DIY Purify Essential Oil Blend for Stinky Stuff (and More)

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Since I first started using essential oils years ago, we’ve come to a place where we use essential oils every day. We use individual oils as well and blends, and I like them both.

Today I’m sharing a recipe for a Homemade Purify Essential Oil Blend, which is one of our favorites.  We’ve used it several times and it was very effective, and it is a very helpful blend with many applications in your healthy natural home.

Uncapped small amber bottles containing DIY essential oils
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Why Make Your Own Essential Oils Blends?

I love making my own essential oils blends.  Of course, it’s totally fine to buy the blends pre made, and it’s very convenient to do so, but for some of the same reasons that I make my own Homemade Seasoning Blends, I like making my own essential oils blends. Others you may like are my DIY Antibacterial Blend (like “Thieves”), DIY Hair Growth Blend, Essential Oils for Energy, and this DIY Breathe Blend, and there will be more to come.

  • Control over ingredients: Of course, if you are buying pure oils, then making your own blends won’t really help you as far as keeping adulterants, etc. out of your oils blends, but if you want a particular blend and there is one ingredient that you can’t use (say you are allergic to it, etc.), then you can leave that out and still use the rest of the blend.

  Also, typically Fractionated Coconut Oil is used as a carrier oil, but other oils like almond and sesame, etc. are sometimes used and blends are sometimes pre-diluted.  By making your own blends, you control everything, including the carrier oil.

  • Save Money by not paying extra: Additionally, it is less expensive to make your own blends.
  • Save Money by not wasting oils: You can use your single oils as is, or use them in blends, therefore potentially not buying as many oils and having single oils go to waste.

Why Use a Purify Blend?

Clean air is so important.  So much of the “healthy living movement” is focused on food….on eating non-GMO, organic, clean unrefined foods, and often we focus on clean filtered water (read Is Your Water Safe?), and then possibly clean non-toxic personal care products.

But do you even think about clean air?

You should.

Since I was a child, I have suffered from airborne allergies, including reacting to cigarette smoke, pollen, mold spores, chemicals in artificial fragrances, and more. And those issues have continued until today.

I always knew that I felt bad around these things, but when I was young, I didn’t know that some of them are just plain bad. for. you.

Now I know better.

In any case — just think about it.

Yes, we eat all day long.  Every day.  And so we should do what we can to ensure that our food is sourced as clean as possible.

We drink water — and drink much more water than the quantity of food that we eat (at least, this should be the case), and so we should make sure that our drinking water is safe. Here is how we filter the water in our household.

However, air quality is crucial too.

Our modern houses are sealed more tightly than houses were in the past, and we have more toxins indoors today as well.

Toxins from:

  • carpeting
  • home care products (I hope you are using non-toxic versions of these !)
  • personal care products (ditto —  please clean these up as much as you can)
  • gas and electric stoves
  • gas appliances
  • paint
  • furniture
  • toxins brought in on shoes
  • and on and on

Put all of these together with the tighter homes of modern society, and you get dirty air.

Now, you can do other things to clean your air such as use an air filter or grow air purifying plants, but having this essential oils blend on hand is a great option as well.

Our Experiences with this Homemade Purify Essential Oils Blend

This past year, we had 2 circumstances when the Purify Blend was especially helpful for us.

With a dishwasher and furniture.

First, the furniture.

I found a lovely used Pottery Barn dining set on Craigslist.  When we drove to the complex where it was for sale, I could smell the dryer sheet odor emanating from the buildings.  However, the dining set was wood, so it never occurred to me that the smell would be embedded in the furniture.

It was.

Right after we got it in our home, I knew I had to do something.  I tried several things, including wiping down the furniture with Homemade Furniture Polish, and even with a natural soap solution, and even put the chairs outside to offgass, but it wasn’t until I made a solution of this Purify Blend and water and wiped down all of the furniture with it, that I got real relief. At the same time, I put some of the Purify Blend in my diffuser and let it run round the clock.

(I later realized that I should have emulsified the oils before adding them to the water, but they still worked out.  Mostly the emulsification is to prevent sensitization caused by applying the oils neat to the skin.  In this case that wouldn’t happen but they will blend and be more effective if you emulsify them first.)

Finally — clean air and non stinky furniture!

It now looks lovely in our kitchen eating area, but oh, the offgassing was rough.

