Jojoba and Rose Water Natural Facial Cleanser

Jojoba Oil face wash

Seeds on a female jojoba bush

Would you like to make your own natural facial cleanser?  Have you heard of using oil to cleanse your face?  Today I’m going to share something that really surprised me — a Jojoba Oil Cleanser.

If you are:

  • Wondering what to use for skin care that does not put harmful chemicals into your skin?
  • Dealing with inflamed skin from rosacea or other conditions?
  • Looking for a low cost alternative to pricey organic skin care options?
  • Hoping to simplify your skin care routine?

then I have a simple and wholesome answer for you: Jojoba Oil Face Cleanser.

I found a regimen like this when I was dealing with a resurgence of rosacea. I had it so bad that I was ashamed to go out of the house. I tried numerous creams and facial products, but some of them were just purely awful (one had a green tint to it to hide the redness of the rosacea – Yuk!) and others simply did not work.

Finally, I read that rosacea can be caused by low stomach acid so I tried some Betaine Hydrochloric Acid (HCl) in supplement form and found that my rosacea disappeared almost immediately! Clearly my digestive system was involved in this problem. Later, however, I found that long term use of HCl is not necessarily a good idea and that working on the root issues with one’s digestion is a much better way to go.

That work continues to this day. Once, however, I had a slight flare up of rosacea that led me to a cleansing protocol similar to this one.  I found it on the website of an amazing skincare line, MV Skincare. The people there are amazing and their products are fabulous. Expensive, but fabulous. You may wish to check them out if your budget so affords.

The basis of this routine is jojoba oil for cleansing. It seems counter-intuitive, but there are two reasons why jojoba oil is great for cleansing:

Why Use Jojoba for Cleansing

1.  Oil attracts other oils so cleansing your face with oil really does make sense. You will be amazed at what shows up on your cotton ball at the end of the day.

2.  Jojoba oil is more similar to sebum (the oil in human skin) than is other vegetable oils.  Therefore, it is a natural for using in facial and body are routines.

Here is my version of a very simple and soothing Jojoba and Rose Water Cleansing Routine:

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That’s it!  No chemical, simple, gentle and soothing.

Want to save even more money?  Try making your own rose water spray!!

What natural skin care products have you tried?  Please let me know how this works for you! 
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  1. Kathy Lamm says:

    I’m so glad I happened upon your site! Do you think your skin care regime would help my 17 year old daughter. She is having a battle with what I consider normal teenage acne. I don’t think it’s bad but she hates it. We have tried everything from ProActive (too expensive and she says it really doesn’t work for her) to a mask using honey & cinnamon! She currently uses the OCM (using part Jojoba Oil & part castor oil)to cleanse her face at night and then just cool water in the morning. Do you have any (all natural) suggestions?

    • I tried Proactiv as a teen (and in my 20’s) too, and found it to be too harsh. I actually had quite bad acne in my 20’s.
      I am for sure not a skin expert, but I would probably not do the cool water in the morning. How about if she tries this and then you can tell me how it works. How is she doing with stress and diet? I have been doing a lot with both, especially with eating no refined foods, no sugars and focusing on healthy plant and animal products. A good probiotic would be important as well. I think the skin intersects with everything else in our body. Tell her I can identify and let me know how it goes.

  2. I have a friend that battles rosacea. I’ll have to forward this link to her.

    Thanks for linking up to Kitchen Economics.

  3. I actually have rose water in my cabinet 🙂 have been wondering what I’d do with it!
    Thanks for this tip!

  4. Oh, what a wonderful idea! I need to try this. I *always* have jojoba on hand (we’re massage therapists, and use jojoba in our office– my favorite brand is Hobacare). I’ll need to pick up some rose water– that’s going on my shopping list! I wish I’d seen this post sooner…. 🙂 Thanks!

    • I’d love to hear why you like Hobacare. I tried a new brand this time and am not quite happy with it. Thanks! Let me know what you think about the facial cleanser. I am really happy with it. The fine minutes of the warm cloth on your face is very important to the process. You’re welcome!

  5. I am interested in making natural things myself when I can, so I appreciate this article. A couple of questions for you:

    1. Why the muslin face cloths? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of that (although I sew with muslin sometimes!).
    2. Is that enough oil to remove makeup? I often “wash” my face with coconut or jojoba oil(smear a bunch of it on), and then wipe off with a wet face cloth (it works).
    3. What is the purpose of the rose water? (Is it a truly helpful step, or just a nice one, but optional?)
    4. Does the rose water smell like rose scented things? I can barely stand the scent of rose perfumes, rose scented soaps, etc. I do not buy these things, but many older women wear rose perfume! I know that the synthetic smells are very different from essential oils. Is it nothing like a rose perfume? I would hate to spend such big bucks on something I squirt on my face once and can’t stand to use again!

