Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream (dairy-free with sugar-free option)

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream-that's Dairy and Sugar Free! This dairy-free ice cream is super-easy to make and sooo much cheaper than those $7 per pint brands in the health food store. Dairy-Free ice cream lovers--enjoy!!!

When I was young, ice cream was one of my favorite treats – I was quite the sugaraholic and indulged a little too often. Now that we’ve gone sugar free due to candida, I have turned to homemade ice cream like Chocolate Almond Chip, Mocha Chip, Lemon Poppyseed, and this recipe – Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream.

I’ve always loved the flavor of mint and chocolate together.

When I was young, my family lived on the East Coast and one of our favorite things to do was to visit the local Friendly’s Restaurant.   Now, when it came to dessert, I never could make up my mind which flavor of ice cream to get, so invariably I always chose The Sampler — 4 small scoops of ice cream in a dish (so I could agonize over choosing 4 flavors instead of just one :-)!)

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Mint Chocolate Chip was always in the mix.

And whenever we bought ice cream at the grocery store, it was almost always Breyer’s Natural Mint Chocolate Chip that we chose.

And believe me, it never lasted very long :-).

Fast forward to my life now with a son who has a life-threatening allergy to dairy and a family that is almost completely off sugar.

Well, were in Chicago recently and we splurged on a pint of dairy-free, no sugar added coconut milk ice cream.

A pint was on sale for “only” $3.59 (the regular price was $6.59!).  Now, I don’t typically pay $3.59 for a pint of anything.

But it sure was good and was a fun breakfast (yes, we ate it for breakfast :-)!) for all of us one morning, but my mind was already thinking about how I could make my own!

(I haven’t figured out the cost per pint, but I can assure you that it is nowhere close to $6.59, or even $3.59 per pint :-)!)

Now you too can make amazing ice cream that is:

  • dairy-free 
  • sugar-free
  • artificial anything free (including no fake green food coloring!)
  • and tastes great!

Ready?  Here goes!  A Homemade Ice Cream Recipe that is dairy free and tastes amazing!

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What flavor of ice cream would you like a healthy remake of?
I’m sure my kids (and I) will enjoy any challenge :-)!


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  1. Great idea to use parsley for the color!

  2. Thanks for this! My husband was just saying he wanted us to make homemade ice cream this summer. And my mom said she wanted us to try a dairy free ice cream for her 😉

    I am visiting from TILT today. Nice to “meet” you. Enjoy the rest of your week!

    LaVonne @ Long Wait For Isabella

  3. Ah, mint chocolate chip ice cream– Breyer’s, to be exact! My mom got me *hooked* on that when I was young, and it is still hands-down my favorite ice cream. I have been longing to make my own for years (I still need to afford me a good ice cream maker!), as I think it will be far more cost-effective for my large family than even buying Breyer’s on sale (and of course even filling my deep freezer still it doesn’t last very long…) Also for health factors (even using regular milk and real sugar, it would still be healthier than store-bought!). Thanks SO much for the recipe! I don’t even need the “food coloring” (after eating Breyer’s naturally white MCC all my life, “green” ice cream is just creepy to me…).

    An idea that I have had– and when I do get an ice cream maker, I just may have to try this…. Currently, Breyer’s has a mint brownie ice cream out. I do NOT like the ingredient list on it. What I’d love to do is take your base recipe for the mint ice cream, and instead of adding chocolate chips, add homemade brownie bits…. Oh I’m drooling now… excuse me as I wipe off my keyboard….

    • Renee,
      We didn’t need the food coloring either, but it was fun to add it in!

      I think your brownie ice cream recipe sounds great! Sounds like something I’ll have to try!

      There was a great deal for $20 off yesterday on kitchen tools that I posted about – did you miss it? The ice cream maker would have been a steal! Keep your eyes peeled for one at a garage sale….or maybe another deal will come along like that. If you are subscribed to my site I’ll post about it when it comes and you won’t miss it.

      Take care!

