Easiest Almond Milk Recipe Ever

This Almond Milk Recipe is the easiest one around. Time to ditch the expensive "boxed alternative milk" habit! Great for baking or drinking.


Making processed food substitutes can help you save a ton of money on your whole foods budget. I make my own Easiest Coconut Milk, Powdered Egg Replacer, Nut and Seed Butters, Coconut Butter, and Vegetable Broth Mix. In that same vein, today I’m sharing How to Make Almond Milk.

It really is the Easiest Almond Milk Recipe Ever. Seriously.

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My “cooking philosophy” has evolved over the years. Health-wise, but also “simplicity-wise.”

Maybe you can relate.

I used to, but not to excess, mind you :-), pour over cookbooks (especially the dessert section – cough-cough), dreaming about everything I could make. Then I’d try a fancy recipe like Stuffed Chicken Breasts or Candy Cane Shaped Cookies Dipped in Chocolate.

Well, it’s not that this busy momma doesn’t still like to play in the kitchen (I think I told you all about my 2 days of attempting to make a dairy-free, sugar-free caramel so I could make mock Samoa Girl Scout Cookies), but times have changed.

These days I am forever looking for recipes and tips that will get good yummy food on my table with as little effort and time as possible. (Cause I already am stressed out to the max way too busy :-).)

So….today’s recipe is an example of one way I’ve managed to save a ton of time in the kitchen, while still making something good.

First of all, why is almond milk popular?

  • Dairy allergies are on the increase.
  • Lactose intolerance is on the increase.
  • People living a vegan lifestyle want alternatives to dairy for cooking, baking and drinking.

Why make your own almond milk?

  • The obvious – save money.
  • Save time and money by not running out the store because you’ve run out of milk (or a dairy-free alternative). (See the price of gas going up – oh, my heart be still. Every trip you can save is money in the bank!)
  • Life a more sustainable lifestyle – less packaging and less waste. Even if they ever figure out a way to recycle those aseptic cartons, you can bet that it will be a super labor intensive.

We love almond milk – and ever since my oldest was diagnosed with a life threatening allergy to dairy (at 3 months of age), I’ve had to find ways to make allergy-free substitutes for drinking and for baking. But this method makes it super easy.

Now, to be fair, this method won’t match the super-creamy store-bought, aseptic packed almond milk you are used to. But it gets the job done lickety split. And it’s pretty good.

Just yesterday both of my sons asked for some. They said it’s not quite as good as my Easiest Coconut Milk, but good nonetheless. And in the future, I’ll try my hand at making smoother “more perfect” almond milk and I’ll share that with you as well.


1.  If you don’t strain the milk, you can either stir the solids into the mix as you wish, or use the solids for another purpose.

2.  I know…it sounds counter-intuitive to dry the almond before making the milk.  But I soak and dry about 38 cups of almonds whenever I soak and dry them.  Then I store them and keep them on hand for snacking, making almond butter, or making almond milk, or almond meal…you get the picture.  This way I don’t have to time my almond milk making around soaking.  The nuts are always ready.to.go :)!

3.  If you are doing a food plan like Trim Healthy Mama, a more acceptable proportion is 1/2 cup almonds per 4 cups of water. You can thicken the resultant milk with glucomannan if desired.

4.  These tiny stainless measuring spoons make measuring stevia super easy.  The second smallest spoon is 1/32 of a tsp which is “one scoop”‘s worth.

Norpro Mini Measuring Spoons

You can use this method for making other nut-based milks as well – I personally haven’t made these (mainly since my son is allergic to all nuts except almond and macadamia – and those macadamias are super pricey!) but why not try your hand at:

  • walnut milk
  • pecan milk
  • hazelnut milk
  • cashew milk

How Much Can You Save?

And just so you can feel super good about yourself and your new frugal tip to help with your budget, here are the real numbers: Of course, this all depends upon where you buy it and your cost for almonds.

Almond Milk bought in bulk, buying 4 32 oz containers at Amazon, costs $2.43 for 4 cups.

Homemade Almond Milk (using a price of $4 per pound for almonds) costs $1.27 for 4 cups (plus your water cost, of course.) Savings: 48% That’s not as amazing of a savings amount compared to my Homemade Coconut Milk, or Homemade Rice Milk, but saving almost 50% is nothing to sneeze at.

