The “Straight Poop” About Probiotics

Loads of information about probiotics. What works, what doesn't, and whether you need them or not.

Gut health is crucial to overall health – and fermented foods and probiotics are apparently 2 things that are very useful for improving gut health. I’ve had issues with fermented foods in the past, so I have focused mainly on probiotics when it comes to improving the digestive health of my family.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading about the benefits of probiotics recently while trying to boost the good bacteria count in my intestines.

And what I’ve been learning is fascinating.

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Today I’m going to share some of what I’ve been learning plus more about my personal experience.

The “straight poop” you might say.

Again, this post is a “lengthy one,” but as you’ll see, I have a lot I want to share with you.

10 Gut Facts and Benefits of Probiotics

First of all, you might want to check out my post about Gut Health Facts.

But here are more facts to spark your interest about gut health and probiotics.

1.  You have 400-500 different species of bacteria in your gut, weighing approximately 3 pounds. (Source)

2.  85% of your immune system is gut microbes. (Source)

3.  Good bacteria is passed through generations. As the baby passes through the birth canal, he receives beneficial bacteria from his mother.  That’s why it’s important for moms to keep up their levels of probiotics, and why C-section babies are bacteria compromised from birth. (Source)

4.  Probiotics have been proven to have a beneficial effect on the immune system (Source)

5.  Good bacteria are supposed to comprise 85 percent of the bacteria in the gut.

6.  In 2011, US sales of probiotics were over $770 million. I contributed a fair bit to that total! (Keep reading for more details.) (Source)

7.  Probiotics have been shown to be effective in treating:

– Lactose Maldigestion
– Traveler’s Diarrhea
– Acute Diarrhea
– Anti-biotic induced diarrhea
– Allergies
– C-Diff
– Dental Caries
– Respiratory Infections


8.  Probiotics might result in healthy weight loss. (Source)

9.  Probiotics might have a role in slowing the development of cancer.  (Source)

20.  Probiotics might have a beneficial effect on emotional health. (Source)

No wonder that the word “probiotics” comes from the word for “life.” Truly, our lives may depend on a healthy population of good gut flora.

Do All Probiotics Work?

A reader asked me a while ago what probiotic I recommend. Here’s the post where I answered that.

In a nutshell, my family and I have taken many probiotics over the years.

Some seemed to work.

And some didn’t.

For me, “working” constituted a clear change in digestive health, evidenced by either rumbling in the stomach and flatulence (gas)(showing that the good bacteria is attacking the bad guys), improved bowel habits (regular bowel movements with improved consistency–sorry to be graphic folks, but when you’re talking about gut health, things get a little “messy.”)

{Please note there are affiliate links in this post. If you click on link and make a purchase, I might make a commission. Your support is much appreciated and helps keep this free resource up and running.}

The Probiotics We Tried and the Results

1.  PB-8 – Didn’t see much change one way or another.

2.  NOW brand (Most recently we tried their Probiotic-10, but previously I think we tried another variety. Sorry, but I don’t remember the name.)

I don’t remember any particularly positive changes from this one.

3.  UAS DDS – This one came highly recommended to me.  I don’t recall noticing many changes from it.

4.  Primadophilus Bifidus – I noticed this one affecting the stools of my kids, particularly of my youngest, but I didn’t notice anything personally.

5.  Dr. Ohira’s Professional – I only took a few samples of this brand.  I had pretty clear “gurgling” in my stomach as a result but it was really pricey (about $60 per month with no option for a discount.)

You can see we’ve tried a lot. I’m guessing we’ve easily spent thousands of dollars on probiotics over the years, many of which did nothing or little to nothing for our health.

We are now trying Miessence’s InLiven and Fast Tract. Read on to find out why I chose this brand and what we’ve found.

Our New Probiotic – How I Found it and Our Experiences

As most of you know, since this past July, I have been experimenting with a new probiotic, InLiven.

The story behind why I even tried InLiven is a funny one.

I was taking the NOW brand that I mentioned above (but wasn’t noticing any real positive benefits), and I was also taking 1 teaspoon of Strata Flora in the afternoon.  Strata Flora is an amazing blend (and it really “makes you poop”), but it isn’t just a probiotic, so I was always feeling I should be supplementing with something with more of a “punch.”

Regardless, the makers of Strata Flora were having trouble financially and were possibly going out of business.

So in order to keep myself “regular” I felt I really needed to go on the hunt for a new probiotic.

At the time, I read a post at Kitchen Stewardship (Katie’s a good friend of mine) about probiotics, and as I perused the comments, I stumbled upon one by Lacey Swartz (she’ll be in on the probiotic teleseminar this Thursday night) that was really intriguing.

She said,

I started using InLiven two years ago and definitely noticed some major health improvements – namely, no more yeast infections (used to struggle with them chronically), was negative on the strep test with my 4th baby (had been positive with the first 3), and overall just fewer bouts of illness.

And then she mentioned the opportunity to get 20% off or even to earn products for free, and stated that the company was “no-hype” and “no pressure.”

Now I really was interested.

I decided to poke around her site and found it was a company I’d known about for a long time–Miessence.

I’d been getting emails mentioning Miessence’s cosmetics for a while, but I never thought twice about it because I didn’t use many cosmetics and wasn’t convinced I needed “organic stuff” on my face. (Now I know differently.)

But now that I found out that they had probiotics as well.

Now you’re talking!

I spent hours poking around their site, reading about their mission statement for organic standards and sustainability, and I was hooked.

I contacted  Lacey and asked a ton of questions (literally, a ton–you know how “investigative” I can be) and even got to run some questions by the owner of the company.

