Powdered Egg Replacer (Compare to Ener-G®)

This Powdered Egg-Replacer is great for those with egg allergies--but also for times when you've just run out of eggs. It has a long shelf life and is easy to use in most baked good recipes.

I love making homemade versions of pricey store-bought items, like homemade coconut butter, homemade coconut milk, or homemade almond butter.

In fact, my husband tells me I get a “tell tale” smile on my face whenever I figure out a DIY workaround. I haven’t seen my face, but I can tell you that I for sure feel giddy.

Well, imagine my glee when I figured out how to replace the expensive powdered egg substitute that we’d been buying for years.

This egg replacer recipe is for everyone – whether you, or someone you know, has a food allergy, or if you have ever run out of eggs while in the middle of a recipe.

You can either run to the store, but having an egg substitute on hand is a much more frugal way to go.

Ever since my son was diagnosed with a life-threatening food allergy to egg whites (and other foods) at the age of 5 months, baking and cooking have become a bit of a challenge.

At first, it felt completely daunting to me.  How on earth was I supposed to bake without eggs?

Well, the truth is, his (and my) other later dietary changes have proven to be even more challenging (going gluten-free and even sugar-free) than the “egg issue”.  And on top of that, his autism (Asperger’s Syndrome) diagnosis was an even harder issue to navigate than the food allergies ever were.

However, adapting an individual’s or family’s diet to meet special needs is still a very real challenge. So real that it causes a great deal of stress on whomever is responsible for taking care of the meals.

This is actually one of the main reasons that I started this blog –to make food preparation easier and more wholesome for those dealing with special dietary needs.   The last thing I need is one more “thing on my plate” (pun intended).  You too, huh? If I can get it done quicker, healthier, and cheaper, then I am all over it.  And I really enjoy helping others meet this challenge as well.

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Finding a good substitute for eggs in baking and cooking can be a bit of a chore, but there are a number of options.  One of my long-time favorites was Ener-G’s Egg Replacer.  It’s a powdered egg substitute that can be used in quite a few dishes that call for eggs, egg whites, or egg yolks.

I bought this product for years, but typical of my “Can I do this myself” mentality, one day I set out to see if I could make this powdered egg substitute myself.  The main reason I wanted to do it was to save money, but the other is that there is one ingredient in their product that wasn’t entirely desirable so wanted an alternative.

Well, it worked.  I found a recipe for powdered egg replacer on the internet, made some changes, and now I have a quick, easy, cheaper and additive-free egg substitute. The inspiration for this recipe was a blog called Celineyum.  Unfortunately, the blog is now defunct.  She had some really innovative recipes that I enjoyed when she was “live”.  (See how important it is to support bloggers :-)?)

At least here, her innovation lives on.

There you have it – an egg substitute that you can make yourself!

Looking for other handy dandy allergy-friendly kitchen subs?  How about these:

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Do you have a favorite DIY tip to share?  Or a DIY challenge for me to take on?

I’d love to hear how this works for you!


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  1. I just ran out of egg replacer and our local Earth Fare doesn’t open for another week… you are a genius (and a lifesaver)! Thanks!

  2. Heather Brandt says:

    I use chia seeds with hot water and it works pretty well and less starchy.

    • I’ve used chia and flax as well. I do think that in some applications the egg replacer works better. What proportion do you use? Ground or whole? Also, I don’t like eating starchy things either, but it’s such a small amount that I am not worried about it.

  3. Do you have bye any chance a substitute for the yolk only?


  4. Is this just for using in other recipes? I have been trying to find ways to store foods (that will last without electricity, seeing as how we live in a hurricane prone area). Powdered Eggs are a form of staple in a situation where no refrigeration is available.

    • This would not be a “staple” to store except if you were going to do baking with your stored foods – then you could use this instead of eggs. I think with a solar oven or something like that it would be quite helpful – nice thought :-)!

      • Thanks for the suggestion, I researched how to make homemade powdered eggs after reading this. Its no where as hard as I would have thought, just another reason to convince the DH I *need* that excaliber dehydrator.

