What Your Electric Company Doesn’t Want You to Know – Smart Meters EXPOSED!!

Heard about Smart Meters and how great they are supposed to be? Think again. The Electric Companies say that Smart Meters will save you money and that they are safe. But there's more to the story than meets the eye. Find out the real truth here.

We’ve had to go against the norm many times in our quest for better health. I’ve gone sugar free, gluten freestopped eating foods my breastfeeding son was allergic to, and have tried all kinds of natural treatments in order to avoid antibiotics and other meds when dealing with conditions such as sinus issues and ear infections.

Now I’m not getting a smart meter.

Why not?

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If it’s “smart”, it must be a good thing, right?

Well, when I was younger, I was called smart in school. Most of the time it was a compliment.  Well, sometimes it wasn’t but my mom told me those kids were jealous. It didn’t feel like it but in hindsight I think she was right.

Anyways, in most cases you’d like to be the smart kid in class.

And when people say “You look smart” they mean you look nice.

(I guess folks say “sweet” and such these days…..but that’s beside the point.)

So how about a Smart Meter?

Must be a good thing.

Think again.

I got a notice in my mailbox about 3 weeks ago stating:




and another letter than said something like (this one I must have thrown out):

Congratulations! Smart Meters will be coming to your neighborhood in the near future.

I guess that’s supposed to make me feel good about this Smart Meter coming to my house.

But I am not.

I’d heard about smart meters, but I didn’t know much about them so I started to poke around.

It’s not typical for me to be excited about some technology thingamabob being added to my home without my knowing anything about it.

I didn’t like what I found.

Now let me tell you the truth.  (Not that I typically–or ever–lie to you all or anything.)

I read A LOT.  And I talked to a bunch of folks on the phone.

And I spent a lot of time emailing experts on Smart Meters and EMFs (one who wrote a post that I will share here soon).

I read articles on both sides of the topic and I even called my electric company several times.

Today’s post is the result of my having digested all of these conversations and emails.

And I’ve come to the conclusion that–


And neither should you.

First of all, let’s talk about what a Smart Meter (NOT a good name for this thing, by the way) is:

What is a Smart Meter?

A Smart Meter (also called AMI or AMR) is a type of meter designed to eliminate meter readers (can you say “more unemployment”?).  It’s a fairly expensive piece of wireless machinery that send information about your energy use (how much you are using at different times of the day) to your utility company.

They relay data about your energy

Proponents of these meters say that they will be used to show consumers how much energy they use at certain times of day and that they will help them budget their energy use (and therefore money) better.

Opponents say there are many risks involved.

After doing literally tens of hours of research, I’ve come to the conclusion that:


Here’s why.

5 Reasons You DON’T Want a Smart Meter

1.  Health

There are sooo many health problems with these smart meters.

Basically we’re talking about the same effects of EMFs (electromagnetic fields).

Now we all know that EMFs have been in the news a lot and that there is a lot of evidence mounting about the health risks of such radiation from microwaves, cell phones, WIFI, and the like.

In case you haven’t seen some of this, or aren’t convinced of it, following are some health conditions that are reported to be as a result of EMF exposure (Source)

  • Insomnia
  • Heart palpitations and blood pressure increases
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Concentration, memory or learning problems
  • Dangerous increases in blood-sugar levels
  • Strange sensations in the body—including buzzing, shooting pains
  • Anxiety and/or an anxious feeling in the body that is inexplicable
  • Fatigue
  • Flu-like symptoms

    Scientists have shown that the electromagnetic frequencies emitted by smart meters and digital meters:

  • disrupt the blood-brain barrier, contributing to diseases like dementia and Parkinson’s
  • disrupt nerve transmission, causing attention-related problems, insomnia, heart palpitations, and muscle pain
  • disrupt cell reproduction and damage DNA, causing cancer and rapid aging
  • disrupt the redox balance through oxidant/nitrosative stress

And here’s a biggie.


The World Health Organization (WHO) as classified the radiation that comes from Smart Meters as a potential carcinogen, in the same class as DDT and lead.  Source. Now, I am not always in agreement with the WHO, but in this case I am listening.

