10 Natural Earache Relief Methods {that really work}

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Earaches and ear infections can have a number of causes, but not matter the cause, they are no fun! Here are some ideas for natural earache remedies using things you might have around the home–and they really work!

child with cotton ball and medical tape on ear for earache relief

In this post, we’ll talk about some ways to help with earaches while you are trying to determine the cause, and we’ll also address the possible overuse of antibiotics in the case of ear infections.

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Antibiotic Use and Ear Infections

Did you know that antibiotics aren’t typically necessary for ear infections and that overuse of antibiotics for ear infections can cause long-lasting health problems including gut dysbiosis and antibiotic resistance?

It’s a common misperception that an infection means that one must use an antibiotic. In the case of an ear infection, that is definitely not the case. In fact, according to the CDC, for most ear infections, antibiotics are not recommended. Overuse of antibiotics for children’s ear infections can end up causing gut microbial imbalance and even antibiotic-resistance. (source)

What’s more, ear infections are often over-diagnosed (source) and of course, viral ear infections won’t respond to antibiotics.

For these reasons, it’s important to know how to address ear infections at home to avoid unnecessary exposure to antibiotics and the problems that can arise from their overuse.

I try to avoid antibiotics as much as possible, for those very same reasons. We try to use saline washesessential oilsprobiotics, and other natural methods of addressing issues before turning to OTC and prescription medications. 

Ear Infection Symptoms

Following are some symptoms of an ear infection.

  • feeling of fullness in the ear
  • fever
  • pain in ear
  • sore throad
  • feeling sick
  • lacking energy
  • difficulty hearing
  • discharge from ear
  • feeling of pressure or fullness in ear
  • itching and/or irritation in or around the ear

When to Seek Medical Care

If any of the following occur, do seek attention from your healthcare provider:

  • Symptoms last for more than a day
  • Ear pain is severe
  • Your infant or toddler is sleepless or irritable after a cold or other upper respiratory infection
  • You observe a discharge of fluid, pus or bloody discharge from the ear

Additionally, an adult with ear pain or discharge should see a doctor as soon as possible.

Natural Remedies for Earache / Ear Infection

Following are some natural helps for ear infection and earache. You likely have some of these in your home already and otherwise many can be purchased at health food stores or online holistic sites.

1.  Vitamin C 

Personally I like sodium ascorbate but camu camu*REMOVE!!) is a new one that we love–its natural vitamin C power in a whole food form. Vitamin C supports the immune system so it’s great to use when the body is fighting something.. (source)

2.   Saline Wash

Saline washes are known to help remove the germs from the nasal passages and the back of the throat to reduce viral load. (source)

3. Garlic Oil

Garlic is well known to help with immune support and has antimicrobial and antiviral properties. (source) And in fact, according to many parents, garlic oil is a great home remedy for ear infections. One to two drops in the ear is what is often recommended, however this is not recommended if there is suspicion of a burst or ruptured ear drum.

4. Probiotics

Probiotics help support the body’s immune system ** and also are thought to help with preventing ear infections in the first place. (sourcesource)

You can get probiotics in the form of a supplement or fermented foods and drinks like sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir, and kombucha. (source) In fact, ferments are known to be exponentially more potent than probiotic supplements, so they are often a better choice unless one is dealing with histamine intolerance. In that case, a low-histamine probiotic is a good option. 

5. Mullein

Oil made from the mullein (Verbascum thapsus) plant’s flowers is well-known as a natural earache remedy. It’s also known to be an expectorant (source). A tincture containing mullein either alone or combined with other herbs is commonly found online and in health stores as a natural remedy for earaches and ear infections.

Research published in The Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine demonstrates how an herbal ear drop containing mullein was just as effective when it came to pain relief as an anesthetic one. (18) Mullein oil is also used to naturally treat ear infections (and more) in dogs too! (19)

6. Breast Milk

Breast milk is full of natural antibodies and is known to have many benefits for baby’s health. Breastfeeding has also been shown to reduce the number of ear infections in babies and in children who were breastfed as babies.  (LINK!!) There is conflicting information about putting breastmilk directly in the ear canal. Some say that you can put it in the outer ear canal, whereas others say that putting a few drops in the ear canal has brought relief. Both of those claims lean on the claim that each drop of breastmilk has over one million white blood cells. 

