What Your Electric Company Doesn’t Want You to Know – Smart Meters EXPOSED!!

Heard about Smart Meters and how great they are supposed to be? Think again. The Electric Companies say that Smart Meters will save you money and that they are safe. But there's more to the story than meets the eye. Find out the real truth here.

We’ve had to go against the norm many times in our quest for better health. I’ve gone sugar free, gluten freestopped eating foods my breastfeeding son was allergic to, and have tried all kinds of natural treatments in order to avoid antibiotics and other meds when dealing with conditions such as sinus issues and ear infections.

Now I’m not getting a smart meter.

Why not?

If it’s “smart”, it must be a good thing, right?

Well, when I was younger, I was called smart in school. Most of the time it was a compliment.  Well, sometimes it wasn’t but my mom told me those kids were jealous. It didn’t feel like it but in hindsight I think she was right.

Anyways, in most cases you’d like to be the smart kid in class.

And when people say “You look smart” they mean you look nice.

(I guess folks say “sweet” and such these days…..but that’s beside the point.)

So how about a Smart Meter?

Must be a good thing.

Think again.

I got a notice in my mailbox about 3 weeks ago stating:




and another letter than said something like (this one I must have thrown out):

Congratulations! Smart Meters will be coming to your neighborhood in the near future.

I guess that’s supposed to make me feel good about this Smart Meter coming to my house.

But I am not.

I’d heard about smart meters, but I didn’t know much about them so I started to poke around.

It’s not typical for me to be excited about some technology thingamabob being added to my home without my knowing anything about it.

I didn’t like what I found.

Now let me tell you the truth.  (Not that I typically–or ever–lie to you all or anything.)

I read A LOT.  And I talked to a bunch of folks on the phone.

And I spent a lot of time emailing experts on Smart Meters and EMFs (one who wrote a post that I will share here soon).

I read articles on both sides of the topic and I even called my electric company several times.

Today’s post is the result of my having digested all of these conversations and emails.

And I’ve come to the conclusion that–


And neither should you.

First of all, let’s talk about what a Smart Meter (NOT a good name for this thing, by the way) is:

What is a Smart Meter?

A Smart Meter (also called AMI or AMR) is a type of meter designed to eliminate meter readers (can you say “more unemployment”?).  It’s a fairly expensive piece of wireless machinery that send information about your energy use (how much you are using at different times of the day) to your utility company.

They relay data about your energy

Proponents of these meters say that they will be used to show consumers how much energy they use at certain times of day and that they will help them budget their energy use (and therefore money) better.

Opponents say there are many risks involved.

After doing literally tens of hours of research, I’ve come to the conclusion that:


Here’s why.

5 Reasons You DON’T Want a Smart Meter

1.  Health

There are sooo many health problems with these smart meters.

Basically we’re talking about the same effects of EMFs (electromagnetic fields).

Now we all know that EMFs have been in the news a lot and that there is a lot of evidence mounting about the health risks of such radiation from microwaves, cell phones, WIFI, and the like.

In case you haven’t seen some of this, or aren’t convinced of it, following are some health conditions that are reported to be as a result of EMF exposure (Source)

  • Insomnia
  • Heart palpitations and blood pressure increases
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Concentration, memory or learning problems
  • Dangerous increases in blood-sugar levels
  • Strange sensations in the body—including buzzing, shooting pains
  • Anxiety and/or an anxious feeling in the body that is inexplicable
  • Fatigue
  • Flu-like symptoms

    Scientists have shown that the electromagnetic frequencies emitted by smart meters and digital meters:

  • disrupt the blood-brain barrier, contributing to diseases like dementia and Parkinson’s
  • disrupt nerve transmission, causing attention-related problems, insomnia, heart palpitations, and muscle pain
  • disrupt cell reproduction and damage DNA, causing cancer and rapid aging
  • disrupt the redox balance through oxidant/nitrosative stress

And here’s a biggie.


