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That's me up there in the funny green car with the men in my life.

My name is Adrienne and I am the voice behind Whole New Mom.


– a writer.
– a researcher (sometimes I research way.too.much a lot.)
– whole food and healthy minded
willing to admit when I am wrong.
– a real mom. Dealing with real health issues. Struggling to balance it all.)

What I Write About:

Whole Food that is special diet friendly: My recipes are all sugar free and adaptable to dairy free, egg free, and gluten free diets.  Gradually I am incorporating grain free recipes as well and you might expect to see autoimmune recipes coming too.  Sorta glad about that.  Sorta not.

Healthy, Non-Toxic Living: stuff like personal care, home care, etc. that is free of all the chemical ickiness that really makes me (and the whole world) sick.  Got sensitivities?  This is the place for you.  Don't have 'em?  This is still the place for you.  ‘Cause there are 82,000 chemicals being used in the U.S. alone.  Ick!

Check out my posts on Amazing No Streak Glass Cleaner, Natural Dishwasher Rinse Aid and The Battle of the DIY Eye Makeup Removers – and The Winner for a taste of these kinds of things.

Health topics: toxins, GMOs, vaccines, autism, food allergies, special diets, essential oils – kind of “you name it”.  If it's in the health news, I probably have something to say about it–I just might not have time to blog about it :-).

Frugal, Simple, and Sustainable Living:  That means doing things quickly and without a lot of money or waste.  My Easiest Coconut Milk is a great example of this.

All through my life I've been interested in healthy and healthy living.  I was Pre-Med in college, but decided against it since I thought someday I might want a family and knew it would be hard to do both the way I wanted to.

We know that we should eat healthy food, care for our bodies, care for the earth, love our families (which includes our fellow man if you happen to not be married or have children), impact our world, and do it all on a budget and within the 24 hours that God has given us. 

Tough assignment, especially for us perfectionists :-).

The reason why I started Whole New Mom is to share with others some of the things that I have learned along this bumpy road of life.

A Little Bit About Me:

– My husband is an English professor and we homeschool.

– Our oldest was born at home in Illinois.

– We lived in Oklahoma for a brief period but now reside in Michigan.  We had a different course planned for our lives, one that didn't include life-threatening food allergies, autism, or adrenal burnout.  But then, we aren't the ones in control of our lives.

– I have both the gift and weakness of second-guessing everything, as well as a diverse set of experience and interests that makes it hard for me to pin myself down.  You'll see that diversity in my writing.  For example:

– I worked in the financial industry for 10 years including a stint on an equity options trading floor as well as work in employee benefits.  Ask me sometime about my nickname “the hammer.”

– Our first child was born at home and I am a strong advocate for natural parenting and breastfeeding.

– One of my sons has life-threatening food allergies as well as Asperger's Syndrome.

– Our family of 3 lived on an income of 12,500 for 1 year while my husband was finishing his PhD and we still made it through 2 master's and a doctorate without debt.  Ask me sometime about our “ghetto food” and frugal date nights :-).

– I worked as a tentmaking missionary in Japan for 1 year and served in parachurch ministry throughout college.  Interestingly enough, my husband taught in China for 2 years at the college level.  We both sang with black gospel choirs in college.  And LOVED it.

– I was pre-med in college, but I am not a doctor.  Remember that as you read my posts, please :-).

– I don't say this to brag, but only to share that I am not an “intellectual slouch”.  I went to one of the top universities in the country and was near the top of my class.  Phi Beta Kappa.  That either means I fooled a lot of people or that I have a little bit on the ball intellectually.  I mainly write this because some folks accuse me of not being interested in real research (check out the comments on that post) or even have gone so far to say that I am an idiot.

I don't appreciate that–let's talk civilly, folks :).

So, if you put all of the above into one person and add a lot of other things, you come out with the person behind this blog.

Moving Forward:

I forgot to mention one thing.  I also am a reforming (emphasis on the “ing”) Type A personality.

All my life I have pushed myself to do more, get straight A's, exercise enough, cook the right way, be with my kids enough, be involved at church enough, have a solid family life.  You too?

One thing that has never been perfect about me is having a neat house.  But that's probably because I am usually too busy with other things :-).  I am thinking about starting a Messy Mom's Club at our church.  If you clean before having friends over –you are kicked out :-).

But somewhere after Asperger's and before today, I crashed into the world of adrenal burnout.  And now I am coming out.