  5. Hi There Adrienne~

    Just a quick note to share I featured your cleaver homemade egg replacer on my monthly round-up. :-)


    Be Well,

  6. Great recipe. Thank you!

    Also, not sure if you’d be interested in this, but I loved Kim’s Everyday Gluten-Free book and she is offering bloggers a chance to review her new book for free. You can check it out at http://simplynaturalhealth.com/recipeblog/2011/12/01/help-me-out-get-a-free-book/ Please let her know Martianne from Training Happy hearts sent you if you contact her to take advantage of this.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this! I have a hard time finding Ener-G near me, so this is a lifesaver!

  8. Ah, we have just the same mentality! I so much prefer to make things myself if I can–ener-G is great, but I’m not wild about the cornstarch in it either and it is _expensive_! for what it is… I’m so glad you shared this.

    In my experience, flax/chia “eggs” don’t always work so well in gluten free baking, so I tend to resort to ener-G instead, although I might otherwise prefer the omega-3s from the seeds (but then again, not sure how well those hold up under baking temperatures…

    • Hi Ela. I agree with you that often I have tried the flax and/or chia blend and have not been thrilled with the results. I think it’s the leavening agent. Maybe we just need to try using the leavening agent and leave the starches out…or maybe I have another idea now….hmmmm… I have read different things about the omega-3s. The article that I read that seemed to make the most sense mentioned a couple of things. 1. Heating the plain oil from the flax is an issue. Not heating the seeds. 2. Another place mentioned that if there is an issue, just don’t heat them too hot. My Focaccia Flax Bread is baked at a pretty high temp. I guess I could just try it at a lower temp. Thanks!

  9. Brilliant! So glad you submitted the recipe to Wellness Weekend! :)

  10. Does the egg replacer provide binding like egg does, or does it just provide rise/fluffiness to baked goods? I need to find an egg alternative for gluten-free baking, I’ve tried chia seeds and I’m getting crappy results!

    • Debbie, I have never liked the chia seed mix. It hasn’t worked for me at all. This should help with the binding. Of course, gluten free baking is never great so you are not going to get the kind of results that you get with gums or using gluten flours. I tend to go heavy on the sweet brown rice flour when I make my baking mix so that helps. Maybe it would be a good idea to do some of this and some flax??

  11. Would it be weird if I said I love you!! This is great! My 3 y/o is allergic to eggs, and I have been using flax or baking powder/vinegar, but never thought about making my own Ener-G (which can NOT be found any where around here!) I’m so excited to give this a try! (I also have a NuNaturals stevia giveaway going on right now if you are interested)

    • Yea, Kim – I am so glad to have helped! I’ll check out your giveaway as well. I hope I can someday come up with a slightly better version, but this sure works well for us. I am going to make Oatmeal Cake with it the morning with soaked oats and it comes out perfect!

  12. this look fascinating – I sometimes like to bake without eggs but I haven’t ever tried the Ener-G because I just don’t like the thought of buying a packet of processed stuff – but this looks interesting – the idea of 45-50 eggs seems far too many for my needs but it looks like it could be scaled back quite easily – am looking forward to trying it

    • Johanna, of course you can scale the recipe back. Since it is made with starches it has a super long shelf life. I would actually like to change the recipe to make it work for more eggs. The original recipe that I saw was for 1 egg – but I don’t have the patience to make something up on an “as you need it basis” when I can have it ready made instead. Let me know how it works if you have a moment to stop back!

  13. This is so great!!! My Mom stopped being able to eat eggs after sh got pregnant with my sis, I am going to show this to her ASAP. Thanks so much !! :)

  14. Great idea and thanks for sharing. I love the nutritional value of chia and flax but they do sometimes give strange results. It may depend on properties of the flour or other ingredients used.

  15. Smart move! Too sad that the blogger who inspired you deactivated her blog already, I’d love to read her blog as well as much as I read yours. Thanks for sharing! :)

    • Thanks, Angel. Of course, there are many reasons to stop a blog (mainly that they take a lot of time and there isn’t much money to be made from them without a ton of work), but I do miss her ingenuity! Thanks for the compliment!

    • Hello Angel. I actually found her site again – with a new address. Not sure what happened there ?? I need to hunt for it again b/c I think I forgot to bookmark it.

  16. Thanks for linking your great post to FAT TUESDAY. This was very interesting! Hope to see you next week!

    Be sure to visit RealFoodForager.com on Sunday for Sunday Snippets – your post from Fat Tuesday may be featured there!