Then, the Dishwasher.

Then later, our dishwasher broke.  We ended up getting a great deal on a floor model, but once we started using the machine, the smell coming from it was disconcerting.  After looking into the matter for awhile, turns out that the offensive stench was coming from the insulation lining of the dishwasher.

You know….all that stuff that makes it quiet?  Well, it makes it stink.

We were assured that the smell would dissipate with use, but in the meantime, it was 10 degrees outside and so opening the windows wasn’t a great option.

Finally, I turned to a Purify Blend and well, it worked great.

And as the dishwasher started to stink less, I needed the blend less and less.

Until finally I have a much more non-stinky dishwasher.  Happiness.

And it cleans pretty well too.

Much More than an Air Cleaner

The Purify Blend is helpful in so many ways.

According to some, it is useful for:

  • killing airborne anaerobic bacteria, viruses, mold, fungus, and neutralizing mildew
  • helping eliminate fungus, viral, bacterial, and other infectious problems
  • helping eliminate the scent of cigarette smoke and other noxious odors
  • working to help neutralize poison from insect bites, spiders, bees, hornets, and wasps. Also helps repel bugs and mice.
  • treating wounds and cuts–helps regenerate connective tissue and aids skin to heal
  • helping stimulate poor circulation

The issue of purifying the air using essential oils is due to multiple reasons.

  1. Negative Ions
  2. Positive Ions
  3. Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties

And there is real evidence that the oils in this blend work.

For example, lemongrass has been shown to purify the air (source) and to soothe skin (source).

Tea Tree Oil has been shown to have antimicrobial qualities in many studies (source)

Before we get to the recipe, if you are interested in knowing why I chose the essential oils company that I did, here is the beginning of the best essential oils series (where it all started), and you can also skip to the end here.  I will be writing more in the near future about oils in general, as well as about the company that I went with and other companies.

amber bottles filled with essential oils
small amber bottles filled with essential oil blends

DIY Purify Essential Oils Blend

Print Rate
Servings: 15 ml bottle



Nutritional information is provided as a courtesy and is merely an approximation. Optional ingredients are not included and when there is an alternative, the primary ingredient is typically used. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the nutritional information given for any recipe on this site. Erythritol carbs are not included in carb counts since they have been shown not to impact blood sugar. Net carbs are the total carbs minus fiber.

Have you had to get rid of problematic smells in your home before?
What did you use?

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  1. Adrienne, I’ve never measured that many eo’s before; and I think I’ve either over or under-measured blends. Is there something to use?
    Thanks, Jill

    1. Hi Jill! There’s a sliding scale that you can move (it’s at the top of the recipe card) to make a smaller amount. Does that get small enough for you? Yes, that is a lot in the base recipe! I hear you! I haven’t made this recipe in a long time…I think I just made a smaller batch of it, but come to think of it, I likely did make a larger one once when we were dealing with a dishwasher issue and furniture at the same time. Let me know :).

  2. Hi. In this article you mentioned a natural soap solution. Was this a DIY and do you have a recipe for this? Or can you recommend a soap solution to purchase? Would this be useful for cleaning upholstered furniture?
    Second question – you also mention using an emulsifier. I know what emulsifiers do but what are safe emulsifiers and how do I know how much to use?
    Thanks so much. Arlene Marquis

    1. Hi there. Sorry for the delay in responding. We lost the comments off the blog for awhile and I’m just catching up. I think I just used a blend of a natural soap (or more natural) we had in our home and some water. Quite possibly it was this to keep from adding too much extra ingredients to the wood:

      As for the emulsifier, I haven’t gotten into the science part of things–hopefully I can add that to the blog later. I would recommend doing some research but one place I found stated that 25% of the weight of the thing you need to emulsify is a good place to start. Hope that helps.

  3. Hello again. Just making sure I have this right. For the Purification…256 total drops of oil to 1 tsp of carrier for every 2 drops of oil?

    1. So you can just make up the blend and then dilute it to 2% for daily use. 5% would be OK for short term use. For 2% you would want 2 drops of oil for every tsp carrier. Does that clarify things?

    1. Hi there. I need to write a post about this. Typically a 2% dilution is accepted as a good ratio. So 2 drops of essential oil for a teaspoon of carrier oil. Hope that helps!

