Is Katy Perry Watering Down Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar? Here’s VIDEO Proof.

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Katy Perry’s been the subject of a lot of criticism over the years, but in recent months, the accusations have been a bit different–Now, they’re all about apple cider vinegar, which is otherwise known as ACV.

People have been claiming that Perry and her partner, Orlando Bloom, bought “Bragg’s” and are watering down their prized gut health / immune boosting apple cider vinegar to make a profit.

I mean, if you didn’t like Katy Perry already, now you really have a reason not to.

bottles of Bragg's apple cider vinegar with title asking if Katy Perry is watering down Bragg's.

But is this rumor true?

And why would Katy Perry want to buy an organic natural company like Bragg, anyhow, right?

Good questions.

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How Did This Katy Perry / Bragg’s Rumor Start?

Apparently it started with one Tik Tok influencer, but then many others started claiming that Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar (otherwise known as ACV)…

  • has a lighter color that it used to
  • doesn’t have the “bite” it used to
  • has “water” listed on the label

all of which is supposedly evidence that it’s being watered down.

And since Katy Perry apparently recently bought the company, she must be behind this ACV travesty.

“Well, we aren’t ignorant anymore, Katy!” all the Crunchy Moms say….”we’re on to you and we’re going to boycott you and buy our ACV from somewhere else now!”

People are calling for boycotts and asking for more reputable sources of ACV from their followers.

This is repost of an image that you likely saw since it was reposted a LOT.

and another one….this one shows “Purpose Driven Homestead” as the source of the image that was traveling all over the web.

This particular photo seems to have originated by an account called Purpose Driven Homestead on Gab, which states “We noticed that the vinegar wasn’t nearly as potent as it used to be and seemed to almost be like water. 

When I saw this, I was of course shocked and thought I should share this info and photo to keep my followers from being taken advantage of.

I mean, I LOVE my organic “with the mother” ACV. It’s part of lots of DIY Cold Remedies plus it’s in this totally delish Dairy-free Ranch Dressing that we make all the time and this Moroccan Vinaigrette)–and quality means a LOT to me.

Mess with my favorite healthy living products, and I’m not a happy camper.

But something (or rather some things) gave me pause.

Just like years ago when another healthy living influencer wrote about Costco selling rancid coconut oil, I decided to hold off and instead read articles and had multiple conversations with Bragg employees, including their Head of E-Commerce, Jared Muscat.

I learned a lot. But first…

Why Are Big Corporations Buying Small Natural Companies?

First of all, one of the most upsetting things in the natural / organic world these days is finding out that a big corporation bought up one of your trusted natural companies, changed the formulations, and now your beloved products aren’t or might not be so great anymore.

Did you know….

  • Nestle bought Garden of Life
  • Mars bought Seeds of Change
  • Hain Celestial now owns Garden of Eatin’ 
  • General Mills bought Cascadian Farm
  • Unilever acquired Ben & Jerry’s
  • Kellogg’s bought Kashi
  • Kraft bought Boca Foods
  • Coca-Cola bought Odwalla 
  • Danone Group bought Stonybrook Farms
  • Colgate-Palmolive bought Tom’s of Maine
  • Pepsi bought Naked Juice
  • Hershey’s bought Dagoba Chocolate 
  • and Clorox now owns Burt’s Bees!!

And there are more where that came from.

I get it. Owners of small businesses get tired trying to run a business and the financial temptation is great. But sadly, often the bigger company doesn’t share the vision of the original owners and you end up with substandard stuff.

I mean, think about it–Clorox?!

So I don’t blame people for being worried about Katy Perry and Bragg, especially after hearing these claim of profiteering.

Apple Cider Vinegar FAQs

Here are a few facts about ACV that will help you to understand this whole situation better.

What Is Apple Cider Vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar (or ACV as it’s affectionately known), is simply fermented apples – either the whole apple or the peel. Just like with kombucha the bacteria eats the sugar and produces acid, the bacteria byproduct of fermenting ACV eats the sugars in the apple and makes acid.

Is Apple Cider Vinegar Good for You? And If So, Why?

Apple cider vinegar is said to have many benefits from lowering blood glucose levels, helping with heart health, oxidative stress, blood lipid markers, to improving gut health, and more. (source, source)

The acetic acid in ACV is said to be part of why it’s good for you, but there’s also beneficial bacteria in raw ACV that’s great for gut health.

What Is the Apple Cider Vinegar “Mother”?

The “mother” as it’s affectionately called by ACV fans, is the bacteria produced as a by product of the fermentation process. It’s this culture of beneficial bacteria that transforms apple cider into vinegar.

There are some who say that the mother is the byproduct of the fermentation, and others say that it drives the fermentation. It’s likely both.

Regardless, if you want unfiltered apple cider vinegar, then get ACV with the “mother.” If the vinegar is cloudy, that’s due to the mother being in there (unless there’s some other something in there, in which case, don’t buy it.)

three bottles of Bragg's apple cider vinegar with title saying is Katy Perry Watering Down Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar?

The Bragg / Katy Perry Connection FAQs

What Is Bragg?

Bragg is a health food company that was started by Paul Bragg, more than 100 years ago.

They’re famous for their organic apple cider vinegar and Liquid Aminos but they have a lot of other health food products as well.

Bragg Company History

  • 1912 – Bragg began when Paul Bragg opened the first health food store in the U.S.A.
  • 1920s – Paul writes a health book
  • 1940s – Paul’s adopted daughter, Patricia, started working with the business.
  • 1980s – Patricia becomes CEO
  • 2019 – Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom (and others) invest in Bragg

How Did Katy Perry Get Involved with Bragg?

Though Katy Perry doesn’t seem to be a likely candidate for being heavily involved in an apple cider vinegar company, here’s the story behind it.