  17. Love this! Glad to have found your blog. I’m your newest follower!

  18. Thank you Thank you. I found you from Sugar Bee Crafts and LOVE It. My son has several food allergies including corn, egg, nuts, and dairy which does make it hard to find processed foods or things in grocery store, and by doing things homemade we have not missed out on much and actually find things taste better.

  19. I don’t use Ener-G egg replacer much anymore, but I know this recipe is going to be very welcome to the food allergy & vegan bakers outside the U.S. that can’t get their hands on it. I’ll definitely recommend it to a few friends!

  20. The Quiet Mom says:

    Goodness, I never thought this could be that easy! Thank you for sharing this recipe.

    Already your follower. Just visiting.

  21. Speaking as a vegetarian and occasional vegan, *ground* flax seed can make a good replacer, but you would need to use baking soda, baking powder or cream of tartar alongside white vinegar (or another acidic liquid such as orange juice) for your rise. In my “buttermilk” biscuits I use all three (soda, powder and CoT) and add water or juice with 1 Tbsp. vinegar (I don’t often buy buttermilk itself.) The reaction of the soda/powder to vinegar gives what you’re looking for. Flax by itself… not so much :) Applesauce also works as a replacer for sweet baking (and bananas). I blogged about this last January if anyone is interested…


  22. This is awesome. My oldest has an allergy to anything with wheat, barely, or rye in it. So I love that it is gluten free. Thank god its not life threatening but still a big issue. Even though no one in my home is allergic to eggs I can’t count how many times I started a recipe and realized we were out of eggs. And living 30 miles out of town means making a quick trip to the store is not going to happen. This would be perfect to keep in the pantry for those occasions. Do you know how long it would last while stored? I love your blog. I’m your newest follower via facebook. Would love you to stop by DIY Home Sweet Home

    P.S. I have a giveaway going on. Come over and check it out.
    P.S.S. I have a linky every Monday would love you to stop by Monday and link up.

    • Hi Jamie,

      This will keep as long as the baking powder and soda keep as the starches do not spoil. Thanks for the kind words! By the way, I do stop by your blog every week and I link up faithfully :-).

  23. Wow! Wish I had this a few years ago!

  24. Interesting! I love that you’ve taken your family’s dietary challenges and run with them–and I always love make-at-home substitutes! Thanks for sharing.

  25. Hi Adrienne: Please please add the link back to my Allergy Friendly Friday, so I can feature this recipe! Thanks! Cybele

  26. No worries! Thanks for adding. One more request, can he add it as Allergy Friendly Friday? Tell him “Thank you!” all best,


  27. Thank you for your submission on Nourishing Treasures’ Make Your Own! Monday link-up.

    Check back later today when the new link-up is running to see if you were one of the top 3 featured posts! :)

  28. Thanks for sharing this tip with the Hearth and soul blog hop! Right now I’m out of eggs in the house and just thinking of the possibilities of what I can do with it is fun… I’m having a hard time believing it’ll work to hold together all the gluten free flours though. Does it really work just as good as eggs in recipes that have lots of eggs, or is this just a replacement for lets say, one or two eggs in a cake or bread?

    • It won’t work great with recipes that call for a lot of eggs. But the resulting product might still be edible :-). I tried it with a bean cake and it really wasn’t great, but we ate it anyway :-)/

  29. Can I use another substitute instead of Potato starch??? = =! can’t find it LOL

  30. Funny story. I am looking info on food storage and was thinking powdered eggs. Then I was browsing and saw energ egg replacer then I thought to google for a recipe I knew someone would have come up with something :)

    Awesome! I don’t have to buy anything and have powdered ‘eggs’!!!
    I have everything I need.


    • So glad to have helped! Nutritionally this is certainly not the way to go, but it will get you baking :-). You’re welcome and hope to see you around again!

  31. This is totally up my alley as I love EnerG egg replacer, but I love to save money. As soon as my box of EnerG is empty, I’ll try this recipe, for sure. Thank you so much for sharing it Allergy-Free Wednesdays!

  32. I am getting to the bottom of my Ener-g, so you can bet this is on my list, and then I don’t have to store another box in my pantry, love it! this is getting lots of clicks at our hop too, so I am not the only one who thinks it’s a brilliant idea!

  33. I am a single mom and both of my kids have food allergy. Your egg replacer recipe would surely help me in coming up with new recipes that requires egg. Thank you so much for this breakthrough. God bless you more!

