Powdered Egg Replacer (Compare to Ener-G®)

This Powdered Egg-Replacer is great for those with egg allergies--but also for times when you've just run out of eggs. It has a long shelf life and is easy to use in most baked good recipes.

I love making homemade versions of pricey store-bought items, like homemade coconut butter, homemade coconut milk, or homemade almond butter.

In fact, my husband tells me I get a “tell tale” smile on my face whenever I figure out a DIY workaround. I haven’t seen my face, but I can tell you that I for sure feel giddy.

Well, imagine my glee when I figured out how to replace the expensive powdered egg substitute that we’d been buying for years.

This egg replacer recipe is for everyone – whether you, or someone you know, has a food allergy, or if you have ever run out of eggs while in the middle of a recipe.

You can either run to the store, but having an egg substitute on hand is a much more frugal way to go.

Ever since my son was diagnosed with a life-threatening food allergy to egg whites (and other foods) at the age of 5 months, baking and cooking have become a bit of a challenge.

At first, it felt completely daunting to me.  How on earth was I supposed to bake without eggs?

Well, the truth is, his (and my) other later dietary changes have proven to be even more challenging (going gluten-free and even sugar-free) than the “egg issue”.  And on top of that, his autism (Asperger’s Syndrome) diagnosis was an even harder issue to navigate than the food allergies ever were.

However, adapting an individual’s or family’s diet to meet special needs is still a very real challenge. So real that it causes a great deal of stress on whomever is responsible for taking care of the meals.

This is actually one of the main reasons that I started this blog –to make food preparation easier and more wholesome for those dealing with special dietary needs.   The last thing I need is one more “thing on my plate” (pun intended).  You too, huh? If I can get it done quicker, healthier, and cheaper, then I am all over it.  And I really enjoy helping others meet this challenge as well.

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Finding a good substitute for eggs in baking and cooking can be a bit of a chore, but there are a number of options.  One of my long-time favorites was Ener-G’s Egg Replacer.  It’s a powdered egg substitute that can be used in quite a few dishes that call for eggs, egg whites, or egg yolks.

I bought this product for years, but typical of my “Can I do this myself” mentality, one day I set out to see if I could make this powdered egg substitute myself.  The main reason I wanted to do it was to save money, but the other is that there is one ingredient in their product that wasn’t entirely desirable so wanted an alternative.

Well, it worked.  I found a recipe for powdered egg replacer on the internet, made some changes, and now I have a quick, easy, cheaper and additive-free egg substitute. The inspiration for this recipe was a blog called Celineyum.  Unfortunately, the blog is now defunct.  She had some really innovative recipes that I enjoyed when she was “live”.  (See how important it is to support bloggers :-)?)

At least here, her innovation lives on.

There you have it – an egg substitute that you can make yourself!

Looking for other handy dandy allergy-friendly kitchen subs?  How about these:

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Do you have a favorite DIY tip to share?  Or a DIY challenge for me to take on?

I’d love to hear how this works for you!

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  1. Hi Adrienne, THANK YOU sooooo much for this recipe! Buying Egg replacers in the store is just too expensive, and although flaxmeal is great, it is not the right fit for everything, as I’ve discovered. Since going egg-free, I’ve found it frustrating to replicate my ‘normal’ gluten free dishes, and this replacer works wonderfully!

  2. Has anyone really used this egg replacer and found it to work well for cakes and stuff? I am asking as i have never cooked with eggs and i want to make recipes which use eggs in it. Please let me know how useful this is

  3. Hi, thank you so much for this recipe. I would like to use it in a recipe for instant pancakes mix… I found lots or recipes that call for eggs and milk to add to the mix, but I want a “just add water” mix… so I tought I can put egg powder and milk powder in the mix, and then just add water… what do you think about that? 😀
    Anyway, there’s something I have to ask… I really can’t understand “1 rounded 1/2 Tbsp”… (I’m sorry, it’s probably a silly question but I’m italian and I’m not used to measuring in Tbsp) so… what does it mean? Is it 1 Tbsp and a half? Or just a half Tbsp? Thank you!

  4. Great cost-cutting homemade solution! What do you do for things that don’t work for egg replacer powder, like creamy salads made with mayonnaise and cream pies?

  5. Hi..great idea…will it work for meringue as well…..I like your ideas …I just came across your blog….loving it

  6. I tried using this egg replacement powder to make the Vegan Angelfood Cake recipe at veganchronicleblogspot.com and it did not whip up at all. Any ideas how to get this recipe to behave more like the commercial Ener-G egg replacer product? I have never used it, but that is what the recipe calls for.

    • Hmmm…not sure. Could it be that the extra ingredients in the ener g cause it to whip up more? I recall there is a kind of questionable ingredient in it.

      • I was going for the egg whites beaten stiff consistency. It sounds like you have used this replacer to create that. Did you use warm water? Does it fizz when the water hits the powder? How long would you expect to mix it to get to that stage? Did you use a hand mixer, hand whisk, stand up mixer? Thanks for any insights. Maybe my rounded 1/2 Tbsps weren’t heaping enough? Too heaping? I’m determined to try again, just not sure what to alter.

        • Hmmm…I am really sorry but I don’t know what to say. Where did you see me talking about using this replacer that way? It is hard to do that for sure w/ any powdered replacer — even the Ener G one. Thanks.

  7. Hi Adrienne
    Really happy to meet you. I was looking
    For a recipe for egg replacer and I came across
    Yours. Thank you