And besides, even if you think that the FCC has protected you enough with their limits on human exposure to microwave radiation, Smart Meters have been known to exceed the FCC limits.

There’s been a lot of debate out there about whether or not this type of radiation (RF, or radio frequency waves) causes cancer or not, but some of the studies coming out are quite compelling.  This recent one from Sweden being one of them.

I think of it like this.  Years ago:

–  the government and tobacco companies (of course) told us that cigarettes didn’t cause cancer.  We know better now.

– the government told us that fluoride should be in our drinking water. We know better now.

– we were told that RoundUp would evaporate and not cause harm.  We know better now.

I think these EMFs are a big deal and we are just starting to see the damage.

If you REALLY want to read some downright frightening and well-done research about EMF radiation and health problems, the BioInitiative Report will keep you busy for awhile.

For me, this is all a HUGE deal, considering that the Smart Meter would be right by my sons’ bedroom.

Nice, huh?

2.  Privacy

The data collected from Smart Meters is detailed.

And it’s worth money.

Think about it.

Data is ALWAYS worth money. Companies pay BIG money for information on your buying habits, for your email address, and more.

Technically, according to one of the Smart Meter experts I talked with, Smart Meters could track what TV shows you watch, and potentially what food you eat, if your refrigerator is equipped with “Smart” technology. The fridge could scan your Ben and Jerry’s and potentially report this to healthcare corporations.  Time to start making your own Homemade Ice Cream folks :)!


These are the potential privacy concerns regarding Smart Meters (Source):

Identity Theft
Determine Personal Behavior Patterns
Determine Specific Appliances Used
Perform Real-Time Surveillance
Reveal Activities Through Residual Data
Targeted Home Invasions (latch key children, elderly, etc.)
Provide Accidental Invasions
Activity Censorship
Decisions and Actions Based Upon Inaccurate Data
Unwanted Publicity and Embarrassment
Tracking Behavior Of Renters/Leasers
Behavior Tracking (possible combination with Personal Behavior Patterns)
Public Aggregated Searches Revealing Individual Behavior

In California, the sharing of this type of data is already going on.

transparency reports filed by the California utilities companies and obtained by the ACLU of California show that a significant amount of data about the energy use of Californians is also ending up in the hands of third parties.  In 2012, a single California utility company, San Diego Gas & Electric, disclosed the smart meter energy records of over 4,000 of its customers.

Interestingly enough, there is a BIG movement in California against Smart Meters.  Marin County has criminalized the installation of Smart Meters.  Oh, how I wish my hubby could get a job there!

Now, THAT’S smart.

Yes, modern conveniences can help with some things, but are we trading our freedom for convenience?

We really need to count the cost.

3.  Fire Risk

There have been hundreds of fires caused by Smart Meters.

You can see some of the horrible photos and information here, here, and here.

I read in one place that analog meters cause fires too, but I have never heard of that and I believe this quote from Mindy Spatt of TURN (The Utility Reform Network)

Comparing analog to the new meters, she added, “In the collective memory of TURN, we have not seen similar incidents with analog meters.”

In fact, if you do an internet search of “fires caused by analog meters”, all that shows up is report after report of Smart Meter fires.

And Get THIS!

Most (if not all) Smart Meters are NOT UL Certified.

Now, how smart is that?

Which begs the question – if your house causes fire due to one of these meters, will your homeowners insurance pay for it since the device is not UL certified?  I called my homeowners’ insurance company to find out.

They told me that in my case, my insurance would NOT be cancelled, but that if a fire were to be caused by the meter, they would go after the utility company for reimbursement.

They did advise, however, that every insurance company is different, so you should check with your homeowners’ carrier to find out their stance on this issue.

4.  Lack of Energy Savings

These so-called Smart Meters are supposed to save us money.

Well, none of this savings has been proven, and in fact, there are some pretty important people saying that they think the savings simply aren’t going to happen. (Source.)

