23 Healthy Pumpkin Recipes – gluten-free with dairy and egg-free options

 It's fall - crisp air, colored leaves, jackets, ice hockey, and -- yes, pumpkin.Not sure what it is but all of us who like to bake (and eat) really seem to gravitate towards recipes that highlight this wonderful squash.Well, for all of you pumpkin lovers out there, do I have a roundup of wonderful, whole foods recipes from all around the internet for you.  This is a revamp of ...Read The Full Post

Healthy Sugar-Free Easter Recipes Galore – Mostly Grain Free

Easter is just around the corner - and you know what that means.Yes, candy.  Chocolate.And lots of it. I know - Easter means MUCH more than candy.And we do all we can in our family to celebrate the real reason for Easter.But having a little fun with food and making some healthy Easter recipes is usually part of our celebration.When I was little, I loved those Cadbury Mini Eggs ...Read The Full Post

Seriously Tempting {and healthy} Valentine’s Treats Galore

Valentine's Day is right around the corner. That means candy and treats galore.Not great stuff to have lying around the house, right?But there is a better way.These Healthy Desserts can make this Valentine's Day one you can celebrate without blowing your healthy-eating plans. ...Read The Full Post

Healthy Super Bowl Recipes

I am typically not such a big football fan, but we love getting together with friends and hope to do it again this year. One of the biggest problems with gatherings of this sort, however, is that typically they're loaded with GMO corn chips, dips made with fake cheese, and sugar-filled desserts.In the interest of helping my family and yours have some better options, I've pulled together this ...Read The Full Post

19 Gluten and Dairy-Free Holiday Recipes

Well, Thanksgiving is almost upon us and Christmas follows soon after.If you're like me, maybe you still have a little thinking to do - about what Holiday recipes you will be making (and eating :-)!)We've been sick here so I am quite behind on Thanksgiving prep, and still hoping we will be able to enjoy Thanksgiving and dinner with our friends.Regardless, likely I will make something ...Read The Full Post

Free Gluten-Free Allergy-Friendly Mother’s Day Cookbook – Recipes by Moms for Moms

Mother's Day is right around the corner.And I have something special to help you celebrate with the mom in your life (or you can give this to your hubby or kiddos so they can make something wonderful for you.)Fabulous healthful Gluten-Free Recipes that any mom would be blessed to partake of on her special day. ...Read The Full Post

Healthy Christmas Cookies

This past week, I shared a collection of 20 Healthy Christmas Cookies.Honestly, there were so many great healthy cookie recipes to choose from, I started another collection to share.Now you really have no excuse to make this year's sweet selection one that will not add on the pounds so easily.With these wonderful healthy Christmas cookies (and a few other treats included) you and your ...Read The Full Post

20 Healthy Christmas Cookies

Christmas is a wonderful time of year, but the addition of extra unwanted pounds, and "sugar hangovers" isn't one thing that can make the season "not so bright."Today, at The Better Mom, I am sharing a collection of 20 Healthy Christmas Cookie Recipes that are guaranteed to please, and to help you avoid the unhealthy effects of a little culinary pleasure.I'd love to hear which ones "wow" ...Read The Full Post

Easy Heartfelt and Handmade Mother’s Day Gifts

Photo Copyright by Moyan BrennMother's Day typically means flowers, right?Not in my house... Unless they're wild flowers, that is :-).  The other kind costs too much and then dies.Come on over to The Better Mom to find out some of my favorite Homemade Mother's Day picks from all over the internet. I am sure you'll find something to please you or the special mother in your life.I'd ...Read The Full Post

Gourmet Chocolate Caramel Apple Recipe (sugar and dairy-free)

{I love finding ways to make healthy treats for my family to enjoy, like my Homemade White Chocolate Chips, "Almond Joy®" Bars, Homemade Protein Bars, and Chocolate Truffles, and now these Gourmet Caramel Apples from Danielle Rouse.   My kids don't feel so left out and I am glad to know that they are eating nourishing foods.    When my youngest saw the photo, he was begging me to make these ...Read The Full Post