Anyway, I finally signed up as a rep and started using the InLiven in July of 2012.

You can read about my struggles with InLiven and all my wondering whether I could handle fermented foods in Why I Don’t Have Fermented Foods on My Blog.

But now, I am taking Miessence’s even stronger fermented probiotic drink and am tolerating it fine.

I even decided to put my whole family on InLiven to see how they would do.

Really, I would have loved to put my whole family on Miessence’s probiotics right from the start, but I buy my probiotics in bulk so we had some bottles to use up. Plus, I wanted to make sure it was really worth it before I put them all on something that cost more than we were already spending.

Here are the results:

Husband’s Results

Recently I noticed my husband having a lot of, let’s say, digestive issues. Lots of time in the bathroom and that kind of thing.

I asked him to try the InLiven and the very next day the lengthy bathroom visits stopped and he said he clearly and quickly noticed improved digestion.

UPDATE:  (later in the date on 5/28.)  In the interest of saving money, I asked my husband to go back to his other probiotic yesterday and today so we could use up what we had.  Well, let’s just say that there was a lot more time in the bathroom both yesterday and today.  Hmmmm….

Oldest Son’s Results

I started my oldest on 1/2 – 3/4 teaspoon of InLiven.  He has troubles with stress and said that he’s felt better since starting the InLiven.

I think it really might be helping because we have had a real overload of stress in our family over the past month (way beyond the norm), and although he is struggling, he’s weathering it better than I think he normally would have.

Youngest Son’s Results

My youngest has been having a horrid time with allergies this spring.

So bad that we almost went to Urgent Care once.

He’s had swollen eyes, sneezing, runny nose and even hives.

I started him on 1/2 teaspoon of InLiven and within a few days I noticed his symptoms lessening. I track the pollen count daily, so I know that there have been really high counts in our area since starting it.  But he hasn’t had the really severe symptoms since he started taking InLiven. Still bad on some days, but not quite as bad.

My Results

I already wrote about my “intense gurgling” and itching ears, constipation, loose stools, and the like (see Why I Don’t Have Fermented Foods on My Blog and Probiotics Experiment Update), so I already knew that the InLiven and Fast Tract were working.

I’ve continued upping my dose of Fast Tract (2 Tbsp is the recommended daily dose) to my current dose of 8.5 Tablespoons per day and I’m spreading it out over 3 doses.

My digestion seems to be stabilizing, but I am still getting some die off reactions. Some ear and rectal itching, mainly, but also fatigue. I am sleeping heavily, waking up about 5-6 hours after I go to sleep and then sleeping heavily for a total of 8 or more hours.

It appears the probiotics have a lot of the “bad guys” to fight off in my gut.

No surprise after all of the antibiotics I was given as a kid, and the sugar I ate willfully.  Oh, and the stress. And environmental toxins. Gah. (Read Candida and The Beginning of My Sugar-Free Life for more “juicy details.”)

Anyway, I am thrilled that it appears we’ve found something that is really high quality to help with our family’s health.

And now, I get to share with all of you what I have learned–and more–in the Free Probiotics Teleseminar this Thursday night, May 30, at 9pm EST.

Even if you aren’t free then, please sign up to join us. You’ll get an email of the recording, plus you’ll be eligible to enter a giveaway for these powerful probiotics (there will be 2 winners).

**UPDATE: You can still get an email of the recording by signing up here.**  Click here to read some of the more notable quotes from the teleseminar.  

I am going to interview the maker of InLiven and Fast Tract, Czerral, and you will have time to have your own questions answered at the end of our time together. Just think–you’ll get to ask the expert yourself whatever you like.

I am just gushing over with thanks for the time Czerral has given me and for being introduced to these great products.

And I’m thrilled to share what I’ve learned.

Come along with me this Thursday and let’s learn some more.

For more on probiotics, check out the Probiotics Teleseminar Wrap-Up that includes some of the more notable quotes from the call.

What questions would you like me to ask Czerral?

The information here is for entertainment purposes only. Please consult a medical professional before changing your diet, exercise program, or before trying any natural remedies.


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  1. Stephanie W. says:

    Even though I may not be able to join live, I’m looking forward to listening to the discussion. Our gut/bowel movements tell so much about our health!

    • Me too!

      • Stephanie W. says:

        I just noticed that their gluten free probiotic has agave in it…sort of bothers me.

        • Because it’s agave or b/c of the sugar in it? I can assure you there is no sweet taste at all. .35 g sugar per serving.

          • Stephanie W. says:

            Both. I guess if it works, it must not be a problem. But, I thought that equalled food for bad bacteria. :/

            • Well, there clearly is almost no sugar content left. As for the food for bad bacteria, the good guys have digested it in the making of the Fast Tract. It’s like making kombucha or water kefir. You give the good bacteria food to proliferate and then they grow to do good things. But you are left w/ just the good guys if you ferment it the proper amount of time. How’s that for a newbie in fermenting :)?

              • Stephanie W. says:

                Okay, I can accept that. :)

                • I could ask why they chose Agave. I don’t know. Sucanat or organic cane juice would be the only other choices…or honey.

                  • Stephanie W. says:

                    I didn’t realize that they are fermented/predigested. :)

                    • Yes, they are. That’s how the whole conundrum started…with my taking it and getting apparent “reactions”, hence my thinking that–like before–I supposedly couldn’t tolerate them.

                  • Annette says:

                    I have just been diagnosed with SIBO, AND I also have fructose malabsorption syndrome :(. Do you know if this small amount of agave would NOT be recommended for me in taking their probiotic? I need to find a probiotic to take after my course of FLAGYL–ugh, which I do NOT want to take, but my insurance would not cover RIFAXIMIN :(. I also do not know if you would recommend taking the ENLIVIN probiotic superfood, as it has fruits/veg I imagine to feed the good bacteria in that product? I’m wary of it upsetting my gut because of the fructose intolerance. HELP!

