3-Ingredient Buckwheat Galettes (Buckwheat Pancakes) with vegan option

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These Buckwheat Pancakes (or Wraps) are made with only 3 ingredients and come together lickety-split. They're gluten-free with a vegan option, and they freeze well!

One of the biggest challenges to being a gluten-free family is having affordable bread alternatives around so you can easily throw together a quick meal or a snack.  We regularly enjoy our Flax Bread, but it's a little boring to have the same thing over and over again.  This Buckwheat Pancake Recipe is another great option to add to your gluten-free recipe box.

This Buckwheat Galette Recipe (that's the real term for these flat cakes) is one recipe in our home that has become a staple.  They make a great gluten free wrap that is so much less expensive than those “priced through the roof” wraps in health food stores.

They mix up quickly and simply, store well, travel well and are a super flexible background for meals and quick snacks.  And they freeze well.

And my kids love them.

Hope you do too:-).

I found this recipe a number of years ago on Whole Approach, a super helpful site for anyone dealing with candida.  Candida, if you aren't familiar with it, is a systemic overgrowth of candida yeast in one's body.

It is typically associated with the overuse of antibiotics and eating too much sugar and starches.

My oldest son and I figured out that we were dealing with severe candidiasis and as a result went off sugars, most fruits, and gluten and my hunt for recipes that would help us in our quest for health began.

Well, getting well and feeding a family whole foods can take time so I just loved it when I found out how easy these little French pancakes / crepe like breads are.  Less time in the kitchen makes for a happier mama and a more peaceful family.

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What is a Galette?

Traditionally, galettes are a round, freeform crusty cake.  But this recipe is more of a crepe (Breton galette) that French bakeries serve with fillings (source).

Now, I know, a lot of you who follow this blog know that I have recently put my oldest son on a grain-free diet.  That hasn't changed. (Update: we go on and off being grain-free.  Depends on the practitioner we are working with and how much we think a certain diet is helping or not.)

And I am on an almost grain-free diet.  But there are still two others in my household and we haven't all gone grain-free….so for now, at least, you will be seeing a mix of both grain-containing and grain-free recipes.

And technically, buckwheat isn't a grain – it's a seed. But it's still heavy in starch.

To reduce the starch and increase the protein content of the wraps, sprout the buckwheat first.

Serving Suggestions for Buckwheat Pancakes / Galettes:

1.  Plain

Eat these buckwheat pancakes just as is!

2.  Like a Sandwich

Spread with sandwich fixin's like nut butter, either plan or with jam or sweetener of choice.  Top with another pancake and eat like a sandwich.  Here's how to make Homemade Nut Butter.

3.  Like a Wrap

Spread with a thin layer of your favorite filling and roll up and eat like a wrap.  (The top photo is filled with scrambled eggs, tomatoes and peppers.)  We've filled them with this Sesame-free Hummus at times.  Yum!

4.  Ice Cream Filled Dessert

Fill your buckwheat pancakes with ice cream (like this Chocolate Almond Chip Ice Cream…our favorite!) and drizzle w/ chocolate sauce.  Umm….I hear it calling my name now!  What a simple, elegant dessert!

5. Traditional Method

Technically, you are supposed to make a fairly large galette and place filling in the middle and fold the outer edges up as in the above photo.  But this recipe is going to produce a slightly different product.

Buckwheat Pancakes


These buckwheat pancakes will hold together fairly well as a wrap, but not perfectly.  I hope to work on another wrap recipe or two for later.

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3-Ingredient Buckwheat Galettes (Buckwheat Pancakes) with vegan option

Serves 10 large galettes     adjust servings



  1. Mix flour and salt in a large bowl.
  2. Add water gradually by adding in ? - ½ of the total amount each time, stirring well after each addition.
  3. Add the egg or substitute.
  4. Cover batter and refrigerate for 1-2 hours (optional. I've, opted not to do this when I am in a hurry. For best nutrition, soak the buckwheat mixture prior to adding the egg.)
  5. Ladle batter onto a prepared skillet, greased as necessary.
  6. Cook until galette starts to brown.
  7. Flip galette over and cook on the other side.


Recipe Notes

You can soak the flour and liquid overnight as well, and the pancakes will turn out quite a bit thicker. See How and Why to Soak Grains.
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What do you think you would fill your Buckwheat Pancakes with? 

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  1. Wasted a box of rude health buckwheat. Crumbled but then worse….too much salt. I regret not reading the comments. Thanks for wasting my time and energy.

    • Hi there. I’m sorry you had a bad experience. What is rude health buckwheat? Perhaps the kind of buckwheat you used it the problem? I would appreciate your not claiming that I wasted your time and energy when perhaps you chose the wrong ingredient? I’ve had my fair share of recipes not work well even when I used the right ingredients. Let me know.