The World Health Organization (WHO) as classified the radiation that comes from Smart Meters as a potential carcinogen, in the same class as DDT and lead.  Source. Now, I am not always in agreement with the WHO, but in this case I am listening.

And besides, even if you think that the FCC has protected you enough with their limits on human exposure to microwave radiation, Smart Meters have been known to exceed the FCC limits.

There’s been a lot of debate out there about whether or not this type of radiation (RF, or radio frequency waves) causes cancer or not, but some of the studies coming out are quite compelling.  This recent one from Sweden being one of them.

I think of it like this.  Years ago:

-  the government and tobacco companies (of course) told us that cigarettes didn’t cause cancer.  We know better now.

- the government told us that fluoride should be in our drinking water. We know better now.

- we were told that RoundUp would evaporate and not cause harm.  We know better now.

I think these EMFs are a big deal and we are just starting to see the damage.

If you REALLY want to read some downright frightening and well-done research about EMF radiation and health problems, the BioInitiative Report will keep you busy for awhile.

For me, this is all a HUGE deal, considering that the Smart Meter would be right by my sons’ bedroom.

Nice, huh?

2.  Privacy

The data collected from Smart Meters is detailed.

And it’s worth money.

Think about it.

Data is ALWAYS worth money. Companies pay BIG money for information on your buying habits, for your email address, and more.

Technically, according to one of the Smart Meter experts I talked with, Smart Meters could track what TV shows you watch, and potentially what food you eat, if your refrigerator is equipped with “Smart” technology. The fridge could scan your Ben and Jerry’s and potentially report this to healthcare corporations.  Time to start making your own Homemade Ice Cream folks :)!


These are the potential privacy concerns regarding Smart Meters (Source):

Identity Theft
Determine Personal Behavior Patterns
Determine Specific Appliances Used
Perform Real-Time Surveillance
Reveal Activities Through Residual Data
Targeted Home Invasions (latch key children, elderly, etc.)
Provide Accidental Invasions
Activity Censorship
Decisions and Actions Based Upon Inaccurate Data
Unwanted Publicity and Embarrassment
Tracking Behavior Of Renters/Leasers
Behavior Tracking (possible combination with Personal Behavior Patterns)
Public Aggregated Searches Revealing Individual Behavior

In California, the sharing of this type of data is already going on.

transparency reports filed by the California utilities companies and obtained by the ACLU of California show that a significant amount of data about the energy use of Californians is also ending up in the hands of third parties.  In 2012, a single California utility company, San Diego Gas & Electric, disclosed the smart meter energy records of over 4,000 of its customers.

Interestingly enough, there is a BIG movement in California against Smart Meters.  Marin County has criminalized the installation of Smart Meters.  Oh, how I wish my hubby could get a job there!

Now, THAT’S smart.

Yes, modern conveniences can help with some things, but are we trading our freedom for convenience?

We really need to count the cost.

3.  Fire Risk

There have been hundreds of fires caused by Smart Meters.

You can see some of the horrible photos and information here, here, and here.

I read in one place that analog meters cause fires too, but I have never heard of that and I believe this quote from Mindy Spatt of TURN (The Utility Reform Network)

Comparing analog to the new meters, she added, “In the collective memory of TURN, we have not seen similar incidents with analog meters.”

In fact, if you do an internet search of “fires caused by analog meters”, all that shows up is report after report of Smart Meter fires.

And Get THIS!

Most (if not all) Smart Meters are NOT UL Certified.

Now, how smart is that?

Which begs the question – if your house causes fire due to one of these meters, will your homeowners insurance pay for it since the device is not UL certified?  I called my homeowners’ insurance company to find out.

They told me that in my case, my insurance would NOT be cancelled, but that if a fire were to be caused by the meter, they would go after the utility company for reimbursement.

They did advise, however, that every insurance company is different, so you should check with your homeowners’ carrier to find out their stance on this issue.