Katie grew up next door to Patricia Bragg and they went to the same church. Patricia actually gave Katy her first guitar and they’ve remained in contact throughout Katy’s life.

As Patricia gained in years, she thought about Katy getting involved in the company. So they connected about it, and it happened.

Does Katy Perry Own Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar?

In 2019, Katy and her partner, Orlando Bloom, invested in Bragg, along with other investors including Swander Pace Capital, Dragoneer Investor Group, and Hayden Slater, the founder of Pressed Juicery.

Katy and Orlando do not have a controlling interest in the company and in fact, the company doesn’t take direction from her.

So the answer to this question is–“no.”

The apple cider vinegar industry is valued at about $160 million, and Bragg is one company in that industry. It’s hard to know how much Katy has invested in the company, but that gives some perspective.

Does Bragg use Apeel on their apples?

No, they do not. Despite their connection with Katy Perry, who has invested in Apeel, the company’s apples are not coated with Apeel.

In fact, there would be no reason to coat them with it, so it would be a complete waste of money. Apeel is meant to prevent produce from spoiling, and the apples for Bragg’s ACV come direct from the orchard to the plant for processing, so there’s simply no need for it.

Did Braggs Change Their Apple Cider Vinegar?

According to Braggs, the company hasn’t changed anything about their vinegar formulation since the 1960s–it’s been the same ever since.

The apples are washed, crushed, juiced, and then fermented.

During fermenting, the vinegar becomes acidic as the mother continues the fermentation process.

What pH Is Apple Cider Vinegar?

In video below, you’ll see why this information is really important.

Apple cider vinegar is supposed to have a minimum of 4% acidity with some commonly used vinegars permitted to have up to 8% acidity. (source) The acidity is due to the acetic acid in the vinegar.

A 5% acidity ACV corresponds to a pH of approximately 2.4-3.0, which is pretty acidic. You definitely want to dilute it before drinking and at least rinse your mouth with water afterwards.

Or you can put a bit of baking soda in your mouth afterwards and feel the reaction which is the alkalinity of the baking soda preventing your teeth from being damaged by the acid. Woot!

{VIDEO} Proof About Whether Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar Is Being Watered Down–Or Not

While it’s great to do online research and hear explanations from the company about how their ACV is made and what they’ve been apparently doing for decades, I decided to take things a step further.

It’s not a double-blind, placebo controlled study (sorry I didn’t have the funding for that), but I did a pretty scientific test on random bottles of ACV to see if Bragg’s ACV is indeed being watered down.

Here’s what happened….

Important Unrehearsed Live Experiment Details

You can hear about how I obtained the bottles in the video, but a few details I didn’t mention are—I didn’t do that experiment until what you saw on that video.


The ACV was expensive!

The first bottle was on sale, but my husband dropped one in the garage, so he went to another store (and then I went there as well to have another one to test) and we spent WAY too much on the other 2 bottles.

No way was I going to test them and then buy more.

So what you see in that video is an unrehearsed test (kind of obvious by the fact that I couldn’t get the top off the bottle, LOL!)

Why Are Some Bottles of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar Lighter Than Others?

Apple cider vinegar varies in color based on the apple variety being used. There are 2500 types of apples grown and each type lead to a slightly different color of ACV.

The color can also vary based on how long the ACV has been stored. If the bottle hasn’t been shaken or moved for awhile, that bottle can look lighter than one that hasn’t been sitting as long. But the most variation will be due to the difference between the apple varieties.

Why Is There Water On Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar Labels?

As you can see from this photo (and how Dr. Berg pointed out in his video), there is water on the label of Bragg’s ACV.

braggs apple cider vinegar label

So if it’s not being watered down for a profit, then WHY is water listed on the label?

The reason is–standardization.

The Bragg company has been making sure that every serving of their ACV has 750 mg of acetic acid in it for a long time.

It’s not some new thing that Katy and Orlando started.

So though some (including Dr. Berg of YouTube fame–and to be clear, I really like him), claim that Bragg’s ACV is being watered down, a better way to state it is that it’s been standardized.

If water wasn’t added, you could have 5.2%, 5.4%, or even more than 6% acidity.

I understand why some people would rather straight ACV, but some would rather standardized. It’s all a matter of choice.

Do Other Brands of Apple Cider Vinegar Add Water to Their ACV?

So there’s not only water on Bragg’s ACV labels, but there’s water on a LOT of other apple cider vinegar labels too.

Check out the labels of these other brands of organic ACV, ALL of which have WATER on the label:

Lucy’s Organic ACV
AVO Organic ACV
Dynamic Health Organic ACV

It turns out that almost every apple cider vinegar on the market dilutes it’s product to 5% acidity for various reasons.

Why Is 5% Acidity Important?

It’s not that apple cider vinegar that has some other concentration or strength isn’t OK, but it is important to know what you have because of the following…

  • to have the same amount of acetic acid in each serving, so you know what you’re getting
  • since some recipes count on a certain level of acidity to work their best
  • it’s an acidity level people expect from apple cider vinegar. It’s possible that someone could damage their esophagus or skin if they are used to using ACV for a certain purpose and use a much stronger product instead. A 6% acidity ACV is 20% stronger than 5% acidity. That’s pretty strong! Did you know that cleaning vinegar is actually 6% acidity and is MUCH better for cleaning than regular white vinegar. 20% is a huge change. You 100% do not want to be drinking straight 6% ACV. No way.

What Apple Cider Vinegars Are NOT Diluted?

Here are a few brands that are not diluted / standardized:

There are likely more, but I couldn’t find them. If you know of one, please let me know!

Am I Endorsing Bragg?

Since I published this post, a few people have commented on social media basically seeming to think that I’m endorsing Bragg or Perry.

Just to be clear, I took no money or product from Bragg to do this post. I reached out on my own to find out what was going on.

