Moroccan Carrots

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Are you looking for a kid-friendly vegetable dish? Does your family have a favorite recipe that you always serve when guests come over?  One that you always bring to a new mother or a family in need?  Well then, do I have a recipe for you!

Moroccan Carrots are the side dish that fits the bill for all of the above scenarios.  In fact, my friend, Heather, who is unabashedly not a “health foodie” has asked me numerous times for this recipe.

Finally I am getting it onto my blog for her and for all of you.

This recipe is a slight modification from one of my most used cookbooks, Recipes from an Ecological Kitchen. Seriously, this one is a keeper. It has pencil marks throughout and though it is heavily vegetarian and our family is moving into eating more animal products, it will continue to be heavily used in my kitchen.

Lorna's description sets the recipe up nicely:

One of my favorite dishes, and one of the easiest to prepare.  The paprika in the vinaigrette gives the carrots a reddish hue, and the spices accentuate their sweetness.  Prepare this dish 2 hours in advance so the carrots become infused with the flavors.  Serve warm or at room temperature.

Do you have any favorite vegetable recipes to share?

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  1. So I guess you serve these cold then? Since they sit for 2 hours? Or do you reheat them before serving? Either way, I am sure I’d like them, just wondering what you do!

  2. Prepared Moroccan Carrots with the Moroccan Vinaigrette last night. Also made the optional Chat Masala side spice. Just with the Vinaigrette the carrots were outstanding. It looks like the Vinaigrette can be and will be used on many dishes including salads. Thanks for all three Adrienne. Let’s see. . . what’s next? Might do the Pakistani Kima using chicken instead of beef.

    • Hi Vernon! You are so welcome! We love all of them! I am sure you’ll love the Kima also. It is, like I said, our #1 favorite dish here. So glad you are enjoying them all! My sons even like the Moroccan on rice plain – when I’m really pressed for time we’ll use beans that I’ve cooked and put them on top of the rice w/ Moroccan Vinaigrette on top. Easy and delicious!

  3. These carrots look delicious! 🙂

  4. Sara Oliver says:

    Like your recipes.

    Also, the info on the governments actions is good.

    We, and I mean all of us, are being threated in almost every facet of our lives by the aggressiveness of corporations, the AMA, etc. in loss of freedoms.

  5. YUUUM! Sounds so good and your photo is great too. Found you at MIYMM.

  6. Thanks so much for adding this recipe to our World Food Thursdays bloghop!