We've been down many medical roads en route to better health.  Our current pitstop (and hopefully we are near the end) is Nutritional Balancing to reverse heavy metal toxicity and toxin overload.

So this blog may not be as busy as some others, simply because I need to stay healthy and sane.

I will probably feel guilty about it sometimes, but that too I am working on.  When I go a few days without a post, you will know why.  I am simply trying to take care of myself and not neglect my family.

The Car in the Photo

Oh…and the funny car up there?  The car is part of our life too.  The mascots from our favorite local ice hockey team drive around in it before each home game.  See why we're so happy to be sitting in it?  We got to go on a “backstage tour” of sorts of the hockey rink and this was part of the “tour”.

According to my son, life without hockey would be–well–pretty rough.

Nice to Meet You.  Hope to see you around more and more!

These comments do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Whole New Mom, LLC.


  1. Wow, sooo glaad I found your blog!!!
    It’s heartwarming to read your story, and I’m definitely subscribing! Looking forward to being able to read some more on here! God bless…..

  2. Nadia Zayman says:

    He there. I just read yout highly informative description about emulsifying water and oils. Do you add any preservatives to these formulations, or if not what is the risk of spoilage and potentially dangerous bacterial growth? If you are not comfortable giving advice could you direct me to an article or source that might be helpful?
    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi there. This is all very confusing. Ideally you would have to add a preservative unless you are going to use these things w/in about 4 days or so. There is definitely a risk to doing otherwise. It’s something that most DIYers aren’t paying attention to. I think it’s complicated to decide what to use but I hope to have more information in the future. Thanks for reading. If you would like to subscribe to stay tuned for that information here is my newsletter sign up with a free gift: https://wholenewmom.com/10-things-you-need-to-know-about-essential-oils-before-you-buy/

  3. Alyaa Zahari says:

    You are such an inspiration!

    *greetings from a Malaysian mommy 🙂

    My little girl has hypothyroid. My health generally is bad too. I can see now how my health condition affects my children (another is coming soon)..

    Looking forward to learn more from you. Thanks!

    • Welcome! One of my husband’s best college students is now a teacher in Malaysia and my uncle used to live there. Hope to see you around again!

  4. I have adrenal burnout now and leaky gut and most probably a food allergy- don’t know yet. My liver is toxic so I’m afraid to take bentonite clay in case it clogs up my liver and doesn’t pass out- or that it will solidify somewhere inside me and I’m scared of that. Did you take it when you had adrenal burnout- because if the adrenal is sick- the liver is toxic so if it worked fine for you- I will be encouraged to take it too and hopefully heal, Thank you SO much 🙂

    • I am sorry but I don’t know the answer and can’t medically advise. Whenever doing detox I personally support my liver as I think that is crucial. I have 2 posts on liver that might interest you:



      • Thank you for the links- I guess what I was really asking- not for medical advice but let me word it this way- Did YOU take the clay while you had adrenal burnout? …in your personal experience. thanks

        • Yes, I did at the beginning. I changed protocols early on for various reasons. I was doing a candida diet and for some reasons I got better and then very bad fast. I think it was my thyroid struggling along with other things.

    • My liver is toxic too.. I’m taking ‘Milk Tristle’ and Kaolin Clay plus 1 liter of water (Never try with bentonite, since kaolin absovation not really strong like Bentonite). On top of that I consume B12, my leg often have pain like electric static pulse but my sugar level is normal since no overdose effect reported for B12, I just try it.. It is my 2nd day.

      Hey, your blog is excellent. I read about your baby with bentonite. Awesome!

      • Thanks for the kind words! That was a guest writer’s baby but we have similar thoughts on many things :). Hope to see you around again.

        Have you seen this post? https://wholenewmom.com/health-concerns/what-are-castor-oil-packs-and-why-you-need-them/

      • Adam mortley says:

        Milk thistle alone to treat the liver is never a good solution. It is always advisable to take a digestive system cleanser so that when you strip the liver with the milk thistle you can rebuild it with other herbs. As far as the pains are concerned this can be cause by several different issues and taking b12 by itself may not be a suitable resolution for you. To often people google solutions or seek advice online without contact qualified health professionals this then causes complications and a drawn out conditions. Personally I would look to take a good quality liver complex preferably at night as this is when the liver resets and then after a month review the other conditions relative to your general health.

        • Adam, I would be very interested in more information on this. Do you have resources that talk about the issue w/ taking milk thistle alone? Thanks!