I paid quite a bit for the apple cider vinegar and spent hours (and hours) writing and researching and filming.

You may or may not be a Katy Perry fan (I personally think some of her music is fun, but I’m not at all a big fan, if you know what I mean) but false accusations are not OK. I’m an equal opportunity critic and personally I think the world could use more of that.

I think Bragg’s is a good product (now that I know it’s not diluted!) There are also other great raw unfiltered apple cider vinegars with the mother out there.

The moral of the story? You can’t believe everything you see on the internet.

Got something else you’d like me to investigate? Let me know in the comments and I’ll see what I can do.

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  1. Braggs HAS changed. My current bottle has no ‘mother’ in it. The color is very light as if it were watered down. The effectiveness of healing when made into a wellness shot has diminished as well.

    Research is out there. It would benefit you to know the buyers of any company and to know who owns stock in that company. Research on uncensored platforms.

    Apeel coating is harmful and not anything we need to consume. If it is banned all through Europe, it is with intention to protect the consumer.

    A final note, if you are putting your faith in FDA for safety, all you need to do is take a history walk on the many products and drugs they said were safe and found later not to be. Use discernment, research and intuition.

    1. Hi there Karen. Thanks for reading! Just so you know, this isn’t an advertisement for Bragg. I wanted to address who purchased (or didn’t) the brand and the watering down theory.
      I don’t think the color is the issue but it could be indicative of something, however the type of apple used could definitely be responsible for that. Clearly the acidity is the same so that’s not what has changed – would you agree?

      What are you thinking about the mother? Actually that stuff at the bottom of the bottle isn’t live – it’s sediment. So if it’s not there, it’s filtered, but really it’s not what makes ACV healthy.

      I am confused about what research you are talking about re: the buyers of the company. I have that in my post – are you saying that I’m wrong? Or are you commenting to other readers and not myself?

      About Apeel – I don’t like it. Are you saying that I do?

      As for the FDA – are you directing that information to me or to others? I have a follow up post coming – it’s been really hard to pull the information together (partially due to it being hard to get answers but also life getting in the way) but it’s almost done and I will address more than Bragg. You can read a little more about me here and sign up for updates if you’d like:

      1. “What are you thinking about the mother? Actually that stuff at the bottom of the bottle isn’t live – it’s sediment. So if it’s not there, it’s filtered, but really it’s not what makes ACV healthy.”

        I have a bottle of Bragg ACV from 2019-ish (Best By Date September 2021). I set it aside because a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) started to grow (grow = living) and I wanted to save it for a future project. After reading the above comment, I checked on that bottle and the SCOBY now takes up 1/3 of the bottle. That’s not sediment.

        So, I’m thinking what we now see in the Bragg ACV could indeed be just sediment. Anecdotally, I seem to remember Dr. Berg doing what essentially was an infomercial for a different brand of ACV while IMPLYING (just implying) Bragg had no real Mother, only sediment. That didn’t sit well with me, but I also considered he may have been telling his subscribers that Bragg ACV had changed, without actually saying it out loud so he couldn’t be accused of blowing the whistle. I sure don’t know for sure. What I do know is The Mother is living bacteria, yeast and enzymes and serves our health as a probiotic. Whether it’s still in Bragg ACV or not, who knows?

        Just contributing my personal experience to the conversation. Doesn’t matter much to me one way or the other since I dropped all Bragg products once I learned they sold to a private equity firm (sold in 2020).

        1. Hi there. Actually Dr. Berg I don’t think was doing an infomercial. I think he was talking about the other brand that he is now using. And in that video he said that the physical stuff at the bottom of the jar is sediment and that you can’t see the “mother.”

          I think if you go back to his video and watch it again you’ll see what I mean. If not, please tell me what video you are referring to.

          According to my info they sold in 2019 – just to clarify.

          I am working on a follow up post. Sorry it’s taking me awhile. I have had some hard things happen here that have taken a lot of time plus it was a lot of work calling all the ACV companies to get as much info as I could. You can subscribe to updates here if you’d like, however.

          Oh was your experience with that bottle of Bragg’s ACV typical? I’m guessing that’s the only time that happened to you?

          1. Not the only time I saw SCOBY gel (small amounts), but that one was significant and worthy of preserving. Also, I used to use Bragg ACV in my hair rinse spray bottle. I switched to white vinegar because I got tired of the gel (Mother) clogging the nozzle. I still get some gel in the white vinegar stock bottle occasionally, but I’ve never had any clog the spray nozzle. Hm…a fun experiment would be to switch back to newer Bragg in my spray bottle and see if it still happens.

            Thanks for the 2019 clarification. I relied on the 2020 date given by Berg and did not verify it for myself. My bad.

            I watched Berg’s Fairchild’s video no less than 5 times (due to a friend’s prompting). I choose not to comment further.

            1. Hi again –

              You of course don’t need to comment again, but I think that the information that I have now will be of interest.

              I spoke with an apple cider vinegar fermentation expert about the mother and I learned quite a lot and one of the things that I suspected is true.

              So the stuff at the bottom of the bottle is sediment but it can have some of the mother in it, just because the mother is enzymes and bacteria.

              However, here’s where it gets really interesting.

              I mentioned the growing mother that you mentioned (actually I don’t believe it’s a SCOBY – a SCOBY is in kombucha and whatever is in the ACV is likely different b/c it’s a different fermentation product) and he responded that it’s actually cheaper for companies to leave that sediment in there. Health companies of course can make more money saying that their product is “unfiltered” but that there isn’t that much benefit from leaving it in there.

              Of course, that part is subjective, however, he specifically said that what you see growing that appears to be a SCOBY isn’t due to Bragg’s quality, but it’s likely because some acetobacter got in there from when you opened the bottle.