(Note: Although I would like to encourage you to make your own almond milk, I will say that to be fair, the Green Polka Dot Box has almond milk super cheap. Just $1.78 for 32 oz. And you don’t need to buy a boatload case at a time :-)! I’ve been shopping with them since December 2011 and have been thrilled with their prices and service.)

So there you have it – motivated to save time and money (and be environmentally conscious at the same time)? I hope so!

And just so you know, all this doesn’t mean that I’ve given up on that caramel recipe yet either :-).

More “Quick and Easy” Pantry Staples:

Easiest Coconut Milk
Powdered Sugar Substitute
Powdered Egg Replacer
Homemade Vegetable Broth
Homemade Coconut Butter 

What’s your favorite way to use almond milk?

This post contains affiliate links. If you click on a link and make a purchase, I may be compensated with a small commission. Your support is greatly appreciated and helps this busy mom keep blogging :-).
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  1. We exclusively use almond milk. I have thought about making my own but just never have. I always figured it would be more expensive. I am so excited to try it. (I totally agree with you about the Vitamix. Next to good knives and cast iron skillet, it is my most useful kitchen item.). And by the way, I am so excited to click through to your homemade coconut milk post!!!

    • Hi Sarah! I haven’t gotten the hang of cast iron skillets – but the knives are crucial! I hope you like the almond and coconut milks!

    • I had always been scared of cast iron. It seemed so much harder to try something new. But when I got pregnant last time my iron was so low I didn’t know what else to do. I was desperate. Now it is all I cool in. You have got to give it a go. They are so much easier to use then anything else. Good luck!!

      • Hi Sarah. I really had a tough time w/ it and I’ve read some conflicting info about its safety. Sounds like something that needs a revisit and/or a post. Meanwhile I have a brand new cast iron pizza pan. Maybe I should put it on Craigslist or something :-). Want it?

  2. Can’t wait to try this as my boy has recently tried it and likes it. Yippee! Another alternative! Thanks!

  3. Sheila Hunt says:

    Thanks again Adrienne for another great recipe. I can’t wait to try this one. I also loved the info on the “Is their jet fuel on your almonds”. I never, ever would have thought about something awful like that. We are tryint to go more and more organic as we can in our household. Hopefully it will help my step sons PTSD. We also just recently watched Forks over Knives. Holy Cow! (punn intended) I had no idea how bad dairy and animal protien can be. Really opened our eyes. It will be hard to not eat animal protien but we are going to try to wean ourselves off it.

    • Hi Sheila – I so appreciate your kind words! I couldn’t believe the almonds either. Ugh. I would offer you one caution, however. Forks over Knives is based on the China Study and it was a very limited group of people. I was vegetarian (almost vegan) for a good deal of my life. And while I felt great for a long time, I have learned that it can be a quite unhealthy way to live and can lead easily to copper toxicity. I will be posting more on this hopefully. Just get good protein. I don’t eat TONS, but a lot more than I used to. Take care!

      • Cheeryshirley says:

        Adrienne ~ How does not eating meat cause copper toxicity? Does eating eggs help? Thanks, Cheeryshirley

        • Hi Shirley! Zinc and copper are natural antagonists. If you take zinc, it can tend to drive copper down. Eating anything high in zinc will help w/ copper toxicity. Animal products are high in zinc. Pumpkin seeds are too. Eggs are great and cheese is good as well. I just really think vegetarian lifestyles are not wise in the long term, especially with our stressful lifestyles. :)

  4. Vitamix is on my list of things to buy right before the norwalk juicer……:)

    • Hi! You know, I really prefer the Vitamix juice to “juicer juice” since it has all the ingredients in it (pulp, etc.). Maybe you should consider saving you money :-)…..

  5. Hi. Since almond milk doesn’t have the calcium of regular milk, how do you supplement that? Thanks!

    • Eileen – I personally am doing a personalized program called Nutritional Balancing that is working on balancing my minerals – so I find it hard to recommend someone supplement Ca blindly. That being said, I have also heard that most Americans get plenty of Ca but are deficient in Mg. I do think that if you get Ca that you need to take it with other things like D3, Mg and possibly K to make sure it is assimilated correctly. I am sorry that I can’t give you a more pointed answer – maybe my readers can. I did a lot of research into this for a long time before I decided to do what I am doing now.