7. Hydrogen Peroxide

Many sources recommend putting a few drops of hydrogen peroxide in the ear and then letting it bubble for a few minutes before draining it out.  I personally never got much benefit from this, but have heard of others who have. It’s important to not put peroxide or any other liquid in the car if you suspect a perforated ear drum.  Also, if you have a cut in your ear, peroxide should not be used as it can be damaging to injured tissues.

8. Vitamin D

It’s a good idea to take vitamin K2 with Vitamin D for it to work better. (source

9. Warm Compress

While warmth isn’t going to cure an ear infection, it can really help to relieve the pain and inflammation so you can get the rest you need. To make a wam compress, wet a clean small towel with warm water, wring it out well, and then hold against the infected ear. Some people like to alternate warm compresses with cold compresses to help address the inflammation better. You can use a cloth soaked in cold or ice cold water and then wrung out, or an ice pack can be used as well. A heating pad can be used instead of a warm compress.

10. Apple Cider Vinegar

Yes, most of us use apple cider vinegar for cooking (like in salad dressings) or for personal care (like in this hair rinse), but ACV apparently can also be used for ear infections. But you do need to be careful when trying this. The reason why this can help is that apple cider vinegar has proven antibacterial and antifungal properties. (source)

To use apple cider vinegar for an ear infection or earache, dilute the vinegar with equal parts of warm water or isopropyl alcohol, and place 5-10 drops in the affected ear. Tilt the head (lying down with the affected ear up works well) so the mixture doesn’t run out and leave for a few minutes before letting it drain out onto a cloth. Repeat throughout the day.

boy with cotton ball on ear for earache
child with cotton ball and medical tape on ear for earache relief

We have tried many of the above remedies with varying amounts of relief.

To my recollection, we have never had to use antibiotics once for an ear infection or earache for our kids. Natural methods have always worked for us, thankfully!

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What natural ear infection remedies have you used?

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  1. This just sounds so gross but if it works, I suppose it’s worth a try. I will still talk to my doctor to get his thoughts but I do have one question. Do you know of any restrictions based on the age of the “patient”? My son is 8.5 months old. He doesn’t have an ear infection now but he has had a few since birth.

  2. I have used essential oils for 30 years. for ear aches and infections, I use one drop of lavender and one drop of geranium on a q tip. I treat both ears.

  3. When I came in from work tonight my 4yr old daughter was crying about her ear hurting. I immediately had her pee in a container and put a couple of drops in her ear then placed a small piece of cotton in it. Within minutes she was able to sleep peacefully. I came across this article searching to see if I was the only person who uses this method. My grandparents used to use this method when my siblings, cousins, and I were younger. Now that I am an adult with my own children this is always my go to method at the first sign of ear aches and it works like a charm every single time.

  4. Just want to be honest and add to the conversation…. I was desperate so I tried this, and it didn’t miraculously cure my ear infection :-/ I wish it had and I don’t regret trying it, but no magical solution for me. Oh well!

  5. I’m always up for natural remedies when it comes to sicknesses as ear infections, that are fairly frequent and rarely leave serious consequences. I’m the first one to say no to antibiotics. But in some cases, ear infections can lead to serious medical conditions such as tinnitus and hearing impairment.
    So a brief doctor’s visit should clear it up in a snap.
    And it’s not only children that are affected, adults are susceptible to it too.
    You can find out more about prevention in this article I ran into (site is off the internet so link was removed by blog owner)

    1. Hi Jennifer – First of all sorry to have taken so long to approve your comment and reply. I had hundreds of comments to wade through but the job was made more difficult by people spamming my site – like you. I see you dropped that link on a number of sites. I guess you worked for hearlink? Please don’t do that anymore. It’s not ethical. Thanks in advance.

  6. Wow, I have never heard of this before. My question. Could this work for a dog? I have a dog with horrible ear infections. I have been to 3 different vets and she does eat all raw food. I have done a ton of research. Would the urine have to be her own or could it be mine? Kind of creepy but I might try it.

    1. I am sorry but I have no idea but I can’t imagine it hurting to try. This isn’t medical advice, however. Thanks for reading!

      1. Hello Adrienne
        Very interesting! Does it matter who’s pee you use? Can u use your children’s pee? Lol I’m just curious..

