Easiest Homemade Flavored Liquid Stevia Drops

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Liquid Stevia Drops are convenient, but sooo expensive. See how easy it is to make them yourself! Enjoy this zero-calorie, natural sweetener in your beverages and baking and save money!

I've been using stevia for a long time now–ever since I knew that I had candida. I personally think that stevia is one of the most safe “alternative” sweeteners and I think you can grow to like it even if you didn't when you first tried it. I know it can be hard to know how to use it, but here's a guide to help you use stevia.

One of my favorite stevia products is liquid stevia drops.

They are little dropper bottles full of flavored liquid stevia that you can add to your favorite beverages (like sugar-free lemonade and coffee substitute) and sweet treats (like raw brownies and almond joy® bars) without:

I love them and with the amazing variety of flavors out there you can really go to town.

The only problem is, they are a really pricey.

Of course…being the type who tries to DIY or MYO processed foods like Homemade Powdered Sugar SubstituteHomemade Egg Replacer (like Ener-G)Easiest Almond MilkEasiest Coconut MilkHomemade Taco Seasoning, and Homemade Vegetable Broth, I sought to see if I could make my own liquid stevia blend.

And–it worked!

While I love all of the flavors that I've tried, vanilla liquid stevia remains one of my favorites.

So, it only makes sense that I tried making my own vanilla liquid stevia first.

And I was really pleased with the results!

Maybe if I work at it enough, I can come up with some other fancy flavors, but for now, this is fitting the bill.

I've used it in my Rich, Delicious and Healthy Coffee Substitute and it can be used to sweeten any beverage.

There are loads of low glycemic recipes that call for liquid stevia drops as well. Now you know how to make it yourself!

I know it is possible to use the stevia plant to make stevia extract, but being super busy, I wanted a super quick and easy way to do this.

Maybe I'll venture out and try the “from plant version” next time!

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Liquid Stevia Drops are convenient, but sooo expensive. See how easy it is to make them yourself! Enjoy this zero-calorie, natural sweetener in your beverages and baking and save money!

How much will you save with these Homemade Flavored Liquid Stevia Drops?

Well, liquid stevia varies in cost.

This vanilla liquid stevia from NuNaturals currently costs $12.52 on Amazon.
This one from Sweet Leaf costs $9.09.

The total cost for my 2 oz bottle?  

It's a little variable and took some intense calculating to figure out, since I purchase my stevia in bulk (maybe you should too :-)?) but here goes:

Stevia extract (I currently use this brand.): $1.03
Vanilla extract (I used this brand.  Here is another brand with no sugar.): $1.05
Dropped bottle (mine was free since I saved a leftover one from stevia, but you can purchase one on Amazon (this is a handy-dandy set of 6 dropper bottles, so you can make all kinds of stevia drop blends.)

By the way, stevia is pretty hard to measure.  These stainless steel mini measuring spoons from Amazon are super duper handy.

The 2nd smallest is the size of 1/32 of a teaspoon so you can easily measure your stevia powder.


Norpro Mini Measuring Spoons

Total Cost of Flavored Liquid Stevia Drops:

Without dropper bottle: $2.08

With dropper bottle: $3.58 (plus shipping on the bottle, of course, but you can reuse it.)

So if you don't need a bottle, you can save up to 84% by making your own vanilla liquid stevia.

At these savings, I guess you won't be buying any more liquid stevia drops, eh?  Well, with a few exceptions.

There are some flavors that would be pretty hard to replicate. One of them is this really great Root Beer Flavored stevia drops.

Add these to sparkling water and you've got a great Sugar-Free Root Beer!

root beer drops

Easiest Homemade Flavored Liquid Stevia Drops

Love Liquid Stevia Drops but don't love the price? Here's how to make your own Liquid Stevia and save a ton of money!



  1. Pour water into a small saucepan.
  2. Warm over medium heat. Add stevia extract.
  3. Heat and stir until stevia is dissolved.
  4. Remove from heat. Add vanilla extract or other extract if desired.
  5. Pour into a small glass bottle with dropper.
  6. Note: There will be a little too much to fit into the bottle. Just keep it in another bottle or container and use it first. I chose these measurements for ease of use.
  7. Store in the fridge. Thanks to a reader's inquiry, I now know you should keep your liquid stevia in the fridge for the flavor to last longer. It won't spoil but you may need more drops to have the same amount of flavor if you leave it at room temperature. Love my readers!!!


Recipe Notes

If you need alcohol and sugar-free vanilla, try this brand.
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What's your favorite way to use flavored liquid stevia drops?
What's your favorite flavor?


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  1. I made this a few weeks ago and stored it in the fridge. After 1-2 weeks something brown started to flow in the liquid. I fished it out but after a week it reappeared again. Any idea what it can be? Thank you

  2. I am curious, I have some bulk stevia leaf powder I bought from Rose Mountain Herbs, Is there any way I could use that? Make a tincture or something?

  3. I know I’m mis-understanding something here. So, someone please help me out.

    A 2 oz bottle of Sweet Leaf liquid Stevia-Vanilla Creme costs $7.29 w/free shipping on Amazon
    A 1 oz bottle of NuNaturals Nustevia Pure White Stevia Extract , 1-Ounce Cost $11.18 plus $5.05 shipping.

    How does making my own flavored liquid stevia save me money?

    So confused. Thanks

    • You could purchase stevia in bulk. I am going to be changing out the link for stevia there – I found one that is a little cheaper. However, you can get 4.8 batches of the liquid stevia out of the 1 oz bottle of the powder so you will still save quite a bit of money. I hope to try out some bulk stevias and share which one I like. Does that help?