4.  Lack of Energy Savings

These so-called Smart Meters are supposed to save us money.

Well, none of this savings has been proven, and in fact, there are some pretty important people saying that they think the savings simply aren’t going to happen. (Source.)

- It costs too much, and we’re not sure what good it will do. – John Rowe, CEO of Illinois utility ComEd.
“[Smart meter] deployment . . . allows utilities to lower operating costs while increasing revenues. – Frost & Sullivan
– No net economic benefit to ratepayers.” Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette
(yea for my home state!)
– Smart-meter conversion represents little more than a boondoggle that is being foisted on consumers by the politically influential companies that make the hardware and software that are required for the smart-meter conversion. – Consumers Digest

In this poll, about 1/3 of the people who had Smart Meters installed had an increase in energy costs, and one quarter had them double, triple, or more.

Hmmm…doesn’t sound so good now, does it?

5.  Personal Safety

Think about it – if this data tells what electricity you are or aren’t using, couldn’t hackers get this information and know whether or not you are home or whether your kids are home alone?

No thanks.

6.  Legal, Constitutional and Human Rights Violations

Our Constitution has been shredded recently by many government officials and courts.

Should we let it go even further?

So now we have utility companies forcing this technology on us that:

1.  Is a health risk
2.  Is a violation of privacy
3.  Is a fire hazard
4.  Costs too much
5.  Has no real benefit
6.  Potentially puts our personal safety at risk

Can you think of anything else that a corporation or government entity forces you to put on your house?

And you need to pay money if you don’t want it?

This huge list of violations will really get you thinking.

7.  Exorbitant Cost

Check in your area how much money your utility want to charge you for not getting a Smart Meter.

Our charges in Michigan were really high and our Attorney General pressured the utilities to reduce their fees, which they did.

Now, our utility wants about $69 to opt out of the Smart Meter program, plus $9.72 a month.


Come on.

About $120 a year for something I don’t want, that:
– puts my family at risk for health issues
– is a fire hazard
– violates my privacy
– doesn’t seem to really save any money (in other words, it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do)
– puts our personal safety at risk
– violates the Constitution plus legal and human rights issues
– has overpriced fees associated with not taking it

Sounds familiar.


Whatever it is, it isn’t right and I don’t want it.

Next, I’ll share with you what happened when I called our local electric company and told them that I didn’t want their “Smart Meter”.

Seriously, I think I’ll call it a “Dumb Meter” or “Invasive Meter” or “Cancer Causing Big Brother Technology Doohickey”.

That last one has a good ring to it, dontcha think :)?

So now the questions are:

1.  I don’t want a Smart Meter.  What should I do next?

2.  I have a Smart Meter already. What can/should I do?

I am going to tackle all of these questions, including:
– sharing with you what happened to me when I contacted my local electric utility and told them I didn’t want a Smart Meter
– what I have done about Smart Meters coming to my neighborhood
– what I am planning to do

I hope you all will help get the word out. Even if you have a Smart Meter installed, it’s not too late.

I’ll have more ways you can get involved in future posts so make sure to sign up for email delivery of my posts so you don’t miss anything.

Sign up here!

More on Smart Meters:

For Part Two: Smart  Meters Are Coming to YOUR Neighborhood. What Should You Do?

What do you think?
Are you worried?
Are “Smart Meters” smart?

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  1. Nancy Simmonds says:

    Thanks for this post, Adrienne. They are on our street today and we have called DTE telling them we do not want our meter switched out…that we want to keep our analog meter. We told them that what they are doing is against our will. My husband is standing outside waiting for the guy so he can tell them we refuse the installation of a Smart Meter. Yes, we have opted out, but we do not want the unactivated meter installed and we do not want to pay for opting out! We are at a loss as to what to do!

    • Nice. I am going to post what I am doing soon. I am still working on it but you might want to print one of these off for now. http://www.gotofino.com/stopsmartmeterstofinoucluelet.html I did this and took a photo of my meter w/ it on there. This is all a work in progress. I am trying to get info out as fast as I can…..hang in there. They can come when you aren’t home either.