              He said that the mother is basically cellulose (paper) and that he feels that any nutritional value to it is mostly the fiber content and that it saves the manufacturing company a lot of time and effort to just leave the sediment / whatever else in there rather than filter it out.

              He also said that he has tried to grow a viable Acetobacter culture from a bottle of Braggs but couldn’t do it.

              He also mentioned that if you go to an English Pub you can sometimes see a mother in the malt vinegar on the table since the vinegar has been opened on the table for awhile.

              I am pretty sure that I represented his statements accurately but I can go back and ask more if you’d like. Here’s the person I was speaking with, for your reference:

              Hope that sheds some light on things.

      1. I’ve been buying and using the Organic Fairchild Brand ACV… So far I feel good about the quality.. I just became uncertain about Bragg.

        Good info. Take care! Archie

        1. I think Fairchild is a great brand. I found another one that seems to be great as well. Working on updating this post possibly but definitely have another related post / update coming out as well. If you’d like you can stay tuned by signing up for updates here:

          Thanks for the kind words.

  2. It’s possible they’re using
    apples wirh appeal, but I’m not sure. Regardlesd I switched to Fairchilds organic Apple Cider.. I ordered it online!


    1. Hi there. I don’t believe they are — I hope to come out w/ a follow up post soon and that will have more details. You can sign up here if you’d like. I’m not trying to convince anyone about buying Bragg — I just wanted to get the information out about the diluting. Thanks so much for reading.

      1. The Braggs ACV used to be using Purified Water. Not now. Plus Katy Perry brought Bill Gates into it to use the aPeel in the ACV … which means it is toxic now. I will NEVER buy it again. The owner of Braggs lived next door to Katy’s parents & think she is sweet. Of course Katy gave up church (not the parents). Allowing Bill Gates to do this is just so wrong. Braggs will lose a lot of regular customers.

        1. Hi Diane! I am actually working on a follow up post about this. Do you have proof that they used to use purified water? I have been trying to talk to them again about some things.

          As for Perry and Gates, I so far have no real evidence that he’s involved. Can you tell me where you have heard that outside of the woman on Joe Rogan’s show who said so?

          I do have some other information that I hope to share and some that I won’t be able to…..please let me know and feel free to email at if you’d like. Thanks!

          1. Even if they are doing everything the same as before, I will not support anyone who is invested in this company that supports aPeel. They just are not trustworthy, especially with Oprah involved.

            1. I totally understand. This wasn’t meant to be an endorsement of their product. I just wanted to get to the bottom of the watering down claim. I’m working on an update / follow up post. I think you’ll be interested in it. If you’d like you can sign up for updates here

              Thanks for reading!

              PS I don’t think they are doing everything totally the same……

  3. I like Katy Perry’s music, when I kissed a girl I liked it too, but the satanism stuff, buying and throwing nuns out of convent on top of mountain, partnering with Bill Gates on many ventures too much to list except the world would be better without 7 billion of us not him though and the manmade covid/vaccine hollocaust. But, I just cannot smartly ingest anything these people that preach climate change to destroy regular peoples lives from their, jets, many houses and limos. scary

    1. Hi there. Ick I didn’t see the convent stuff–gross. I don’t believe that Bill Gates is involved with Bragg but I understand your concerns. This wasn’t a post recommending Bragg — I just wanted to get the truth out about the watering down. I hope to have an update out soon–I just got some more information. You can sign up for updates here if you’d like: Thanks for reading.

  4. I hear that apples sprayed with apeel are being used for Bragg’s ACV. Either way, not a fan of either the new investors – I especially don’t trust Katy.

    1. Hi there. I’ve heard people saying that but I don’t think it’s true. I hope to have another post coming out soon that addresses some of these things. I’m not saying that you should buy Bragg – just wanting the truth to be known as much as possible. You can sign up for updates here if you’d like: Thanks for reading!

  5. Also Katy Perry is said to an investor in B-ill Gates Apeel Coated Apples.
    Avoid Bragg’s from now then

    1. Yes, she is. I am not saying that Bragg is the company you should buy from, but I want the facts out there. Did you see the Apeel info in the post? I hope to have a follow up post this weekend or the beginning of next week. Stay tuned – you can subscribe on this page if you’d like:

      Thanks for reading!

      1. Yes agree I just shared on social media x5 times and in my groups on FB and didn’t see the comment on here until after I posted but was just warning people also. I realise the real-lies with real-eyes and how they are all Satanists poisoning us from every which way they can including BIG pH-harm-a, from the skies, in the water, in the foods etc. etc. Thank-you Adrienne <3

        1. You’re welcome! Trying to pull a bunch of info together about many things – but I’ll work more on the post now. Thank you!

  6. I’m an unabashed conspiracy theorist. And yes, I think Bill Gates may be something of a monster-person in some respects. That said, sometimes the Devil isn’t trying to kill you. Sometimes, the Devil is just trying to win a nobel prize. Apeel and Edipeel are not about getting apples from Washington State to Missouri, or Maine to New York. It’s about helping reduce world hunger. Apeel is meant for produce that requires extended shelf life for consumer use, produce that needs to sit in a grocery store for days, or be shipped to another country in planes. As such, it is NOT economically sound to spray Edipeel on apples being sent to ACV manufacturing plants (where the skin, core and seeds are never used).

    On a personal note, it’s taken me FOUR (4) years to get to a place where I drink ACV everyday, several times a day. And I’ll be damned if I let foolish conspiracies get in the way of this incredible life change. Is there a difference? Yes, I think so. Because back in 2019, BRAGG’s ACV used to literally hurt my teeth. So yes, I think they lowered the acidity (or, my teeth and gums simply got used to it, which is much more likely). Virtually all ACV brands, including BRAGG’s, now have a 5% acidity rating. So maybe back in 2019, BRAGG’s was higher (5.5%, 6%, etc), and they decided to “standarize” and match the other leading brands. That said, the ONLY different between BRAGGs and Fairchild’s is that Fairchild’s is undiluted and carries a 6.3% acidity rating. And, in truth, all of this is pointless, since most of us dilute ACV in water and other liquids anyway.