                    • Hi Annette :)! The agave is food for the good bacteria so there is almost nothing left after fermentation. I can assure you the Fast Tract is not sweet. I can pass on your question to Czerral but I would not think that the InLiven would bother you. It is predigested foods. I will ask though.

                    • Hi Annette. Just got this back from Czerral, the maker of InLiven and Fast Tract. I hope this helps. Let me know if I can be of further assistance. I believe there is a coupon code for this month if you are thinking about ordering.

                      “InLiven does not contain fruits so should be no problem. The Agave in Fast Tract has been fermented and may not cause a problem however I always believe err on the side of caution. So start with InLiven and see how you go. May want to take it slow eating 1/2 teaspoon a day for 3 days and if all good then move to 3/4 teaspoon for 3 days and so on until eating 3 teaspoons a day.

                      I do not have the history but I assume this is the result of poor choices in dietary lifestyle and emotional stress. This also needs to be changed. Find a good living whole food diet that you like and use this along with InLiven.”

                • I’ve sent an email to headquarters asking why they chose agave.

      • My other post you maynot need post at all and no need to answer it .I found the answer to the questions I asked you by going to their site.
        Inliven has spirulina in it -Are you not concerned about the iodine in it since you also have thyroid issues if not hashomoto which is an autoimmune even all thyroid problem are casued by autoimmune and iodine isnot good for it?.

        • I would love to hear more about this. I was just talking with my practitioner about iodine and she said I should take some. So I am not concerned about it but I would be interested in your thoughts. My understanding is those with hypothyroidism or low iodine can take it. I have never had any thoughts that I had Hashimoto.

          • Have you had test of thyroid antibody ?.

            • No. I looked up Hashimotos. I don’t see myself fitting that profile. I am about to get thyroid hormone testing. I don’t know as much as I should about this so fill me in.

              • I had a patient whilst training in the university polyclinic who was diagnosed with Hashimotos. When I took her case history there was a lot of stress in her life, she worked in sales which in itself was highly stressful, and in addition to this in between sales she would drink up to 8 cups of coffee a day to help her get through them! One thing I learnt from researching her case was that ongoing stress can cause hormonal imbalances due to the Hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis being constantly unregulated. Leading to dysfunction in other areas such as Hypothalamic-pituitary-thyroid (HPT) axis as the nutrients needed to regulate the thyroid are used up by the stress hormone. This then leads to a whole array of other dysfunctions including issues with metabolism, inflammation, reproductive issue, digestive issues, sleep disorders etc. Not sure if any of this relates to you as I just came across your site recently. Hope this helps…

  2. Hi Adrienne, that’s very interesting about the gurgling stomach. I’ve been battling Candida as well, mostly taking Pau D’Arco and PB8. Not much going on, but at least my itching is under control. However, for a short while I was also taking 1 tbs Psyllium husks fiber mixed with 1 tbs bentonite clay in 1 cup of filtered water (I also added 1 tsp vitamin C powder and a few drops of stevia) along with Capryl. Wow, did I ever get some stomach gurgling going on! I even had some pretty bad nausea one day at work, ended up leaving work to go home and detox with a coffee enema followed by a bath with 2 cups epsom salts and 1 cup baking soda. Felt better, but I decided to stop the Psyllium husk/bentonite routine. Maybe I should keep at it? I just thought the gurgling was not a good sign. Thanks for all the information, it’s very helpful.

    • I can’t say for you, but for me it seemed like the good guys were on the move meaning “die off”. I used detox supplements to help with the effects.
      My practitioner isn’t keen on bentonite but I haven’t come down to a firm opinion. Are you doing Whole Approach?
      Looking forward to learning more!

  3. I’m not exactly following Whole Approach, though I have incorporated some ideas from their plan. Since I am a vegetarian, it is difficult for me to get enough protein. I’m still on stage one meaning no beans or grains yet. I seem to be able to tolerate tofu, tempeh and plain organic yogurt. I also eat free-range organically raised eggs. And I allow myself one serving of low sugar fruit per day. I start each day off with hot lemon water and I’ve been adding drops of clove oil to that. I also try to juice at least one glass a day of vegetables. I do include carrots and seem to be ok with that too. I’ve ordered the zeolite so I can detox some more heavy metals, although I do still have amalgam fillings. I am in the process though of getting ready to have them removed. As for the clay, I started out taking 1 tsp per day in a glass of filtered water just as a general detox. One of the greatest benefits I have seen from that is that I had once tried switching to a non-aluminum deodorant, but I stunk and sweated heavily. After a year or so of taking the clay, I decided to try a natural deodorant again, this time I did not have the same issues. In fact I had even run out for a day or two and had very little odor or sweating.

    • In my opinion, the clove could be an issue. If you read my posts on oils, the owner of the company I recommend said to be very careful taking hot eos long term since they kill good bacteria as well. I can’t medically advice, but if I were you I would not do that and at least make sure you are taking a really good probiotics.

      I am still on the fence abt the clay. My practitioner says that all the folks whom she has worked w/ who took it or worked w/ it had high levels of aluminum. I sure do, but other sources say it isn’t an issue so I am not sure what to think.

      My sweating has gotten less since working on detox but I still have some odor issues.