    A lot of questions! Thank you for your help!

    • Hi Jill,

      Here are your answers :-):

      1. The muslin is super fast drying. If you want, you an use a soft face cloth, but it will hold more bacteria (and smell). Not good for your face. I hadn’t heard of it before I tried this either.
      2. I can’t believe how much dirt comes off on the cotton ball some nights.
      3. From what I recall, it is soothing for your face. I assume you could skip it. If you make your own it is super cheap.
      4. I am super scent sensitive. I can say that it hasn’t bothered me. One option would be to try making some w a cheaper oil and then if you tolerate it, but the more expensive one next time. Here is a link to a Rose Water on Amazon that isn’t that expensive. Maybe you could try this first and see what you think? I don’t think you mind the smell, but you might be more sensitive than I am. I wear no perfumes. I have been enjoying the essential oils that I have tried.

      Hope that helps!

    • A good substitute for rose water to soothe one’s face is making your own lavender oil water. Please be careful to buy only from an organic and high-grade essential oil company like Doterra. Do not use aromatherapy-grade essential oils on your skin or internally!

      • That sounds nice too – but I seem to have a little bit of a nasal reaction to lavender. I haven’t tried Doterra yet but I am a YL distributor and I love their stuff. Thanks!

  6. Thank you, Adrienne!
    I am not scent sensitive–smells themselves don’t bother me. It’s just that there are some I simply do not like. Like rose scented things. Just wondered if rose essential oil smells like synthetic rose smell. I love lots of different essential oils. I’ve never even thought to try rose because I hate rose perfumes. Probably a big difference, though! I’ll have to go to the health food store and smell one, I guess! I think I may try the muslin, too. It sounds nice! Thank you for the quick response! 🙂

    • You’re so welcome! Let me know how it goes! I think I mentioned the muslin from The Body Shop, didn’t I? They had a pretty good price. I was mine every 2 days in a lingerie bag. I bought 1 pack of 3 initially but now I have 2. Hang dry. Makes it simple and I don’t fret if I don’t get to laundry :-).

  7. Priscilla W says:

    what is a 2nd choice for the oil?

    Jojoba oil is quite expensive at the moment (unless I’m not finding the best online source for it). My understanding is that 50% of that crop comes from Argentina and they lost their crop.

    • Priscilla, I would probably stick w/ the jojoba. Have you tried Iherb? Their prices are pretty good and you really go through it quite slowly. They have a lot of other things to choose from and if you use my referral code (RUR466) you will get $5 off your first order. If you need other source ideas I can help perhaps.

      • Priscilla W says:

        which brands of jojoba would you recommend? We’ve never tried the jojoba oil. I’ll look at Iherb. I found your site, in my search to find a solution for my son has acne on his face & eczema on his neck. I have ordered from iHerb. Have you ever ordered from VitaCost? Here is my referral, coupon link to VitaCost, a $10 coupon, on your 1st order/if you are a new customer 🙂

        • I am not sure about brands, honestly. I have used Desert Essence and I really liked it. I recently tried an organic one off of Ebay but wasn’t as pleased with it. But I am using it up (and it will be awhile). Thanks for the Vitacost info. I’ve already ordered from them, however :-).

  8. Do you know that Jojoba is good at dealing stretch marks as well? A friend of mine has this first hand experience. I never had tried it but in terms of facial cleanser, it really is soothingly awesome to use on.

    Happy New Year!

    • Thanks for the tip! I didn’t get stretch marks (one issue that I have never had :-)) – my doctor told me that if a mother gets good nutrition steadily, then they are not likely to happen. What do you think about that? I am sure my readers would like to know that though :-).

  9. I have rosacea and I’ve been using for a couple of years my own concoction of EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) and some purified water and lavender EO. the process is the same, though, putting on the mixture (I use my fingers) and then holding a warm cloth to your face. It not only removes makeup, but cleans the skin without irritating it. for those who are cringing thinking it would be too oily for their combo skin, it’s actually a little drying (a GREAT cleanser in the humid summer!) and clears up any little acne I get. However, the supplements I am RUNNING to get to try. This I had not heard about, so thank you, thank you.

  10. finally, a place where I can get some real information on the subject. Google gave me nothing really. I have liked you on my FB page for quite a while and am now just stumbling upon this. I got my shopping list and headed to the local healthfood store tomorrow. I have tried the evoo as the lady above with castor oil, and oh boy, it was not good for me. Whew, my poor nose was a disaster the next morning.
    thanks again for sharing you experiences with us. I am hoping the HCl helps.

