35 Homemade Spice Mixes and How to Use Them

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Making Homemade Spice Mixes is a great (and delicious) step to take towards having a healthier lifestyle. It’s a simple thing to do, helps you avoid the additives in the store-bought packages, and it helps save money too.

To save you time in addition to money, I’ve rounded up 35 Homemade Seasoning Mixes that are sure to become faves in your home.

Homemade Spice Mixes
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Why Make Your Own Homemade Seasoning Blends

Save Money

When you make your own food, rather than buying packaged, pre-made products, you save money.  Plain and simple.

Having someone else make things for you costs more.  Plus, since you are buying more things (the raw ingredients and the finished product), you are likely wasting more as food does spoil.

Get Control Over Ingredients

You might have food allergies and need to avoid certain ingredients, but there are other ingredients in typical store-bought spice blends that you may not want to consume.

Things like:

Silicon Dioxide – a free-flowing agent that’s linked to insulin resistance (source)
Maltodextrin – can lead to gastrointestinal problems (source)
MSG – linked to multiple health concerns (source)
Natural Flavors – these can be just about anything — including the kind of scary MSG
Modified Food Starch – typically sourced from wheat (a gluten concern), or corn (a GMO concern)
Hydrolyzed Proteins – not necessarily as bad as other ingredients, but there are some concerns about them causing anxiety and more (source)

How to Substitute Spices In Spice Blends

Don’t have all the spices you need to make one of these homemade seasonings? No problem!

You can most likely find an appropriate substitute here. If not, if it’s a smaller part of the recipe try omitting it completely–it might not make that big of a difference.

For more thoughts on ways to tweak recipes or make your own blends from scratch, see this post on how to make your own spice mixes. It’s sure to be a big help.

Where to Buy Spices

My two favorite places currently are Frontier (here’s their Ceylon cinnamon as an example) and Starwest Botanicals.

35 Homemade Spice Mixes and How to Use Them

The “Best” Basic Chili Powder

We love this in Chili Mac, on veggies, salads, and more.

jar and cups of spices

Our Family’s Favorite Spice Blend – Chat Masala

We LOVE this on these Moroccan Carrots, but it is literally on our table all the time.

homemade chaat masala in jar with measuring spoon

Pumpkin Pie Spice

Great not only for pumpkin pie (of course), but perfect for pumpkin dishes, in coffee or tea, or on hot cereal.

This is great to use in Pumpkin Custard, Pumpkin Pie Coffee Creamer, or any of these Healthy Pumpkin Recipes.

pumpkin pie spice blend in jar

 Mild Curry Powder

This is a great mild, kid-friendly curry that tastes amazing in this Pakistani Kima and on so many other dishes.

homemade curry powder in glass jar

Herbes de Provence

There are loads of uses in the post including a really special one–
Herbes de Provence Popcorn!

top view herbes de provence in a glass jar

Celery Salt

Great on so many kinds of foods and it’s the main ingredient in this delicious and useful Vegetable Broth Mix.

jar of celery salt

Sage, Rosemary, and Garlic Salt

Would be great on so many things!

Vegetable Broth Mix Recipe | All-Purpose Seasoning

Great in any recipe calling for broth, and in a pinch can be used as a sub for chicken or beef broth as well.

Vegetable Broth Powder in a jar.

Apple Pie Spice Blend

Perfect for apple pie, of course, but also would be great on oatmeal and other hot cereals, on pancakes, and more!

All Purpose Spice Blend

Great for many uses–sides, mains, and salads.

Gingerbread Spice Mix

Gingerbread Spice Mix

Taco Seasoning

Great with tacos served with these Grain-Free Taco Shells and Grain-Free Tortillas. Fabulous on salads and veggies and popcorn too!

homemade taco seasoning

Homemade Chai Spice Blend

Sweet Potato Spice Blend

Use on sweet potatoes, of course :).

St. Peter’s Spicy Fish Seasoning

Versatile Sausage Seasoning Blend

Lemon Pepper Seasoning

This is great to use on Lemon Parmesan Popcorn and roasted chicken.