– It costs too much, and we’re not sure what good it will do. – John Rowe, CEO of Illinois utility ComEd.
– “[Smart meter] deployment . . . allows utilities to lower operating costs while increasing revenues. – Frost & Sullivan
– No net economic benefit to ratepayers.” Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette
(yea for my home state!)
– Smart-meter conversion represents little more than a boondoggle that is being foisted on consumers by the politically influential companies that make the hardware and software that are required for the smart-meter conversion. – Consumers Digest

In this poll, about 1/3 of the people who had Smart Meters installed had an increase in energy costs, and one quarter had them double, triple, or more.

Hmmm…doesn’t sound so good now, does it?

5.  Personal Safety

Think about it – if this data tells what electricity you are or aren’t using, couldn’t hackers get this information and know whether or not you are home or whether your kids are home alone?

No thanks.

6.  Legal, Constitutional and Human Rights Violations

Our Constitution has been shredded recently by many government officials and courts.

Should we let it go even further?

So now we have utility companies forcing this technology on us that:

1.  Is a health risk
2.  Is a violation of privacy
3.  Is a fire hazard
4.  Costs too much
5.  Has no real benefit
6.  Potentially puts our personal safety at risk

Can you think of anything else that a corporation or government entity forces you to put on your house?

And you need to pay money if you don’t want it?

This huge list of violations will really get you thinking.

7.  Exorbitant Cost

Check in your area how much money your utility want to charge you for not getting a Smart Meter.

Our charges in Michigan were really high and our Attorney General pressured the utilities to reduce their fees, which they did.

Now, our utility wants about $69 to opt out of the Smart Meter program, plus $9.72 a month.


Come on.

About $120 a year for something I don’t want, that:
– puts my family at risk for health issues
– is a fire hazard
– violates my privacy
– doesn’t seem to really save any money (in other words, it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do)
– puts our personal safety at risk
– violates the Constitution plus legal and human rights issues
– has overpriced fees associated with not taking it

Sounds familiar.


Whatever it is, it isn’t right and I don’t want it.

Next, I’ll share with you what happened when I called our local electric company and told them that I didn’t want their “Smart Meter”.

Seriously, I think I’ll call it a “Dumb Meter” or “Invasive Meter” or “Cancer Causing Big Brother Technology Doohickey”.

That last one has a good ring to it, dontcha think :)?

So now the questions are:

1.  I don’t want a Smart Meter.  What should I do next?

2.  I have a Smart Meter already. What can/should I do?

I am going to tackle all of these questions, including:
– sharing with you what happened to me when I contacted my local electric utility and told them I didn’t want a Smart Meter
– what I have done about Smart Meters coming to my neighborhood
– what I am planning to do

I hope you all will help get the word out. Even if you have a Smart Meter installed, it’s not too late.

I’ll have more ways you can get involved in future posts so make sure to sign up for email delivery of my posts so you don’t miss anything.

Sign up here!

More on Smart Meters:

For Part Two: Smart  Meters Are Coming to YOUR Neighborhood. What Should You Do?

What do you think?
Are you worried?
Are “Smart Meters” smart?

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  1. In my sister’s case it was the cause of burning her house down. The Electric company ended up settling and paying her off to not sue. Only problem her new house has the same smart meter. They have also been banned in many other countries due to possible fire issues. Read up on it yourself! Best way to be informed…

  2. As someone with a PHYSICS DEGREE I can also confirm that this article is absolutely absurd and clearly biased. You do realised that EMF’s are positioned on a spectrum called the electromagnetic spectrum, this ranges in all sorts of waves dependant on frequency. Sure this means xrays exist on the spectrum but SO DOES VISIBLE LIGHT. That thing you forget about allowing you to see the trees in the daytime and yourself in the mirror? Yeah. That.

    The waves produced by these meters are radio waves, of the same strength as those found in your mobile phone. As proven by many health organisations, the waves frequency is of such a level as to recall cause no damage to a person over the course of their lifetime. Before you mention that xrays contain these too, these waves are of a much much higher frequency and therefore very damaging. The frequency of a the smart meters waves is bete low and at the other end of the spectrum (literally) and is EVEN SAFER than visible light which you are exposed to daily whether you like it or not. Anyone with a basic education within physics who has studied EM waves can confirm this for you.