    2. Hi Shannon,
      My Mom had a Beagle that constantly had ear infections. Nothing from the vet ever really worked as more than a temporary solution. It turns out that green tea was the answer. You cover the teabag with just enough hot water to wet it and then squeeze into the ear. After an ear massage, you can wipe out any extra liquid that remains. Worked every time!
      Green tea bags are also the best diy treatment (for humans)for a stye or to prevent one from forming.

  7. This is so weird, I came across this site searching for a natural remedy and I find out something my mom used to do when we had ear infections was to put pee in our ears. I always thought she was crazy but as a child I remember it worked. I am 62 yrs old and now I see she wasn’t crazy after all.

  8. Well I’m not a child I’m 31 years old and I believe I have the same problem. I thought yeah that sounds like a big BS to me but I gave I tried anyway. You wrer right. Massive relief not even five minutes after! Thank you

  9. This has been very interesting. My husband has been suffering from ear infection for about 2 weeks. No pain, but blockage, he can’t hear well as a result. The antibiotics got him physically I’ll. So he had to stop taking them. Since his ears aren’t clear sound is distorted especially if we are in a noisy restaurant, it’s hard for him to try to hear me talk because of the distortions. But even though he went to his GP, and he was diagnosed w/outer ear infection, he never had pain or fever, just uncomfortable blockage. Im going to try this. Why are MD’s rendered useless if they can’t prescribe a drug?

    1. That happened to me, I finally found a doctor that gave me something, I think it’s was a steroid, but it wasn’t an infection or water in the ear, there was pressure being put on the nerve in my ear from swollen ear drum or something, sorry, it’s been a while now, but it fixed it up quickly, what had caused it was fungal however, from having Candida in my system. If it happens again, consider Candida and also talk to the doctor about the nerve being pressed on from swelling. It’s the only thing that worked.

  10. In my family my mom and aunt use urine too….but they used one of the little boy and have them per on a snoop, I’ve never had bad earach but my sister did and she would feel better. I’m having a really bad earach now but I’m using the salt sock with tree tea oil and lavender and I also put Vicks on my ear. Idk its wiring I guess I’m just waiting both side are hurting

  11. I have done this quite a few time with my four kids and it would cure it in less than an hour and it works MIRACLES no lie…
    I was just telling my sis about it because she was telling me her baby has an ear infeccion and meds are working so so . But since i knew she wouldnt believe me i searched it up and found this article so i forward it to her… I was told by an elder to try this remedy and i did it was a long time agago because i tried it ever since i had my 20 yr old and my youngest son is 13. I had also tried it them being a lil older not only when they were babies even though they rarely got ear infeccions.

  12. So I’m trying this remedy. I’ve been up all night with a screaming 3 year old. I’m exhausted needless to say. all I want is sleep

  13. Im going to try this as I’ve been dealing with double ear infections for 6 months. They leak clear fluid and itch all day long. They drive me mad. Right now they are both pouring i can hear the fluid squeaking. There is a constant ache and my hearing is affected as well. The doctors have gave me every antibiotic around and none help. Im desperate at this point.

    1. I am having the same issues you described that you were having. I was wondering if you tried it, and if so, did it work?

  14. I started searching for natural remedies for ear infections as I am experiencing my first one (that I am aware of) at the age of 34 and am in excruciating pain. I came across this post and will definitely add it to the high dosages of vitamin C (which has already helped significantly and the tea tree oil I have rubbed around my ear.

    The reason I am so open to trying this is because years ago I was at work and told a coworker to try something of mine that I was drinking, he declined and said he had a cold sore but I saw nothing on his lip so I inquired. He had me get really close to his lip to see it and sure enough there was the tiniest little thing. He said that he used his own urine to keep it that small and it would be gone in a couple of days. Now he didn’t know that I too get the odd cold sore from time to time and am completely embarrassed by them so the next time one came, I tried it and it works like a charm!!!! The minute you feel one coming on get a little of your own urine and place it on your lip. I do it every time I pee until the sore is completely gone, it never gets big, never gets pussy, it’s easy to hid with some lip color if need be and is gone in 3-4 days but if you catch it early enough it won’t come up at all.