The Best Cinnamon Sugar – Made Healthier

Use for cinnamon toast, on hot cereal, as a pancake topping, etc.

healthy cinnamon sugar with text overlay

Paprika Chicken Rub

Breakfast Sausage Seasoning

Fajita Seasoning

Use it as a seasoning for your fajitas, tacos and burritos.

Copycat Lawry’s Seasoning Salt

According to the blogger behind this,

“This seasoning is used in the traditional Chex Mix  recipe and is also good sprinkled on chicken or other meat, added to vegetables, etc.

It can add an extra dash of flavor to casseroles and even to egg dishes in the morning. One of my favorites is to make ‘smashed’ potatoes in the oven with homemade Lawry’s seasoning salt on top!”

Homemade BBQ Chicken Rub

Homemade BBQ Chicken Rub

Homemade Garlic Powder

Use in any recipe that calls for fresh garlic–1/8 teaspoon = 1 clove garlic.
Or use in seasoning blends and recipes like Chili Powder, Crispy Green Bean Chips, and “DORITO®” Popcorn

homemade garlic powder in metal measuring spoon on wooden table

Garam Masala

According to the blogger behind this spice,
“Think of garam masala as a finishing spice that is added almost at the end of the cooking. Usage of garam masala is not restricted to curries or biryanis, sprinkle it on your salads, add it to your marinades or use it as dry rubs for meat before grilling.”

Garam Masala

Homemade Mustard Dry Rub

Easy Ranch Seasoning

ranch seasoning ingredients

Allspice Alternative

Use in any recipe that calls for allspice.

Homemade Allspice Alternative

Spicy Steak Rub with Secret Ingredient

Everything Bagel Seasoning

Of course, great on homemade bagels, but fantastic on avocado toast–and salads, pastas–whatever!

Lemon Pepper Seasoning

This would taste amazing on roasted chicken, roasted veggies, and popcorn (specifically this Lemon-Parm Popcorn).

5-Spice Cajun Seasoning

Easy Cajun Seasoning

Blackening Seasoning

Use this Blackening Seasoning for chicken, fish, or any cut of meat.

Blackened Seasoning


Which of these homemade spice blends is YOUR favorite?
Do you make homemade seasonings?

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  1. From all indications this formula of herbs and spices, you sprinkle it on the meal you’re eating prior going to bed and it causes your metabolism to kick in and causes weight loss.

    1. I’m seeing it now–looks very “interesting” in that there is a review out there (maybe more?) with some odd typos. I would think it’s not valid really. I bet that you could just make up whatever you like w/ those spices and get benefits….I can’t imagine that there is some special way that they have to be blended. There are a lot of companies that claim that kind of thing….I could be wrong but that is just my take. Hope that helps!

  2. Do you have a seasoning that incorporates herbs and spices which will help your metabolism become excited to where it can cause you to lose weight overnight,

      1. I’ve been told if you make a season compromise of tumeric, cinnamon, cayenne , andamon, ginger, garlic, black pepper,dandelions and cumin this would do the trick. I just don’t know the correct measurements. You sprinkle this on your meal prior to retiring for the night.

        1. Very interesting. Where did you see this? Did they have real examples of people who have lost weight just with this? I would think it a bit unlikely.

          1. There’s an ad on facebook called lean body hacks, trying to sell you their data for 37.00 dollars. Just thought you might have had a product like this. Tks.

  3. thank you for a lovely experience in discovering your blog!
    I will definitely keep in contact.
    elizabeth from Kitchener ON

    1. Ooh I hadn’t heard about that but it sounds great. Can you tell what other herbs there are in addition to the parsley?

      Do you buy it on their site only?

    1. Do you use it only for cakes? I had a blend for awhile and tried to use it up whenever I was making anything w/ cinnamon in it.

    1. No, I don’t–do you mean a seasoning to put on wild meat? I guess you could use any seasoning you like?

  4. LOVE LOVE these recipes for spice mixes BUT could you put them together in pdf Book style form by any chance? Major looksees to get to and major use of paper to print each individually. Thanks!

  5. Oh boy! What a find. So many great spice recipes in one spot. I pinned already but have to share on Facebook,too . I like that you shared some recipes. I saw a couple for popcorn. I haven’t had popcorn in ages and now I’m craving it. Just have to decide which spice recipe to use first.