    Here you are hypocritically sat on your computer in your house FULL of electronic appliances trying to scare people you don’t even know by spreading your biased ideas on waves when any unbiased person within the physics profession can confirm that this is absolutely absurd and unnecessary. The wavelengths of radio waves is so large that they struggle to travel through WATER, let alone your body! Water alone will protect your internal organs from radio waves, yet you have skin, flesh and blood there too. You really have nothing to worry about and this article is ridiculous.

    Do some research first and realise that in your ENTIRE LIFETIME these radio waves will not even damage you enough to amount to anything. And no, you CANNOT get flu from a wave! Anyone claiming theyve gotten ill and it was probably dues to a radio wave had obviously never considered the placebo effect. Yes, harmful waves cause cancer, but this is not a harmful wave.

    • Hello Freya. I am sorry that you disagree. However, I would like to state that just b/c you have a physics degree doesn’t mean that you are right about everything about EMFs. My husband is an English PhD and I have heard lectures by others including a PhD from Yale who clearly was wrong about something that was plain as day.

      I am also concerned about the EMFs from mobile phones and there is a lot of data that those are a problem. In fact, I assume you are aware that there are regulations about how strong the EMFs from those phones can be. I’m not sure why you think that this are OK over a lifetime. Here is something from the gov’t about it (not that I trust them about everything) https://www.fcc.gov/general/specific-absorption-rate-sar-cellular-telephones

      I am also concerned about over exposure to sunlight and I assume you would know about that being a problem as well.

      I do not “hypocritically” sit on my computer full of electronic appliances “trying to scare people”. In fact, I had my home hard wired to reduce the EMFs in our home. And I am concerned about the amount of electronic appliances we have and do what I can to reduce that. However, the issue here is multiple fold. The smart meters are not necessary, so why add a new thing to the mix? We have to have a refrigerator and other things in the home so I think we do what we can. The smart meter has numerous problems with it and only one of them in the health risk. Do you have any response to the other concerns that I brought up, including that the former head of the CIA stated that these meters would be used to spy on people?

      I would also recommend that you talk to Lloyd Burrell if you think that all of this is placebo. Which, actually, that isn’t the correct term – I think you mean that it’s hypochondriasis, correct? Also, I should add that often people think that something isn’t real until they have experiences it themselves. I was one of those people – thinking that autism was simply overdiagnosed…and that food allergies were simply people’s ways of trying to get thin. Then they came to my family and I know differently now. I would encourage you to try to be open minded before stating that people with sensitivities that you do not have are only hypochondriacs.

      Please do share if you have additional thoughts. Thank you.

    • Carl Edwards says:

      Agree, this article isn’t worth taking seriously. If someone had genuine concerns and evidence that these smart meters are no good wouldn’t they get straight to the point and say exactly what’s wrong with them instead of this long drawn out drivel. Lost interest already.

      • Hi Carl. So you think that because I wrote 561 words that my article isn’t worth taking seriously? I was setting the stage and explaining what smart meters are. Alternatively you could just have scrolled ahead to the bold highlighted section where I shared the concerns. Do you have any arguments against the points I made?

  3. Joel Corley says:

    If you are really that concerned about EMF frequencies you can block them by using “Faraday cage”. The general process is like adding a layer of chicken wire inside to exterior walls then adding another layer of sheet rock. It’s not hugely expensive if you are convinced of the health consequences of EMF.

    • This would, however, keep the EMFs in your home that are already in there. You’re saying put new walls all over the inside of your home? That would be a huge undertaking.

      • Joel Corley says:

        Actually Faraday cages absorb electromagnetic interference hitting it from any direction. Here is a similar concept for shielding just the meter: http://www.lessemf.com/faq-shie.html#smart

        As far as the amount of work to put another layer of sheet rock up, it’s not that difficult. I added sheet rock with green glue for sound reduction for a 3500 square foot house in several weekends and another to paint. Is it a pain in the rear, yes, but if you are convinced that the meters are a serious health risk, isn’t it worth it?