    I get people’s reaction to the thought because I thought the same thing when my coworker told me, in my head I was like, “eww, gross” but like others have said, desperate times call for desperate measures. Anyone who suffers from sold sores knows how embarrassing they are and guess what, not one single person in my life knows I put my own urine on my lips when it happens because I do it in the privacy of the bathroom. Again, works like a charm AND since using that for the first time maybe 8 years ago, I’ve only had to do it 2 and I haven’t had one in YEARS now.

    1. Wow nice sound i heared about your story im glad to hear this things. Cause im really sufferd my ears problem right now so i hope that worked for me.thanks for share this.

  15. Wow. Just wow. Do you also believe that the Earth is flat? This kind of thinking belongs in some kind of midieval museum. Your poor kid.

    1. No, I don’t. It’s round, last I checked. 🙂

      My kid was glad to have his ear infection cleared up and that he didn’t have to deal with antibiotics. I make decisions on a case by case basis, consulting w/ my physician when needed. Thanks.

  16. Urine.
    Gosh, I had 2 major experiences with urine in my life.

    Once was when I had an acute gastric pain. I was on bed, couldn’t do anything and was in so much pain. It was not a very pretty situation I was willing to accept any idea, including drinking my own urine, my first urine in the morning.

    Second was when I finally got tired spending too much on facial treatments regime to treat my acne problem. So, I soak cotton balls in and dab my first urine in the morning on my face. Every single morning (for at least a month, I think). That was like 17 years ago and I haven’t got any single acne ever since, not even blackheads. Yes yes, small pimple, around mestruation time, now and then, but it’ll go away.

    The first one, kind of, grosses me out.
    I did that because I was such in horrible condition. Couldn’t eat, drink, constantly vomiting, and I got better as soon as around lunch time, and It was miracle that I could eat a bit meal without vomiting on the next day.

    The second one, though, helps me a lot to keep my skin looks good.
    I still do this once in a while.

    These are my personal experiences. I didn’t do research or anything. I did these because someone told my mom about it. I don’t know wheter it’s harmful or not. It worked for me.

    And now…
    I would like to try urine on ear infection next time we have one. Hopefully it’ll work…
    Thanks for sharing this with us.

  17. That’s kinda funny… I’m not going to list my degrees like that makes me right, I’m just going to state a few facts. First, urine isn’t sterile, this a myth. https://www.sciencenews.org/blog/gory-details/urine-not-sterile-and-neither-rest-you

    So, I think that’s kind of gross that you pee’d on your kid believing that.

    Nevertheless, Urine varies in acidity from 4.5-8 and if your urine was acidic it might have helped… acidity does disrupt and denature proteins associated with some bacteria… though some vinegar would have been a much a more sanitary and consistent means. Vinegar is used to treat ear infections sometimes and a lot of swimmers rinse their ears with it when the exit the pool to prevent and treat.

    I like the basil oil and could see how that would help since essential plant oils frequently are antimicrobial, inclusive basil.

    I don’t see the mechanism for urine to work other than acidity. I’m not saying it did or didn’t for you, but if you don’t know “how” you can’t be sure it did, and incorrectly stating “it’s sterile” kinda blows your credibility and the claim – clearly if you had success because your urine was acidic that one time, and since urine acidity varies, if you tried it again when your urine was more basic, you could do harm by fostering infection… so I don’t think this is a good or reliable idea.

    1. Hi Chris. I don’t know where you got your information on the pH of urine but 4.5 would be a very unhealthy level. Typical pH for urine is 6.5 – 8. Vinegar is 2.4. I would not recommend ever putting vinegar in your ear. You could do some very bad damage. Otherwise I suggest you take up your concerns with the author of the book that I posted and talk to the others who commented on the post. Thanks. I’m not making any medical recommendations for anyone to do this. I do not recommend vinegar in your ear, however.

    2. According to an Ayurvedic Doctor and friend of mine, urine is our very own personal pharmacy: it contains all of the extra supplies that our body wasn’t able to use at the moment and had to get rid of (as we can’t stock up those essential elements), already processed by and for ourselves, making it 100% readily available. The man and his wife are the healthiest looking people I know, with a young glowing skin despite their evident maturity.
      There’s many countries around the world where urine therapy is practiced and praised. I saw a documentary, years ago, about a clinic, in Russia I think, where they used urine, leech and other medicines from the past that were much more effective than modern cures, for serious cases…

  18. When I was a little girl, I was plagued with ear infections a lot. My mother use this same treatment on me without the basil oil. It truly works.

