10 Things You NEED TO KNOW About Essential Oils BEFORE You Buy

Wondering about essential oils? I sure was. Get this guide to buying the best essential oils from a mom blogger who dug deep into the industry to find out what's really going on. Fascinating information including some real debunking that saved me a ton of time and money.


Everyone is talking about essential oils these days.

People are claiming all kinds of things about them, that they…

– help you lose weight
– heal diseases
– remove harmful bacteria from your home
– can eliminate mold

and on and on.

I was a complete skeptic about whether essential oils really worked or not, but I ended up trying some and realized that they really work.

I guess I shouldn't have been too surprised–I mean, people used natural substances for years to treat many ailments.

So why wouldn't they still work today?

Anyhow, I signed up with a direct sales essential oils company and started using the oils for various things–mostly with success.

But I kept wondering…..

Was I really buying the best essential oils?

Were the oils I had really pure?

I was spending a bunch of money on them–did I HAVE to spend that much?

What about all the other companies out there that said their essential oils were also pure and “therapeutic grade”?

I didn't what to think.

I started reading a lot and asking a bunch of questions–to the point that my head spun.  But I learned a lot.

I'm not an expert for sure, but I do know a lot more than I knew when I started on this journey, and I love sharing what I learn.

Just like you–I don't like throwing money away when I can get something cheaper that's just as good–or better.

I want to know the truth.

Before you spend any more of your money on essential oils, read this FREE REPORT – 10 Things You NEED to Know About Essential Oils Before You Buy.

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  1. Hello, I’ve tried signing up for this post and your newsletter twice now. It has been almost a week and I still have not received any information. I’ve made sure to check my junk mail too.

  2. Please research miracles essential oil

  3. Curious to know if this brand is good to use? I’ve never done the essential oils…my son’s been sick since starting daycare and I don’t want to loaf him on pharmaceuticals…
    Healing Solutions
    Best Blends Set of 6 100% Pure, Best Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil

  4. Hi can you check to see if the oils used with the Ellia diffuser are organic? The box indicates it’s 100% therapeutic grade, not sure what that means.

  5. Hello,
    My daughter is interested in making lip balm and lip scrubs. Some of the recipes that she is creating requires essential oils. Being as though these products will be put on the lips do you suggest she use essential oils or pure oils. I want them to be as safe as possible.

    • I’m not sure I understand your question. If you are going to be using essential oils you want them to be pure. There is a lot of nonsense going on in the oils industry, so be careful where you buy them from.

    • I’m not an expert, but before she does anything make sure she has a good carrier oil And to make sure the essential oil can be ingested. Being a lip balm/scrub , people lick their lips..so it will probably be ingested to a point. Some are safe in small amounts. If you have a health food store near you, pop in their…many people that work at a local health food store have some awesome tips and can help you in making sure your daughter gets an essential oil that will work. This sounds really fun !

  6. Have you looked at Epegentic labs organic essential oils? They only have a limited amount of oils but all are 100 percent organic and gmo free.,

  7. What do you think of Miracle Essential Oils. I am new to oils and I am still trying to learn. So far I love what I have tried. Most purchases have been made from Young Living.

    • Hi there. I don’t believe that I saw that they did GC/MS testing – have you seen that? I only work w/ companies that test every batch. There is too much adulterating going on. I will be writing about more companies in the future.

  8. Not sure how “easily” one could take any oil to the chemist and confirm, but that’s a good point. I wrote to them again about this topic (using your comments above). We’ll see what they say. Would this be better to take to email rather than back and forth here about one company? You have my email from when I comment, so please feel free to switch communication methods if you’d like.

    • You just call the chemist. I have done it. Not about oils but about other products that I had a concern about. You are welcome to email if you like if you feel you would prefer. I will respond as I am able. Thanks.

  9. Wow, even more confusing looking than I thought it would be. NO IDEA what I’m looking for – so hopefully you can make heads or tails of EG’s report and determine if they are a good pure oil source! Thanks.

    • I don’t see a signature on there – do you?

      • This is the response I got when I wrote them:

        We take great pride in offering the highest quality available. All our oils are 100% pure therapeutic grade oils. They are accepted to be used by naturopaths, aromatherapists and natural practitioners. We have chosen to not add any bases, carriers, parafins, additives, etc to any of our oils. No pesticides, synthetic chemicals, herbicides, gmos, harmful chemicals or natural fertilizers are ever used during any stage of the growing or distillation process. All USDA food/product safety guidelines are strictly followed by our suppliers. This is very important to us and something we do not compromise on.

        We also do GC (gas chromatography) tests on each of our oils, which are available on each product page. This will give the breakdown of the naturally occurring components found in any given oil. At this time we are not able to give the name of the chemist or the company for non-disclosure agreements, but that is something we are working on getting soon!

        Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns.

        • I see. I have been told that you really have to have that on the GC/MS test so that if a customer has a concern about the report then that person can speak with the chemist.

          • Also, this is something to think about. If the GC/MS test has the chemists signature, you could easily take it to that chemist and confirm if it has been altered or not. If it doesn’t have the chemist signature on it, then you don’t have that option.

  10. I read with enthusiasm the EO blog! I have been using Eden’s Garden for a while now, but am very curious what your finding was on their oils. Their website sounds like they are pure, but one never really knows. The prices are good and their mission statement is one I like. Your thoughts would be appreciated!

  11. Hi,
    I’ve been trying to find out who makes EO that can be ingested and just came across your research article wow….I’ll be spending some time reading. Did you cover the info I’m looking for? I sure hope so with all the companies and choices it is overwhelmingly confusing and not something to make a mistake or being mislead about.
    Thanks for working so heard for those of use who can’t spend such time.
    Keep up the good work,
    blessings Holly

    • Hello Holly.