  4. Thank you for your great info!
    How did you come up with the recipe for the purification oil? How did you know how many drops to use of each oil?
    I got all the oils listed that are needed to make the purification blend.
    I used about 35 drops of each oil to start with. Then I found your recipe.
    Thanks again!

    1. Thank you. I got suggestions from professionals in the industry and made a few adjustments. Hope it works well for you!

  5. Hi Adrienne! Just wondering the difference between diluting oils in a bottle with carrier oils OR water. What is the difference. I wanted to spray my son’s new mattress with something like purify (or purification) and tea tree to get rid of any off-gassing before he starts using it.

      1. Hi! Just came across your site because I bought some RMO oils and looking for ways to use them. Curious about the water and oils don’t mix, because the recipe that is on the RMO website for purify is to mix the oil and water to spray around the house. So basically you wouldn’t recommend that?

        1. Hi Betsy. Good question. So basically the emulsification issue is more to prevent issues w/ putting essential oils on your skin. When using a diffuser you are putting oils into the air either alone or with water in the same method similar to spraying them in a bottle. You could add an emulsifier but you don’t have to. Hope that helps!

      2. I use essential oil blends with water all the time. Just shake it well before using. I DO spray my bed every time I change the sheets after I remove all of the bedding to help kill any bedbugs or other nasties first…just to make sure: I have never had bedbugs, and don’t want any! I also spray each layer of new bedding just so I have a nice smelling bed to retire to. I have never had any issues with doing this and I’ve been doing it for years.

  6. Adrienne,
    Love your site and thanks for all that you do! Is your recipe for Purify the very same recipe that RMO uses for their Purify blend? I’ve been using their blend in my diffusers and love it. I have almost all of the single oils in the recipe (I have everything but the Myrtle), so I could easily make my own blend. Just want to make sure it’s the same recipe and will work just as well. Thanks again for sharing so much helpful info.

    1. Thanks, Donna!!!! This blend should work just as well as RMOs. It should be pretty close. Enjoy and please let me know!

  7. My husband gets a lot of congestion and is constantly coughing up mucous all year round, my daughter does also. Dr. Thinks it is allergy related. I tried diffusing oils but my husband feels like the moisture makes it worse. Is there another way I could try the purify blend that would help him?

    1. I’m so sorry. Are you wanting to use it for allergies or for some other purpose? Do you have mold in your home possibly?

      1. I guess for allergies, I’m not 100% sure that’s what is causing the mucous. My husband has had this his whole life. My daughter was taking bee pollen for it years ago and it did help, but she stopped taking it. I was hoping diffusing would work, maybe I can try the purify mixed with something in a spray bottle? I’m kind of new to all this and not sure where to buy bottles to mix oils in.

        1. Oh and it is possible we have mold in our home. Our house is over a 100 yrs old, so who knows what’s in the walls.

          1. Hmmmm…that’s a hard thing. It could be a big problem. Of course, it could be anything. If you have the funds, it might be worth getting a kit to test, but if he’s had it his whole life…..might be allergies to something he is eating?

        2. You could use the oils on their body instead of in the air. The water from the diffuser shouldn’t be enough to cause an issue of too much moisture but it there already is too much then I can totally understand. This post should help:

          There are empty bottles on RMO’s site or this would be a good spray bottle from what I can tell (affiliate link): or you could get high quality plastic. I believe PET is what you are looking for. Hope that helps. I am trying out some things for allergies too. If that interests you I can share more here or via email.

          1. Thank you! Yes, I’d be interested in what you find on allergies. Either here or my email is (email deleted by blog owner)

            1. Hello Kim,

              So sorry it took me awhile. I was trying to contact the company about more details and the email I had wasn’t working any longer as my contact had left the company. Here is my affiliate link to their site. I think you will find it to be very interesting. I am in the middle of the Basic Set and am going to be seeing how things go. I have been skittish about some energy / homeopathy types of treatments, but the more I look at some of them they seem to have validity so I am looking at them more. Let me know what you think. It’s called The Allergy Kit. The testimonials are very interesting.

        3. Hi just a FYI check to see if hub is having reaction of mucous frm dairy or gluten & I use peppermint eucalyptus rosemary teatree in diffuser for my congestion & I put in bottle w/ water @ witch hazel & spray my shirt & pillow to inhale or place on cotton ball & inhale place cotton ball in air vents too!