    And finally, I really don’t like demonizing smart celebrities (esp. in a world where most celebrities are so wasteful and dumb). Katy Perry is clearly a smart and conscientious investor. Investing in Apeel is smart business. Investing in (and ultimately acquiring) a 100+ year old local business wherein you knew the CEO, is smart business. Perry obviously has a very diversified portfolio. So the “leap” from Perry investing in Apeel, to saying she’s “secretly” spending money to put it on the skins of the apples used in BRAGG’s ACV… where the skins will ultimately be removed in the ACV-manufacturing process, is asinine.

    Yes, be suspicious, stay suspicious.
    But don’t let it get in the way of smart choices re your health.

    1. You make a lot of good points. I plan to have a follow up post soon – you can read a bit more about us here and sign up if you’d like:

      I appreciate you stopping by and making such a thoughtful comment. I agree investing in Apeel is smart but I don’t like the concept except perhaps on avocados – thoughts?

    2. Where did you get your information about the apples not being coated in apeel? Do you have a source? I want to believe it, but I don’t want somebody’s opinion.

      1. Hi there. Bragg told me – I hope to have a follow up post soon in which you’ll see some other things I heard from them. I am guessing they are telling the truth based on the other info I got from them but of course it’s hard to know….. You can sign up for updates here if you’d like

    3. I still use ACV .. just not Braggs which its investors including Oprah .. and also investing in aPeel, loaded with scary stuff. We do not need that on our produce, which should have never allowed on our Organic produce. There are other good ACV’s to use.

  7. I’ll still never, NEVER, ever buy another bottle knowing this. That witch is involved with more things than Apeel and Gates so no telling what else they add to a once loved brand. DONE.

    1. Hi Jane. I understand that and I’m aware of what she is involved in. I just wanted to clear up the watering down rumor. I am working on a follow up post. Stay tuned. You can read a bit more about me here and sign up for updates if you’d like: Thanks for reading!

  8. So you say in the post that you know now it isnt diluted, but ive been buying cider vinegar for 25 years and im telling you clearly now that it is 100 percent very diluted and you still deny it? Also someone who is sensitive to the poisons in it says it makes them feel sick in some way now, and you deny the poison. why?

    1. I am saying that I find it hard to believe that they are diluting it based on my test and experience. It tastes strong to me. In fact there’s a popular post out there saying that it seems stronger than an undiluted brand. I don’t understand that, but it’s there in the post.

      I didn’t test your bottle obviously.

      As for the other reader, sure it’s possible something bad is going on, but I have no way of proving that. In this post

      a reader complained about her coconut oil and another blogger created a huge mess jumping to conclusions.

      It’s hard to know what’s going on.

      That reader’s boyfriend could have had another situation going on and the ACV caused bad die off or something like that or a bad histamine reaction. I can’t say.

      Again, the only thing you can do is random GC/MS testing on a bottle that came straight from the company.

      I hope that explains.

      What do you think – crowd fund GC/MS testing? I know it was $400 for each item when I checked but that was a number of years ago – maybe 10. So it’s likely $500 or so now I would think.

      1. I see. testing for contaminents would be interesting. Hard to say whats really going on. And the other vinegar I was talking about that was rancid was presidents choice organic.

        1. GC MS tests for a lot of things. Essential oils companies can use it but they can be faked out too. Cosmetics companies…..I would call but easier if you do b/c it’s your experience. I would call both companies and tell them what happened. Maybe they source in the same place? It’s possible.

  9. Adrienne;
    Thanks so much for your investigation into this subject. As you know many, many items that the FDA approves as “safe” are hardly “safe”. I am a firm believer that most of the ailments and diseases uncommon 50-75 years ago are directly related to our food and diet. I grow and make 75% or more of what I consume to eliminate the Plethora of ingredients found in most if not all commercial products today. Things that should only have 3 or 4 basic ingredients now contain 10, 15, or many of which are not pronounceable. I make my own Greek yogurt, mayo, garlic powder, and also dehydrate and powder most of the things that come out of my garden. The FDA and the USDA have been thoroughly corrupted by big Pharma and big AG for profit’s sake. I eat a minuscule amount of processed foods and have found that I can replicate almost anything available at the store with higher quality, taste, and health benefits. Even spice mixes ( I made Taco seasoning and it’s the best I have ever had) can be replicated without all of the fillers, cellulose, and preservatives. I am sure you have spent time looking into the ingredients on the labels of the food you buy, at least I hope you do and if not, I implore you to research them via multiple sources and you will be shocked and sickened at what has been approved by those tasked with keeping our food safe and healthy. Just because something is “safe” doesn’t mean it’s healthy, and can be unsafe in the long term.
    thanks again for all of your hard work.

    1. Hi Chris. Thanks for the kind words. Much appreciated. I wish I were talented at growing my own food. Some of it is due to my having been chronically ill for a long time, but I’m trying.

      I am aware of the mess going on with our food, etc. — speaking of taco seasoning :).

      Your recipe might be better, of course.

      May I ask, did I mention something as being “safe” in the post / video that had you concerned that I don’t understand these things or were you just mentioning that in case. Thanks much.

    2. I started eating cottage cheese because of the protein but why is maltodexatrin in it? That’s powdered corn syrup. Probably the high fructose kind!

          1. Hi Gina! I’ve never heard of Nancy’s – can you tell me where to find it? I just did a search and didn’t see anything. I’m working on a follow up post and have some interesting things to share….hoping to have one more interview before sharing but having a hard time nailing that down…. You can subscribe to updates here if you’d like..