  6. It sounds great. I need to get me a VitaMix!

    • Agreed :-). If you decide, I have free shipping through my site – and I’d be happy to help you in any way I can. I’ve owned one for about 10 years now, I think :-).

  7. Thanks Adrienne. When we make the move we’ll do it through you.

  8. Thanks for this recipe. I just made coconut milk for the first time today, so maybe I’ll try almond milk next. We don’t use dairy, soy or rice products, so coconut and almond milks are the only milks we use.

  9. Thanks for the simple recipe. I’m right there with you on the busy.

    • Yep – I just can do perfect that often. Though I did “give in” and make a new homemade ketchup and a nice Chinese chicken for dinner. Way out of character for what I’ve been doing most of the time around here recently. :)

  10. Thank you so much for this deliciously easy recipe – but, I have to ask: where do you get almonds for $4/pound?? The best price I’ve found is more than double that!

    • Hi Zane. We purchase raw almonds direct from a farmer in the fall. You are welcome to join in if you like. I hope to do it again this year. If you look at the comments there is another supplier who has them slightly steamed that you might be interested in in the meantime. Our price fluctuates annually but they should be around $5 per pound I am thinking. I’ll hopefully be doing a Q&A this coming week on the blog that will address this issue a bit more so stay tuned :-).

  11. I cannot wait to try this milk out. I am also going to try out the coconut milk recipe on your blog. My son has a milk allergy so this will be a great way to save money.

  12. Adrienne, this would be delicious and very easy! Thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday. Hope you have a great week end and come back soon!
    Miz Helen

  13. I found your blog via the Weekend Whatever link-up. I’m following the GAPS diet for health reasons, and that means EVERYTHING gluten-free. Needless to say, almond flour is a huge staple in my home right now. Pretty soon, I’ll be trying to make my own almond milk at home :) :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  14. Hi Adrienne,
    Thanks for replying to my comment. I think if you’re family is doing okay with where they’re at now, then they probably don’t need to go grain-free for a time. That’s just my humble opinion :) :) I started eating a gluten free diet for weight-loss. It wasn’t till much later that I took a blood panel. Long story, short, while not being officially tested, all the signs point toward Celiac disease. so at least for now I’m going gluten-free…and for a time, grain free.

    I haven’t tried making my own almond flower yet. I just have a basic mixer. Although, I need to try it out and see what it does. It’s gREAT at chopping ice really fine. I still buy my almond flour at the store and it’s spendy!!!

    Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather 😉

    • :-). Let me know how it goes. I’d like to make my own flour w/ soaked and dried nuts for better digestion. Maybe I need to look into that grinder more….

  15. Tried it tonight ~ soooo easy & soooo yummy! Thank you Adrienne!

  16. Okay, we use Almond milk a lot at my house because of milk allergies but never thought to make my own! This is so going on my to-try list. Thank you for the fast and furious version.

  17. I love how you break down the price Adrienne. I love making my own nut milks. Just made some walnut milk tonight!

    Thank you for sharing this week on AFW! Be sure to check back next week for reader favorites and hostess picks. :-)

    Be Well,
    –AFW Hostesses

  18. Thank you for sharing on Your Green Resource! I pinned and shared it on my site today.

  19. Hi Adrienne, good share on the almond milk.I know how to make this, but I’m interested in the almonds to purchase…you said about $5.00 per lb? is that raw, unpasteurized? also, I’d like to know if there would be any VitaMix’s used, for sale? blessings, Lady

    • Hello! – Yes, they are raw and unpasteurized. I would try Vitamix on Ebay. I sold my used one there years ago. Vitamix does have refurbished ones. I am not sure how that works with the free shipping advertised on my blog, but you can call the number under the Vitamix banner and ask. They’d be happy to help!

      • Yes, please keep me posted on purchasing those almonds! I’d love a few pounds. I will look on ebay for the vitamix thank you so much!

        • I should have more info on almonds in the future. Stay tuned! And if you’d like to be on my email list for the fall you can do that as well. Not sure if I’ll be changing things up this year or not. Sorry I didn’t reply earlier. Somehow I missed your comment in the flurry here.

  20. Kenda Fields says:

    I love almond milk! I switched from soy last year! This recipe definitely looks very easy and thank you for introducing us to Green PolkaDot box! I’ve been browsing and it seems like something me and my daughter could really benefit from!