  11. I have rosacea and have been prescribed Oracea (oral antibiotic) for the rest of my life! Besides a general desire to stay away from medicine, it does have side effects, so i am looking for alternatives. I never have heartburn, so i am wondering if i should try the HCL. I am trying olive oil to wash my face, but it didn’t take long to start drying my skin out, even though i apply more after rinsing. Do you think the jojoba is drying? What other measures ard you taking specifically for rosacea? Soaking grains? I am going to get at least one of the spices for beans. And i may have to start eating meat again. What do u know about zinc? Could that be something i need to look into more? I also read something about intestinal bacteria being linked; do you know anything about this? Sorry for the many questions! Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge!

    • I don’t think heartburn is a pre-requisite for trying HCl. I have heard that many are deficient. I am off sugars and almost all refined food. Really xylitol is the only thing I ever eat. I think all of these health issues are tied to skin health. If you check out my posts on adrenal issue and heavy metals that might interest you. I have a post on probiotics as well.

  12. I’m going to give this a try, I’ve had rosacea for years now, and it just seems to get worse, I now have what looks like a bad rash over most of my face (cheeks, nose and neck area and even some down on my chest) I might try your HCI too for a bit and see what it does, but not long term, if it works, maybe just when it seems really bad. You talked about the green tent stuff well I do use make-up under my normal base that has a green tent and it seems to really help hide the redness, but I cover it well with my regular make-up base, but I have to use three coverages to cover the rosacea good. What’s weird is that I had perfect skin till about 10 years ago, even as a teenager I didn’t have acne except a few pinples here and there, I had what people call the “peaches & cream” skin, and I guess I have enough vanity to try to cover the rosacea as much as possible. Thanks and i’ll let you know how it works for me.

    • HI Edie. I would also, if it were me, get a good probiotic. Do a search for probiotics on my site – I just did a whole series. From the HCl issue I am pretty convinced that rosacea is often a digestive-related issue. My skin is really almost perfect now after all the work I have done. I get compliments on it. Take care!

  13. great recipe and I plan on adding this into my routine!

  14. What skin care are you using now? Your homemade Jojoba and Rose Water Natural Facial Cleanser and Rose Water Spray? Or the MiEssence or MV Line? I’m very interested since I’ve been trying everything unsuccessfully for my rosacea. Seems like you’ve found success. THANKS!

    • I am using the Miessence line and I really love it. I am trying out a brand that a local friend has developed – not ready to decide / share yet. I think b/t the skincare and my diet it has made a huge difference. Let me know if I can help further.

  15. Oh, I’m so glad I searched your site. I knew you’d have a nice natural skincare post. I plan to link to this recipe in my upcoming post at KOTH. Love your idea of blending jojoba and rose water! Thanks, sweet friend!

  16. hi i stumbled upon your site while trying to get reviews for young living eo and am glad there are tons of resources here. while reading thru this cleanser i see you mentioned about using the rose eo and then making rose water. can you tell me how to make it and is it better to use distilled water for making it?.

    • Hi there. I had 1 link to how to make the rose water spray, but I just added another. That should help. I haven’t used distilled personally, but I always use well filtered water :).

  17. you had a photo of a soap or cream being dispensed from a square pump glass gar with mybe a stainless steel bracket arouund it?
    do you rmember where you purchased the square glass or plastic pump? it looked really cute and had a nice stainnless steel? pumb fitted atop the jar and band around it ?
    THANK YOU 🙂 Blessings, MEMH

  18. Can I use olive oil at night…and jojoba during day time. .is it safe..

  19. shrimpette says:

    Hi, I started that a few days ago… I heard that it is important to double-cleanse also to get rid of the oil afterwards. Do you double-cleanse with something in particular?

    • I’m sorry but what do you mean? Double cleansing isn’t something I heard about.

      • I meant cleaning first with the oil and then with a gentle cleanser as well. Since I’ve started only jojoba, my skin is bumpy (like it didn’t exfoliate enough) and I feel maybe the makeup does not go off completely. My skin is very dry so I hope jojoba oil will at least help with that… So I basically have no skincare routine at all now but jojoba oil. No cleanser, no moisturizer… it kind of stresses me out 😛

  20. whitney c says:

    I love organic products and any antioxidant items and have tried all of them – but the Somaluxe Face Wash is the best. I used the Somaluxe Wash in the morning, and can still feel my skin zinging right into the evening. It is really important to me to find superior quality natural products and i enjoy the texture.

    It is so wonderfully refreshing to look at the ingredients list and not squirm! I have not found other brands have achieved this – even products over $50 each! Save yourself from overspending on items that will not do the best for your skin, and stop battling with age.