  10. Thanks for the information. You were very thorough in your research, and I really appreciate that. Too many people run their mouths with no clue what they are talking about, so it is great to see someone with integrity putting facts out. My first thoughts regarding the ACV color differences were the apples used in a particular batch and how long it had been sitting on the shelf. I have seen the same thing with unsweetened applesauce in my pantry. The longer it sits, the darker it gets. It is still good, but does go through a natural color change. A little common sense goes a long way and that is something that seems to be disappearing from our society.

    Again, thanks for the thorough investigation. It takes a lot of time to be thorough… I know how much time I spend myself trying to dig out facts instead of just accepting the first thing I hear or read. You have gained a new reader.

    1. Awww thank you! You made my day. I am embarrassed that you saw my site in the state that it was in. My assistant goofed up and was making custom edits to it live instead of on the staging site and I didn’t know that until just now.

      I hope you’ll come back and see it as it’s supposed to be (pre update, LOL!). I wasn’t really laughing when I saw it, however.

      Anyhow, I do so so so appreciate your words. I spent countless hours on this kind of thing and I have been wrong before but I try to correct things.

      I just spent hours researching hydrogen water this week and found a few “problematic” people and companies but am firming up the direction that I want to go with this. And another product too.

      I am SO with you on this ” I know how much time I spend myself trying to dig out facts instead of just accepting the first thing I hear or read”

      And BTW, I can see your site from my dashboard and I checked it out. I 100% agree with you from the little I’ve read. We have a massive mess on our hands. God help.

    1. Hi Angelica. Good question. I just reached out to the company and updated the post with the information. Hope that helps!

    2. If I understand after researching, APEEL crap has been given a “organic” certification so just buying organic to avoid APEEL is a big problem!!! If you have any recommendations for a quality brand ACV let me know.. I’m really bummed about the likely changes to Bragg with all the investors now involved.

      1. Hi Arch, did you happen to read the post and watch the video? I don’t think changes are happening and I have a new section in the post about Apeel too. That being said, the post was not meant to be an endorsement of Bragg. I just wanted to straighten out the facts surrounding the diluting rumors.

        There are a number of other brands mentioned in the post, including one that doesn’t add water. Please let me know if that helps or if I can help in any other way.

        1. I read the post, but for some reason I don’t see a video. Looks like there is a blank space when I scroll down on my phone, but no video link or video play button.. I just ordered Fairchild ACV from their website. I’m going to buy they’re ACV for now. Thank you for all the info.

          1. Hi there.

            There’s a Table of Contents at the top of the post and if you click on the video part, it will take you to where the video is. This time when I checked, there’s an ad above the video which might be the blank space you are looking at. The video is just after these words:

            “It’s not a double-blind, placebo controlled study (sorry I didn’t have the funding for that), but I did a pretty scientific test on random bottles of ACV to see if Bragg’s ACV is indeed being watered down.

            Here’s what happened….”

            Do let me know if you can see that. I hope so!

            You are so welcome and thanks for reading!

        2. I use Brave instead of Google, so thats why it blocked the video.. it blocks ads… I switched it off and was able to see the video. That’s good info. I’m wondering if there is some other change in the fermentation process or if there getting apeel apples without knowing it. I guess I don’t trust when investment companies take over because they do look for cost reductions to maximize profit. Usually without regard to keeping the same quality. Hope I’m wrong, but I did order Fairchild organic ACV to try and maybe it will become my go to. Price is about double but for better health I think I can swing $11 a bottle.. Thank you for your assistance. Sincerely Archie.

          1. Oh my yes that’s it. I might have to put something on my site near videos like this (as I hope to do more) so that people know to try another browser if they can’t see it. Thanks for letting me know!

            I don’t trust it either but I try to navigate it the best that I can. Again, this wasn’t an endorsement for Bragg – just a truth seeking project for me. Apparently, as you can see in the post, she has no influence, which I guess I would doubt but we can only take some things so far, know what I mean?

            I think Fairchild is a good brand! Maybe try the gallon size to save if they have one? Thank you!

            1. You did great providing confirmed info. I don’t take that as an indorsement of Bragg. I like knowledge from facts & truth.. so thank you for that and the suggestions regarding Fairchild ACV. I feel more confident not using a brand not run by investment firms.

            2. Within the article, there is neither a video nor a blank space as I view on PC with Windows 7 and Brave browser. I clicked the “video” in the table of contents and it took me to a copy of the entire article, again with no video. I went “sheilds down” in Brave and got to the video. However, it played for only some seconds and then moved on to another video with no option to ‘go back’. I refreshed 3 times to make sure I didn’t do something wrong or click something by accident – same result. Video just stopped playing. This is my first ever visit to your site! Appreciated the article. Well done.

              1. Hi there!

                Oh my. I just forwarded your comment to my ad network to try to get some help with this. Thanks much for taking the time to let me know.

                You can see the whole video here and I’m working on a follow up as well.

                Stay tuned – you can read a bit more about me / us here and subscribe if you’d like.

                Thanks for reading and again, thanks for letting me know!

              2. Hi there. I’m so thankful you asked this. I just heard back from my ad company and they said that it should be fixed in a way that the video won’t disappear now. If you have the chance and can tell me if it works now, that would be great!

                1. The video now plays through as expected (with shields down, of course). I didn’t answer sooner because although I received an email notification that you had written a response, the response (and alternate link to video you gave me) didn’t appear on the website until the next day…then I forgot about it. Thanks for the fix.

              3. I had the same problem and finally after several more than 5 tries, I finally got a full. Video. I used brave and turned off the block feature also as you described. Finally got it to play all the way through.

