Pumpkin Pie Spiced Creamer – Dairy and Sugar Free

{I love pumpkin so much that I am happy to eat it in all its forms all year round.  We love these Pumpkin Snickerdoodles, Soft Pumpkin Cookies, and my Homemade Pumpkin Pie Spice, and here's a grouping of Healthy Pumpkin Recipes if that isn't enough for you.  Today Tiffany from Don't Waste the Crumbs brings you a Dairy-Free Creamer that is the latest addition to our repertoire of yummy healthy ...Read The Full Post

Homemade Hot Chocolate – dairy and sugar free

{I love making my own healthy versions of processed foods like chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, taco seasoning, ketchup, salad dressing, and even taco shells. Today's recipe from Candida-Free Candee is for dairy and sugar-free homemade hot chocolate which is so much better for you than the packaged brands.  Perfect for cooler weather, though I would personally love it all year round!}I ...Read The Full Post

Easiest Coconut Milk Recipe – Improved

I'm all about DIY versions of kitchen staples like almond milk, homemade rice milk, powdered sugar substitute and dairy-free condensed milk.Basically, if I can make it myself, I pretty likely will do it :).  Anyhow, it's been awhile since I first posted my Homemade Coconut Milk Recipe.It is, for sure, the easiest way to make coconut milk that you can find, but it did leave a little ...Read The Full Post

Easiest Homemade Almond Milk Recipe Ever

 Making processed food substitutes can help you save a ton of money on your whole foods budget. I make my own Easiest Coconut Milk, Powdered Egg Replacer, Nut and Seed Butters, Coconut Butter, and Vegetable Broth Mix.In that same vein, today I'm sharing How to Make Homemade Almond Milk.It really is the Easiest Almond Milk Recipe Ever. Seriously.My "cooking philosophy" has evolved ...Read The Full Post

Healthy Valentines’ Progressive Dinner! ~ Beverages

Looking for some healthy Valentine treats?We've got you covered from Beverages to Desserts!Some other whole food bloggers from Nourished Living Network are joining me for a Valentine's Day Progressive Dinner Party!  Each day we will have a different course laid out for you so that you can put together some great whole-body-nourishing treats that show love in more than one way.No need ...Read The Full Post

Rich and Delicious Coffee Substitute

Why bother with a coffee substitute, and a homemade coffee substitute at that, when the real thing tastes so good?For folks without health challenges, there may be some reason to think it is OK, but for anyone with candida or adrenal issues or thyroid disease, coffee can be a real problem.We can touch on that in another post, but today I would like to share with you a naturally ...Read The Full Post

Homemade Rice Milk (or Milk Substitute)

Are you or someone you love suffering from lactose intolerance or dairy allergies?  Or do you just run out of milk sometimes when cooking or baking?Well, today I have an answer for your troubles that you and your wallet will truly enjoy (and the environment will love as well :-).)We've been making our own rice milk for years now, ever since my son was diagnosed with a life-threatening ...Read The Full Post

Homemade Sugar-Free Lemonade

Looking for a refreshing summer drink that is easy on your wallet?Well, do I have a versatile sugar-free lemonade recipe for you!If you've been around my website a bit, you know that I don't like purchasing ready-made things when I can easily make them myself.Here is another case in point and one of the easiest yet.One of my readers recently asked if I had a healthy drink she could ...Read The Full Post