      • Thanks, I will take that into consideration. I only had a .5 oz bottle of the clove oil and I’m almost out, so won’t order more. And I’ll dig around for more info on the clay before making a decision on that. I appreciate your advice! :-)

      • I should clarify, so no one is worried about ever meeting me :), that I have never been told by anyone that I have an odor issue. I just didn’t need deodorant at all and now I should use one. :)

  4. So if I have loud gurgling in my intestine after consuming a meal is that a good thing or not? Mainly my worst symptoms I have are very bad rectal itching and also itchiness on my head. Plus the gurgling. It is driving me crazy. I have never taken a probiotic before as I am always leary to try new things due to an autoimmune disease. I use unsweetened plain yogurt with live cultures and try not to eat a lot of sugar.

    Love these posts. Thank you for sharing.

    • I am not a dr for sure….but gurgling after a meal I would take as digestive problems. For me, when taking a probiotic that is good I think it’s the good bacteria killing the bad and “stirring things up”. So that’s a good thing. I had the rectal and hair itching as well. The hair was awful. From what I have heard the yogurt doesn’t have near enough bacteria for killing candida. Has your dr said not to take any probiotics? I am in contact with plenty of people that I could ask about your condition and probiotics if you would like to tell me what you have. I have heard of some concerns w/ probiotics and them but I also know of others who think they are key so it is confusing. Thanks for the kind words.

      • I have Crohn’s Disease. I have a visit with my gastroenterologist on Friday so I will ask him what he thinks. I have been in remission for 8 years so I am always hesitant to do something different. I would like your input too though. Thanks.

        • Please ask your doctor but I was just reminded of a friend of mine whose husband has Crohn’s. His symptoms cleared up on the InLiven. Please do come back and share what he says. Let him know it is all organic food that is fermented/predigested. And perhaps taking the ingredient list with you would be a good idea. Let me know if you can’t locate that.

          • I will take the list with me. Good idea. Thanks.

          • I just looked at the ingredients to one of the products and realized it is not gluten-free. Do you know if any of them are?

            • If you mean the probiotics, the Fast Tract is 100% GF. The InLiven is the one that starts out w/ some gluten but the foods are predigested. So the amounts that remain should be very small. Many people who are sensitive to gluten can tolerate it but again, that would depend on sensitivity and the individual person. I give it to my son, who is GF, but that’s my personal decision.

  5. Khursten says:

    Is it safe to use Enliven while pregnant or breastfeeding? How young can you start giving it to your kids (my oldest is 2)?

    • I have heard nothing about issues taking probiotics when breastfeeding or pregnant. In fact, if you read Lacey’s comment in the post, she was commenting about how she used it when pregnant and ended up not getting Strep with subsequent pregnancies.

      I have heard of folks giving InLiven to very young children. They just adjust the dosage by weight. I give my youngest, who weighs about 60 pounds, a 1/2 tsp per day.

    • Hey Adrienne, hey Khursten! Just thought I’d jump on here, since I happened to catch this comment/question.

      Yes, I started eating InLiven half way through my pregnancy with #4, back in the summer/fall of 2010, and was pleasantly shocked to find out in early December I was negative for GBS – having been positive with my first three babies… My OBs had always said it was just a “normal part of many women’s flora…” errr, now I know it can have potentially serious complications – doesn’t seem like the kind of “normal” I want in my system, thanks! :) Have been eating it ever since, lowering or raising my daily serving depending on life circumstances and body’s needs – and of course, with the occasional, human, falling off the routine (due to simple busy life and negligence) for a stint and getting back on board. I’m now about 2 weeks out from Baby #5’s arrival and was thrilled to again find I’m GBS negative. :) I know I could maybe be considered biased because I am now a rep for the company also, but I’m first and foremost their happy customer and honestly couldn’t sell something I don’t believe in enough to use myself – and as a customer, the simplest, main thing, I love about InLiven is that it’s just a wide variety of certified organic fermented foods in potent powdered form, with diverse probiotic strains, enzymes, and amino acids – all good stuff for our guts, with real nutritional benefits on top of the “bugs.” And it has worked. :)

      Not sure I’ll be able to keep up with or make any other comments as I’m busy this week ‘womaning’ the back-end registration logistics for the teleseminar – and trying to prepare for the upcoming home birth! But happened to catch this question/comment and thought I’d chime in since I’ve experienced pregnancy/infancy/toddlerhood (and childhood) with InLiven.

      Oh, as for giving it to infants and young kids, yes, barring tweaks to serving size etc adjustments for any specific health challenges (such as allergies etc), infants on up can benefit from probiotics – and all the more reason why I’m thankful to have found a potent real-food-only-sourced option. While breastfeeding, babies get the probiotic benefits from mama’s milk. Once they start drinking a little water here and there, I added maybe 1/8 serving of Fast Tract to it. And once starting on solids, I added maybe an 1/8 serving of InLiven to the foods (avocado or banana mash). Then, I just upped the serving size as they grew. Some adjustments here and there for various circumstantial reasons (more on days when they hadn’t had as nutritious meals for some reason, or at the start of a fever, or perhaps less on good days), but that’s the nutshell. :)

      Hope to “see” you on the teleseminar. In spirit with Miessence’s genuine desire to educate and empower more broadly, with no hype and hard sell on their product options, Adrienne and I have intentionally planned the call to be helpful and beneficial to all who listen in, whether they are interested in InLiven and Fast Tract specifically or not. :)

      Cheers! :)

  6. Kirkmans – Pro Bio Gold

    Custom Probiotics – 11 Strain

    Klaire’s – Therbiotic Complete


    Those are my top ones

  7. OMG! These bacteria weigh 3 pounds? That explains it then! I’m exactly three pounds heavier since I started taking Probiotics! Thanks for the excuse! Hahaha!
    Kidding aside, I take them and feel SO MUCH BETTER than I ever did! I’m gluten sensitive, have IBS-C and IBS-D and I haven’t had one episode of digestive issues since!
    Thanks for the great article and all the research and time you took to compile all this information. Great job!