          • Adam mortley says:

            I can send you information that can explain it in more detail but essentially what we have in the market are companies who research and discover various points and flood the market with these said points. Most naturopaths should state that the use of milk thistle is not wise nor should it be used alone. Should always be taken at night etc. but this is not expressed in mass market and it’s cheaper to make straight milk thistle then couple it with additional items. It’s like taking straight biotin. People run the risk of overdosing and having the same issues as a result.

          • I would like more information, please. So the main concern is overdose? Why always at night? Thanks.

  5. I randomly found your blog doing a YL v DT essential oils search. And then I just couldn’t stop reading all of the interesting stuff on here. And then I read you’re from Michigan too! I’m in Saint Clair Shores currently <3

  6. I loved reading your bio. So honest. A lot of it had me smiling…especially the “let’s talk civilly” part.

    OMGoodness, I know what you mean about researching. I’ve been that way since a child. Drove those around me crazy. I would have to agree with some of my critics that sometimes I was a bit too much.

    I look foward to reading your blog posts.

    All the best.

  7. You had me at healthy chicken nuggets….Thank you for the honest post about yourself. I can relate on so many levels and I am looking forward to reading all sorts of quality info on your page!!

  8. I searched Bing for sugar free ketchup and your site came up. Thanks for the recipe. What a fun web site. I’ve already added it to my favorites. I will be back.

  9. hello Adrienne,

    Please tell me the different oil companies you tested – I Aura Cacia, Do Terra, Young Living
    and Rocky Mountain Oils – did you research any others?? I ask as I’m with a company that
    has essential oils as well.

    • Yes, those. I had someone send me another company’s oils and I have had others in my home as well – numerous brands. The company’s information and practices are more important to me than my smelling an oil or seeing how it works b/c there are so many variables there. I’m working on a post about pure essential oils. Stay tuned!

      • Adam mortley says:

        While the company’s information and practices are good to review I personally prefer to see the clinical results showing the validation of each oil against the bp monographs. This shows clearly that it can be used for therapeutic purposes otherwise it is only good for smelling.

        • Hi there. This is a more recent post showing how to test for essential oils purity. Do you agree with this? https://wholenewmom.com/health-concerns/how-to-know-if-your-essential-oils-are-pure/

          • Adam mortley says:

            I do agree with that but to clarify some points. While it maybe easy for inhouse testing to modify tests and 3rd party is better this is not the case not should it be if the place is regularly audited. In Australia our lab is audited very closely on a regular basis to ensure that everything is kept at the highest possible level.

            The other point of clarification would be on what the mass spectrometer is test for and clarification on what the test achieves. Commonly what we look for in testing the oils is that beside the acclaimed extraction method and heavy metal or solvents etc is that the active structures are there. It is imperative that should the oils be used for therapeutic options then the oil needs to be tested according to the pharmacopoeia monographs as this is the only way to establish a valid profile against proven clinical trials unless they want to create their own bench mark and their own clinical trials based off these bench mark (which is very costly and time consuming).

            The only thing I would add to your report would be the clarification of these two points and then it is certainly sufficient as a basis. The problem I find is that still in the states, it is still often hard to police this as their are no real control over this section of the market.

          • What aspect of the pharmacopoeia monographs do you think would not be met by the standards in this post? https://wholenewmom.com/health-concerns/how-to-know-if-your-essential-oils-are-pure/

  10. God bless you, sister. Thanks for taking the time to share all your awesome tips. I will be back to your site for sure. I came here today about the vinegar rinse-aid and came away with so much more.

  11. You’re adorable. I googled flaxseed bread and found you. I’m sure I’ll come back for more. Your recipe showed an unusually high level of care and concern. So I decided to click home, and about me. You are amazing. Thank you for the recipe. Cheers.

  12. Hi, I came across something on your site while searching for Paleo cookies. It seemed maybe it was a very long comment or something you had read about a candida cleanse (which I am doing for my son who has Graves disease) and now I can’t find it. It talked about Day 1 eating certain food which she puts in a large tub? Also essential oils that she takes daily. Was that you or a commenter? It was great! However I can’t find it again nor can I find a search on your site (my fault I’m sure!). Can you help me find it?

    • Hello there. I don’t think it was my site but not sure. I just did a candida cleanse search on my blog and it’s not coming up w/ the info that you referred to. I’m so sorry! I do have paleo cookies here so maybe I am mistaken?

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