      2. nooooooooooooooooo wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy, APEELs been given organic endorsement/status? Well, like I said in a previous comment, once investors are involved Im bailing. I really suck at buying at Farmers’ Markets though.
        I just saw a recipe to make your own ACV and it was sooooooooooo EZ! But I really suck at making my own stuff too. LOL

        1. Hahaha about making your own stuff. I hear you though I make a lot of things.

          I might try some acv soon – there are investors in so many things – it’s hard!

          Maybe I’ll join my csa again…….hang in there!

          1. Another good sleuth project for you would to find out where Bragg buys their apples. Then that company can be looked into on if or what they spray on their crops.

        2. Hi Kit! Would you be share the recipe with me? I would love to make my own Apple Cider Vinegar. Thanks!

      3. Apeel has its own sticker that is teal in color, and it says Apeel on it. As far as bulk buying for mass production, who knows.

        1. Yes would be good to find out but I would guess they are on there? Any thoughts about how to find out?

        2. Hi again – I could do more digging but I phoned Bragg yesterday and they said that Apeel is only put on apples at the distribution center / for distribution – not where the apples are picked. And also that the Apeel would interfere w/ fermentation. I haven’t verified this, however.

  11. What about Bragg using Katy Perry and Bill gates organic apples which are coated???? That cant be organic????

    1. I don’t know if they are using apples with Apeel, but yes that’s a big problem for sure. Thanks for reading and for bringing up a good topic :(.

    2. If I understand after researching, APEEL crap has been given a “organic” certification so just buying organic to avoid APEEL is a big problem!!!

  12. Watered down or not I try not to buy food from MEGA companies.
    Its really hard and time consuming not to. But I know someone who worked at a few facilities and their stories horrified me. Where there is MEGA companies there is smoke and fire. Oh and look up franken foods on youtube. I know you know. LOL
    Ah, fun times.

    1. It is very time consuming. It would be interesting to see your list of companies that you support. Not fun times :(.

      1. its interesting right? because at the end of the day we both know every last thing is tainted on purpose, right?

        1. Well, not all things. There are some things that happen by accident of course, but I get your point.

  13. Im not bragging but Braggs has been a staple in our kitchen FOREVER. While the ACV is a bummer its the Aminos that I’ll miss. If theyre screwing with one product theyre tainting all of them. Thankfully you provided suggestions for the ACV replacement.
    Reminds me of something someone once said back in the 1800’s. In the last days packaged food will not be fit for human consumption.
    Of course they really never were fit but NOW there using fetus’s in these products.
    Strait from satan.

    1. What do you like most about the Aminos? I don’t actually think that they are messing w/ the ACV — I hope you understood that that was the point of the post. I don’t understand what was going on with the people who posted that there was. However, after I did the video and testing (did you watch it?) my oldest said that he thought the lighter one tasted less strong, but the test showed differently so…

      1. Right, i watched the excellent video of yours. I love that about you.
        Its great that more than likely they are not watering it down however like I mentioned, once a MEGA company acquires a brand I make like a leaf and blow away. LOL
        If I had a blog I’d name it My Small World. LOL
        Remember the vintage AVON line, hmmm, was it, a Small World? Dont know why Im drawing a blank. I collect the stuff! LOL

        1. Hi again – not sure what you love, but (it’s hard to see what comment you are replying) but anyhow…..yes I understand. About Avon, is it Skin So Soft? I don’t buy their stuff but did something happen to Avon too?

          1. Did something happen to AVON? I dont buy their product just their vintage decanters. Also, theres different divisions of AVON now. Theres a division that tests on animals and another division that doesnt. AVON not only has too much drama but I dont trust their ingredients. They just have a soft place in my heart.:)

            1. I have no idea – since you mentioned them I wondered. I don’t trust their ingredients either.

      2. Like about the Aminos? We simply liked having a source of Aminos that. …
        1. Hopefully filled any missing Aminos caps we might have in our body…
        2. Simply enjoyed buying from a trusted source…
        3. Was a healthy alternative soy sauce.

        1. I understand. I think the aminos were basically a soy product, correct? I wonder if a clean organic soy sauce would be almost identical. I think so from what I know about the amino product – here’s one (affiliate link)

      3. hey guess what. these cult members taint and destroy everything. the last bottle of bragg I bought is completely bland and watered down tasting. and now made with apples that have stupid pointless poison on them. cool

        1. Hi Alex. Did you read the post and see the video? I guess you could test the pH. I don’t know what else to say about that. I addressed the Apeel part in the post.

          This wasn’t meant to be an endorsement of the company, but merely to address the issue about the watering down aspect. Stay tuned as I hope to have another related post soon – you can subscribe in a spot in this post if you’d like.

          1. ph is meaningless. can be adjusted. What matters is all the beneficial properties are reduced and toxic poisons added. they have loopholes and ways to get around all the labeling of ingredient too. my favorite is “spices” gotta love spices in everything at the grocery store. amazing what they can get away with, members of the cult look after eachother. Its just sad that they (the cult) have to poison every last thing people consume.

            1. Hi again. As I’ve said to at least one other commenter, yes it could be adjusted. At some point you either need to trust a company or send it off for GC/MS testing at about $400 or more a pop. Would you like me to do that? I would guess testing others would be advised as well.

              I could consider paying for that myself but it would get prohibitive. Are you interested in crowd sourcing that?

              I am aware of the mess going on with companies. I will say that if you read the next update you might have a little bit of a different thought, but not in the way you would expect.

              Yes, the term “spices” can be very deceiving.

              1. Personally, I don’t need any more testing. Now that I know there are new hands in the Bragg’s brand, I am not interested. I dropped Bert’s Bees and all the other companies that sold out as soon as I found out, so I have no qualms (just sadness) about dropping Bragg’s now, too. Switching to Azure Standard ACV. Going to miss the Bragg’s sprinkles, too. It’s a tough time for us concious shoppers.