  2. This recipe sucked. Made my own flour and it crumbled in the pan. What a waste! I was excited to have something different and different it was. ?

    • Hi Vennessa. How strange. I never had that happen. What did your batter look like before you cooked them and what kind of buckwheat did you use?

  3. Great, simple recipe. I’ve been on a detox and feel great but I felt like having some carbs. This was so quick and easy to make and it totally satisfied the need for carbs in such a tasty way
    I think I will be making them again very soon 🙂

  4. Sounds good but any way to word your recipes in a less confusing manner!?

  5. Hello,
    I am trying buckwheat flour for the same reason as yours, Candida infection. I saw you have mentioned it too. Did you get rid of it, after trying fruit-less, no sugar, diet. I am a vegetarian, who is allergic to rice and I don’t eat eggs or fish as well. I love fruits, and was thinking of taking fruit-diet and something like buckwheat and other things. Anyways, could you get rid of candida and if yes, did it reappear afterwards? I am fighting it since 2 years, don’t even know how I got it!!! :((

  6. Liz Browning says:

    Can you please help me with a gluten free sour dough mix. I am having great problems. Is there a certain ratio for feeding it with the flour and water

  7. Hi, these looks really good and easy! I was wondering, can you put these in a waffle maker? I’m wondering if I can make something crispy out of it? Thanks!

  8. Hi Adrienne!

    So I’m making my first batch. Got hulled buckwheat grouts, milled myself – skipping the soaking to compare for when I do soak the next batch. Now when I gradually add my filtered water, how should the consistency be before the 2 hour sitting period? Thick or runny? Like maybe 3 1/3 cups of water looks to be too much? 🙂 I’m using a flax egg, fyi. I’m excited for these and hope they come out as wonderful as yours did. Thank you so much.

    • Hi there!

      I never used real eggs – I used my Egg Replacer. It is a pretty runny batter. Hope that they work well for you!

      • And they are a winner! Took a few to get the cooking time right and flipping but overall turned out wonderfully. Endless possibilities with these crepes! “Delizioso” says my husband. Very pleased to finally have a sturdy “bread” for him instead of gluten pumpernickel which is the healthiest palatable bread he’ll eat. Thank you again!

  9. Hi! Can you share the type, brand of buckwheat flour you use? Do you buy hulled grouts and grind up yourself? I want to try this but have the grayish buckwheat flour and based on the forum that is not the right kind. Want to get this right cause totally need this in my vegan life!

  10. I was curious and a little concerned to try this recipe since the reviews vary so wildly.

    This is what happened to me: I used Bobs Red Mill Buckwheat. This is the original kind of buckwheat that looks greyish in the bag and when mixed with water looks dark brown/grey because the buckwheat flour still has the buckwheat hulls mixed into the flour. I’m thinking that your buckwheat must be the more highly processed variety that has the hulls removed hence the much lighter color. I think this flour version might also have something to do with the inconsistency in experience of this recipe. I followed the directions explicitly except I added 1/4 tsp baking soda to make it a little more fluffy since I used subbed egg for a flax seed egg. I let the mixture sit for over an hour. I used a large, non-stick ceramic pan (on medium-high) and poured the thinnest layer of batter I could over the bottom. It stuck to the pan and crumbled terribly when I tried to flip it. For the second one I sprayed the pan first with Trader Joe’s Coconut Oil spray and the rest of the pancakes didn’t stick.

    Final thoughts: These are OK and would make a good base for a flat savory dish to go on top of a la Ethiopian injera. However, mine do not wrap or roll. When I try to do this they actually still crumble. I’m not sure if this is due to the type of buckwheat or not. I’d love suggestions. If I could use this as a wrap I would make it again. I ate one as a pancake with maple syrup and it was not as exciting as other allergy friendly pancakes I have made in the past. Any suggestions on what to do to prevent the crumbling issue or any additional insights into the buckwheat sourcing would be nice to hear.

    • Hi there. Thanks for the thorough comment! I haven’t used the grey / brown buckwheat in this recipe and in fact, just bought some this past month, I think for the first time. Perhaps the extra fiber in the kind you used caused the issues? I checked out your site, btw – nice products!

    • I use buckwheat groat flour (yes it is hulled). Wonderful flavor!!

      • Bonnie Ballantyne says:

        I made this recipe with Bob’s Buckwheat and had wonderful results. My husband thought they were as good as the buckwheat galettes at our favorite Ft. Collins, French restaurant. This time I’m buying my buckwheat at the local bulk store. Will keep all your comments in mind. Thanks!