    • Hi Kenda. Let me know what you think about GPDB. I just ordered my 3rd order. I am really pleased! I’d be happy to answer any questions.

  21. I’m curious, how does the homemade stuff stack up nutritionally to the commercially fortified almond milk. While I don’t like buying commercial anything there is a strong argument for the vitamin D, calcium & protein that it provides.

    • Adrienne says:

      I would much rather supplement in other ways than pay the extra for the almond milk in the store and have the packaging waste – There shouldn’t be any extras unless they are added. I’m not sure what brand you are looking at, but the protein profile should be the same. Hope that helps!

  22. Hi, we love almond milk and I make it the same way you do, your right it’s so easy and tastes amazing!! I like to put it into coffee :) It tastes better than creamer you buy from the story, and without all the yucky stuff.

  23. Snap, I just made some Almond Milk, a family recipe sweetened with dates. I saw your variation on Diet Dessert and Dog blog, so had to come by. I just drink it how its made, also freezing it as lollies.

  24. Adrienne, your receipe sound good, but right now I’m not making mine so how r the shipping charges of greenpolka dot….as prices r cheap….also do u have any promo code for shopping at their site, if yes it will be helpfull.


    • Shipping is free at $99. There is no promotion, but you can get a 1 month membership for free right now. Click on Green Polka Dot Box to find out more and feel free to ask any questions. Their unsweetened Almond Breeze is $1.29 right now for 32 oz.

  25. Have you found an interesting use for the almond pulp? I’m thinking in cookies or a bread, but perhaps someone else is even more creative.

  26. Wow, fabulous, thanks!

  27. We make almond milk by soaking the almonds for 24hrs then rinsing & blending with water & dates for sweetness but don’t dehydrate first, am I missing an important step or is this okay?

  28. Hi, glad to have discovered your site! I’ve been loving making my own almond milk for a couple months now but my latest batch looked different. When it settles in the fridge, there appears to be a thick layer of foam on top, then a beige layer in middle, then a thin white layer on bottom. Reminds me of 1-2-3 jello but previous batches only had 2 layers? Does this sound normal? I did use dates this time around where I usually only use almonds, water and vanilla.

  29. I love homemade almond milk! Try using dates instead of a sweetener. They add a great flavor. :)

  30. Hi,

    Very excited.to.try this.recipe! I looked into the Green Polka Dot Box and all the almond milks they sell contain carrageenan, which is a nasty ingredient which wreaks havoc on the digestive system and is linked to colon cancer


    The only commercial almond milk I buy is Silk. They do not use that ingredient. I am eager to try this recipe because it.will be much cheaper;). Thank you.

  31. Thank you for taking the time to post your almond milk recipe. I am using it my first effort at making a quinoa pudding for my lactose-intolerant family. Just wanted to note that one “pores” over a book or whatever, not “pours.”

  32. Why don’t you just use almond butter? So much easier than having to strain all that almond bulk out of the milk. 3 cups water, 2 tbsp almond butter, in your vitamix for 4 minutes on high, then you can strain it if you want, but it’s not necessary and it takes way less time if you do choose to strain it. also, i bet if you used a blanched almond butter it would be perfectly smooth even without straining. i make my own almond butter, because all you have to do is put almonds in a food processor, and 20-30 minutes later you have wonderfully smooth almond butter. my particular food processor has a blade that tends to lift and fly off (for everything), so i like to stay and push it down every once in a while while i’m cooking dinner, but if you don’t have that problem you could absolutely leave it and come back when it’s done.

    • I was actually thinking about this just last night b/c whenever I make seed or nut butter I just add water to my Vitamix and then blend a bunch of water w/ the remains of the butter to make almond milk – cleans out the blender and gets us more to eat. I have almond / nut / seed butter on my blog already :-).

      So funny you left this comment the morning after I was thinking the same thing :).

  33. Using a Vitamix I find that it’s not necessary to strain the almond milk. I blogged about about it.
    and most recently I made a comparison to commercially-bought almond milk.

  34. Sherry Fredley says:

    Great post! You are right making your own dairy free milks is super frugal and even better, you don’t get unnecessary additives, preservatives, carrageenan and other unwanted things.