  8. How much does a jar of InLiven last – taking maybe 3 teaspoons a day? I’m on a tight budget, but it sure sounds interesting.

    • The jar is intended to last for 30 days if you take a heaping teaspoon. Different people need different amounts, or choose to take less simply to save money. I know someone who had great results at a level teaspoon per day. Her husband did as well. I could feel a different taking just a level teaspoon. Are you thinking you would need 3 teaspoons for a specific reason?

  9. Thanks for letting me know, Adrienne. I just used the 3 teaspoons as a dosage since the site said 1 teaspoon, 1 to 3 times a day. :)

  10. Tiffiney says:

    What does the InLiven taste like? I have a child that is very particular in what he eats and drinks. If I put this in water (which is the only thing he will drink) will it have a color, smell, or taste to it?

    • InLiven tastes like a fermented food powder. I typically just drop it in my mouth and swallow water after it. I have heard of people stirring it into foods like applesauce or yogurt, and others stirring it into whatever they drink. I would probably prefer to have stevia added to it but I don’t find unpleasant. If you are thinking of purchasing it for yourself, then you could try giving some to your child in different means to see how it will work.

      My son completely surprised me. He loves the Miessence Deep Green powder. I put that also in a glass of filtered water with some stevia and he begs me for it every time I have it.

      I hope that helps :).

  11. Hi Adrienne!

    I’ve been following along with your post no probiotics and I keep thinking that you have a problem with your gut that needs to be healed properly. Maybe you’ve read all about this but I’ve done a lot of research myself and can’t see that you will be able to heal your gut by drowning it in probiotics if it is already damaged. Here is what I’m talking about and I would recommend reading the entire article, Healthy Home Economist – Healh Your AutoImmune Disease Now.

    Taking a Probiotic Alone Will Not Heal Your Enterocytes

    I’ve had folks say to me that they don’t need to go on the GAPS diet as they take a probiotic on a daily basis and eat probiotic rich, whole foods.

    Please be aware that changing to even a completely unprocessed, whole foods diet and taking a daily probiotic will not necessarily heal your gut!

    This approach alone will not heal your enterocytes and heal/seal the gut wall from years of abuse by antibiotics, the pill, other drugs, and processed foods.

    The reason is that the enterocytes reside on the gut wall and the balance of flora on the gut wall cannot be changed. A probiotic supplement is not able to re-colonize this area of the gut!

    Dr. Campbell-McBride MD writes that probably the only time that in our entire lives where we can populate the gut wall with beneficial bacteria is at birth.

    Therefore, the only way to heal the enterocytes and the gut wall is to take away the food of the pathogens (disaccharides and starches) so that they weaken and the beneficial flora consumed by a probiotic can take hold and re-establish dominance in the rest of the gut.

    Then, when these foods are re-introduced at a later time, the enterocytes will be strong and able to digest and handle them properly. This simply will not ever happen unless a period of time to heal these important little cells occurs.

    Also note that even after healing, the gut will require constant infusion of probiotics on a daily basis. You can either supplement your diet with probiotic rich foods like yogurt, kefir, homemade saurkraut, kombucha and others or you can continue taking a therapeutic strength probiotic such as Bio-kult, which is recommended by Dr. Campbell-McBride.

    • HI Mira. Thanks for your comment.

      I have read that post and have read the GAPS book. I honestly am almost on the diet since I eat few starches and almost no grains (depends on the day) and few beans compared to where I used to be.

      I am considering it for my son and for myself.

      I will say that I have concerns about BioKult. The bacteria are all listed w/ #s after them which, if I remember correctly, indicates that they are man made and synthetic, which I am not keen on.

      I have tried to find that info again today and couldn’t, but if I end up with that info I will come back and tell you.

      I am also really concerned about how the fermentation is done to make it most healing to the gut and that is something that I will be touching on soon.

      • Please let me know if you have done any further looking into Bio-Kult. It has been highly recommended to me and I am interested in your opinions. Thanks!

        • I have not been able to get to the bottom of their strains. They appear to be GMO to me–otherwise how can you patent them? I would recommend the InLiven about it for sure. Let me now if I can help at all with money saving ideas.

          • Michele Reneau says:

            According to Biokult, I got this email:
            I can confirm that all our Bio-Kult probiotic range are non-GMO. We have full certification from all our suppliers for all ingredients.

            I hope this has been helpful, if you do require any further information please do not hesitate to contact myself or our distributor in the US, INI
            Contact: Rob
            11655 Crossroads Circle, Suite T
            Middle River, MD 21220 USA
            800.899.3413 410.335.2802
            Fax 866.902.1767 410.335.3811

            Kind regards

            Natalie Lamb
            Technical Advisor
            Nutritional Therapist
            NT Dip CNM, mBANT, BA Hons

            Probiotics International Ltd.
            Tel. +44 1460 243 230
            Fax. +44 1460 249 543

  12. Tiffiney says:

    It does help… Thank you for replying! :O)

  13. I used these for some time but got no results beware of the multi level marketing that makes people believe they work. Money for them Also there are many other beneficial probiotics the key is changing them up often

    • You mean you used Miessense products? I don’t think the MLM aspect makes me think they work at all. If anything, that would be a reason to think they don’t. There is no getting around the benefits I have seen (and I have heard from others as well.) I was planning on asking about whether or not it is important to change probiotics or not during the call so I hope you are joining us :).