    1. Spice storage times depend on the spices involved and of course on how old your original spices are. I use mine for quite awhile and if they aren’t as potent I use extra, but store peppers and such in the fridge as they can spoil more quickly. In general: whole spices will stay fresh for about 4 years, ground spices for about 3 to 4 years and dried leafy herbs for 1 to 3 years.

  6. Hello Adrienne! First and most importantly…….Thank you so much for all of these wonderful homemade spices. You are a truly a blessing to those who want to prepare foods for their families so they can stay and maintain healthiness. You are one that I know I can learn from. Thanks so much!
    Before I close, I would like to ask you a couple of questions. #1) Is there a link that allows us to download each spice? I looked for one but understand there may not be a link like that. I just want to make sure before I start copying them one by one. #2) There has been a lot of talk about the olive oil we have been purchasing and how most of them out there are not at all 100% beautiful olive oil but oils that we don’t want to ingest. I am not able to read everything so I may have missed if you wrote about it and whether you did or not, I wanted to ask you if you have had time to investigate….. yes… that would be the proper word for what you do….. lol…. and I love it! Anyway, have you had time to investigate who does sell a truly pure olive oil? Joanne Dudley

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! What a blessing. I’m not sure I understand your question about a link to download each spice – could you explain please? I didn’t write about olive oil but I have read about it. I know Costco’s is supposed to be fine. Do you have a membership there? I should find some more options :).

    2. Check out the Temecula Olive Oil Company. They grow their own beautiful olives in Temecula California and are super picky about pressings and the way they treat their oils. They aren’t selling an organic variety that I am aware of but I am certain they are good olives going into the oil.

      1. Hi Mary, First of all, so sorry for the delay in responding. A lot of comments came in that were spammy, etc., and some that were not got buried. I’m sorry!

        I am glad you mentioned olive oil – I haven’t researched it near enough but a friend alerted me to another company that looks great. You do have to be careful about buying since so many are fake!

  7. My husband is diabetic & we think is sensitive to msg. I have high blood pressure. What a combination! I love to cook & make my own pickles, jams/preserves, salsa, & can my own tomatoes as well as freeze a lot of veggies from the farmers market & our garden. Thanks for the ketsup & seasonings I can do. I look forward to trying them. Please keep up the good work/research/ideas.

    1. Oh my. Sorry you are dealing with those things. You are doing so many good things! MSG isn’t good anyhow, so good to avoid in any case. Thanks for your kind words. Hope to see you around again!

  8. What a great collection of recipes. Thanks for compiling this list. Making a lot of these seasoning blends would not have occurred to me – thanks for the great ideas.

  9. Great post! Thank you for linking up my Montreal Steak Seasoning and Blackening Seasoning recipes!

  10. Thanks for linking to my lemon pepper seasoning recipe, Adrienne! There are so many great recipes shared here that I’d love to try in the future like sausage seasoning (they never seem to add enough when I buy it from the butcher) + ranch and blackening seasoning. Such a great resource. Bookmarking for later. 🙂

    1. You are so welcome, Elaina! My son was excited to see it – he loves lemon pepper! Thanks for stopping by – nice to hear from you!

  11. Wow Adrienne! I’ve also been making my own for several years now, but just a couple of different types. This resource is amazing. I can’t wait to start learning how to use several of these in new recipes. Thanks for such an extensive list!

    1. Hi Cherie! Thanks for the kind words! Which do you typically make? I think I’m going to try the Zaatar and see how it goes with some of the things we make (like the dressing).

      1. I just make an all-purpose blend I use on everything (gets a little boring but we love it, lol) and a pumpkin pie spice mix that I add to my smoothies and my Dandy Blend dairy & sugar-free latte and a dairy & sugar-free Ceylon cinnamon mix that I add to golden milk. I also make a taco/chili type blend. Thanks for helping me break out of my comfort zone Adrienne and try some new ones. A little scary but exciting too!

  12. Thank you for these wonderful resources. A lot of work went into not only the compiling of them but in the making/developing of them too. What a blessing for the rest of us. .