How and Why to Soak and Dehydrate Nuts and Seeds | How to Make Crispy Nuts

Learn how to make "Crispy Nuts" - How and Why to Soak Nuts and Seeds to make them more nutritious plus they taste way better too!

Have you:

– heard about soaking nuts and seeds, but you don’t why you should do it? or

– do you know it is important but think that you just can’t fit it into your schedule? or

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– have you heard about Crispy Nuts, but don’t know what they are?

Well, I am here to clear all of that up.

How and Why You Should Soak Nuts and Seeds 

1.  It helps with digestibility

2.  It’s easier and takes less time than you think

3.  They just plain taste better this way!

Nuts and seeds are a wonderful addition to your diet.  They have a bounty of healthy fats, minerals, protein and vitamins.  However, they can also be a bit rough on your stomach.  That’s because they contain phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors that prevent them from being digested well and that can be detrimental to your health.

The answer to this problem is simple: soak your nuts and seeds

When seeds and nuts are planted in the ground, the warmth and moisture in the soil around them breaks down their skins so that they can germinate and grow into plants.  Likewise, when we soak our nuts and seeds, we break down the encasing on these great sources of energy and make the nutrients more available to us.

I know.  You’re already busy and this sounds like a lot of extra work.

But it’s really not.

Most of the time spent soaking and dehydrating is hands-off time.  You just put the seeds or nuts in a bowl, transfer them to the dehydrator (or oven) and then take them out when dry.

For dehydrating, I highly recommend the Excalibur Dehydrator.

If you don’t have a dehydrator, however, you can start dehydrating with your oven.  During the winter months, you’ll welcome the added warmth, but in the summer, you’ll wish you had the dehydrator :-)!

So…here is how to do it:

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You’ll find that your nuts and seeds are much tastier and lighter than before.  You will never go back again!

Notes and Tips:

  • Cashews have a somewhat toxic coating on them between the nut and the shell.  According to most resources that I researched, this coating is removed in processing.  (I did find one source saying nothing about it all being removed).  Additionally, they are prone to mold and so are not the greatest choice for those sensitive to mold.So I recommend only eating them in moderation or not at all.  They also get slimy when soaked longer than 6 hours so if you choose to soak to improve their digestibility, keep an eye on the clock :-).
  • Temperature control is one way in which the dehydrator is a much better option than the oven.  Typically the lowest temperature for an oven is high enough to destroy the enzymes in the nuts/seeds, therefore diminishing their healthful qualities.  However, I still think the oven is the best place for someone new to soaking and drying to start.
  • There is debate about what temperature to dehydrate at in order to preserve the enzymes in your food.  For now I am comfortable with 125.  I am not an ardent raw foodist, and after researching this I found that the temperature of the food in the dehydrator is significantly below the temperature of the air around it.  Thus, if the setting of the dehydrator is 125, your food temperature is almost certainly in the raw food range–115 or below.

How to Use Soaked & Dried “Crispy Nuts”

1.  Eat them plain – yum!

2.  Make Homemade Nut or Seed Butter

3.  Make Nut or Seed Milk – Here’s the Easiest Almond Milk Ever!

4.  And here’s a variation – yummy Chocolate / Carob Nuts.

As I’ve said before, try not to be “all-or-nothing” in your thinking about soaking, drying, and the raw food issues.  My family loves the flavor of the dehydrated nuts, but we don’t like hazelnuts (filberts) unless they are roasted.  So we roast them after soaking them.  They are still lighter and tastier than without soaking, but they’ve lost some of their nutrition.  We also sometimes eat unsoaked nuts and seeds when we’re served them, but we sure do notice right away what a difference there is.

The point here is to make steps towards wholeness and to do what you can at the pace that you can handle.

If you’re interested in finding out more about an Excalibur Dehydrator (in my mind this is the one to buy if you are serious about dehydrating – and who wouldn’t be :-)?), I would be happy to help with a great deal and shipping right to your door!  All of the details are on my Best Excalibur Deal.  Your purchase will also help keep this blog up and running!

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Have you ever soaked your nuts and/or seeds?


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  1. I’m so glad you wrote a post on this. I needed the encouragement. I’d like to still hold out for the dehydrator, but until then the oven it is. Looking forward to hearing you’ve secured a good price from Excalibur.