    *from the Philippines

    • You are so welcome! How wonderful to know I’ve helped someone so far away! I used to live in Japan and my husband lived in China. And my mother was alone with us for awhile. So we have a few things in common . Hang in there w/ the allergies. It’s not easy, I know. My son has had major anxiety this week about his. Take care and hope to see you around again!

  34. For those not wanting such a huge batch, I’ve divided it by 4:

    10 tablespoons potato starch
    6 tablespoons tapioca starch
    2 tablespoons plus 2 teaspoon baking powder
    1 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon baking soda

  35. Esther Oldham says:

    I can sympathize with you on your challenges. Been there, done that. Now I’m grain free and that is a challenge but I’m finding or creating some interesting ideas.

  36. Where is the notes section that you refer to? I am looking for info about substituting potato starch as that is a sensitivity for me. Thanks.

  37. You mean right there in front of my face?! :) Thanks. Great site, found for first time today. Will try to substitute rice flour for the potato starch.

    • :-). Welcome! I am sure it’ll work – white flour in this case is better. Otherwise you’ll need to keep it in the fridge. Hope to see you around again!

  38. Hi,

    What can be the best way to make a eggless Creme Brulee? Also, What do you substitute in a dish that has more than 4 eggs?


    • Good question, Nikita. It is always a puzzle to me as well. I think the best thing is to do an internet search as “vegan” and what you are looking for. Then if you have other restrictions you can work from there. When do you need a recipe by?

  39. Hey Adrienne,

    I dont have a time frame. I can have the recipe anytime. Just that I have been looking for it so religiously that an eggless creme brulee’ recipe any time would be great! :)

  40. I’ve seemed to develope issues with eggs over the last few years; instead of an allergy I get painful stomach cramps. I’ve looked over your homemade substitute but, is there anything out there that is not egg that can be eaten for breakfast instead of using a cooking ingredient? I love eggs and it has turned my breakfast time upside down. I don’t have a problem when I eat baked goods with egg; just any form of whole or liquid egg. I’ve gone to the local markets and all they have in liquid form has egg whites in it. I can’t even eat that. I’ve procedures done looking into any stomach issues; nothing to see. Maybe it is a form of allergy. Can you help me find anything that has the flavor of egg that’s for sale? I’m not a cook so, I’d prefer to purchase. Thank you.

    • Judy, I would probably think that the scrambled tofu would be a good option for you. What other things do you enjoy? We eat my chia pudding quite a bit and sometimes (though it is a little too much carb-wise) my Oatmeal Cake. I wonder if digestive enzymes might help you. Could you maybe tolerate the yolk and not the white? Hope that helps!

  41. Stephanie says:

    I’m not always pleased when I use flax or chia eggs in baked goods either and am happy to find your recipe! I’m allergic to nightshades and can’t have potato starch. You don’t recommend subbing for another starch but say that flour may work. Since I’m also GF, do you think rice flour or sweet rice flour would be a better substitute for the potato starch than cornstarch or arrowroot?

  42. Hi Adrienne,
    I’m sorry to hear about all the difficulties your son and family have had to endure, and I hope things are getting easier for you. Thank you for posting this recipie. I have not tried it yet, but I will.
    Thanks again,

  43. So when I beat my flours with the required water for my egg substitution.it did not turn
    Foamy.please advice

    • Did you use white flour / the starches or whole grain? Also it doesn’t really foam up….just gets a little thicker. It won’t replicate egg whites in heavy egg white recipes but it works in some that aren’t totally dependent on the whites. Hope that helps.

  44. Hi Adrienne ,
    I used the starches. Normally with the energ E
    Egg replacer the starches foam when you whisk with water
    so I thought I did something wrong. I helps to know
    That it just gets thicker .
    Do I store my egg replacer in the refrigerator ?

    • Hmmm…well, the ingredients compared to Energ are almost identical so I am wondering if it is the one other ingredient that is doing the foaming? I’m thinking it’s the methyl celluloses. You don’t need to keep it in the fridge since it’s made w/ refined flours.

  45. Ronak Shodhan says:

    can this egg replacer be used for making delicious american style chocolate chip cookies that you get in the stores in usa? I have stopped eating eggs now and I am in India and i really miss those chocolate chip cookies american style (regular and not oat meal).

    If this works, then my tons of thanks to you!!

    Your blog is out of the world… hearty congratulations!!