      • Adrienne, I saw the message about the discount, but can’t justify spending anything right now. :( I am wondering of they have good ICM’s at Bed Bath & Beyond? I often get coupons from them. I used to have one, but it was one of the “salt and ice” variety, and I got really grossed out when I noticed gray streaks in our ice cream…. The can was aluminum, and the paddle was apparently scraping the side of the can and mixing that junk in with our ice cream…. I got rid of it and never could afford a “good one” after that. Some day! Some day! I’ll try to start saving for the next great deal, so keep my posted! (I’m “saving up” for so many things right now, each pile gets maybe a quarter a week, LOL!)

        • They probably still have the Cuisinart there. What kind are you looking for? We got one once @ a rummage sale, but I couldn’t get it to work. I have to give it another test run. Hang in there w/ the money thing. I have a lot of money saving ideas on here so maybe they can help you lay aside some more. It’s the only way we’ve been able to make it. Take care!

          • Well, in my dream world, I’d have a 4-qt ice cream maker, with everything that touches the food stainless steel. I think they only make them that big of the kind that uses the salt and ice, which I also found extremely messy, impractical, and NOT yummy in the finished ice cream product! In reality, I’ll probably end up with one of the 2-qt (anything smaller is TOO small; I’m feeding 11 every day, all day over here) ummm, (do they call it “frozen bowl”?) kind. I have also seen a “commercial” type one, with its own compressor that keeps the stuff cold so you don’t have to pre-chill the bowl or the ingredients, but at $300 for a 1.5-qt capacity, that’s not very practical for me, LOL! We can polish off one whole carton of Breyer’s in one sitting, and that’s with “reasonable” portions (I’m not talking like the Haagen-Daz commercials where the lady eats the whole carton by herself). So, 2qt seems the most reasonable size for us… we’d make a batch, and eat a batch, all at the same time. kinda like how we do bread….

            Anyone have any good ideas for what to do with eggplant? I have two in my fridge I need to use up for supper tonight….

            • I don’t know about the 4 qt sizes, but I have a compressor-type one that I might want to sell :-). The bowl doesn’t come out for easy cleaning so I need to see what other kinds there are. The freezer bowl kind does have its limitations. Lots of planning required.

              Eggplant: doesn’t really fit the “mint chip” theme, but how about slice thinly, brush w/ olive oil and spices and cook in the oven if you don’t mind the heat. Otherwise, look up a recipe for baba ghanoush (sp?). It’s a nice dip. Hope that helps!

  4. Thanks for all the options. I am always looking for sugar free options. This just looks wonderful and is one of my fav ice cream flavors. Come over and visit us today. We have a wonderful chilled soup and a great give away from the Fairy Hobmother.

  5. That sounds sooooo scrumptious! I don’t have an ice cream maker (yet), but I’m sure I can figure a work around. Think I’ll try it with raw coconut nectar for the sweetener. :)

  6. Shelley says:

    MCC is hands down my fav as well!! I don’t have an i ce cream maker, hopefully soon. Thanks for a great recipe. Have a wonderful holday, friend.

  7. Love,Love,Love this combination. I have lots of mint in the garden and this will be a great recipe to try. Thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday and come back real soon.
    Hope you have a great week end!
    Miz Helen

  8. this sounds amazing! i seriously will make it this weekend!!!!!!!! thanks so much for sharing :0)

  9. Raving Mad says:

    I wonder what’s the taste of that. so curious about it. but it looks so yummy , so tempting. want to try that. =)

    I’m pleased if you could drop by at my site too:

    thank you!

  10. I LOVE mint-chocolate ice cream – but never eat the “real” stuff anymore b/c made from pasteurized milk and has a ton of sugar.

    Thanks for sharing a sugar-free version!