    I wish I could get almonds for $4 a pound. Everything has to be gluten-free, including processing plants so I guess that unfortunately drives the price higher.

    I agree, coconut milk is my fave too!!!

  35. How is this compared to cows milk when used for cooking/baking?

  36. Hi!I am just enjoyng this homemade almond milk,delicious:)Thank you so much for all the recepies.Do you think it’s better if use organic almonds?For how long can I keep it in the fridge?
    Thank you!

    • Yea! I think organic is almost always better, but I don’t buy organic almonds. Since they have a really thick shell I spend my organic $$s elsewhere. Like on veggies and meats and fats. :). I typically don’t have it around that long, but I’ve seen sites saying to use it w/in 3 days. I think it depends on the temp of your fridge, of course! You can always freeze extra in cubes and use it in tea and coffee, etc.

  37. Hi! I’m just curious… For almond milk, if I soak the almonds, is it necessary to dehydrate them first before blending them in water? What effect would it have if I didn’t dehydrate? Thanks!! (Also, how long does almond milk usually last in the fridge?)

    • No, it’s not. I do just because I dehydrate all of my nuts and seeds. I have read it keeps about 3 days and other places–about 4. Of course, it will keep for a shorter time in the door of the fridge.

      • Thank you! I hate to dehydrate if I don’t need to because it’s 12 hours in my gas oven on low with the door cracked open! Thanks a lot! =]

  38. You posted the savings Adrienne, did you figure in the cost of dehydrating those almonds in the Excalibur for several hours? That machine does not run for free in my house. : (

  39. Karen…the info that came with my Excalibur said it costs 3 cents per hour to run so you can figure that into your cost. Not too pricey.

  40. Do the almonds need to be dehydrated? I thought when you soak them you activate the enzymes. And when you dehydrate them they preserve the enzymes. Cant you just soak them and then blend them?

  41. Hello Adrienne

    I am just wanting you to know that I absolutely love your FB updates and website!!! I am city girl born and bred and never have grown/made anything from scratch. However after reading your articles you have made me really motivated to be more frugal and healthy.

    The reasons for this is that I have been advised I get Candida and need to eatch my wheat, dairy and sugar and because I became a mummy 6 monts ago and am pregnant with my next bubba – and so want my family and I to be super healthy and of course happy!!!

    I love the fact that it is time saving – because if the ingredients are too hard to buy and it takes too long to make – my sleep deprived self would just pop it into the “too hard – later” basket, that I never get to empty.

    So thanks again – now I just need to allocate some time to going through your site and knowing which ingredients to buy and which products I would like to make.

    Keep up the fantastic work and thank you!!!!

    • This comment really warms my heart. Thank you so much! All starches can be an issue w/ candida and I am learning more and more than heavy metals are an issue as well. Did you see my post on Heavy Metal Toxicity?

      Take care and hope to see you around again!

  42. I followed the link to buy almonds you have posted on your site. The price per pound is good, but shipping is huge! Paying $20 for shipping raises the price too much. Do you know of any other places to buy almonds? So far the best price I have found is $8 per pound. For now, it is much less expensive to buy almond milk. Thanks for your help!

    • 20 for shipping? how much were you buying?

      • Thanks for the fast reply! $20 was just for the smallest amount I could buy, 1 pound. If I entered more the shipping went up. It could be because I live in Missouri. I had to enter my zip code for it to calculate shipping to me.

        So far I’m still using soy milk because it’s all I can find without carrageenan or fillers. I’ve been looking for a good price for almonds for months. So far the lowest price I’ve found will make homemade milk 3 times as expensive as store bought. I’m still looking…

        • I’m thinking if you order a decent amount the shipping will be more reasonable. I know shipping has gone up a TON. Try maybe ordering about 15-20 pounds and see what happens. I just ordered a lot from them and shipping was reasonable for a large amount.

  43. I love the almond milk recipe! I now make it regularly in my vitamix. I read somewhere that you can dry the pulp in the oven and then make almond butter out of it. I tried last night, but it was just almond flour flying around in the vitamix! That’s fine…I’ll use it…but just wondering if anyone has had success making almond butter from the pulp. Or, maybe I should try it the other way around…grind almonds into butter, then make some milk from a little of that? Has anyone used the vitamix for nut butters? Any tips? Thanks!

