3 Ingredient Super Nourishing Honey Lip Scrub

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This Homemade Lip Scrub is super nourishing, smoothes your lips to perfection and is so healthy you can literally eat it! And since it’s going on your lips, that’s how things should be, right?

homemade lip scrub in small glass container next to bowl of honey with honey dripping off of wooden stirrer

Making your own personal care products is one of the best ways for you to keep toxins out of your body.  Some of my favorite homemade personal care items are alcohol-free hair spray, eye makeup remover, foaming soap, and apple cider vinegar hair rinse.  And–this nourishing homemade lip scrub.

If you ever get dry or peeling lips, you are really going to love this.

Awhile ago I shared with you my recipe for a Homemade Sugar Scrub.

It works wonders for dry hands, feet, elbows, knees.  Anywhere your skin needs a little renewing.

But today I am going to share a recipe for a DIY Lip Scrub.

I’ve had this recipe for quite awhile but had completely forgotten about it for some reason.

Until the other day.

My lips were having a bad day — Make that a bad week.

They had been peeling for awhile and it was getting really annoying.

I am not sure what all causes this but dry lips have plagued me my whole life.

(And yes, I drink a lot of water.  I have noticed that if I am struggling with candida, then my lips tend to suffer afterwards, but regardless, my lips are typically dry.)

I suddenly remembered that I had some of this scrub stashed in my cabinet so I went and grabbed it and rubbed some of it on my suffering lips.

A few minutes later  — and — ta da!  All the peeling was gone.  And what was left was soft lips that felt as smooth as a baby’s skin.  Really!

And one very happy momma.  It may sound silly, but I feel a little self-conscious when my lips are peeling.  Anyone else feel that way?

Anyway, while I am sure my Homemade Sugar Scrub would work on your lips, this nourishing recipe is something special.

I got this idea from a blog of a former friend–but her blog is sadly gone now.

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How This Compares to Store Bought Lip Scrubs

First of all, the ingredients in this DIY Lip Scrub are clean.

In other lip scrubs on the market, I saw ingredients like:

Second, the cost.

You can make this homemade lip scrub for next to nothing, compared with prices like $10 for .8 oz.  

You’re welcome :).

What You’ll Need


I used brown sugar just because I had some left from my sugar eating days :-).  Use xylitol or erythritol to stay completely away from candida-feeding stuff.)

Manuka Honey

I linked to a standard Manuka Honey in the post, but this Manuka Honey is the one that we really love. It is sourced in New Zealand (mostly pristine land) and loaded with amazing ingredients.

The sugar provides the exfoliating, while the oil and honey hold everything together while providing moisture and nourishment to your lips.

This DIY Lip Scrub makes a fabulous homemade gift for Christmas or anytime. 


These containers are basically the same as the ones shown in the photos. Note that I recommend glass containers, but you could always choose plastic if you like.

I Recommend
Small Glass Jar with White Lid 1 oz / 30 ml (12 pack)

Small Glass Jar with White Lid 1 oz / 30 ml (12 pack)

These small glass (plastic-free) jars are the perfect size for holding your homemade lip scrub in your bathroom, purse, or fridge. They're great for gifts too and for any homemade products that contain essential oils since those oils might interact with and degrade plastics.

Is The Sugar In Lip Scrubs Bad For You?

I wondered about this, and after doing an internet search, found that many others are too.

The question is — if I am using a sugar scrub on my lips, what if I am sensitive to sugar?

This would apply to those with diabetes, candida, or other health issues.

My thoughts after reading the commentary online, and thinking about it is that it is probably a non issue since:

  1. You are only leaving the scrub on for a short amount of time
  2. Sugar most likely is not absorbed through the skin

However, contrary to my Homemade Sugar Scrub which is meant for use on your body (i.e. feet, hands, elbows, knees, legs, etc.), since you are applying this scrub directly to your lips, there is a good chance that some of it will go into your mouth, either because you didn’t wipe it all off, or because you licked some of it off in the process.

It’s great that this homemade lip scrub uses only edible ingredients, so eating it isn’t a concern.

homemade lip scrub in small glass container next to bowl of honey with honey dripping off of wooden stirrer

Once you’ve got your lips all smooth and lovely, you can top them off with some non-toxic lip gloss and lipsticks.   I love this company’s cosmetics.  They carry the only lipstick that I can wear – it’s very sheer and light.  And they smell so good!

How to Store

Store this scrub in the fridge to lengthen shelf life. The shelf life will depend on the type of oil you use but it should keep for quite awhile. Of course if it ever smells rancid, discard it.

More DIY Personal Care Items

If you love this recipe, you’ll love these too!

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Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse – works great to clarify hair!

lip scrub in small container jar

3 Ingredient Nourishing Honey Lip Scrub

This Homemade Honey Lip Scrub is the perfect non-toxic way to have healthier softer lips all year round.
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  • 1 part honey (or other liquid sweetener. Vegetable glycerine is great for those with candida, if you are concerned about eating some of it.) For added benefits, you can use Manuka Honey.
  • 1 part granulated sweetener (See notes.)
  • 1 part olive oil (other great oils would be jojobaalmond, or even coconut oil)


  • Mix all ingredients together.
  • Apply a small amount to lips.
  • Rub gently into lips for a few seconds or up to two minutes.
  • If time allows, let the mixture remain on lips for a minute or two.
  • Wipe off gently with a warm, damp cloth (or you can just lick it all off, right :-)?)
  • Store the excess in a closed container.
  • Enjoy your smooth, soft, healthier lips :-)!
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I’m sure you will LOVE how smooth your lips are after using this scrub!

Do you suffer from rough lips too?
I’d love to hear what you think after trying this scrub!

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