Homemade “Jello” Gelatin (sugar-free option)

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Homemade Jello - Sugar Free with Low Carb Option. Ditch the overpriced packets of sugar and artificial flavor and colors and make this easy healthy treat instead!

I love making homemade healthier versions of processed foods. Some of our favorites are vegetable broth powder, homemade ketchup, homemade gummy snacks, taco seasoning, natural blue food coloring, homemade chocolate chips and homemade white chocolate chips.

So when I found a way to make homemade “JELLO” – I was thrilled!

“Jello” is one of those things that has always perplexed me.

Why would someone pay over $5 per pound for a little box made up of mostly sugar, a teensy bit of gelatin, artificial color and flavor?

‘Cause you know- I'm the type of mom who never buys much of anything packaged and processed.  So none of those itsy bitsy containers of sugar and artificial dye-laden boxes that cost about $1.10 or so for 1 batch of not-so-good-for-you stuff.

Well, a number of years ago, I bought brand name and generic brand gelatin for some reason or another.  I'm sure it was probably an ingredient in a recipe that I wanted to try.

So I bought it and had the rest of the packets sitting in my pantry for a long time.

Don't ask how long. Good thing gelatin doesn't spoil :-).

Anyway, at some point, in my “making my own version of processed foods” trials and errors, I ended up making “Knox Blocks” (or generic “gelatin blocks”) for my kids whenever they've been sick and nothing else will calm their tummies, or as a treat when they've wanted something a little special.

I've made it following a few different recipes, but we recently tried it with lemon and lime juice and these versions were super refreshing (and candida friendly too!)

Homemade Jello - Sugar Free with Low Carb Option. Ditch the overpriced packets of sugar and artificial flavor and colors and make this easy healthy treat instead!

(For all you vegans out there, I encourage you to stick around.  You can make this with agar agar as well.

I just haven't gotten around to it yet but I'm sure I will :-).)

This recipe turned out so beautifully that I just needed to get it out on my blog.  And besides which, I haven't posted a recipe in quite awhile and it was about time :-).

(This recipe was modified from this one on Cooks.com.)

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Ingredient Sourcing:

I am no longer using regular store brand gelatin.  I am now using Great Lakes Gelatin.

It is made from pastured cows in Argentina that have not been treated with antibiotics or hormones.  I bought a HUGE amount (remember – gelatin doesn't spoil :-)!)

Please don't use those icky “Not ReaLemon” bottles that are sold everywhere.  They are filled w/ nasty preservatives and don't taste like the real thing.

Because they aren't.  Have you ever drunk that stuff straight?  :-(.

The Dream Foods brand costs more, but it is worth it!  I buy mine in a super big combo pack at Costco.  If you don't that much, you can find it on Amazon.

If you do go and buy the pack at Costco, you can use your extra juice for my Homemade Lemonade with Sugar-Free Option.

Stevia extract is a little hard to measure.  These stainless steel mini measuring spoons from Amazon are super handy.

The 2nd smallest is the size of 1/32 of a teaspoon so you can easily measure stevia extract with these!


Norpro Mini Measuring Spoons

4.7 from 9 reviews
Homemade "Jello" Gelatin (sugar-free option)
Recipe type: Pudding
Cuisine: Sugar-Free, Dairy-Free, & Low-Carb
Serves: 2 8x8 square pans
Make this Homemade JELLO at home and ditch the boxed mix. Sugar-free with nourishing ingredients. Tastes great too!
  • 3 Tbsps gelatin, granulated (3 packets) (I recommend Great Lakes Brand. See Notes. For Gelatin Squares, use twice as much gelatin.)
  • ¾ cup healthiest sweetener (I used xylitol for a candida friendly version. Any granulated or liquid sweetener will work.)
  • 12 scoops stevia extract* (NuNaturals is one good brand.)
  • 1½ cups boiling filtered water
  • 3 cups cold water (divided)
  • 1⅛ cup lemon or lime juice (or some of each for Lemon Lime Gelatin! I used Dream Foods Organic Lemon. I LOVE this brand!)
  • ½ teaspoon grated rind (optional. Use lemon rind for lemon gelatin--lime for lime.)
  1. Soften gelatin by soaking in 1½ cups of the cold water for a few minutes.
  2. Add boiling water and stir until gelatin is dissolved.
  3. Add remaining ingredients (including the other 1½ cups cold water), stirring until thoroughly blended.
  4. Pour into 2 8x8 baking pans.
  5. Refrigerate until set.
1. *Stevia extract is super sweet. 1/32 tsp is about as sweet as 1-2 Tbsp sugar. So you can substitute another sweetener for the stevia, but you will need to use a lot. See this post for more measuring info.