      • Nancy Simmonds says:

        Thanks, Adrienne! We actually contacted a local politician who is now helping us with this. He gave us a contact who will come to our house and install a guard/lock box on our analog meter. We have been told to stop the electric company man (contracted out) from installing the Smart Meter and ask to be put on the “delay list”, that we are refusing the new meter and are in litigation with DTE Energy. We are to then tell him to leave our property because he is trespassing or we will call the police. In the meantime, our lock box will be installed, along with a legal sign attached/secured with a warning against removing or tampering with our personal property. I have received several documents from the man who will install our lock box regarding our constitutional rights to refuse. I think we are involved more than we want, but may not have a choice in this. I will not pay for something I am not getting or do not want…I’m so sick of this! Btw, we are in Michigan near Detroit…

        • Nancy Simmonds says:

          Btw, Adrienne, we were told by our politician to not put any signs on the meter or house about this until we get our lock box installed… I’m not sure about putting up the sign on the website link you gave me. What do you think??? Is this legal???

          • You mean they said not to put a no trespassing sign up until you got locked protection on your meter?

            • Nancy Simmonds says:

              Adrienne, a politician friend of ours just left our house and he talked with us for at least an hour. He brought a sign for us to attach to the padlock we will put on the Meter box until we can get a guard/lock box installed (that will be done this Friday!). This sign sites laws they will be breaking if they cut off our padlock. It stopped the company from putting the new meter on his house, so we feel safe with this. He gave us the number for the company that is actually installing the Smart Meters in our area and told us to tell them we want to be put on their “delay list” because we are “in negotiations” with with DTE Energy so nothing is to be done right now. Then we are to tell them that if anyone from their company shows up, they will be trespassing and we will call the police. Once the guard/lock box is installed, that has a special secure sign that will also be legal. He will be sending me a form letter to send to that company, DTE, along with our representatives, including our police department that will inform them of how they are breaking the law and violating our constitutional rights. I think we may be a part of a class-action law suit, but believe we are a long way from that right now. I just want them to stay off my property!!!

        • Have you seen this site? http://michiganstopsmartmeters.com/ and http://www.smartmetereducationnetwork.com/

          And did you hear about the lawsuits going on in our state? I believe there are a few. I need to find out and get on board. Let’s stay in touch!

          • Nancy Simmonds says:

            Adrienne, I did see the second link a couple of days ago, but not the first one…thanks! I will look at that. Right now, I have 6 documents sent to me by the man that will be installing our guard/lock box and am trying to sift thru all that…one of them is a court case and is about 15 pages long… :-( I’m going to sift thru this stuff, but tend to get quite overwhelmed to the point to illness so I have to be cautious… :-)

            • May I ask who is installing your guard? You can email me direct if you like. wholenewmom at gmail. I have a good reason to ask. There is a faulty guard issue going on in MI right now.

  2. Bernette Todd says:

    We have had one of these for a year now, before that we had to do our own meter reading and call it in every month. While this is one less thing I have to remember to do I feel our electric bill has increased quite a bit.

  3. Jennifer says:

    All of this is a crock of **** lol. Not sure where you got your “facts” from but you might want to check them

    • Hi Jennifer. Could you please tell me what exactly you disagree with and if you wouldn’t mind, please refrain from using profanity in your comments. I do have a son who helps on my blog and I would so appreciate that.

      It’s not a real argument to just insult the writer – you need to point out what you disagree with. Thanks and I look forward to hearing back from you.