  19. As an MD I have to say that there’s utterly no scientific proof that what you’re doing is in anyway helpful. My educated opinion is that it’s harmful and even absurd.

    Yes, antibiotics are often overprescribed; however, when they are needed, they are needed. I would never allow one of my children to suffer because I didn’t want to use an antibiotic.

    1. Well, then, perhaps you should contact my physician who gave me the recommendation to do as I wished. Just b/c you are an MD doesn’t mean you are right. My physician is quite possibly the most respected one in our city. I’m sure you are aware that 80 percent of children with ear infections get better on their own within a week. At what point do you recommend antibiotics in your practice? https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2013/02/25/172588359/pediatricians-urged-to-treat-ear-infections-more-cautiously

      1. Good for you Adrienne on that last response. There is so much that western MD’s can’t explain and simply do not know about natural healing wisdom that is ages old. Urine therapy is called Ameroli in India where it very well may have originated.
        I had first hand experience of using Ameroli while in India. I was staying in an Ashram in a part of india w great political unrest. At one point the ashram was on lockdown- we could not leave the compound as there was intense partisan violence in town and foreigners had become targets. I had become very ill with an infection in my throat like no other that I had ever experienced. I was so sick and didn’t know what to do. A British doctor who was also at the ashram came to see me in my dorm. She was on holiday and spiritual retreat and as such she had no medical equipment or meds with her. Based on my symptoms she surmised I probably had a serious strep infection and that under normal circumstances she would prescribe antiboitics. Because we didn’t have police assurances that we were safe to leave the ashram I didn’t know when I could get medical help. The doctor highly suggested Ameroli. She said “I know, it sounds totally gross but I have experienced and witnessed great treatment with it”. She was advocating drinking my urine but if I couldn’t handle that I should at least gargle w my urine a few times a day. Gross right?! I was so sick and in so much pain at the time I had to try. It was disgusting and I gagged at first but It started working after a day or two. I’ve never done it again but desperate times called for desperate measures.

      2. Regardless of whether you agree with Chris B. and/or J. Meredith’s opinions (and in your replies you conveniently ignore and fail to address important facts), whether or not your physician is the best in your area, highly-respected, etc, and whether or not the urine worked or didn’t,you are missing the points they are making.

        The fact is that urine is not sterile once it comes out of the body, and there is new evidence that shows it’s not even sterile INSIDE the body, either. There are plenty of solid studies out there that back this up. Some things are not a matter of opinion. Facts are facts. Highly-respected physicians can be wrong, and doctors and people on the Internet can be right –and also very wrong. Just because something is “natural” or a “home remedy” does not mean “better” or “safe”. Anecdotal evidence is just that anecdotal; that’s what your urine story is, too, as it could be that the basil oil helped, or time helped!

        Eschewing modern medicine just for the sake of it seems to be the new trend. I am all for natural, but some are too quick and too willing to jump on one or a few instances of anecdotal evidence and claim it as “proof”, while at the same time poo-pooing proven modern medicine just for the sake of being “natural”. It’s kind of crazy.

        Certainly you were not citing an author as an authority? Authors of books are not automatic authorities. They have a theory to sell, and they are going to present echo-chamber evidence that supports whatever they are pushing. I think– in your defensiveness– you misunderstood. I don’t think J. Meredith and/or Chris B. were saying your child needs/ all children with ear infections need antibiotics, but just that when they ARE needed they are needed. It’s becoming common knowledge — even among laypersons — that most ear infections clear on their own, and that unless bacterial infection is involved, antibiotics are not helpful. You’re right. I think most docs know that and are changing the way they prescribe antibiotics (and other meds too). The point they were making is that urine is not sterile. It just isn’t. Introducing bacteria into your child’s ear is probably a terrible idea. Terrible!

        You have a blog where you give advice and present ideas/anecdotes/suggestions for natural, healthy living. The bigger point is that, in order to give your readers the best possible facts, in order to be trustworthy, you must be able to think analytically, distinguish fact from opinion, and understand that disagreeing is not a personal dig at you.