2. Instead of the baking pans, you could of course use anything as a mold. Like the little heart molds I bought for my Healthy "Reese's" Candy (with allergy options.)


Looking for other ways to save money on DIY / MYO replacements for processed foods?  How about:

Do you have a favorite way to eat “Jello” or a favorite flavor?

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  1. Pat Thomas says:

    You use BOTH the xylitol AND the Stevia? Seems like that would be way too much sweetener….

  2. Love homemade jello! Can’t wait to try 🙂

  3. All these links are affiliate links that you don’t disclose. Unethical and against the FTC RULE. In fact most of your posts are affiliate links that you don’t disclose. And xylitol? No thank you. Lastly, the instructions for making Jello is on the Great Lakes package. Don’t see what the big deal is about this recipe.

    • Hello Lisa.

      You must have missed the affiliate disclosure which is right in the middle of the post. Unlike other bloggers who hide theirs in a faded icon at the top of their posts, I have mine in bold type in the middle.

      As for xylitol – that is of course your decision and other alternatives are there.

      As for Great Lakes? Perhaps you should complain to all of the other bloggers with “jello” recipes on their sites as well. Or are you singling me out for some reason? Have a good day.

  4. Kari - Get Inspired Everyday! says:

    I love that you have a sugar free option, I get so many requests for sugar free sweets, so I’ll just point them your way!

  5. Vanessa Woozley says:

    Great recipe thanks for sharing!

  6. Looks fantastic! Great Lakes is my favourite brand of gelatin, can’t wait to try this!

  7. How someone is supposed to think that making gelatin at home would be part of this recipe is beyond me ? Here to give you the stellar review that you deserve! Love this recipe ?

  8. This recipe looks wonderful, Adrienne. Eager to try this!

  9. I LOVE this recipe! Homemade jello is the best!!! Citrus ones like lemon and lime are a favorite in my home. Thanks so much for this wonderful, easy recipe.


    I love gelatin recipes and this one looks awesome! So easy too. I don’t have pets ( pet allergies) so xylitol is fine for me, and I bet erythritol based sweetener would be great in there as well. Just delete that weird spam comment below. It makes so sense.

  11. Xylitol is toxic to dogs and wild birds when used in a solution I.e. Hummingbirds. Wickipedia. Not in my body,

    • I understand your concerns. That being said, raisins and grapes are also toxic to dogs and alcohol is toxic to cats. There are more foods that are toxic to animals that we can eat.

  12. Here to balance out your crappy spam review from homemade-electronics. What a moron!

    • I have no idea what you are talking about. Please explain? I don’t do any spam reviews. I think you have the wrong site.

      • The comment immediately below mine left a terrible review that I believe is undeserving. The person who left that review was under the impression the article would instruct them how to make gelatin – the process of boiling skin, tendons, and other animal parts in water – not make a gelatin snack/desert. I found it to be absurd to leave such a bad review for reason of misinterpretation, rather than on an actual review of the recipe (this article has a 1 STAR review when you search on google because of the one review).

    • Oh I see – thank you!

    • Hi there. Just updating my reply to you. I’m deleting the stupid comment so the cruddy review will go with it as well. Imaging – thinking I should be posting about how to make gelatin from animal bones! Thanks again.

  13. Hi there. Judging from your odd email address I assume that this is just spam but I will answer you anyhow……Jello Brand states that it is a Gelatin Dessert on the box so I guess I could write “Homemade ‘JELLO’ Gelatin Dessert” in the title. Would that be acceptable? Thanks.

  14. Which gelatin can do you use – the green or red one? Thanks in advance!

  15. Hi And thanks for the recipe. A nice substitute for lemon or lime JUICE for those of us seeking as low a carb food as possible is to use Lemon or Lime EXTRACT which has almost no carbs. A cup of lemon juice is as high as 21 gms and Lime juice as low as 16 gms per cup. Hope this helps others as well. I don’t have the recipe because I just taste as I go along….but it tastes quite good and has the feel of regular jello style gelatin. I also subsitute the extracts when making gummy candy as well……good luck. And thanks again.