  2. Do I have to dry them in the dehydrator or oven afterwards? The lowest temperature option on my oven is 170, which is considerably higher than the 125 you refer to. They still taste delicious, even without the drying.

  3. Victoria,

    No, you do not have to dry them either way in order to get the benefit of soaking. I assume that what you mean is whether it would be an option to just air dry them. That, or sun drying is an option as well, but it will take longer and you may have critters to deal with outside without a proper cover over the nuts/seeds.

    You can use the soaked nuts/seeds to make butters or in other recipes, one of which I will post soon which is Almond Feta. Then drying is not recommended at all.

    Drying them is to make them crispy which is what most people prefer to eat.

    Your point about the oven temperature is one reason why a dehydrator is recommended over an oven for drying. You simply can’t get the temperature low enough for those of us interested in keeping the nuts/seeds raw.

    Let me know if you have any more questions!

    • Adrienne,
      For the 170 degrees F question — What do you think about turning on the oven at the lowest temp and then turning it off until a manual read thermometer reads 125? Then maybe leave the nuts in the closed oven over night? Just thinking/wondering…

      • Interesting idea! I will say that that might help, but likely the temp will drop and they will mold. I am not trying to push the dehydrators, but in the summer they beat the oven idea for sure. I have the best price and if you find a better one I will match it. It has saved our family TONS of money. Thanks!

  4. I discovered the beauty of soaking nuts some months ago and since then that’s about the only way I eat them. However, what surprises me is that you don’t mention peeling the brown skin. Almonds for once taste so much better peeled! They remind me of young walnuts, when you painstakingly remove the pale yellow skin off them, but oh, it’s so worth it! I have a question for you (although I think I know the answer): the degrees that you mention are Fahrenheit, not Celsius, isn’t it? Coming from Eastern Europe to North America, I often find the whole issue of imperial vs metric measurements very confusing.

    • Hi Dorina.
      Thanks for your comments. First of all, I must say that I love your name. We had a dear friend back in Chicago named Dorina and so it brings back a lot of memories to see that name again :-). Regarding your inquiry about peeling, I am sure that they taste better, but I just frankly don’t have time for it. If you read my About Me page, I don’t go into everything in as much detail as I would like, but I am struggling with metal toxicity and healing from chronic fatigue and I have a special needs child. So I really need to cut corners where I can :-). Nice tip, though.

      Yes, all of my temp measurements are Fahrenheit. I do not know how to make the degrees symbol w/ the computer so I am stuck typing “degrees” each time.

      Thanks for stopping by! Where are you from in Eastern Europe? Our friend, Dorina was from Eastern Europe as well.

  5. I’m from Moldova, a former Soviet republic. Dorina is not an unheard of name there, though rare enough. And you share my brother’s name, more or less – Andrei. It was I who named him when I was 4, it was my favourite name. :)

    Yes, I read your story earlier and admire you for your courage and tenacity. Caring for a healthy child is often hard, but when you throw special needs into the mix… well, I can’t begin to imagine.

    One thing that I do understand, however, is your passion for healthy nutrition and for everything homemade. I am the same, which is why I’m so glad I stumbled across your Web site – lots of useful, inspiring ideas, and I haven’t even finished reading yet! You may hear from me again soon. :) I definitely need to try out that coconut milk recipe, but so far I’ve only found shredded coconut with nice sulphites to go with it. Will carry on looking. Thanks for this blog and don’t stop posting!

    • Dorina,
      Thank you for taking the time to write back. And thank you so much for the encouragement. This evening has been rough w/ my son and I need to keep remembering that it is worth it to keep being patient and love him. He really is about the sweetest child that I know, but his condition makes him annoying and it takes a lot of time.

      Anyway, I need to go and get the little guys to bed and they are really carrying on. And here I am on the computer. I guess we all just keep on learning!

      Where do you live now? I can recommend some ways for you to get unsulphured coconut.

      Glad you enjoy the information. I am still learning so much myself and it is hard to get it all on a site. So much to share – so much I still do not know – so little time.

      Take care,

  6. I want to try this. I get a similiar neurological reaction from eating nuts as I do to gluten and casein. It bothers me because nuts are so healthy and I want to eat them. Maybe this will help. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hi Adrienne,
    Happened to stumble upon your site. (It’s great by the way, very informative!) Was looking for an almond butter recipe, and at the same time wanting to know more about soaking nuts. So do I understand correctly that the nuts don’t need to be dried to make nut butter? Could you explain this to me? I’m totally new to this, and over here in the Netherlands, I don’t know of anyone else who does this.
    Thanks a lot! I realize that you’ve a lot on your hands. If you know a link, it’ll be great too.