      I personally, by the way, think there is nothing wrong with MLMs if they are done right. Done wrong, both MLMs and brick and mortar business are both bad. It all depends on the company and the people involved. And the product, of course. Check out my essential oils series for evidence of problems.

  14. GiGi Eats Celebrities says:

    Probiotics & Digestive Enzymes have SAVED MY LIFE!!!! And I have SEVERE stomach issues. They are not a CURE ALL but they help a LOT!

  15. Kate More says:

    Hi Adrienne,

    Thank you so much for sharing this, it is very helpful and informative. i have one thing in mind, what is the Free Probiotics Teleseminar anyway?

    Thank you for your time reading my question and i hope to hear from you soon…keep safe!

    Thanks a lot!

  16. Interesting that PB8 did nothing for you. That was the first one that I tried that ever did do anything for me that was obvious. We are all so individual in what probiotics we need/have an impact.

    • Hi Patty!

      Interesting. Yes, we are all individuals. I assume it has something to do with gut condition, etc. I did try it for my whole family and didn’t see anything, however. One sad thing that it did is I gave it orally to my son, who was an infant at the time. He ended up with hives around his mouth and so I went on a big hunt w/ the company to see what could be doing it. For awhile they insisted that there was no milk in the product (my son had been diagnosed w/ dairy, egg, and peanut allergies at the time), but finally, after about 3 calls, they told me that it had been grown in milk.

      I am not saying it has to be a bad product b/c of this, but I was really disappointed at the customer service. They also told me twice that they would refund my money and never did it. I guess all of that left a pretty bad taste in my mouth.

  17. This has nothing to do with probiotics, but I feel the need to chime in. My sister had intense rectal itching and diarrhea. She saw several doctors to get some kind of help and diagnosis, but they were no help (told her she had hemorrhoids). Anyway, after a lot of web searching, she arrived at her own diagnosis: pinworms! So every time I see someone mention insane rectal itching, I can’t help but think of the months of agony that she endured, because it was off the doctor’s radar. Just a little side note to possibly help someone in that situation… 😉

  18. stephanie says:

    You mentioned that the Now probiotic “helped boost (your husband’s) iron levels” and I am curious to know what connection probiotics have with anemia or low iron? I am always low iron, sometimes turned away from being a blood donor for that reason.

    • Hi Stephanie. I was reading the Gut and Psychology book (affiliate link) and it talked about how bad bacteria can eat iron. So I put my husband on probiotics and it helped. I am now thinking he may have been taking a different probiotic so I am going to change the post. Thanks.

  19. GiGi Eats Celebrities says:

    Without probiotics I would be dead. Seriously. Probiotics & digestive enzymes have saved my life. I still have some issues, but without them…. I don’t know what would be going on in my stomach, but i KNOW it wouldn’t be good! lol

  20. Can you describe more about your ear itching, mine itches quite often and so does my nose??


  21. Jennifer says:

    Did you experience any bloating? I feel like I am..and a small headache. Only on day 3 but will definitely keep taking FastTrack.

  22. Thank you Adrienne! Great info, so sad I missed the teleseminar! But you have tons of good info on here so I will keep reading!

  23. when is the best time in the day to take probiotics?

  24. The brand you recommend has gluten… wondering if you’ve tried Syntol AMD, the Kirkman brand, biokult, or New Chapter? We’ve tried so many, but we don’t really know which brand to go with!

  25. Asera (@reflectionasera) says:

    Hi, I was wondering about InLiven. How do you intake them? How does it taste like?

    Been suffering from bloating, acid reflux, diarrhea for many weeks. I live outside USA so it might be a viable option (on a tight budget).

    Love your site!

  26. Hi Adrienne,
    I am in the middle of directing my mother towards a probiotic since she must start a round of antibiotics since having a kitchen accident and contracting an infection at the wound site. At what point in her round of antibiotics (7 day script) should she start taking the probiotics? Wait till she’s finished w/ the meds? And how long after the antibiotics do you think she should continue to take these probiotics? I am going to eventually get her going on ferments in her kitchen, but she should probably take the probiotics until that time? thanks!

  27. I found out from my gastrointestinal Dr that, when we poop we eliminate about 30 billion good bacteria. So I am taking this product
    This product has 50 billion and my hope is that I am maintain a good amount still left in my system after going poo!

  28. Both my babies are csections. The 2 year old is on a daily probiotic. The 5 month old is on amoxicillin for an ear infection. Other than that he is ebf and I’m taking a daily probiotic. I think I should get him on one for correcting whatever damage the antibiotic has done, but I don’t know which. Suggestions?

    • I personally like the InLiven for its potency. I would take it at least 2 hours away from the antibiotic but that is just what I have heard you need to do. C section babies miss out on mamma’s flora so they need extra support IMO. It’s not medical advice but I have heard that a lot. I think it was in the teleseminar as well.

  29. I’m interested in the InLiven Probiotics and the FastTrack. Is there a way to get these products discounted?

    Thanks!! :)

    • Yes, you sure can. You can get 20% off for life with a lifestyle membership (provided you make one purchase per year) or you can become a rep and get 20-40% off (with possible free shipping). I would be happy to talk with you in more detail at any time. They also have a frequent buyer program so you can get points towards future purchases, so you can save more. Here is some more detailed info in the meantime:

  30. Kathy Nunan says:

    Hi. I follow you and love your articles. I never comment but I am passionate about helping people and when I saw this post today I had to give you the information I know you will want and need. I have all of your problems solved! Please look into our products at It Works. I am a rep and you can only get our health and wellness products from a distributer. We are all natural, non gmo, gluten free! We grow our own fruits, vegetables, herbs, and botanicals that go into our products. Our Greens are a probity, with 8+ servings of fruits & vegetables as well as 38 nutrient rich super foods in each serving, they alkalize your body ridding it of all acid, restore the ph balance in your body and taste great (kids can take this too and I put one scoop in my 2 year olds juice daily). We have a supplement called Regular which promotes regular colon function, supports liver and all bladder function, removes toxins in your colon (and you can wear white pants and sneeze with no worries as there is no urgency effect ;)). Please contact me at anytime for any and all information. Our products are amazing and are changing lives daily! My Facebook page is: Kathy Wraps You Nunan, and my Instagram and twitter page is: wrappingwithkat. Be well, Be healthy, and Be blessed.