    2. I also used to have the same issues, and did, like your husband, all the time. Came from a 6 pack a day smoker (my dad) until I was 18 and moved out. I still had the problem until I cleaned up my eating. (No HFCS, no MSG, organic when possible, less meat, (although I don’t think meat was the problem) no dairy, or a tiny bit occasionally, no sugar etc. )I also think I have a dairy alergy: I gave up milk and almost all dairy. If I have a glass of milk, I do get mucous, but otherwise, it really has cleared up.

  8. Adrienne, I just found your site and can’t stop reading; you research and insights are just what this tired Mama needs. I think you just made it to my “who would you invite to dinner” list. I am on a new investigative journey with my daughter (8 yrs old). The past 5 years has been all about food allergies and lavender. Now I find I need to expand in protecting her from chemicals. We are Celiac, ADD, HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), dyslexic, etc. so being chemical intolerant too makes sense. When I read how the smells of the modern world effect you I felt a little less alone on this. So few people get how this effects a family’s whole world. Six months ago we shelled out money to buy all new beds (not organic) and custom sectional to find she reacts to formaldehyde (and probably other things). Do you think if I off-gas the sofa and run a diffuser with the Purify Essential Oil recipe around the sofa that it MAY eventually be used again? And maybe it would help with the carpet until it can be replaced!

    1. Hello Pamela and welcome! What a joy to get such a lovely comment. I’d love to come for dinner. Seriously. But you might be disappointed :). Oh my – yes the chemical thing and food allergies. I’m so sorry about the furniture. I’ve been looking at beds too. Is she reacting to the carpet? How is she reacting to the sofa? If it’s not too severe I might try for a few days and see how it improves. Could you put it outside to see if it helps? I would maybe consider opening windows and letting as much of the off gassing happen as possible. I know I was worried I would have to get rid of the dishwasher. Now the smell is pretty imperceptible. From this article looks like your off gassing would take about 3-12 months.

      I know how nerve wracking this can all be but I would think that you need to figure out how sensitive she is and then see how much off gassing you can do until you need to seal the house up and then see about selling if need be. The carpet… you have plywood underneath? Some say that newer versions of that off gas but we removed some carpet and are walking on a rug over the plywood until I finally figure out the flooring I want in that room.

      You are so right – it affects so many things. We are working on things little by little. She is allergic to lavender? I am working w/ a homeopath. Might be a good idea? Or an MTHFR doc – that’s another thing we are pursuing.

      1. Hey Adrienne, GREAT questions! I think you may have an inquisitive mind like me. I like to have my “whys” answered 🙂 On the beds, we’re getting rid of the master and hers and buying a organic wool/cotton one from Soaring Heart in Seattle. That was two months of research to find the right bed. She’s safe with cotton and wool. Some companies say they are organic but still spray things on the beds. As for the sofa question: Her eczema very slowly got worse after it’s purchase and through months of charting her progress (poor child, I must of asked her 10x a day “when did you start itching”) I realized she broke out strongly when sitting on the sofa, mildly when sitting anywhere else in that room, and not at all when not in that room for the day. Also she broke out every night at 9pm (bedtime). That plus some other studies I did told me it was the bed and sofa she was reacting to. Once we removed the sofa it took 2 weeks before she could go in that room again without breaking out which also meant it wasn’t the carpet. Since you mentioned your experience with off gassing went well, I figured I’ll give my sofa some time to off-gas. It’s in the guest room in pieces with a fan and the window cracked. I thought I might put a diffuser in there with your Purify recipe. We can’t air out the house due to allergies to pollen, cedar, and a long list of other things so we put in a good air purifier to the conditioning system. Doing the elimination process for chemical is TOUGH. It feels like when we first started 10 years ago with food.

        Oh, and just the opposite on the lavender. It’s been a God send. It settles down her skin faster.

        How cool that you know about MTHFR! Not many know about that. We have a fantastic homeopathic nutritionist in Texas who is helping us learn how that affects how she processes toxins and foods. She keeps up with the latest studies and has made huge progress with my daughter and me. Do you know about The Intolerance Testing Group for allergy testing? Just need some hair samples to test for food, chemicals, and nutritional deficiencies. I was so glad to find a different route that a blood draw.