                1. I completely understand. I hope to have a post soon about other options. Azure is a good company. I forgot to look at their ACV. 🙂 Glad you mentioned it!

            1. There’s a video in the post. Can you see that? There’s a table of contents at the top that should help you find it.

          2. I tested the ph with my mouth. by the time the vinegar became even further watered down by the grated vegetables I poured it on it was almost completely undectable in my salad and definitely tasted like watery nothing. I even dumped more on and had a huge puddle in the bowl, all water. what a waste of money. & even a different bottle of organic acv I bought was tainted and spoiled, somehow was rancid. just a terribe ordeal

        2. Hi again – I could do more digging but I phoned Bragg yesterday and they said that Apeel is only put on apples at the distribution center / for distribution – not where the apples are picked. The person that I spoke with also said that Apeel would interfere w/ fermentation. I haven’t verified this, however. Makes sense since it’s there to prevent spoilage. If you have more ideas let me know what you’re thinking but 100% I think you should call them and also President’s Choice (not an easy one to call–I called Whole Foods about something else about their ACV yesterday and couldn’t get an answer. I could keep trying but it can be tough w/ these bigger companies.)

          1. I wrote to Braggs about the apples as well. They wrote back that they are not using aPeel. Also I heard Katy say that it would take longer to get their product out. I have my new bottle that does still look dark. But I have seen pics of some peoples bottles that look lighter.

            1. I’m sure they are getting a lot of calls. In fact, I know they are. What was the taking longer to get product out regarding and do you know where you heard that? I have another post coming out that will have more information. You can subscribe to updates here if you’d like: Thanks for reading. It’s an interesting topic for sure!

  14. Ya know, Kreepy Katie just stay in “your” lane. Im sick of picking up products just to find Unilever, P&G, etc. NOthing irks me more. Favie products are being sold out to companies I will never buy from. My postage stamp is getting smaller. The squeeze is on. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    1. Gotcha. It’s really hard to find companies to feel good about buying from these days. I get it. People get tired running companies and they get an offer…..or they look for one. There is talk about where all the money in this country is. The going thought is incorrect. It’s not there—it’s elsewhere.

      There are a lot of things to be upset about these days but it doesn’t help to make up stories about stuff like this. I don’t know why people were saying it didn’t have a bite. Maybe a batch was different? I don’t know….

      1. Yea, Adrienne. While ppl get tired of running companies, I get that, but what blows me away is that for example Burt Bees …one of their selling points was Not Tested on Animals. But then they sell out to a company that does test on animals I feel like to was a hoax to begin with and feel betrayed. Grrrrr.

        1. Yes, that’s really the pits. You would think that they would at least try to sell to a like minded company. Not always easy because maybe no company that is like minded has the cash, etc…..but I hear you.

      1. LOL, could never be upset ’bout you Adrienne. I rely on your posts. Youre an angel.

        I never, ever, put a product in my cart without checking the company on back. And Im shocked to see these mega companies that I’ve boycotted ions ago taking over brands I used to rely on!
        Reminds me when Clorox bought out Burt Bees. Sad day. Had to scratch BB off my list.:(
        But seeing Kreep Katy purchase ACV are you freggin’ kiddin’ me? You hit a nerve!

        1. Well, I hope I never upset you, but it might happen. I’m trying to do my best but I can’t do everything. I buy most things in bulk / basic ingredients but that’s hard too.

  15. Hmmm, I’m still going to say something’s fishy. I’ve bought Braggs ACV for 15 years and the color and strength never changed at all. Then a few months ago it was drastically different.


    1. Hi Kelly! I don’t know what to say. The test that I did in the video was completely unrehearsed (I wrote about that in the post). I mean the pH is the same so what else could it be? I have some bottles of another brand in my house where some are a lot darker than others. We also bought more from the same company (you can see them in the video) that were a lot lighter and they are a respected brand. Let me know what you think!

      1. Hi there! There are ways to adjust pH, so that’s probably not a reliable test. I do it all the time when I am making hair products with things like citric acid. Not that they are doing anything to it, but I can definitely understand the mistrust. Reminds me of the Club Crackers scandal haha.

        1. Hi Daphne. Thanks for reading! Yes of course there are ways to change pH but that would mean adding something else to the product which could be tested. I could do that but that would cost at least $400 to do it. I could crowd source that or pay for it myself – 100% Bragg would be in huge trouble if something like that was going on.

          Also, since the others are all testing at 5% and are disclosing water on the label, that makes it very unlikely that something else is going on – 5% acidity with water added to standardize is the most common type of ACV that’s on the market.

          I understand the mistrust but you can see from the photo I put in the post that it’s all about color (or bite) and I had 2 different colors of ACV and there is 100% a bite to the ACV so neither of those make sense either.

          It’s not the pH only that I addressed, it was the pH in addition to showing that color difference isn’t proof of watering down and while I didn’t mention it, there’s definitely a bite. I have been taking the ACV out of those bottles that I bought for awhile and it’s not easy to do (I need to dilute it more!)

          Let me know your thoughts.

          What happened w/ the Club Crackers by the way?

    2. My boyfriend & I have been using Braggs ACV for quite a while. Recently we started getting nauseous every time we took it. And we’ve had other health issues. We both stopped taking it and did detox baths & our symptoms started improving. Then he started taking it again & his symptoms came back.

      I have no idea what changed, but we will never take Braggs ACV again.

      1. Juliet – that’s terrible. I’m so sorry to hear this! I didn’t at all mean this as an endorsement of the brand–just wanted to clear up this dilution issue. I hope you continue to feel better. I would ask, however, have you reached out to them and also did you both stop ACV entirely? I know it’s a long shot but I wonder if something else could have been going on where the ferment was kicking off symptoms (for example related to histamine issues, mold, etc.) as opposed to something being wrong with it.