    • By the way, I have used Garden of Life products forever before being introduced to our It Works supplements. I love Jordan Rubin and his products, but my husband and I have never felt better in our life than we do now from taking It Works since January.

      • That’s interesting. I’ve heard about them. There are a few ingredients I am not thrilled w/ in the wraps. BHT and phenoxyethelene I think it is. What do you think?

    • I have looked at the company and think it looks interesting but I am concerned about some of the ingreds in a few products. Like the BHT and penoxyethylene in the wraps – thoughts?

  31. It looks like I’m joining the conversation a year late…
    I recently started using PB-8 and I noticed a difference. I read to keep probiotics refridgerated, which I do. The difference I noticed was going from 2 BM’s a day to about 12 once I started using it. From other research, that is what a supposed to happen eventually it will lessen. I also take alive multi-vitamins which have digestive enzymes in them as well.

    As far as your son’s seasonal allergies, I highly recommend local honey. Once I started having local honey every day I noticed a big difference in how my allergies affected me.

    • We did get local honey – need to get on it again. Thanks for the reminder! My allergies were sooooo severe in my younger days that I would have needed to eat 1 gallon per day :).

  32. Hi Adrienne,

    Just came across your site a week ago and have started taking Fast Tract to deal with a candida overgrowth in the gut. Since your last update last year, do you consider yourself candida-free after the high doses of Fast Tract?

    • I am not sure what is going on but likely not. I did see a great increased tolerance to dietary changes (eating more carbs and such), but it is clear now that other things were going on that I have been addressing. I hope to update everyone soon. It’s been a very interesting road for sure.

  33. Hi Adrienne,

    I cannot find anywhere that it states the number of servings in the InLiven probiotic. About how long does one jar last you?


    • It all depends on how much you take. If you do a heaping tsp it will last about 1 month. A level tsp per day has the container yield about 53 days. And so on. Thanks and I hope that helps!

  34. Michelle says:

    Do you still recommend InLiven probiotic superfood?? I have really bad rashes and eczema and been doing everything in the book to help it.


  35. Regina Wright says:

    Is anyone still monitoring comments on this subject? I have had a similar experience and would like to ask a couple of questions as well as find out if a transcript of the webinar is still available.

    • Yes, I am . What are you wondering please? I’ll do my best to help.

      • Hi Adrienne, thank you for the post. i have used pb8 and noticed a big difference. I’m always changing it up a bit with other brands so i get different strands of probiotics though. you recommend this and looks like it worked well for your family but for your personal experience looks like u said it gave u bad itching of rectum and hair and gurgling? how is that good? I’m confused.. or maybe i sped read your post too quickly.. did i miss something?

  36. Adrienne, just found this post from 2013…is there a way to still listen to / retrieve the audio from the Probiotics Teleseminar? I’d love to listen and learn more. Or maybe u have an updates post about probiotics? Thank you!

  37. Heather Forrey says:

    read your article on Rosacea, but now that you are using this probiotic company (totally unfamiliar w/ probiotics & just starting with alternative/holistic/whatever medicine, lol) what do you recommend for treating rosacea? not terrible & don’t take meds, hate the Rx cream, so don’t use it either, usually use coconut oil on face, but winter is coming & have terrible time with skin being sore. plus is getting slowly worse as I get older :(, also have mild psoriasis, so anything to help with skin :)

  38. I went searching for a pro-biotic with Saccharomyces Boulardii in it and came across this thread. Then also found this product which seems like it may be related or the same as the Fast Track stuff. Can you confirm if it is? It’s way cheaper. Link:

    • Hi there. Sorry for the delay. I have been inundated and your comment got buried. It looks similar but of course the ingredients are different. There are no gluten grains in the Fast Tract. I can say that I trust the maker of Fast Tract implicitly regarding quality and I don’t know how Body Ecology’s product is produced. There isn’t enough information there.

      I guess you could try both and see what you think?

      Thanks and Happy New Year!

  39. Have you heard of or tried VSL3 probiotics? I heard that they’re really good, but I’d like to hear what you have to say about them.

    Thank you :)

  40. Lydia Freund says:

    Dear Adrienne, Thanks for going through all the trouble to document your experience. Mine is so similar that I am working my way through your series. Please tell me if you were on already no carb diet at the time you started InLiven, or if you were still eating grain or fruit. I am reading Donna Gates’ book and listening to her Healthy Gut Summit right now, but finding YOUR BLOG more HELPFUL – Go Figure! I already understand much of the science. What I need is a protocol. and recipes. I hope you can find the time to reply. Blessings to you.

    • Hi there and thanks. I wasn’t on a no carb diet at the time….I was eating fewer but not none. I wasn’t eating much fruit at all. Wow – that’s a high compliment about the summit. I am actually eating a bit more carbs now for my adrenals. I got that idea from the doctor who wrote this book. (affiliate link). It’s a really fascinating concept. Hope that helps!