  11. Oh, this sounds wonderful. I know it would go fast around here. Breyer’s natural mint chocolate chip is a favorite in this house!! 😀

  12. Thanks for sharing with
    Simply Delish. Hope to see you again next weekend.

  13. Great idea to use coconut milk for a dairy free option.

  14. my guess is that this was all eaten up…becasue I made coconut milk icecream and set it in the freezer while we were eating…and it turned into a rock. I mean solid.
    Good arm workout, though!
    Looking forward to trying this recipe!

    • Actually, I added a small bit of guar gum to my first try (so that may have helped a bit) and am going to try gelatin with my next batch. Our first batch was WAY to runny and so we had to freeze it to make it scoopable. A thawed rock is still a yummy rock :-). And anyhow, it doesn’t take much to eat up 1 1/2 quarts of freshly made ice cream, does it :-)?

  15. sounds amazing. i love mint choc chip ice cream. i grew up in n.j. and friendly’s was a favorite restaurant of mine too. in fact, every year i go back to visit i stop in for a Reese’s pieces sundae. thanks for sharing.

    • Oh, how fun! If I remember correctly, I really liked Chocolate Almond Chip. Oh well – just check out their website. Looks like things have changed quite bit!

  16. Mint chocolate chip is my favorite. Link up and Tips you may have.

  17. yea! what a fantastic recipe. I have a daughter who is allergic to milk, so this alternative will be great. Much appreciated! I sometimes share dairy-free recipes on my blog as well. :)

  18. oooh! Dairy free me loves this idea! thank you!

    Would you like to share it at our Weekly Playdate link party (for kids and families!) at: ?

    Come & Play :: Playdate

  19. This looks yummy! I really need to get a ice cream maker soon!

  20. Is coconut milk expensive? I have never bought it!

  21. Mint chocolate chip is my absolute favorite, too! I made a dairy-free, refined sugar-free version a while back. I used baby spinach to give my ice cream its slightly green hue. No changes to taste from it. 😉 Parsley is a great idea and your ice cream looks great!


  22. Being gluten intolerant, lactose intolerant and hypoglycemic, ice cream was not a part of my diet at all until I bought the 1.5 qt. Cuisinart ice cream maker two years ago. Now I can have homemade ice cream any time I want with all natural ingredients. I bought my Cuisinart on and feel that it was worth every penny.
    I have found that if I add 1 Tablespoon of Arrowroot powder to the mix, the ovarall texture is more creamy than “icey”. I have used cocunut milk and almond milk and am happy with the results of both. For just my husband and I, it lasts 3-4 days without turning to ice.

  23. Thank you for this recipe! My oldest son has a milk allergy an I think he would love this ice-cream!

  24. This sounds great! We’re slowing moving to a more natural diet. Now I just have to get an ice cream maker!

    Found you through Women Living Well – thanks!

  25. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful recipe with the Hearth and Soul blog hop. It sounds just delicious, and your options for those with dietary restrictions are fantastic. Mint Chocolate Chip is definitely one of my favourite flavours of ice cream!

  26. hanks for including this in our Weekly Playdat at Beneath the Rowan Tree!
    I am featuring them on this week’s link party and you are welcome to come and snag a featured button :)


  27. My husband makes mint chocolate chip homemade ice cream. But your dairy free option is great! I could enjoy with out feeling ill!

  28. Oh,my! I can’t wait to try this recipe. Mint chocolate chip ice cream is my favorite. Adding coconut can’t be a bad thing.

  29. Sounds good, and very creative.

  30. This would be wonderful! And thanks for giving some sugar free options…I can’t eat sugar! ?

  31. I love chocolate chip mint ice cream and yours looks delicious. Thank you so much for joining us for the ice cream social. La

  32. If you have the VitaMix, you don’t even need a separate ice cream maker. :-) My sweetener of choice for this ice cream would be a very mild organic honey.

    • I assume you mean that you would use frozen coconut milk cubes, right? We have made lots of frozen fruit based ice cream in our Vitamix. Yum! Thanks for stopping by!

  33. What an interesting flavor combination! I recently bought some coconut milk so that I can begin experimenting with it. Thanks for the inspiration and for sharing on Sweet Indulgences Sunday.