        • I can think it would be worth it. Does it affect the use of wireless in the home? I pretty much use only ethernet for my computer but wondering about cell phone use. I almost never use mine indoors, but I am sure others would wonder.

          Does the work you did look like regular dry wall?

          • Joel Corley says:

            A Faraday cage would interfere with cell phone use in the house or any other electomagnetic signal. Broadcast radio may be affected.

            Yes, what I did was basically one extra layer of sheet rock screwed onto existing walls. Moving the electrical junction boxes forward a half inch was the most inconvenient part. Putting up the sheet rock, spackling, and repainting went more quickly. One option here would be to do one room at a time, perhaps just the outside wall where the smart meter is located, or just around the meter itself.

            I don;t know what your budget is, but you could purchase a radio frequency meter to test the levels from any source, smart meter or any other source, and then you know where the highest levels are, and fix those first..
            (http://www.electricsense.com/5405/cornet-ed78s-emf-meter-my-review/ or http://www.radmeters.com/Cornet-ED78S-fr.html)

          • I was thinking about one of those meters. Did you purchase one?

  4. This is the most absurd bunch of hogwash I have ever read. In response to your “argument” directed at the Physics Phd. I find it really, really sad that you think the fact that YOUR husband has a PHD in English, somehow qualifies you to speak intelligently about Science. WHAT!? You are aware that you cannot absorb someone else’s education through marriage, right? ALSO!—He has an English degree. Last I checked, English was not Science. So I am really not sure where you were even going with that… Honestly, as a woman, your comments seriously bother me. I had high hopes when I started reading this article. But now, you just look like a fool. I would suggest that you go to college, earn a Phd in Philosophy, then perhaps you would learn how to form a logical argument.

    • Hi Mary- I think you completely misunderstood me. I was making a statement regarding someone saying that b/c someone has a PhD doesn’t mean that he is right about everything in his field. Does that make sense? Maybe if you go back and read the comment that I posted you will see what I mean. If you think I need to be more clear I can reword the response.

      Thank you.

  5. I appreciate your attitude in answering comments – the thoroughness and the kindness even in the face of ugly attitudes. I appreciate your willingness to be corrected, if necessary and your desire to do complete research. Thank you for the work you have done on this very important subject and especially for using a soft answer to turn away wrath.

  6. I couldn’t agree more with Deb!

  7. I think this article is spot on. I wouldn’t be surprised if the “PHYSICS DEGREE” guy has no such degree. There are thousands of Navy studies showing that even very low levels of RF radiation can be dangerous. They should know; they are, after all, in the business of killing people.

    And the “PHYSICS DEGREE” guy’s argument that RF radiation is safe because the waves that let us see light are on same electromagnetic spectrum is laughable. Yes, they’re on the same spectrum but RF is way, way, way down the line on the spectrum. Visible light waves are perfectly safe for the human body. RF waves are most definitely not.

    I have $20 that says the “PHYSICS DEGREE” guy only has a GED at best.

  8. I agree with Gracie and Deb and applaud Steve. Thanks Adrienne for your work and “long suffering” in giving responses to the “naysayers”.

  9. Maria Acosta says:

    The problem with some physicists is that they do not know how to read. The safety code or norms of exposure are for one in a lifetime exposure that is no longer than 6 minutes and it takes into account ONLY the thermal effect. The problem is the non thermal effect. Non thermal effects are known since the 1940’s (introduction of radars during WWII), so much so, that over 40% of the world population has norms 100 times lower that North America’s. If the Russian physicists strongly recommend that children younger than 18 years old should not use wireless technology unless in a life or death situation, why on earth are we allowing our children to use this technology at home, in school and for those who have responsible parents, their children are exposed in libraries and parks against their will? Building a Faraday cage is not so simple and it requires all CEM-RF to be exempt in the home, otherwise, you created a micro-wave oven..
    Being smart about smart meters is having them communicating by fiber optic and not by RF.

  10. That was so very I formative! Thanks so much

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