11 Quick Steps to Get Holistic Health Now

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Three circles Venn diagram with spirit, body, soul written on each and center of diagram pointing to the word balance

You might look healthy on the outside, but are you really healthy?

It’s important to not have appearance be your goal, but to really learn how to get holistic health — by that, I mean having not only a healthy body, but also a healthy spirit and a healthy soul.

Health is often confused with weight loss. To people, looking slim or athletic means that a person is in good physical condition.

However, health is more than just your outward appearance. A holistic approach to health applies to your mind and body.

Due to a lack of time and their busy lives, people don’t pay enough attention to their health. While eating right and exercising is a start, overall health requires a more thorough approach.

Here are 11 tips to get holistic health. Keep reading to find out what they are.

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11 Steps to Get Holistic Health

1. Learn To Breathe

Breathing has been used as a relaxation technique for a long time. Learning how to control your breathing can help reduce stress and relieve anxiety. Stress and anxiety can put undue pressure on the cardiovascular system.

There are a number of breathing techniques that one can use to encourage healthier breathing.

I use the abdominal technique. It involves taking 6 to 10 deep breaths every minute for up to 10 minutes. However, there are a number of other techniques that people can use.  Equal breathing or alternate nostril breathing are some techniques.

2. Eat Right

Eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to resort to eating only salads or starving yourself. You should focus on eating healthy foods that you like. Include as many fruits (as low carb as possible) and vegetables as you can.

Of course, there are many “healthy eating” plans around. There’s the candida diet, the paleo diet, the keto diet (low carb, high fat), the autoimmune protocol (AIP) diet, the Whole30 diet, the Blood Type Diet, and the list goes on and on.

Eating Right means eating in a way that is best for you.  Of course, there are some parameters that are good to follow no matter what diet you are on — such as avoiding junk food and artificial flavors and colors, and eating organic as much as possible, but eating as much produce as possible while including good sources of protein and fats, is overall a good place to start.

3. Stay High On Energy

To ensure your mind and body are both in top condition, stay high on energy throughout the day.

There are a few natural energy boosters such as green tea, berries, and other fruits that will keep you healthy and happy.

Depending on your personal reaction to it, green tea may or may not be a good addition to your diet.  Some people are very sensitive to caffeine and must avoid it at all costs.

However, caffeine in limited quantities can be quite beneficial as it’s known to boost your metabolism and offer other thermogenic benefits. Typically, coffee is not recommended as the added things like sugars and processed creamers add a lot of empty calories and non wholesome ingredients.

Plus the “caffeine hit” is much greater than it is for green tea.

By the way, if you love coffee, but are trying to get off of caffeine, you can try this Homemade Coffee Substitute.

Portrait of Venn diagram with words spirit, body, soul on each circle and the center with arrow pointing to word balance

4. Set Goals

While we relate goals to weight loss, goals can be useful for other aspects of health. Set certain targets for things like how many hours a week you should spend on your hobbies, with family or friends, or away from your cell phone / computer.

5. Reward Yourself

People on strict diets often resort to cheat days to help them cope with the pressure. On a cheat day, they can eat fatty foods that are otherwise restricted.

This concept can be applied to other areas of your life fairly simply.

6. Take Time For Yourself

Even with all your responsibilities and trying to balance work and family, you should try to take time for yourself. Doing something you enjoy like reading your child a story, doing a crossword puzzle, writing a letter (who doesn’t love getting real mail these days?!) or putting together photo albums for an hour a day will ensure you stay grounded and peaceful.

Some of the best “time for yourself” can be getting alone and just resting.  (From Adrienne – getting time with God is a huge rejuvenator for me.)

7. Exercise The Right Way

Depending on what your primary goal is, you should tailor your workout to suit it. Most people just perform exercises without understanding what they are for. Start by calculating your BMI, which will help you understand your position as well as help you set a goal.

Then streamline your workout to help you achieve that goal.

(Adrienne here: My personal favorite exercises are T-Tapp, walking, and some weight lifting.  And I don’t do crunches anymore!)

8. Stay Hydrated

Your body mostly consists of water. This makes it crucial to drink enough water throughout the day. Studies have found that most people are actually dehydrated and don’t drink the daily recommended water intake.

Make sure that your water is clean, however.  See Is Your Water Safe and How to Make Your Water Safe for details on how to make sure you aren’t drinking toxins!

9. Eat Fats

Fats are not your enemy! Healthy fats are essential for your body to function properly.

Healthy fats should be consumed from sources such as nuts, fatty fish, and oils like olive and coconut. This also works to reduce food cravings since fat satiates you.

10. Socialize

Meeting with people and having a good time is also important. Regular social interaction ensures your mind stays healthy. Laughter is also great to reduce stress and lift moods.

Go to church, join a mothers’ or ladies’ group, have people over, or go for a walk with a friend.  It’s all a fabulous way to get that connecting time that your soul needs.

11. Get Offline

So much of our time is spent sitting in front of a computer or a mobile phone that we’ve become obsessed to them. Studies have found that social media contributes to feelings of depression and stress. Disconnecting, even for a short period every day, will ensure you are happier.


In a world where every third person is overweight, losing weight and eating healthy are important.

However, a holistic approach to health is what most people require. It will help prevent burnouts at work, improve your quality of life, and much more.

Here’s wishing you a healthy and happy life.

Do you do any or all of these?  Which do you find the hardest?
Got another tip to share?

Aradhana Pandey

Aradhana is a writer from India. Her areas of knowledge include parenting, children with special needs, health and lifestyle. She loves being outdoors and her hobbies include cycling and hiking. Aradhana has a special interest in children with special needs and parenting and shares her experiences through her other passion, writing. She writes to share her knowledge so that it may help others. Her posts on these subjects have been published on more than 250+ various reputed sites like the Huffington post, SheKnows, Mom Junction, and many more. Aradhana writes to inspire and motivate people to adopt healthy habits and live a stress-free lifestyle.

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  1. I started drinking coffee regularly at about 60 years of age. Until then I drank NO coffee. I add about 2/3 TBSP blackstrap molasses (for the sulfur and B Vitamins), about 1 /2 TBSP of cocoa mojo (for the healthy mushrooms) and usually 1tsp of organic palm or coconut sugar. I then add about a scant 1/5 cup organic heavy whipping cream. All for a 16+ container of coffee. I drink ONE of these on workdays. It really helps me as I can’t often have a lunch and it helps with being hungry, PLUS it takes me over the mid morning sleepy slump as I have to drive for about 5 hours starting around 10 am.
    I feel that this, (well, probably minus the actual sugar) is beneficial for me.
    I also drink a product called “Dandy Blend” which is a coffee type substitute with roasted barley, rye, chicory root, dandelion root and non GMO sugar beets, on occasion.