  4. Tabatha S says:

    Good luck to you, I understand exactly how frustrating this battle is. I fought it with my utility last year (Water in SE MI) and lost. They were ready to turn off my water and had done this to other residents. Contact Michiganstopsmartmeters.com if you haven’t already, he is super helpful and up to date on these cases. Start writing your reps and our state attorney, in fact it’s been awhile, I will mail some letters this week too. Here’s a link to my petition/story: http://www.change.org/petitions/james-r-fouts-mayor-of-warren-mi-stop-bullying-residents-allow-an-opt-out-option-from-smart-water-meters

    I’m not looking forward to going rounds with DTE when the time comes.

  5. I’m sorry I read this. I knew they wouldn’t help me but I didn’t think they would hurt me. Call me naive I pinned and shared on FB. I will sign up for your newsletter so I can learn what you learn.
    Thanks, I guess.

  6. Silly me. I already subscribe. Must have missed this post; I found this article on someone’s Pin board.

  7. marierose shepard says:

    a) How can I make sure the Electric Company tells me THE TRUTH what kind of meter I have on my home wall ?
    b) What do they (“Smart vs. safe meters) look like!?

    • The analog meter is on this post and the smart meter is on the 2nd post about smart meters.

      I don’t know if you can make sure. You need to see what they look like but an “opt out” meter is a smart meter still.

  8. “Now, our utility wants about $69 to opt out of the Smart Meter program, plus $9.72 a month.”

    Here in British Columbia we are being charged $33.60 per month to retain our analog meters. That represents an almost 100% increase in our personal hydro rates. We are told that our retention of analog meters is temporary and BC Hydro has every intention of forcing everyone to have their cheap, flammable meters that last a fraction of the time of the analog meters …and cost more than triple of the price of our glass and steel analog meter…..but are great at recording individual customer information…. for possible resale? We are not impressed but it would appear the democracy our forefathers fought and died to protect is in fact dying too.

    • Ugh. That is terrible. Who has told you that BC Hydro is going to force this on you? And you are saying that the meter will cost triple the amount? Are they making you pay for it? I am very very concerned about how our freedom is dying here. We have a republic, however – not a true democracy. Either way, it isn’t working.

  9. You can be cut for non payment and by not paying your opt a out billing charges and your monthly charges. You charged a meter reading charge every month to cover the cost of sending out a meter reader. Now companies would love you to just call in your read every month however bad apples spoil the bunch and lie not giving the company true meter readings to lower they’re monthly charges. You post is informative but pls don’t tell people they eon have the service cut if they don’t pay the charges because they can be

    • Hi there. Sorry for responding late. I have been swamped. Did I say that they couldn’t have the service cut? Sorry but I couldn’t make out the meaning of the last part of your comment.

  10. Barbara S Mueller says:

    I live in a condo I own.. Our City of San Antonio utility company, CPS, is rapidly installing smart meters throughout its service area 740,000 last count! At this writing, we at the condo still have our old (and safe) analog meters. There are five analogs in a row 9′ from my pillow. I’m not only concerned about myself, but for the 105 residents in 19 buildings here, who have multiple meters on their building too. One building has 7 meters on one wall.
    There are up to 17 new meters in a row on one building.in the public housing projects! And in a subdivision about ten miles north where literally thousands of new apartments have been built, there are 12 and more smart meters on their individual buildings!
    I bought this condo to live here the rest of my life. I moved in when I was 51I and lived here now 19 years. I don’t want a smart meter near me.
    I know that condos, apartments and public housing all will be looked at inmasse like no one cares, and no one will stop them. What can I do?
    My condo board has voted unanimously to refuse the installation of pulsing radiation-emitting meters but the utility states publicly that analogs will be phased out for everybody and analogs will be “no more.”

    • Ugh. This is very very frustrating. I don’t know what to do. I still don’t have a smart meter. Have you gotten in touch w anyone nearby who can help you in this fight?

