How and Why to Emulsify Essential Oils for Safety

Have you ever heard of emulsifying essential oils? If you've been using essential oils for awhile, you know that there is just a lot to learn, and an essential oil emulsifier is one thing that you should know for many essential oil usages. So what is an essential oil emulsifier and why do you need to know? The concept is important both for performance of your essential oils recipes, but ...Read The Full Post

10 Reasons Why I’m NOT Tossing My Homeopathic Teething Tablets

Have you heard about the issues surrounding homeopathic teething tablets, the FDA, and seizures? Two days ago I saw that the FDA is recommending that parents not give their children Hyland's Teething Tablets or Gels, citing possible side effects -- including seizures. Pretty scary stuff. So should you throw out your Hyland's Teething Tablets and Gels, or not? Let's talk about this, but ...Read The Full Post

When You Feel Like Giving Up (on healthy living)

Have you ever been there?  Those times when you feel like giving up? Totally overwhelmed by everything and feeling like you just. can't. go on? Like you are the ONLY one doing this healthy living thing and that you don't have the energy to do it anymore? Just this week, I got a comment on my blog from a reader who summed it all up. She said that she just feels so overwhelmed with all ...Read The Full Post

EpiPen RipOff: Alternatives, Shady Deals & What You Can Do About It

If you're a parent of a child with life-threatening allergies, you know about EpiPens and the recent gigantic price hike. Epinephrine relaxes the muscles in the throat that swell in the case of an anaphylactic reaction, thereby possibly saving the life of someone suffering from a life-threatening reaction to, for example, a bee sting or food allergy. I am very upset about this whole thing, ...Read The Full Post

12 Adaptogens You Should Know and Why You Need Them

What are adaptogens? Most likely you have been using natural healers in your life for awhile now.  Herbs like Green Tea for antioxidants, Ginger for an upset stomach, or Garlic for its immune boosting effects. However, there are some new kids on the block. Rather, they are old kids, but they are getting a lot of attention these days. They are -- Adaptogens. Haven't heard about them ...Read The Full Post

DIY Goopy Eye Essential Oil Blend

My son doesn't look so good there, does he? It is for sure not fun needing a Natural Remedy for Pink Eye or for "Goopy Eyes" anytime -- but in the summer it just seems wrong. You know what I mean -- right?  Being sick in the summer when almost no one else is sick and you could be at the pool, or outside playing -- it's just a bummer. But it happened to my youngest this summer, and it ...Read The Full Post

DIY After Swim Spray {to Neutralize Chlorine} — and Why You Need It

Today I'm sharing with you a simple recipe for something to make your summer a safer one -- Vitamin C Spray to neutralize chlorine exposure on your body and your hair, aka a DIY After Swim Spray. It's summer....and with that comes time at the beach -- and the pool. And with the pool comes exposure to tons of chlorine, something that I am not a fan of. Chlorine is a problem in so many ...Read The Full Post

DIY Purify Essential Oils Blend – for Home & Health

Since I first started using essential oils years ago, we've  come to a place where we use essential oils every day. We use individual oils as well and blends, and I like them both. Today I'm sharing a recipe for a Homemade Purify Essential Oil Blend, which is one of our favorites.  We've used it several times and it was very effective, and it is a very helpful blend with many applications in ...Read The Full Post

Choosing Maple Syrup: What Grade Should You Buy?

My family doesn't use a lot of maple syrup due to candida and eating more low carb (for sweeteners we mainly use stevia, xylitol, and some erythritol and coconut sugar), but we do use it occasionally and have some in our pantry right now. Over the years, I heard different things about What Grade of Maple Syrup is Best, or that you had to be careful about formaldehyde in maple syrup processing, so ...Read The Full Post

Does Xylitol Cause Tumors?

You've probably heard about the concerns about xylitol causing digestive upset, but have you wondered if xylitol causes tumors? Since switching our family over to low carb sweeteners, I've been concerned about their safety. I'm a natural-minded gal and really want my and my family's food to be as clean as possible, but when battling candida, you do what you have to do. Now we don't use ...Read The Full Post