    • Yes!!! I so hope you like it. We have used this for cookies for years now. Blessings and thanks for your kind comment. One of my best friends from my working out of the home days was from India :-).

  46. Using pure raw coconut oil in your recipe will make everything moist and stay moist.

    coconut oil will solve your crumbly problems!

  47. Is tapioca flour the same as tapioca starch? I know with potato flour and starch there is a difference.

  48. This is great stuff I am 30 minutes from a little store and 45 from any sizeable store and just now I went to make brownies and didnt have eggs. I am making your replacer so it wont happen again! One thing and forgive me if you already answered this question. I looked through many of the posts and couldnt find how long the egg mix will last in an air tight metal container in a cool, dry location.

    Thanks so much.

  49. Thank you so much for the response. I just wanted to make sure there wasn’t any alteration due to combined ingredients. Have a GREAT ‘baking’ holiday season!

  50. Baker Bettie says:

    Awesome recipe! Love the idea of making my own egg replacer.

    I get that it won’t work for dishes that are mostly egg white based, like a meringue, but I’m wondering if it will work for recipes that have egg whites folded in? I have an awesome waffle recipe that I want to adapt and you fold in beaten egg whites. Have you tried anything like that with this?

    • I would just try it. Basically the more eggs in the recipe, I find it doesn’t work as well. It most likely won’t be as fluffy. Perhaps try using twice the amount and whip it before adding and see :-).

  51. One other interesting ingredient you may wish to explore is Chia seed. These are unusual in that, if you mix them with a bit of water, and wait a bit, the result is a rather thoroughly gelled mass, almost like jello, yet it’s not gelatine. I’ve found Chia seeds to be quite useful in recipes where some sort of binder to hold things together is needed, and in many places where eggs are used, this binding effect, plus perhaps moisturizing, is the needed function. Chia helps here. You might try adding some to your egg replacer. Haven’t tried grinding them up, but that likely would be useful too. An added benefit, Chia is a nutritional powerhouse, and a very good source of plant based Omega 3’s.

  52. Hi, when making an “egg” with this powder do the water have to be hot\warm\cold?
    Thank you.

  53. Thank you so much for this… Ener-G is not sold local here so last year I bought (in bulk) a few boxes ….. If I would have known that 1 box = a billion eggs (exageration) I would not have bought so many. I still have LOTS left but when I run out I know how to make my own. But 1 question… where do you find the starches… I haven’t seen them at major grocery store (well I haven’t really searched for them either though) and the only stores that I would think that would cary them is maybe Harris Teeter (about 30 min car drive away and I have no car), Trader Joe’s (no clue where one is around here) and maybe whole foods (1 just opened but still about a 30 minute drive away)?
    I use this in all of my baking (not because of allergies, but with my business I ship items out and with egg replacer my cakes, breads, and other baked goods last longer).
    Thank you

  54. okay I am making a Banana Bread Blend ,Gluten free now the recipe calls for 1/3 cup of liquid whole egg . now I have never use this recipe ,, so help !!! I want to use a whole eggs not the liquid whole egg ,, this recipe also is using the a gluten flour too..So this where I need your help … Doreen

  55. I am not certain that the potato starch is GAPS diet legal. If you know of this diet, is this something that can be used as potatoes are not on the list for a time when we are first starting out? and I looking for ways to make our eggs stretch since we will be consuming so many. Thank you.

  56. The wheat belly cook book says not to use alot of the startchs as they arn’t the best for your body. But most of the gluten free recipes call for it. So what to do

    • I have the same quandary. I avoid them almost all the time. WAPF says arrowroot is healthy. So it’s a puzzle. My most recent recipe I used 2/3 the egg replacer powdered and 1/3 chia ground w/ water and it worked out well. I am going to continue to work on it.

  57. Do you have a specific brand of the starches that you use? My boys are allergic to eggs and nuts and finding bulk that is reasonably priced but not processed/ manufactured in a plant that also…. is my challenge. Any suggestions? I enjoy your site and am learning a lot. I’m trying to find ways to make my own and save $. Thanks

    • Hmm.. I buy from Country Life Natural Foods. You can call and see about their sourcing. Maybe that will help? My son is allergic to those things but a professional has given told us not to worry so much about “manufactured in” labeling. My son’s allergies are life threatening. Of course, you need to follow your physician’s advice.