  11. We have had them installed in British Columbia canada. Since then almost everyone’s bills have gone from around 150.00 per month to about 400.00 to 500.00 per month. It’s such a rip off. I think one of the other provinces has ordered all smart meters removed because of the fire risks

  12. I have a smart meter on my house but didn’t even know it. I live in PA. My electric bill tripled this month so I called to find out why. Nothing has changed in my household. It just my husband and myself. Weather has not been too cold yet. We built this house and lived in this house house 20 years now. Raised two kids in this house. My highest electric bill was never over $200.00. Summer months it runs around $100.00. Cold winter months it might go up around $200.00 max. This month Nov. it was almost $400.00. Like I said it wasn’t even cold yet. We run gas heat, gas hot water, gas dryer , gas stove. No pool or hot tub. It’s a simple 3 bedroom bi-level. She did a basic analysis of our home on the phone and told us our elec should run between $400 and $600.00 a month!!!! She must be on crack. I told her I want someone to come and check my smart meter and she said they will for a fee!
    Was told by PP&L it must be a bad appliance not running efficient. I said maybe it’s your meter not running efficient. She told me that does not happen. So my appliances can go bad but not their smart meters. She said their meters can run slow or stop running all together but they never run high!!! Really!!!
    We are all getting ripped off by these electric companies using these smart meters!

    • How terrible! You should contact the smart meter people in your area and do something. This is horrible. I have heard of some cities banning them so I think it can be done.

  13. Justin Pollock says:

    Your article is really over the top. I think you should try and be less “out there” and biased. Its really extremely evident.

    • Hi Justin. What exactly do you think is “over the top” with the article. And as far as bias goes, everyone has a bias. Are you not biased that smart meters are fine? I’d love to hear your thoughts….

  14. I’m writing to tell you to calm down and breathe a little. Smart meters are not safer or more dangerous than analog meters. The emfs produced are no greater than what is produced by cellphones, the computer you used to type this article, or frankly, the conductors in your house carrying electricity.

    As for a Smart meter being a fire hazard? This is simply uninformed. One type of meter is no dangerous than the other, voltage however is another story. If your house is served with a 480v service, the amount of fault current available is extremely dangerous. The vast majority of residiential houses have 120-240v service entrances, which are much safer than 480v. If a short occurs inside your house, fuses or circuit breakers should protect your house. If a short occurs in your meter, usually the meter stops working, and you may see loss of power. This is not always the case, rarities occur, but I’ve never heard of a fire actually being caused by a meter failing. I’ve heard of fires from improperly installed meters, as in single phase meters installed in three phase installations.

    I understand about the risks to privacy, but you overestimate the power of these smart meters. All the meter will see is load. Volts times amps over a period of time. It will not be able to sense what’s in your refrigerator, or what certain appliance is on, or what show you’re watching. (Which is tracked by your cable/satellite provider anyways) If you are concerned about communication between your smart meter and smart appliances, don’t buy those appliances. Are meters hackable? Well sure, but most meters must be physically accessed by the hacker, so, if you see anyone outside that’s not the electric company fiddling with your meter, you should call the law.

    As for saving the customer money, this comes from action from the customer. With AMR most companies are measuring TOU(time of use) and you are billed according to kilowatt hours used On Peak and Off Peak. On Peak having more cost than Off Peak. Looking at your bill you can see what times are which, and the amount if usage in each time frame. With this, you can move your usage by doing more things during Off Peak time, i.e. washing clothes and dishes, turning thermostat up or down depending on the season and so on.

    Last but not least you mention cost. I can tell you, $120 a year, won’t buy that smart meter, nor will it pay for the installer’s wage, nor for the installation of the infrastructure. On top of that, you may want to check if it’s legal to lock the utility out from THEIR meter. In most systems you own the service entrance, not the meter.

    I’m sure you will have rebuttals, but as an informed and trained system electrician I wanted to bring some “light” to the subject.

    • Hi Graham. There is a lot of information about smart meters and their radiation issues. And the fire issues. Even if the EMFs are only the same as cell phones, adding more and more makes some people very sick.