        I am giving my opinion here and not accusing you of being any sort of way, so bear with me. There is such a lack of critical thinking among many “natural” bloggers. It can be scary at times. No one is saying natural is wrong and modern medicine is always the way, but “natural” remedy circles often fail to look outside their own circles for research. That’s just as bad, just as dangerous, and just as tone-deaf as modern medicine automatically discounting something because it’s “natural”.

        A quick bit of research and you’d known that urine is in fact not sterile. Unfortunately, a lot of “natural” folks do this– they want something to work, to be true, so they jump on something that proves them right rather than weighing less biased information. Example: you read one book and took it as “fact”, and presented the author of that book as an authority in your reply to one of your reader’s comments. It was a book written in 1999 at that. Here is some up-to-date research on urine and sterility; I’d be more inclined to trust this than someone who wrote one poorly-researched book on urine therapy –and another on gemstones:



        Please understand that none of this is a dig at you. I applaud the passionate approach to getting back to nature and becoming less dependent on drugs, etc. That being said, modern medicine– and modern medications!– have given us longer, healthier lives. Used wisely and collaboratively, both natural and modern medicines have their place in treating what ails us.

        Please, keep this in mind when it comes to things like putting pee in your ear to cure an ear issue, or citing a urine-therapy author as an expert:

        Quote: “confirmation bias has us attending to, selecting, or valuing information that is congruent with our preconceptions, beliefs, values, and worldviews, and ignoring, dismissing, or outright discrediting information that does not confirm. Our brains actively filter out dis-confirming information, possibly creating a dangerous echo chamber where weird beliefs can run wild.”

        1. Sorry for the delay in responding. Thanks for reading! I will try to address your concerns one by one.

          I see the points that they are making.

          Yes, highly respected physicians can be wrong. I often talk w/ ours during appointments and bring up things sometimes that are contrary to what he said.

          I appreciate your point that urine is / may not be sterile. The question then would be if the bacteria in a healthy individual would be harmful, correct?

          I agree that natural doesn’t necessarily mean safe. What do you think the danger here is?

          Yes, I agree that other things could have been in play. It’s worked several times for us and for others as well, so not sure what to think. I guess we would have to pay for a double-blind, placebo controlled study on urine for ear infections :).

          I think that modern medicine could also be viewed as a new “trend” in light of the many years that man has been on the earth. But I get your point.

          I cited the book as a source of more info. I don’t believe that I said he was an authority.

          I think that overall I do this: “you must be able to think analytically, distinguish fact from opinion, and understand that disagreeing is not a personal dig at you.” Do you disagree?

          Thanks for the kind words where you shared them.

          Hope that addresses your concerns! I didn’t talk about curing anything, by the way. Thanks!

      3. Back in the early eighties I had a friend I went to visit for a few days and she had a younger sister who was complaining of an earache, she was around 9 years old. The mom told her teenage brother to go in the bathroom and pee in a cup and bring it to her, of course I was in a horror wondering what was going on and she said she’s going to put it in her daughter’s ears. I was like WHAT??? She had her daughter lay on her sides and she filled each ear with her brothers urine. She pulled some cotton spun stuffing from a toy and put in her ears and had her lay down, she said she repeats four times a day until pain was gone. The mom said she grew up with her mom doing the same thing and her mom doing the same thing and this is been going on for generations and you can only use male urine because it’s sterile, female urine is not sterile because obviously when we sit down we have other areas that can leak into our urine. I was shocked but the next day she had no ear pain. I have never done this for my kids and it still grosses me out but that family has done it for Generations. Had to look this up, I brought my 11 year old daughter to the doctor yesterday, she’s had ear pain , they gave her ear drops 4 times a day but I wanted to see if other people are still using urine.

        1. I never get an earache but a couple of days ago I got a bad one with a left sided sore throat. I had read about using urine and suggested it to my daughters with their children but they were grossed out. I said here’s my opportunity to try urine for my own earache. I peed on a piece of cotton and shoved in in my ear squeezing it as I did so. In an hour no more earache or sore throat. I told my middle daughter and she said why didn’t you ever tell me about urine when my husband has been plagued with earaches for years. I said because your two sisters thought it was sooo gross.

    2. What would you suggest doing if you are already on antibiotics and the pain is still awful what can I do to elevate the pain a bit? Any advice

    3. What about children who are allergic to antibiotics? As an MD I am sure you know at least a few kids yourself that don’t have the luxury of taking antibiotics even for such horrible pain.