      Thanks for reading and commenting. Actually you are simply looking for pure oils. I do not recommend taking oils internally unless under the care of a professional. Consult a Medical Doctor, Naturopath, or clinically trained Aromatherapist who knows you and is aware of your medical history, as well as any medications you are taking. With this information, the professional can tailor a regimen that works for your body.

      That being said, I do my best to only recommend companies with pure oils. I hope that helps!

      • I’m new on here. Trying to figure out how to post and speak to you or anyone. Thanks for all your research. I’ve been using Plant Therapy. Was going to try something new. Have used a bit of DoTerra but was interested in selling and using. I usually don’t participate in a pyramid thing but EO are expensive and if I can help people at the same time it is a win win for me. Do you have any advice to where to start. Or should I just stick w personal use and if so which is best for buck?

  12. Have you checked NOW oils out? If so what your thoughts on them?
    Asking cause have quite few places I can found them locally without having order them on line. Which like. Plus they seem reasonably priced for amount oil can get.

    Thank you, for writing this up.
    I have cousin who really tries push young living oil. She throws out word Therapeutic grade. Try sale you on their oils. From what I’ve read no way test oils for this.
    But know what’s thoughts on Now oils.

    Thanks again for all your research on these oils.

  13. Julie Campbell says:

    I wish I would’ve come across your blog before I placed my order yesterday with Plant Therapy. I’ve been using Young Living oils for the past six months and like the results; however, one thing which struck odd with me was their “seed to seal” claim. For a time they were offering Blue Tansy oil. I was told this flower was only grown on the hills of Moroccan mountains, exclusively and any other form of growing was “illegal”. So I did a little research, clearly not as much as you, thank you by the way, and found some positive articles on Plant Therapy. I called and spoke with a few of there representatives and they seemed knowledgeable while answering all of my questions. It was particularly intrigued by the fact Robert Tisserand helped develop their children’s line. I was surprised Plant Therapy was not included in your research. Rocky Mountain was one of the others of which I found good positive feedback. One of the deciding factors for me was Plant Therapy offered Frankincense frereana, which is supposed to aid in scar therapy, Over the past two years I’ve had 8 surgeries and have many scars. I’m also a breast cancer survivor so I purchased the Frankincense carteri as well for the cancer fighting properties (this is what I was using from Young Living along with the Lavender). The choice of sizes they offer are great, you don’t have to purchase as often. In any case, you have my attention and I look forward to keeping abreast of your current research. In the meantime if you have any advice on Plant Therapy you’d like to share it would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards, Julie

    • Hi Julie. Welcome!

      So much is going on here you came at a good time. I’m actually talking to other companies right now to offer more choices to my readers and Plant Therapy is on the list. RMO is great but they are not indicating growing methods currently on their new site and many of my readers want organic so I’m doing more digging. For now I can wholeheartedly recommend Neal’s Yard Remedies for organic / sustainable oils. I hope to be back soon!

  14. Amber Bonevich says:

    I had considered purchasing a dotera or YL kit just to get started with a good variety of oils for an affordable price, and however after reading your posts I am hesitant to do so. Is there another company that offers anything as a starter kit of sorts you would recommend.

  15. Thank you! I did make a couple purchases last night thru your website for NYR products. Can’t wait to try them. And yes I will be contacting you in the future for saving money! Thank you for all your research I really appreciate it

    • You are so welcome! I am excited to hear what you think. You ordered some of my favorites. I would love to hear what you think about the hand cream! I am going to order the Hand Lotion soon. I can’t get enough of it. Well, actually I love a lot of their scents. The Citrus is lovely too. My youngest gets the sweetest happy face when he smells it.

  16. I have found some NYR products on Amazon. Are these truly NYR products? And if so do you know if it is true that they may be close to expiration or possibly bad batch or something silly like that. That’s just what people tell me when buying off amazon. ? Thanks in advance.

    • Hello Terry. I would not purchase NYR off of Amazon. I will alert the company. I have seen things like that in the past and often if you read the comments there are people complaining about the quality or that they never got their products, etc. It is illegal to do that. I’d be more than happy to help you with savings if you contact me at adrienne {at} wholenewmom {dot} com.

  17. I simply want to say thank you so very much for the endless hours you have put into researching the various EO companies. I ‘binged’ for which companies were truly organic and came to your page. Thank you for your honesty in ‘journalism.’ Pay no mind to naysayers. If they believe their company is the best. So be it. I will be signing up for your newsletter, after this post. Once, again, Thank you. And keep moving onward. Blessings…

    • Thank you so much, Jann. I appreciate you signing up and hope to see you around again. I’m working hard on the oils thing again now – hoping to do another post on the company I chose and hope to include other companies too.

      Are you looking only for certified organic oils or organically grown?

      • Hi, is Rocky Mountain Oils both certified AND organically grown?

        • Hello there. Some of their oils are organically grown and some are not. Since they did their site upgrade the growing methods are gone so they are figuring out how best to list that. If the oils are organic, apparently they would have to certify them as well in order to list them as such so they are sorting out the best way to list whether an oils plants were grown organically or wild-crafted, etc. I hope that helps – please feel free to ask if you have more questions. They are pure, however, and you can get the GC/MS test for any bottle of oil that you purchase, just by typing in the batch code on their site.

  18. Can you recommend a good Canadian EO company i just can’t afford American oils. After the bad exchange rate, shipping and duty it ends up costing way too much 🙁

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