Choosing Maple Syrup: What Grade Should You Buy?

My family doesn't use a lot of maple syrup due to candida and eating more low carb (for sweeteners we mainly use stevia, xylitol, and some erythritol and coconut sugar), but we do use it occasionally and have some in our pantry right now. Over the years, I heard different things about What Grade of Maple Syrup is Best, or that you had to be careful about formaldehyde in maple syrup processing, so ...Read The Full Post

Does Xylitol Cause Tumors?

You've probably heard about the concerns about xylitol causing digestive upset, but have you wondered if xylitol causes tumors?Since switching our family over to low carb sweeteners, I've been concerned about their safety.I'm a natural-minded gal and really want my and my family's food to be as clean as possible, but when battling candida, you do what you have to do.Now we don't use ...Read The Full Post

10 Natural Allergy Remedies that Really Work

Allergies have been a huge problem for me for much of my life.And since my family wasn't really focused on natural living at all, we treated my allergies with drugs, rather than trying to find natural allergy remedies that could help me find relief without the side effects that medications cause.Thankfully, there are other options today for me to lean on for myself and my family. These ten ...Read The Full Post

Castor Oil Packs – What They Are and Why You Need One

Since my family and I started working on improving our health, we've done different alternative or natural remedies that I never thought we would do.One of them is a castor oil pack. Aren't Castor Oil Packs Weird? I remember the days when I thought chiropractors were bizarre.NEVER did I think I would be taking probiotics, going gluten-free, going sugar-free (oh man, did I eat a lot of ...Read The Full Post

DIY Breathe Easy Essential Oils Blend for Cough & Congestion

Today I'm sharing one of the most helpful essential oils blends -- a Breathe Easy Blend.  It's an essential oils blend that we've used often in our home, and it's a great essential oils for cough blend -a necessity for both cold & flu seasons, plus for allergy season as well.Among the worst things in life is feeling helpless when your child is sick.One of my boys suffers from a bad ...Read The Full Post

DIY Lice Prevention & Treatment Spray That REALLY Works!

This year I heard about drug-resistant lice, and (after I finished thinking my head was itching -- scratch, scratch), I started thinking about and searching for lice prevention spray and lice treatment spray on the internet.  And I found that it is pretty easy to make it yourself.Thankfully, I have never had to personally deal with lice, but every once in awhile I hear about outbreaks, and a ...Read The Full Post

DIY Adrenal Fatigue Essential Oils Blend

Adrenal fatigue is gaining a lot of attention these days, and it's something I wish I didn't have personal experience with.I personally have done a lot of things over the years since I first suspected that I had this, but one of the things that has helped me a lot is this simple adrenal fatigue treatment, otherwise known as DIY Adrenal Fatigue Oils Blend.Adrenal fatigue basically destroyed ...Read The Full Post

Is Your Water Safe? …..a.k.a. Is There Prozac In Your Drinking Water?

There's so much to think about regarding toxins we put in our bodies - from pesticides on food, to chemicals on our lawns, to chemicals in our personal care products, chemical "nasties" are everywhere.  All of those are important, but since we drink so much water and our bodies are made up of so much water, what we really should be asking is, "Is tap water safe to drink?"Have you been: ...Read The Full Post

5 Natural Remedies for Gum Infections That Really Work!

Today, I am sharing with you something that has been a HUGE help to me personally over the years -- a natural remedy for gum infection -- actually, a bunch of them.Over the years, I've had different issues with my teeth. My parents had horrible teeth -- so it's been an uphill battle for me, made worse, apparently, by "primitive" orthodontia work in my youth.  The traditional "four on the ...Read The Full Post

Allergy Shots at Risk!

Allergy Shots at Risk?Yes, it's true.  If regulations by the USP (United States Pharmacopeia) go through, allergy shots may become a thing of the past.If you, or someone you loves, has allergies, you know how miserable they can be. My Allergy Horror I personally had debilitating allergies in my teens and twenties.  I was on 3 different prescription medications for spring allergies, but ...Read The Full Post