And with our stressed-out and hurried lifestyles, the adrenals of many are on the fritz.I'm doing worlds better now than years ago, but I still want to do more and continue to support my body using different means.  I will be ...Read The Full Post

Almond Crescent Cookies – dairy-free & low-carb options

Today I have the sincere pleasure of sharing with you one of my favorite recipes of all time -- Low-Carb Almond Crescent Cookies. This is a recipe that I have been working on for a long time, and it's finally perfected.Yes, sharing great recipes is something that brings me a lot of joy.  Isn't it fun to share something that you love whether it be a recipe, a movie, a place to go, a blog, or a ...Read The Full Post

Egg Roll in a Bowl – low carb, paleo, AIP

Sooooo excited to share a recipe today that has become a fast favorite in our home.  It's my Egg Roll in a Bowl Recipe."Egg Roll in a Bowl?" you say. "What's that?"To which I respond, "One of the best easy meals you will ever have."Seriously.  You take all of the goodness of an egg roll and remove the outer wrapper and you've got a huge bowl of goodness.Plus you can make it all in ...Read The Full Post

Sweet & Savory Balsamic Baked Red Onions – low carb & AIP

Today I have a fun new recipe for you all--Balsamic Baked Red Onions. I actually have never made baked onions before (in fact I have never done much at all with red onions), but well, here's how this recipe came to be.I'm all about saving money, and that means that whenever possible I try to buy everything in bulk.And I do mean just about everything.I sometimes make mistakes and ...Read The Full Post

Gluten-Free Christmas Cookies – low carb options

What's better than Christmas Cookies?  Healthy Christmas cookies, that's what - and in our house, that means gluten-free Christmas Cookies.  In fact, most of the cookies in this post are grain free Christmas Cookies so if you're off of grains, or limiting them, you are in luck.And since we're watching carbs, I'm giving low carb options for as many of the cookies as possible and AIP options ...Read The Full Post