Homemade Celery Salt (and how to use it ~ including a yummy surprise)

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Have you seen celery salt but wondered how to use it? Here's How to Make Celery Salt - and How to use it. Celery Salt tastes great on so many things, and I'm sharing some of the best options, but I've also included an extra special way to use it - our family favorite!

I love making my own homemade seasoning blends like taco seasoning, curry powder, vegetable broth, chili powder, cinnamon sugar, chat masala, and even DORITO® seasoning.

But why would one want to make celery salt, you ask?  And how do you use it?

Well, before you just move on from this post thinking, “What's so great about celery salt?”


I'm sure you'll find something you'll like.

The reasons you might want to make your own celery salt are:

1.  Control over your ingredients
2.  Save money (remember, Homemade Seasoning Blends always cost a TON less than buying them pre-blended)
3.  You just can't get enough of “Make Your Own” stuff
4.  You are craving my Special Seasoning Popcorn (you know, the totally addictive stuff) and you don't have any celery salt in the house :-).
5.  Your resulting blend is super fresh.
6.  You buy fewer things.
No need to buy the whole spice and the blend.

Now, about #1.

What?  You mean there's more in celery salt than just celery and salt?  Well, yes and no.

Of course, unless you are buying specialty celery salt, then the salt in your celery salt could have any of the following in it:

Possible Ingredients in Store Bought Celery Salt

  • sugar
  • sodium silicoaluminate (ugh – aluminum??)
  • dextrose (why is there sugar in salt??)
  • sodium bicarbonate

Not things I really wanted in my celery salt.

So aside from all of the other reasons to have a DIY version of this spice blend (thought I do love saving money and making things myself), that's enough for me right there.

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Have you seen celery salt but wondered how to use it? Here's How to Make Celery Salt - and How to use it. Celery Salt tastes great on so many things, and I'm sharing some of the best options, but I've also included an extra special way to use it - our family favorite!

How to Use Celery Salt

1.  Of course, you really have to try my Surprisingly Good Popcorn Seasoning | All Purpose Seasoning.  It's loaded with celery salt.  You'll love it. Guaranteed!

2.  Use as a seasoning anywhere you might use salt (just not in baked goods :-)!)  Think – baked potatoes, vegetables, sausage, dips, soups, etc.  It's especially good for dishes like cold salads (egg, potato, pasta, etc.)

3.  In some areas of the U.S. it is used as a hot dog topping (I've read it is a must on Chicago Hot Dogs)!   (We buy only the no antibiotic, no nitrate hot dogs when we do buy them :-)!

4.  Have a recipe that calls for celery but don't have any?  Save a trip to the store and use celery salt.  Just make sure to cut back on the amount of salt you add to the recipe.  Substituting this way saves tons of time and money!

5.  Beverages.  Celery Salt is typically used in Bloody Marys (I've never had one, but….) and it's a great seasoning to add to vegetable juices.

6.  Pork – to crisp up the rind when roasting.

7.  Cole Slaw – I've read it's THE go to spice for Southern Cole Slaw

8.  With Quail's Eggs – I have never had them, but I have heard that celery salt is the perfect pairing for Hard Boiled Quail's Eggs.

9.  Salads

10.  Stews

11.  In Old Bay Seasoning – it's the primary ingredient in here, so if you're making a DIY version, you will need this for sure

Bet you had no idea there were so many ways to use celery salt.  I sure had fun digging up these ideas and will be using it more as a result.

Oh, in case you are wondering where to buy spices, I mainly recommend Frontier Brand but Bulk Herb Store and Starwest Botanicals are also good options.


What You Will Need

  • Celery Seed
  • Salt (I recommend Real Salt)

Homemade Celery Salt (and how to use it ~ including a yummy surprise)

Serves approx. ½ cup     adjust servings

Curious as to how to use celery salt? Here's how to make celery salt and how to use this underloved seasoning blend!



  1. Put celery seed in grinder (I use this great cuisinart grinder - I love it because the grinding cup is removable and can even go in the dishwasher!)
  2. Grind celery seed to desired consistency.
  3. Mix with salt.


Recipe Notes

1. You can also use kosher (coarse) salt. Just use twice as much salt and grind it together with your celery seed.

2. Celery Seed has a super long shelf life - so you can go ahead and buy it in bulk. Whole spices typically have very long shelf lives, while ground ones are different.

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Do you use celery salt?  If so, how?

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  1. Thank you so much! I have a recipe that calls for “celery salt” and wasn’t quite sure what it contained. I have celery seeds and sea salt so I will follow this!

  2. This is just great! I just decided to make tortiereand had lots od celery seed and no celery salt. Finding this site gives me access to to much more useful information.

  3. What about the people that are not allowed to have sodium in their diet anymore? can you use no salt? have you tried this before?

    • Hmmm…I think it would be pretty overpowering. Have you asked your physician if a natural salt might be OK? I have heard that some people who stop using table salt do fine with natural unprocessed salts, but of course I am not medically advising that.

  4. Sadly, celery salt is my enemy right now. We just found out my 3 year old is allergic to celery. The fda doesn’t require it be labeled on food, they can just call it “spice.” Hopefully, he will outgrow it, and we can enjoy this source again.

  5. Jody Harris says:

    On your spices if you can’t have salt can you substitute no salt salt?

  6. First sight I found that gave me a straight answer to my question. Excellent content, layout, vibe,etc. Great work Adrienne, and thanks for the recipe. My celery salt turned out perfect, using a combo of dried leaves, seeds, and Himalayan sea salt. Cheers!

  7. Dynamo of Dixie says:

    This is just what I’ve been looking for. Thanks for the recipe! By the way, we also use celery salt on sub sandwiches.

  8. If I don’t have a grinder how else can I get it ground up enough