  4. I made your recipe and i’m convinced I’ll never buy another bottle of liquid vanilla stevia again. THANK YOU for helping me keep about 150.00 a year in my own pocket. It takes no time at all to make it & i’m ever so happy.

    I’d like your advice on how to make vanilla creme flavored stevia now. Got any ideas?

  5. Dear sir still i m confused what kind of extract of stevia is to be boile like powdered leaf or anything els other ?

  6. Great simple news re your homemade stevia
    Can also make with vodka, organic and gluten free of course
    Then burn off the alcohol

    But the main thing is avoiding the brutal toxins in all commercial Stevias
    Really scary
    Read this article for info
    Tho I don’t agree with her advice on other stevais

  7. Angela Bullen says:

    I too experienced a severe bout with Systemic Candida, it is so under control at this time, Praise the Lord! Thank you for your recipe on making your own liquid stevia, I am new to stevia; I was wondering if you ever came across information about adding Glycerin to your recipe as the store bought, thought possibly it would make it possible to leave unrefrigerated and you could carry along with you simpler 🙂

  8. Hello! I was just wondering if you found this recipe to be as strong as other store bought brands? SUPER excited to try it, Thanks!

  9. darn…I thought we were going to learn to make it from stevia leaves 🙂

  10. I have been making all natural lip balms for years now. I keep getting people wanting them sweet. However when you add honey to the cooking of the balms it separates, When adding stevia it never dissolves and turns out gritty. I have noticed a lot of ppl. recommend using liquid stevia into the balm…Do you know if this would work? Or would it separate like the liquid honey does? Thanks

  11. Vinny Grette says:

    I made my first batch today. I used 1 tsp in 3 tablespoons of boiling water. It dissolved nicely and I put it in the fridge. But after a couple of days, white crystals settled out. I reheated it in the micro and the liquid went clear again. This time I left it on the counter. I see that the crystals are slowly reappearing. Did you have this problem? Do you know why?

  12. Alia Sarmast says:

    Can I use liquid stevia also for this recipe? and if soo how much?

  13. Hi
    I have a recipe that calls for 2 tablespoons of Swerve. How much of your vanilla liquid stevia would you suggest I use ?
    Also, I’m assuming that Swerve is solid / powder……. can liquid sweetener be used for desserts / cakes etc instead of a ‘dry’ sweetener’ ?

    Many thanks

    • I think you’d need to do a swerve to sugar and then sugar to liquid stevia conversion. Yes, you can sub but using stevia will make you need to change the recipe.

  14. PoohBear11778 says:

    Great work, thank you!
    Can you please advise if this conversion works for recipes that call for liquid stevia?

  15. Kalyx.com has bulk stevia extract 90% powder for a little less. This is a mega-bulk store, which also carries 85% and 98% stevia extract powders in 10, 20 kgs. I also found out that most branded companies sell the 90%, which is not as sweet as what I purchased 10+ years ago…

    • Do you like it? I’m in the market for some new stevia asap! Thanks!!

      • I have not purchased yet, but I plan to buy a slightly higher extraction than 90% when I run out. One pound of stevia extract lasts me a year or more, so I don’t use it up that fast. It is sweet, but I confess it’s not my favorite sweetener, because I still do taste a hint of bitterness and I usually mix it in with other sweeteners like Sucanat. When I bake (which is not very often these days), I often use NewSweet. I highly recommend NewSweet, which I’ve been using for 5+ years. NewSweet is a direct 1:1 substitute for sugar and it is a mixture of stevia + trehalose. I don’t know how to get trehalose by bulk to do the mix myself, but NewSweet prices are reasonable enough that I don’t bother.

        Just recently, I purchased a bag of monk fruit powder from GoNutra.com to try. It tastes very good! And it is pretty sweet, though still not as sweet as stevia extract 90%. But it is half the price and I really like the flavor of it, so I might be using more of this instead.

        • Interesting. I am going to consider buying some. Thanks!!! I hadn’t heard of NewSweet but looking into it. Is this bulk “enough”? http://amzn.to/1SJKFfu (affiliate link to Amazon). I think Monk is a little too high glycemic for me but I will look at that again as well – thanks!

  16. Hey, Adrienne! I have been missing your posts for a while. Not sure what has happened but I will sign up again since I seem to have slipped through the cracks. As an aside, let me tell you I love my Berkey and am so glad I bought it from you. I like supporting the people who ‘work for me’, like you do with all your health research.

    We chatted a year or so ago about stevia, when you discovered NuNaturals had changed their formula. You said you were on the brink of announcing your new favorite, but I can’t find anything about it on your site. I switched to KAL but when I started to reorder it today I realized they have changed their forumula and now are adding maltodextrin. NOW brand seems to have a good one out now, no additives and it is organic. What do you think? What are you currently using?

    • Hi there. Thanks for writing. Did you get the posts on Low Carb Snacks and Low Carb Desserts? I haven’t been writing as much since we’ve had a whole lot going on – trying to keep things at a livable pace.

      Thanks for the kind words!

      I haven’t found a favorite yet – it kind of went to the back burner. I have tried NOW (not sure if it’s the current brand) but not thrilled. There are 2 more I am interested in. I am buying one from Amazon soon and the other I have a sample of here. This is the one I have a sample of http://amzn.to/1S3gO19 and this is the one I am going to buy. http://amzn.to/1KHiJd0 Those are both affiliate links. Sorry it’s taken me so long. We’ve certainly tried a few “duds”. 🙁

  17. If we don’t want any flavoring do we just leave it out or add water to replace it?