    • I think you could for sure make milk from the butter. I do it all the time – you must have missed that post :). I’ve seen the pulp used for other things, but not for making butter. Here’s my recipe for Almond Butter.

  44. Belenda says:

    I would love to figure out the nutritional info, but, not sure how. I do use a nut bag so I can dehydrate the solids for almond meal flour. I’m using it for my strawberry smoothies and chocolate smoothies. Doing low carb and have to figure out the calories, carbs, etc. any suggestions anyone??

    • I don’t know…..I’ve thought about adding nutritional info….I’ll see if there’s a way to do that. Thanks. But not sure what I would do about taking out the solids…

  45. I’ve found that I love my almond milk simple – almonds & water (though if I go with store-bought it has to be chocolate – I can’t stand the plain store-bought!). I do strain mine (twice, once through a fine mesh reusable produce bag and the second time through a metal coffee filter- I just don’t like a pulpy texture!). I then spread the pulp onto a stone or cookie sheet and put in the oven (lowest setting) to dry out – I’ll use my dehydrator next time – didn’t have it last time I made almond milk. I grind it up once it’s dry for ‘flour’. I made a really delicious cookie (adapted the classic Tollhouse recipe) using part almond flour and part all-purpose and subbing some of the butter with coconut oil – not a fluffy cookie, but very tasty!

    • I’d love to get that recipe – yum! If you’d be so kind to email it to me at wholenewmom at gmail I would be so grateful. Do you find it to be hard to wash the produce bag?

  46. Our naturopath stated that store-bought almond milk uses almonds that were first washed in Benzine. We never bought almond milk again, but have made it since then.

    Amazing how much damage we can do to our food before injesting it. :(

  47. Hi Adrienne!

    Do you peel your almonds? That is one thing that has always kept me from making my own almond milk. With 3 kids 4 and under, peeling seems like it would just be one.more.thing to do. Ha! Thanks!

    • Hi there! No, I never do. Not time for that. But my youngest sometimes likes to pull the skins off and eat them that way. There are some places where I’ve seen it written that it doesn’t take much time, but it sure does in my opinion. Try it and see what you think!

  48. This is a GREAT THM S drink. Thanks for linking at Trim Healthy Tuesday!

  49. Melissa Campbell says:

    I looked up the Just Almonds site and saw that there are several types of almonds to choose from. Which one do you recommend for making almond milk?


  50. why on earth would you dehydrate the almonds after soaking? i’ve made almond milk for years. that just seems crazy. you should definitely change that! :)

    • Hey Alexis. I do it w/ all of my nuts so that I have them on hand for whatever I need them for. Then I grab them for snacking, making butter, making milk or making meal or flour. That way I don’t have to time my soaking around when I need milk – make sense :)?

  51. Hi!
    This sounds so simple and great!
    I only have one question: where do you buy almonds $4/lbs????

  52. You are vague on the “flavoring”. What do you use for chocolate flavoring? Actual cocoa powder? Something else?

  53. I love homemade almond milk! I haven’t decided on the perfect sweetener, bc maple and agave are just so delicious and easy and I hate the stevia taste… But I want to try dates at some point, but do they change the consistency?
    Unfortunately bc of the cost of organic almonds its much more cost effective to get whole foods organic almond milk, but I still love doing a batch of my own now and again.
    I soak mine overnight, drain out the water (using it to water our plants), blend them with 3 cups of water (in my ninja bullet which works fantastically for this and was way cheaper than the vitamix which was well outside my budget!), strain, mix the pulp with another cup or two of water, strain again, sweeten, and then try not to drink it all at once! I’ve also tried pistachios and oh my gosh was that delicious too! I froze the pulp and when I have enough ill turn it into almond flour which is WAY expensive to buy in the store!

    Can’t wait to make it again now, and try out some of your other recipes too!

    • I think you would use so few dates that the consistency change would be minimal.

      I don’t use organic almonds b/c I think they are low down on the totem pole of contamination, but I hear your concern.

      Pistachio milk–yum!!!!!

      I have an almond flour idea coming up soon as well – stay tuned :).