  34. I’ve seen the coconut milk ice cream and have also wondered how it was. I love coconut and ice cream so I can’t imagine I wouldn’t like it! Very impressive that you were able to figure out a way to create such a fun treat for your family!

    • Hi Candy.

      Actually, you don’t even taste the coconut, because of the mint and chips. But a coconut flavored one would be great too! Thanks for stopping by.

  35. I love how healthy this is! And yet it still looks and sounds delicious. Nice job.

    Thanks for stopping by Sweet Tooth Friday!

  36. Any tips on keeping it from freezing solid in the freezer?

    • I am thinking gum or gelatin. I need to work on this. If you end up with a winner please let me know! I haven’t made ice cream in awhile. The company that sells it uses gums. I was trying not to, but that may be the only option.

  37. Dianne Rochenski says:

    Thank you so much for this simple but delicious recipe. I’m an animal rights activist as well as a vegan. I used coconut milk. It came out great. You explained each step wonderfully. I will use this recipe over and over again. I just moved to Upstate, NY from NYC and cannot find any vegan ice cream. It then dawned on me… why don’t you buy an ice cream maker and make it yourself :) thanks to you I have vegan ice cream back in my life.
    Dianne Rochenski

    • Wonderful, Dianne! I was just sharing my ice cream recipe ideas w/ a family from church that has gone dairy free due to cancer diagnosis. Take care and hope to see you around!

  38. If you use liquid stevia do you have to add water to compensate for the cup of sweetener?
    Will So Delicious coconut milk work?

    • I don’t think you would need to add anything in ice cream to compensate, but in baking you would need to. I think any coconut milk would be delicious!!! Enjoy!

      • I’m glad to hear the So Delicious coconut milk would work. I was thinking that it was not high enough in fat like the canned or homemade versions.

        • I think it’ll work. Look at the comments – someone said that it needs agar, I believe, to be more creamy. I still have to take another run at it :).

          • Debbie says:

            Just wondering if you have figured out the recipe yet? I made this last night and it took 3 tries to get it to freeze in my Cuisinart and it NEVER froze up just liquid the whole time?? So I put the container and the liquid all in the freezer and took it out this afternoon and it is finally solid., but ice milk not cream!

  39. Have you tried using homemade date paste to sweeten your icecreams? Might not work with some of the lighter flavours but would be great with chocolate or caramel flavours. Give it a go, it might be a good (and very cheap) solution?

  40. Steven Frith says:

    Thanks for the recipe :) I recently bought a breville smart scoop ice-crean maker because for vegan Ice-cream we pay in Western Australia $13.99 for a Pint! It just got rediculous.. thanks so much for this recipe, it will christen my new ice-cream maker :)

  41. This looks yummy! I’ll have to try it.

    • Vicki Glasbrenner says:

      You do not know what a bad reaction to a sweetener is unless you cannot digest xylitol, as my grandson’s and I CANNOT. Never again!

  42. The parsly didn’t make it very green, so I added 1/2 tsp of spirulina and that did the trick. using 2 T of arrowroot made it a bit creamier the second time around. In the spring, I may try this with actual mint from my garden. I think that would make it green and flavor it in one fell swoop.

  43. I grew up in CT and my parents used to take me and my brothers and sisters to Friendly’s ALL THE TIME!
    Mint Chocolate Chip was always one of my favorites! Thank you, for posting this recipe:)

  44. Hi Adrienne, I sometimes use arrowroot & it always seems to be heated. I notice that you did not mention heating the arrowroot or similar products. Can you say whether it needs to be heated or not. Thanks for any further information you can give.

  45. Just tried this ice cream. VERY dissappointed. Turned into a rock and is more sherbert-like in taste than ice cream. Not creamy at all.

  46. I made this. The only change I would make next time is using less mint extract. Maybe it depends on what brand extract? I typically use 1/8 teaspoon mint extract so 3/4 teaspoon was way too much. I love mint but it was overpowering. I’ll definitely make this again tho!

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