    • Hello, Michelle! And welcome! I live in an area of Michigan where there are a lot of folks who came from the Netherlands and I visited your country back…well, a long time ago :-). Anyway, you should dry them before making nut butter, or else you will have a product that it too moist. Please feel free to ask away. I will help as I can, but thanks for being sensitive. I will check the post to make sure that it’s clear. It was one of my earliest ones and I wasn’t writing as well, I am afraid (not to say that I can’t make mistakes now too :-)!)

  8. Hi. I just happened upon your site (I do believe even happen upons happen for a divine reason,lol) and love the several articles I’ve read on here. I learned a lot reading your article on Soaking Nuts and Seeds. I’ve known for a couple yrs about how important that is and have been doing that for nearly a yr. However, I was disheartened as I read that come nuts are devitalized in processing. You said that “Cashews have a somewhat toxic coating on them. I recommend only eating them in moderation or not at all. …their enzymes have already been destroyed in processing, …You will not improve their nutrition by this procedure.”

    QUESTION: Does that also mean soaking cashews does not remove the phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors, or that processing has already removed those? Is this the case for conventional only or also organic cashews?

    Raw Cashews, soaked and unsoaked, are my family’s favorite nut. Now I feel bad giving them to my young children almost every day. It is becoming more difficult to find healthy snacks, as even most almonds are fumigated or steam pasteurized (as you well know since you blogged about that). Know I am wondering, Are nuts safe for toddlers and young children and which ones?

    Thanx for your time and effort in researching and writing articles here. Blessings to you and your family.

    • Thanks for the question, Michele. I have done some more research and it is a little murky. What I did find is that there is a natural toxin on the cashews. between the nut and the shell, that is removed by processing, so they are not raw. I found one source stating that they have a slightly toxic coating. I am reading that it has already been removed, but they are prone to mold so they are not a great choice for folks, especially those with mold sensitivity and/or candida. I did find one resource (Nourishing Traditions) stating that it is a good idea to soak them to aid in digestibility (not sure why this would help since they’ve already been processed, but it appears to me that there is a lot of conflicting information about soaking nuts out there. In any case, I’ll update the post. If you are going to soak cashews, only do so for 6 hours or they get really slimy.

      My husband loves cashews too (and my youngest son as well – me too :-)) but I choose other nuts over them. You will have to make your own decision about what to give your children. If you don’t have nut allergy issues and they can chew well then you should be okay with them, but I do think that the other nuts are healthier options.

      You are so welcome. Thanks for your kind words!

      • Thanx, Adrienne for clarifying about that natural toxin on cashews. A little poem for your readers…

        I was disheartened at this little-known fact
        About a natural toxin on the cashew
        Which processing removes,
        But then leaves them prone to mildew
        Even soaking changes little for this snack

        O the sadness of letting go,
        How I mourn the distance I must create
        Between my favorite nut and I, so
        I must forage for safer snacks
        Lest my stomach grieve over what I just ate!

        Yes, better nuts and seeds are out there,
        I’ll eat organic pistachios and Brazil nuts
        And soak unpasteurized almonds, walnuts, pecans and such
        Same with pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, yum
        And sometimes dehydrate them at a low temperature!

        • Oh my – you are a riot! One editorial note for accuracy – I don’t think that it’s the processing that makes them prone to mildew. There are other nuts that are prone to the same….sorry to tell you…but it’s walnuts, pecans and pistachios. Guess you didn’t want to know, right? I eat them sometimes but I am careful. There are differing thoughts on this is the “candida diet” community. I can’t believe you took the time to do that. You must be my husband’s alter ego. He’s always writing poems and ditties. ….Maybe I need to start a different blog. Or two. Maybe not.

  9. “some nuts” not come nuts… I need to get to bed.

    • Hi Adrienne,

      Thanx again for the accuracy check about the cashew being prone to mildew, not caused by processing. I don’t wish for a mis-wording in my poem to pass on any incorrect health info. That would be counterproductive! I cranked it out quicker than I should have. And, hehe, I was being a bit melodramatic about never eating cashews again, but that is how I feel after learning how any food could contribute to ill health. I can’t even begin to weigh how much cashews and some other nuts I ate while pregnant with my 2 kids (before I even learned about soaking).

