Silky Smooth Bean Fudge

Bean Fudge - Gluten free, dairy free, and sugar free - a great easy recipe that's super healthy too!

Fudge is one of those comfort foods that makes you “not too comfortable” after you’ve eaten it.  And fudge isn’t good for you anyway right?– evaporated milk and tons of sugar. But then, you knew that.

Well, you can now change your thinking about fudge, because I have a recipe for you that you can feel good about eating and serving to your kids.  I have been known to offer it to my kids for breakfast and snacks without batting an eye — and while having a piece or two myself :-).

Reminds me of the old Bill Cosby “Chocolate Cake” routine.  If you’ve seen it, remember Bill Cosby singing “Dad is great!  Gives us the chocolate cake?!”

Anyway, this recipe is so good that there is no reason to be “secretive” about what the main ingredient is.  Some non-real-foodie folks have even asked for the recipe!

This Bean Fudge is a real winner because:

  • It contains lots of coconut oil, which we all know is extremely good for you (contrary to what the “diet dictocrats” will tell you).
  • It is easily adaptable to special diets (sugar-free, nut-free).  Actually, all of my recipes are.
  • It is a simple sweet treat for your family.  No need to bake, easy preparation and the pan is simple to clean.  Just combine all of the ingredients, smoosh them into a pan and presto!  You have a wonderful, healthy treat for your family.  You could even make it simpler by just forming the fudge on a plate and letting it firm up just like that in the fridge.
  • Besides being adaptable to special diets, it is also easy to change ingredients around to make different varieties.  Even changing the beans around makes a difference.  The above photo is black bean fudge, but we have also made this with adzuki beans and pinto beans — and kidney and cranberry beans would also work out just fine.  I will be adding different variations in the future for you to try!

One final reason this Bean Fudge is great….it makes a great edible face paint :)!  (They couldn’t resist!)

Face Paint with Food Bean Fudge

Measuring Stevia:  These stainless steel mini measuring spoons from Amazon are super duper handy.  The 2nd smallest is 1/32 of a teaspoon so you can easily measure your stevia extract powder.


Norpro Mini Measuring Spoons

Most recently, I revised this recipe and found that doubling the cocoa / carob tastes much closer to the real thing.  You can see my update and an additional fudge variation by reading my Chocolate Almond Fudge postCarob has an inherent sweetness so you will probably need more sweetener if you use cocoa.  And if you choose to double the cocoa, don’t eat it too close to bedtime :-).


Dairy-Free Fudge

Whatever adjustments you make. you will be getting lots of coconut oil goodness into your family while giving them a treat!

Special Thanks to Affairs of Living for the inspiration for this recipe.

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Let me know how this turns out for you!  I will have some more delicious varieties on this recipe for you in the near future!

Disclaimer:  This post contains affiliate links.  Here is my disclaimer.

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  1. Sarah Fabisiak says:

    Thank you for this recipe! If I were to substitute cooked black beans for black bean flour what would you suggest?

  2. Sarah Fabisiak says:

    So grateful for this recipe! How would I substitute the cooked black beans with black bean flour?

  3. Kathleen M Smith says:

    I really like this healthy fudge, perfect treat for the summer! It seemed a bit thick with powdered stevia, so added a little Torani sugar free chocolate syrup and it is wonderful. I read that the health benefits of cocoa are increased by eating it with fiber, so this recipe is perfect, especially since I am also increasing coconut oil in my diet. Thanks for posting, I am enjoying your blog (my first time here).

  4. Beans? No way! As you know, I’m Mexican. And I remember as a kid eating beans with chocolate. They were blended, of course. So yummy! I can’t wait to make this for my little guy.

  5. Please watch the “sweet poison” in youtube – or google for aspartame which is the component in artificial sweeteners that causes lot of nerve related problems & is really slow poison at best.

    Love the kids smearing the fudge ! Adorable picture !