        Your right about the “little by little”. “We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed” 2 Corin 4:8 Those little bits that I gain keep me humble, on my knees, and grateful for the little things……little things like lavender, and people who know what MTHFR is.

        1. Hi again, Pamela.

          Yes my mind is sometimes a little too inquisitive. Have you tried the mattress in person? I am really wanting to find good options for us but I really want a good return option and am concerned to do anything w/o that.

          I have also looked at bed wrapping and wondering if that’s a good option to look at.

          Yes, I totally hear you on the outdoor allergy issue. I have to leave the windows closed during the spring for the same reason. I don’t know anything about The Intolerance Group – do you feel they are accurate? I have done HTMA in the past but didn’t know what to think about it.

          Things are hard on all fronts, especially with the way things are going in the world. I’m so glad the lavender is helping. How are you using it? And what is your nutritionist recommending?


          1. We were able to try the mattress first. I called the showroom and told them I wanted to hang out on the bed for an hour and she said they encourage that. So we visited twice for 2 hours just to be sure. This company can account for where every product they use comes from. They take returns but I do not know what the conditions need to be. I haven’t heard of wrapping but before we removed my daughters original mattress we covered it in an organic mattress cover, 2 cotton sheets, and 2 thick cotton blankets. It lessened the reactions but did not stop them.

            “Is The Intolerance Group accurate” – that’s a thought provoking question. The bottom line is complicated (I feel a chart coming :0), at least for what we’re dealing with, but mostly “yes”. They listed items that reached over a certain intensity of intolerances and nutrient deficiencies. Mostly it gave me extra info and confirmed to my nutritionist (Laura Kopec, LOVE her!) that my daughters body is not absorbing nutrients. It’s a very slow correction with strong Probiotics, Omega 3, and other things. Laura likened it to an accident on a highway which you can’t/shouldn’t force to the side. So we deal with it at it’s own pace.

            Lavender (with olive oil) applied near but not on all open wounds, at major joints and on bottom of the feet. It seems to lessen the “itchies” and inflammation. We have yet found any other moisturizing source for her. (allergic it soy, coconut etc.). I’m also in the market for a diffuser.

            I hear you about the world!!! I’m trying to learn to grow my own organic vegetables but I’m not very good at it.

            1. Hi Pamela.

              Very interesting! I wonder if they have other mattress stores. I need something :).

              Does your nutritionist work long distance?

              Does she have your daughter on enzymes / digestive bitters?

              Yes, the growing is tough and so is the world. Very discouraging. Have you by chance heard of the Tower Garden? I just ordered mine — should be here tomorrow. I am really excited to have something that, from all that I have heard, is much easier to grow than normal garden growing.

          2. There are only 2 and they are in Seattle. That makes it tough.

            And YES! my nutritionist works long distance, with people all over the country. That’s how we do it being more than 2000 miles away. We’ve been with her for more than 10 years now. She’s easy to talk to and she stays current with the latest studies.

            She has my daughter on enzymes and Betaine strong Omegas and Probiotics. We’ll add other things as her body becomes receptive which is veeery slow.

            The hanging gardening thing may be just what I need!

            1. I will look into her practice. Thanks. I am about to sign on with an MTHFR specialist who does work long distance, but I’m open to other options. I will drop you an email.

          3. I’ll give her name if that’s an acceptable thing to do on a post. Laura Kopec NDT, MHNE, MA, CNC

          4. You are welcome to email me any time. Quick note that you may already know. A specialist has the latest info on MTHFR if they start folate off slow and combine with other supplements. The old way is to ramp up even into the 1000 mgs which gets a positive reaction but later will cause over methylation. Happy hunting.

            1. I will email.

              I didn’t know that. I am just beginning w/ MTHFR issues, but the practitioner whom we are considering going with is in a small mastermind w/ Ben Lynch so I assume he is up on the latest.

  9. Adrienne, just wanted to say THANK YOU for sharing your wealth of knowledge, and your trials and journeys as you seek out good health. I’m seeking as well, and it can get very overwhelming searching through all the information out there, and sifting through all the crap. I love how you point out all the mishaps and pitfalls, and in the end, who/what comes out on top. Again, thank you for all you share! Love your blog!!!!

    1. Hi Kristin – thank you! You made my day. More trials and errors to come. It is hard. Thanks again for taking the time to share — it means a lot!