  41. Do probiotics help with acid reflux? Also read where you should not drink liquids with meals , especially water?

  42. This is a fantastic blog, thanks for posting! I’d like to know how you test to see if you have a parasite infection, yeast infection (whole body, not purely vaginal), or both!? I assume any naturopath Dr. could run the test but as I am living in South America I find that this may be a tad more difficult. Is there a way to do self assessment at home to see which affects you more? I am a 23 year old female who has been suffering from chronic yeast infections for over 2 years after taking a long dose of strong antibiotics (over 7 months of this dosage) in order to attempt to cure an autoimmune condition (with no luck) that I’ve had since the time I was 19. After doing a lot of research on my own part I have started using the GAPS diet, which eliminates sugars and carbs in the forms of starches(potatoes, tubers, all grain, even the gluten free ones), alcohols, sugars (sucrose, lactose,etc, with the only exception of honey) with the aim of ridding the body of the ‘foods’ which feed the yeast and thus lead to Leaky Gut Syndrome, which I’m sure that I have due to my list of symptoms and current immunological condition. GAPS protocol has been used to CURE Leaky Gut Syndrom and the problems associated with it (check it our here: ) Just shy of 3 weeks on the diet where I was almost symptom free I relapsed to have another breakout of a vaginal yeast infection, and I’m not sure why. I assume it’s due to the high intake of sugars from fruits which I have been eating here (in Colombia it’s hard not to eat all of the amazing exotic fruits one has at hand) so my aim after kicking this yeast infection is to continue with GAPS protocol but to also start with the Candida Diet on top, eliminating fruits from my diet as well, at least for a month or so. My question is: how long should I maintain the Candida Diet before die-off symptoms and eventual killing of the yeasts occur? AKA how long must I continue the Candida Diet before phasing off of this diet and re-introducing small quantities of the fruits which I love so much? In the past I have also tried Paleo, and found it to be partially effective, but that the roots, starchy vegetables, and tubers I was eating tended to set off reactions in me as well. Currently, I am experimenting with a mixture of these 3 closely related diets (GAPS, PALEO, and CANDIDA) with a focus on the first month of very restrictive eating and an attempt at using the detox methods listed in the Candida Diet as well (Garlic, Coconut oil, Grape Seed Extract for the Antifungals, and Marigold and exercise for the detox die off symptoms when and if they appear). I also am keeping a calendar to keep track of progress and setbacks, and reading this stand I’m am also now thinking of adding a food diary as well. I would like to know if any of you have had experience with any of the above listed diets and if so which did you prefer and why? Living for 5 years with these problems as such a young age really stinks, but I’m trying to make the best of it and keep my head up and my progress consistent. Another thing which might factor in is that I was initially being given 30 mg Prednisone a day to help control my muscle and skin deterioration, as well as 25 mg of Methotrexate once a week. Over the years these medicines and dosages have changed due to the fact that my condition, Dermatopolymiositis, is so rare that it’s not lucrative to make a specialized medicine for people in need, so no research has been done, but from the research that I have read it seems that all autoimmune disorders have an almost 100% link to problems with your internal gut and thus can be CURED given the right amount of time, pure eating habits, natural herbal treatment, and willpower. Through cleaning up my diet I have been able to decrease my medications to 2 mg Prednisone daily and 25 mg Methotrexate with the eventual desire to stop taking all western prescribed medications. Does any of this resonate with anyone here? Do any of you have experience with which probiotic may work the best for my case? In the past I have also experimented with fermented foods with no luck (bad reactions every time (i.e. itching of the skin, eyes, and yeast infections) and am wondering if these are pure die-off symptoms or if I am actually allergic to these foods (I have been tested positively for a yeast allergy a few years ago on a blood levels test given by my naturopath. ) I’d love to have some feedback as to what you all have tried and what has worked for you. I know that this may take some time to beat due to my past history of long-term prescription drugs, just curious to see if anyone out there has beaten a similar situation. If you’ve made it this far through my post, thanks for listening, I know it was long-winded but I really want to get all the facts. Every little bit helps, thank you in advance <3

  43. Tiffany says:

    Adrienne (?), My husband discovered your website last night looking up homemade laundry soaps and here I am, having spent more than half of my day, reading on all kinds of my personal soap-box stuff. Right now I have questions on probiotics……………I have a child with a condition labeled as encopresis. I was wondering if you have heard of it in your readings and how people, namely Czerreal (?) have approached it with probiotics.? Said child had chronic ear infections as a toddler and, as a result, many, many doses of antibiotics (what I know now I wish I would have known than *sigh*). I have had physicians “prescribe” daily doses of stool softener etc. for the rest of his life. No. I don’t accept this. I am CONVINCED it is a gut thing. Also, said child has suffered from mild eczema (and now two more of my children are having problems). Together he and I decided to eliminate milk from his diet and it has improved the eczema dramatically……… I guess my questions are these- from your experience/research, is dairy related to eczema? AND have you heard of others using InLiven for Encopresis…?

    • Hi there. Thanks for writing! I have done a little digging on the internet and it seems there are mixed reviews about probiotics — with some parents saying it helps and others saying they do it b/c they think it can’t hurt but they aren’t seeing a difference.

      I for sure have heard of dairy related to eczema. This is my oldest’s story:

      and my youngest gets eczema when he gets too much dairy. It’s quite an allergenic food.

      I am doing more gut work for our family so I wouldn’t just stop w/ probiotics but it is for sure a good place to start. I hope it helps!!!

  44. Alflorex® PrecisionBiotic –

    You don’t mention “Precision Biotics” in your blog. The above have proved very useful to me over the past year . . .

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