  58. Hi! I am trying to make a cauliflower pizza crust that calls for 1-2 eggs. What should I use to replace the eggs? Chia eggs, yogurt, agar whip? Any suggestions? I am assuming the purpose of the egg is as a binder, not leavening. Is this correct?

    • I’ve seen cauliflower pizza crusts both with and without eggs. I have never used agar whip. Personally, I think it depends what kind of crust you want. If you want leavening, use my replacer. Otherwise it doesn’t matter. I haven’t used yogurt for an egg replacer before either. :) Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

  59. Thank you so much for this recipe. I’ve been using Ener G for years to make cookies, cakes, pancakes, etc for my 17 year old son who is allergic to eggs (as well as peanuts, and tree nuts). I’ve been out of egg replacer for almost a month! There isn’t any around here and my husband keeps forgetting to stop at a health food store in the town he works in to check there (I don’t have a car to get there myself). So, for weeks son has had no baked treats. Now I have to see if husband can find potato starch and tapioca starch. LOL! So…it’s one rounded 1/2 TBL of the powder? Does that mean I would scoop with a 1/2 TBL and not level it off?? Also, do you have a brownie recipe that’s been successful with the egg replacer (every one I have tried has flopped for some reason…so son has never had a brownie)?

    • Soo glad to hear this! Yes, your interpretation of the usage is correct. As for the brownies, hmmm….I could try some w/ my family :). I’m sure they won’t mind. You could make just the cake part of my chocolate cupcakes w/ cheesecake filling. It’s a little dense so it sort of resembles a cupcake. What happens when you make them? I just found a thread that says brownies might not work w/ it but I don’t know why.

      • Thanks Adrienne. It’s been so long ago that I tried making brownies w/o eggs (I gave up). Seems like they turned out really flat. I just found this brownie recipe without eggs: http://www.4thsensecooking.com/2011/03/eggless-brownies.html
        Looks promising.

        • I just made 2 batches of a vegan brownie that the author said used egg replacer. I do think I took it out of the oven too soon b/c the middle wasn’t done…but the outside was quite nice. We might just have to try another batch :-).

      • This recipe doesn’t work with brownies. I have yet to find an egg substitute that works with brownies. Right now I use a brownie recipe that calls for shredded zucchini instead of eggs, that recipe is good. But I miss being able to make regular brownies with an egg substitute. It just doesn’t seem to rise. If you ever get it figured out, I would love to know how to.

  60. thank you for sharing this. i think i will be checking your blogs a lot now. my dad has cancer and he cant have eggs but has been asking me he wants bread. this really helps!

  61. Hello,
    I’m a foodtech student from Vietnam. I’m making an affordable egg replacer as a small project so I’ve been reading quite a lot about ener-G. The original label lists Cellulose Gum & modified cellulose as ingredients (as far as I know, they are stabilizers)while VeganBaking’s recipe uses xathan gum – but your recipe leaves them out entirely and still seemingly work. Here is my question: do you notice any significant difference between using your homemade version and the original?
    Good day

    • You are right. I just didn’t notice that. I haven’t noticed a difference. I guess one could add a gum or gelatin to the recipe to make up for that. I have been trying that on occasion.

  62. can i use this substitute for stuff like custards and puddings???? i am a vegetarian and insanely obsessed about baking. also does this re placer in the microwave???

  63. Rogene Robbins says:

    I’ve never tried making that type of egg replacer, but it certainly looks easy.

  64. Can you use all arrowroot flour? I really do not like to use potato flour.

    I have never used powdered egg replacer, as it seems so much less nutritionally beneficial that a flax/chia egg. Do you know what the actual nutritional information looks like for the equivalent of one egg? Is there a lot of starch?


    • I think you could use any starch but the potato adds a little “heft”. I also prefer getting the nutrition of other subs, and also think just baking powder and an acid can work. I just used this a ton when my son was first diagnosed w/ food allergies and it works well in recipes where you are looking for some leavening. For binding the chia and flax work well. There is about zero nutrition in this, sadly.

  65. I have a recipe that calls for arrowroot but I used the last of it making egg replacer. Do you think it would considerably alter the recipe to use the dry egg replacer in place of the arrowroot powder. The recipe calls for 7 Tbsp of arrowroot. Thanks.