  54. An even easier almond milk – just the almonds and water! I like to use almond milk in smoothies anyway, so I don’t need to add flavoring. Another cool thing I have done when not pressed for time – I pour the almond milk through a fine mesh bag (sometimes sold as nut milk bags or as re-usable produce shopping bags) and let the solids just hang for a day or so over a drip bowl (I wrap the string around an upper cabinet knob to keep it in place. Others wrap a chunk of the bag around a wooden spoon that is long enough to rest on two sides of the drip bowl). The resulting, lightly fermented product is a lot like cream cheese!

  55. Where do you get almonds at $4/pound?

    • I just got a discounted price but they have skyrocketed this month due to the drought.

      • Kathleen says:

        Ah, was so excited to place an order and use my coupon code, but then the SHIPPING PRICES were out of this world. Oh well. So much for saving.

        • I am sorry you feel that way. I bought a larger amount to make it even out – maybe try that? Price are apparently going to skyrocket soon so it’s a good time to stock up.

  56. Kimberly says:

    Hi…love your blog. Thank you so much for all the info you give us. Have you ever bought the broken & whole almonds from “Just Almonds?” They are considerably cheaper…doesn’t say what type they are. If I’m adding a sweetener to my milk, almond butter, etc. the sweeter almonds might not be needed. What do you think? I haven’t checked with GPDB yet. We are moving towards dairy free, & buy Silk milk now, but I don’t like the extra thickeners in it. I want to try the almond butter way of making the milk.Thanks for your help.

  57. I may have missed this in glancing over the comments, but how long does this keep in the refrigerator?

  58. Linda filler says:

    where do you get almonds for $4 a pound? The cheapest I can find is $10

    • Prices have increased since that post but you can shop at the place I recommend in this post and get 10% off – they’re less than $10 / lb. http://wholenewmom.com/reaching-out/almonds-health-salmonella-food-pasteurizatio/

      • You say: “I don’t use organic almonds b/c I think they are low down on the totem pole of contamination, but I hear your concern.” Is that a fact or your opinion? If it’s a fact, where did you get your information? I’ve been researching for months and I can’t find out if I should buy organic nuts and seeds and if not then where can I find ones that have the least amount of pesticides? I’m really only trying to find out about almonds, pecans, sunflower kernels and black walnuts. I can’t find any sunflower kernels grown in the United States and the others I don’t know what the best growing conditions should be.
        I’m also interested in finding an organic fair trade coffee and I can’t even find a place to start my research. The one site that I’ve found has a list of about 50 different brands of organic fair trade coffee, but I don’t know how to start narrowing that list down because I’ve never bought fair trade coffee.

        • Hi there. It’s my opinion. I buy the “dirty dozen” in organic form as much as possible and I don’t bother w/ organic nuts typically.

          Check out EWG’s site and that’s where I get some of my information. I don’t know how to research what would have the least or the most pesticides.

          Maybe I should look more :).

          As for organic fair trade coffee, I don’t drink coffee anymore due to adrenal issues (though I do drink decaf occasionally). What are you hoping to figure out? I have seen it available all over the place so I would think that you should be able to find a good option fairly easily.

          Does that help?

          If organic is about 1.5 times conventional I might buy it.

          • I’ve been to the EWG site, the only thing they cover is fruits and vegetables.
            With the coffee, the site I found with the big list (it’s at least 50 different ones, probably closer to 100), the price range is sooo far apart and it doesn’t say (of course) in the name of the coffee if they carry “middle of the road” coffee, which is what I want. I’m relying on coffee for my antioxidants and I just want a medium roast, no bells and whistles. I thought, (after I searched and searched) that I would just go to amazon and get some ideas there with the reviews but amazon has a slim slim selection of fair trade organic coffees.

            • I’m sorry – I forgot about that. I don’t know how to evaluate coffee–maybe ask your friends or call a few companies and go w/ the one you feel the best about?

            • Deans Beans!!! Best Organic Coffee and best for the people and planet. Reasonable prices for the best quality on the planet.

  59. Even easier: No need to soak the almonds! For a richer consistency, 1 cup raw nuts to 3 cups water. Nutribullet works just as well as VitaMix for this. Even a regular blender will work. For a sweet “whipped cream” style:: 20 dates, 1 cup raw nuts (cashew and macadamia give smoother result than almonds) and 1 1/2 – 2 C water depending on size and dryness of dates. Vanilla Extract optional. Fresh nutmeg creates a “nog” flavor. I would leave out the salt.

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