How We Avoided Antibiotics – Escape From the Pink Stuff

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Fever, ear pain, waking in the middle of the night.  It's an ear infection.  What do you do?


This past week, our youngest had a really rough time.  Really rough.

He'd had a virus (it's been a really rough winter and early spring with viruses, hasn't it?) and seemed completely recovered.  Then suddenly one night, out of nowhere, he started complaining that his ear hurt.  He even started crying, then got a little more upset, and said, “I wish I were an animal — because then I wouldn't have to feel this.”

When we explained to him that even animals feel pain he said, “Then I wish I were a brick.”

No kidding.  It was funny and I turned my head and laughed, but I was aching inside wishing that I could have taken the pain away from him.

I tried one natural remedy, knowing that I couldn't do much else for him besides dose him with artificial color-laden pain reliever (I didn't give it to him) — and rocked him to sleep.  He fell asleep fast and slept all the way through the night, so the pain must have subsided quickly.  Thank God.  (Otherwise, I would have given him the pain reliever while wishing I'd bought the dye-free kind :-(.)

The sight the next morning was pretty hideous–dried blood coated the inside of his ear and came down his earlobe a bit.  His eardrum had ruptured.

I checked the internet, looking for answers….nothing much to do but wait for it to heal and maybe get his physician to look at it.

Called the doctor.  Left a message.  Knew they'd want to see him and prescribe the dreaded pink stuff.  But mom wants peace of mind that her baby is OK and isn't going to end up deaf.

The doctor called back but I missed the call because hubby was on the phone dealing with a sump pump problem — The call went to the voicemail abyss.

My “baby” had a low grade fever that came and went.  He was pretty wiped out.  So I fought it, with the strength of a Mama Bear who doesn't want any unnecessary meds going into her little one.

Why the fuss?  We all know about antibiotics and the problem with over-prescribing and antibiotic resistance. My mom, bless her heart, gave me enough antibiotics for the entire state of Michigan.  And then some.  That's a lot of why I now deal with the health issues that plague me.  My kids have likely inherited my weaknesses, so I seek to strengthen their bodies as much as possible.

I contacted the natural medical practitioner that we are working with on our family's health.  She recommended pushing two Chinese herb blends (Yin Chiao and Coptis Purge Fire that fight infection and illness.

But they taste icky.  Really icky.  I tried to cover the taste with carob, stevia, and other sweeteners, but my little one cringed when he tasted it and could barely get it down.  Ugh.

We fought the bug for 2 days.  And it appeared that we had won.

Until the dreaded fever returned and spiked to 102.

Onto the doctor's office.  And got — the script.  Doctor said of course, he would give the meds, but it was up to me what to do — and he was fine if I decided to see where things went in the next day or two.

So onto the grocery store pharmacy with sick kid in tow and a 30 minute wait for something that I didn't even want.  But it was Friday and you know what that means — There I would sit, vulnerable over the weekend to maybe have your kid's fever hit 103 and have no antibiotics. No thanks.

Home.  My son fell asleep sitting up on the sofa while looking at a book.

One long nap.

Some prayers and some worrying.

Tried the Chinese herb sludge again.  No way was he taking that.**

Mind racing—how can I help him without the meds?  Worrying that I'd demonized the drugs beyond what I should have, I tried one more thing: HOMEMADE SALINE WASH (I use the Neilmed Sinus Rinse Kit) with a drop of colloidal silver and a drop of grapefruit seed extract.

Offensive stuff came out of his nostrils.  Lots of it.  No wonder his eardrum had burst.

Next morning, same nose rinse.  Same stuff came out.  Very unpleasant–but to this mom's eyes there was something beautiful about this yucky mess.  (Amazing what bodily fluids we can handle when they are our child's, isn't it:-)?)

Fever  — gone.

Mom — relieved.

Child — better.

Pink bottle — unopened.

Free antibiotics



One small victory for natural mothering.

**There is a pleasant tasting version of one of the herbal blends I used that you might want to try.  I am going to order it and have it in my home from now on, instead of trying to get the carob/herb sludge down a sick child :-).  It's more expensive, but live and learn.

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 How Have You Successfully Avoided Antibiotics?

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  1. You probably should have given your kid the antibiotic prior to his eardrum rupturing, that way his tympanic membrane would still be one piece and there would be less risk of future complications. Once the tympanic membrane is ruptured the infection will resolve naturally as there is now a portal for the infection to leave the body. This is not ideal however, as it leaves the child at much greater risk in the future. Of course when you do a sinus rinse stuff will come out, but this is not bacteria or viruses, its the mucus, macrocytes, phagocytes and other components of the blood that have mobilized to fight the infection.

    Antibiotic resistance is obviously a concern, but withholding an antibiotic for fear of antibiotic resistance is dangerous. If your child attends school or daycare they are already harboring antibiotic resistant organisms, and without prompt treatment with an appropriate antibiotic, these bugs are even harder to fight.

    • Hello Sara. I appreciate your concern. As noted in the post I was in touch w/ the doctor. I’m sure you are aware that most ear infections clear up on their own and that doctors are not prescribing antibiotics for them as much any longer as a result.

      My child doesn’t and has never attended school or daycare so that is not a concern for me. But I am also concerned about gut health and antibiotics, a concern that our physician shares.

      Thanks for reading and for commenting!