  66. I thought so. Tryin’ not to make a last minute menu change. =0) Thanks anyway.

  67. Thank you so much for this recipe!

    I’m thinking I will try it with Arrowroot & Tapioca (instead of potato; can’t have nightshades), but do you think I’d be better off with the Arrowroot or the Tapioca as the higher amount (the 2.5cups)?

    Thanks again! :o)


  68. Hi Addriene :)
    I´m building a website (it’s not published yet) about veganism and vegetarianism and found this pretty cool recipe of yours with your notes.
    Would you mind if I insert it into my content giving the credits to your site?
    Hope to hear from you soon
    Rafael Berard

    • Hi. Please do not copy my recipe in full. You may use the ingredient list but you need to put your own ingredients in to have it on your site. Really, this is a copyright issue plus google will penalize you likely for having duplicate content.

      If you do use my ingredients, please cite my blog clearly and include a link here stating where the recipe is from. Good luck and hope your blog goes well. Thanks for asking – many people just steal content which is criminal.

  69. Alfred Anthony says:

    I just use milled flax. One tablespoon flax, with three tablespoons of warm water. Mix well and allow to sit for five to 10 minutes. I’ve made pancakes, muffins and thickened soups with it. No chemicals or crazy measuring or storage needed. Milled flax will last for a few months in the fridge.

    • My understanding is that milled flax starts to spoil in 3 days, but that is just what I have heard. Hope I’m wrong :)!

      • Alfred Anthony says:

        I’ve been using it for years, and I’ve never seen spoilage, even when I’ve not refrigerated it. I know it loses it’s nutritional value if you expose it to too much light, and not kept in an airtight container. Great source of Omega 3s as I’m sure you know.

        • I just looked into this a great deal. You are supposed to keep it in the fridge to prevent spoilage and I think the longevity was only 3 mos.

  70. Thanks for this recipe. No one has asked this yet so I am wondering about substituting home made whole wheat flour for the starches. Will this work and is the ratio 1:1? Potato starch is fairly expensive.

  71. Any substitutes for the potato starch? In addtition to gluten, egg, soy, we are also allergic to nightshades (tomatoe, potato, eggplant, etc).

  72. Could you use this recipe to the eggs in meringue for lemon meringue pie? Or butter tarts? Thanks!

    • Not for meringue. I tried it once. Sad. What do you mean butter tarts?

    • Butter tarts are sort of like pecan pie, but in individual portions. Its a Canadian thing! Here is a recipe to give you an idea:

      1/2 cup golden raisins
      2/3 cup brown sugar
      2 eggs
      1/4 cup butter, cut into pieces
      1 tsp vanilla extract
      1 tbsp of light corn syrup.

      Would the egg replacer work this type of recipe?

      • I tried a pecan type pie today and used the egg replacer and it was just OK. I used that and flax eggs together. It was yummy but a little dry so I think I need more flax egg perhaps. We still ate it though :).

  73. Is there a replacement for tapioca flour?

  74. Question : When looking at your recipe for egg replacer, there is baking soda and when I clicked on your link to how to make your own baking powder there is also baking soda in that recipe, am I supposed to be using baking soda in both ??

  75. I am looking to make some homemade powdered mixes for cake in a mug. To give as gifts with mugs. If you are mixing this as powders and waiting to add the liquid this egg replacer should work, with out the fear of the leavening going bad.

  76. Is this supposed to be very watery? I made it exactly as indicated, but it doesn’t seem to be working well. When I mix half rounded tablespoon with 2 tablespoons of water, it’s very watery. The baked item doesn’t seem to come out well. I tried it with a grain free protein powder combo-no coconut flour. Thanks!

    • It’s pretty watery. What were you making?

      • Okay, I just wanted to make sure that’s how it should be. I was trying to make a grain free brownie with protein powder. If you use the egg replacer, should you still use some baking soda and lemon juice for leavening? I tried it with and without baking soda and lemon juice (both times with egg replacer) and it didn’t make much difference. Thanks!

  77. Hi there! I’m very excited about this recipe because now I can make an AIP friendly replacer with arrowroot and tapioca. I really need your advice however. I have found great recipes on Foodie Fiasco that require Ener-G and I was wondering if you could tell me if I would use the exact same measurements she has listed but with my homemade mixture? What do you think?


  78. I was wondering if you could tell me if Tapioca Starch and Tapioca Flour are the same thing. I can’t seem to find a definitive answer. Both the Potato and Tapioca Starches are hard to find so if I’m going to order them I want it to be the right thing! Thanks so much for all the awesome tips.