      From what I have read, there are different people saying different things about the radiation. Here is one source that looks reputable that is very concerned about the levels coming out of the smart meters. http://www.electrosmogprevention.org/public-health-alert/smart-meters-radiation-exposure-up-to-160-times-more-than-cell-phones-hirsch/

      What do you think about that?

      Also, you can turn off your cell phone and your microwave (I stopped using mine) and yet you can’t turn off the smart meter, so it’s a problem.

      As for the fires, I have read articles that state that the risk is increased so I would need to look into that more.

      As for privacy, apparently you are incorrect accordingly to this article on Bloomberg. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-06-10/your-outlet-knows-how-smart-meters-can-reveal-behavior-at-home-what-we-watch-on-tv.html Could you tell me if you still think what I said is incorrect?

      And it is getting harder and harder to not buy energy star / smart appliances, which I assume you know to be true.

      And I have heard of more and more people (some of them have commented here) about how after the installation of the smart meters, their bills have increased dramatically. So I don’t know what else to say about that.

      I find it very interesting that the utilities are willing to install the smart meter for free, but want money for us to keep what we have, when we can log our usage by internet. Seems very backwards to me indeed.

      I had a very interesting conversation w/ a local utility employee about why I needed to pay the opt out fee. 1 reason cited was that I am not participating in lower costs. I assure you that my bills are quite low. We use very little power compared to other families so I don’t need any more coercion.

      I don’t mean to be argumentative but I think you are wrong. I am, however, happy to respond if you have more points to make. I for sure am no expert nor am I an electrician so please let me know what you think.


  15. When they installed smart meters in my rural neighborhood in Texas the pain was so bad it would literally make me scream. Eventually it subsided some. I moved to an even more rural area because there are no cell towers within 4.5 miles and only 2 anywhere near here. There are only two meters within visual distance. My health consistently improved for over a year and I started being able to be sleepy before midnight.

    Then suddenly sinus headaches came back. The Tinnitus I always have in my left ear got really loud (sounds like the noise you hear when you hold a sea shell to your head. I never have Tinnitus in my right ear, but a steady whistle started and progressively got louder. The pressure behind my left eye is really bad. I wake up with dry mouth.

    This house already had a digital meter, but it didn’t have FCC on it and it didn’t flash like the “smart’ meters do. We should call them ‘torture meters’ or maybe even ‘death meters’. Fortunately, my room is the furthest from the meter. I wondered why my symptoms were progressively getting worse again instead of continuing to improve. Friday they switched out the meters for a ‘smart meter’ on another frequency.

    That night I couldn’t get to sleep until 5:30 a.m. then slept all day Saturday and then last night never got to sleep. After daylight I finally went out and unplugged the router and phone and got some sleep. I’ve tried covering the meters with window screen wired to the box. I hope they still transmit enough to measure electricity for the bill, but not so much that I get worse.

    No one should use wireless phones (2.4ghz), wi-fi, microwaves, baby monitors, wireless security systems or anything else wireless. If you don’t believe me, go to YouTube and search for EMF and the device to see the readings people have taken.

    If you can’t go to sleep until the wee hours, or are always tired, or have pain anywhere you need to minimize exposure as much as possible. I’ve done what I can. I unplug everything that I’m not using at that moment. There is no power to the outlets on 3/4 of the room or overhead. Sometimes I even unplug everything in the entire room just to get some decent sleep. My next stop will be to sleep in a tent or building or camper that doesn’t have any electricity in it. Or move to a wireless-free zone. There is at least one in the U.S. near an observatory of some kind; there might be others.

    P.S. Thanks for using the GASP (anti-spambot) plugin named after my blog. Small world.

    • Wow. That’s horrible. I am looking at devices to minimize the EMFs and am hoping to hard wire my computers soon. We never use our microwave and are done w/ baby monitors. I use a lower EMF phone so I am glad about that and don’t hold my cell to my ear.

      Have you looked at some devices to help you?

      And I think you and I talked on the phone a number of years ago = in fact I think I have emails in my inbox from you :). Good to hear from you again.