  79. I’m sensitive to egg yolks, potato starch, corn starch and soy. Suggestions for bread recipe??
    Substitute for potato starch in your powered egg replacer?

  80. Nisha Patel says:

    My daughter also has an allergy to eggs. Thank you for this. In my country we don’t get egg replacer powders so this is so helpful! What’s the maximum number of “eggs” can u use this powder for in a recipe.

    • Oh – I don’t know, but if it’s an eggy dish it won’t be as good. My flax bread recipe does very well with it if you would like to check this out.

  81. Thank you I’m asking for in cakes etc. do u have any easy egg free recipes. I am trying to find potato starch and tapioca starch.

  82. I am so excited to use this recipe! I have never used a powdered egg replacer before. Does it act like eggs? Do you think I could use the double acting baking powder (like the Bob Mills kind) in this recipe?

    • It does in baked recipes but not if you have too many eggs to replace. I have no idea about the dbl acting. Sorry :). I am not up to speed on that. What does it do differently?

      • I think it just doubles how much the baked goods would rise–that’s all. I guess I should just stick to regular baking powder, I just thought that since the Bob’s Red Mill kind is in a bigger package it could save me some money. Maybe I could half your recipe and try using the double acting baking powder to see how it works. Thanks for responding to my questions and for posting this helpful recipe on your blog! :)

  83. Thank you for this!! My son is also intolerant of Eggs (whites are the worst, but the yolks too) and sugar cane!!

  84. Love your recipe for egg replacer. Just wondering about “get bread in oven as soon as possible or”. What about allowance for 30 to 45 minutes rising time?

    • Hmmmm…typically leavening agents like this want to go in at the last moment. B/c of the baking powder. You could try it – I don’t know – good question!

  85. Just stumbled onto your site, looking for top eight allergy free, plus corn free recipes for my grandson. It is not easy to find recipes he will eat or can eat. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  86. Krista Lauinger says:

    Hi! I LOVE this recipe and have used it in a ton of stuff! But now I have a recipe that calls for egg whites. I know you mention egg yolks in the recipe and I looked through as many of the comments as I could (so I apologize if this is a duplication) but just wondering if it would work for egg whites in some form as well? The egg whites are only for meatloaf, so I’m not trying to make meringue or anything like that! :)
    Thank you again so much for sharing this with all of us!

  87. I want to Thank You for all the information I have found on your blog. I am not sure how to find where your main page is to see what else you may have that I can use. I am new to reading blogs! I have 2 girls that we are taking dairy, gluten/barley/oats/rye, bananas, eggs and beef out of their diets to see if it can help with a few health concerns we have and hopefully (God willing) not have to have surgery to remove tonsils. I also have enjoyed your info on Essential oils with I am doing my research on before I choose a company to buy from! Thanks so much for all your work and research! Leigh Anne

    • Hi there and welcome! You click on “HOME” in the upper left side to see the main page. I hope to have things categorized better – hope to see you around again!

  88. Tabitha Elliott, Author of The Egg-Free Cookbook says:

    I have never seen a homemade replacer for egg replacer before! Very inventive! I grew tired of having trouble finding that product at stores and quit using it years ago. It took me almost 8 years to modify everything I cooked with eggs in it to make it egg-free. But baking was only have of what I had to modify. Thanks for posting!

  89. I have never seen a homemade replacer for egg replacer before! Very inventive! I grew tired of having trouble finding that product at stores and quit using it years ago. It took me almost 8 years to modify everything I cooked with eggs in it after that, but baking was only half of what I had to modify. Thanks for posting!

  90. Thanks very much for Your helpfull recipes! :)

    Concerning the egg-replacer I have two questions:

    Can I use only cornstarch for potatoestarch AND tapiocastarch together? (I have none of both starche-types)

    What is the meaning of “To substitute for 1 egg, use 1 rounded 1/2 Tbsp egg replacer powder…”?
    Should I use 1 Tbsp, 1/2 Tbsp or 1 1/2 Tbsp?

    I’m from Germany and english isn’t my native language – so please excuse my confusion. :D


    • Hi there. Any starch should work – just will be a slightly different texture and result.

      I mean 1/2 Tbsp. I will change the post to make it more clear. Thanks and I lived in Japan for awhile so I completely understand. Your English is fabulous :).