      And thank you for mentioning about other nuts also being prone to mold. I had read that a few yrs back. I do a lot of nutrition research and am continually learning. Enjoy my silly expressions, but along my health journey, I do take things seriously to try to pull myself out of my pit of digestive despair! No really. Maybe too much. But you have to in while working through the GAPS healing program 😉 Funny you mention about your husband writing poems too. Hope this form of expression doesn’t annoy you or your readers, hehehe. I hope to be a contribution here.

      Have a great day/evening/morning whenever you read this!!

      • You’re welcome! This is all such a balance. Need to take things seriously but need some comic relief too. I think my readers will love it! I should let him write a ditty or two sometime. And my son (Asperger’s and sometimes assistant on the blog) has been following in his footsteps. He’s not as talented (yet?) but really cute. Take care! Oh – and hubby’s an English professional so you are in good company :-).

    • I heard that Brazil nuts have selenium which is toxic in large amounts. I was eating 7-10 every day for lunch but I cut down to 3.

  10. P.S. I have thought of starting my own reflections and expressions blog, to share my thoughts, poems, prayers, devotions, research etc. Do you have any ideas/reviews on the better sites for creating one’s own blog page?

  11. Cheeryshirley says:

    This whole soaking and dehydrating is very new to me, but I am interested as my digestion is sad due to the poisoning. We are vegan and eat whole foods and only organic. I am also looking at your excaliber dehydrators. Would welcome any information and usage. How long does it take to dehydrate nuts? What is the electrical cost? I am desperate to feel better and I am always looking to improve cooking/preparation for my husband’s MS. Thanks for any help you could give me! :) Cheeryshirley

  12. Fitfoodie says:

    A couple of questions in follow-up. Why do you add salt to the soaking water? Do you rinse the nuts before dehydrating them? If I plan to use the nuts to make raw crackers, is it necessary to dehydrate them first or can I simply grind up the soaked nuts? Thanks for your help.

  13. Hi there! Love your site. Wondering.. about how long does it take to dry a pan of walnuts in the oven after soaking them, and the same question for in the sun?

    • I think it depends on a number of factors – the size of the nuts, oven temp and the amount of sun. Sorry that I can’t be too specific about that.

  14. I just saw this post over on FB. :) I have a “dumb” question…what kind of nuts do you get? Are they raw? Thanks,

  15. Have to say I love the Just Almonds source you researched for us! I really had not thought about soaking and THEN dehydrating and then storing for later use….not sure why… as I own an Excalibur! (but have not had a single moment to break it out and use yet).

    This gives me my first great idea and I will definitely begin soaking and dehydrating my raw seeds. Any sources for chemical free raw walnut seeds? or do you just do those from your local co-op? thanks

    • I just buy organic seeds since I get them in bulk and they’re not that much more money. I haven’t heard about any issues like the engine fuel stuff :).

  16. I looked up the keyboard degree symbol for you. It’s ALT + 0176 °

  17. I have a dehydrator that I bought over 20 years ago. It has a wood frame and about 9 or 10 trays in it, that are wood frame with teflon coated webbing type stuff and a removable teflon flex screen to put on top. It has worked for dehydrating meat to make jerky and I have even done fruit leather in it? How do you know what temp? I usually leave my jerky meat in overnight and it is done in the am. It is a just plug in and leave it with no adjustments

    • I typically dehydrate around 125. The temp of the food is lower than the temp of the dehydrator. From the reading I’ve done that keeps the nuts “raw” w/ enzymes intact. But I might move that temp down a bit.

  18. Hi, I bought a big bag of raw pine nuts the other day and brought them home. I put them on a cookie sheet and popped them in the oven for ten minutes (375), stirring them a couple of times. Well, they smelled really strong, like the pitch from a pine tree. I had never noticed that before. I ignored that and ate bunches of them.
    I really got an upset stomach! I treated myself with acidophulous supplements all day and I was better the next day. I’ll never do that again. And now I learned….it’s just as you said, there is too much oil in the raw nuts. Thank you for this informative article.

    • Hi Fran. The issue is the phytates and enzyme inhibitors – not the oils. But I am sure pine nuts would do better this way as well. Take care!

  19. One quick question…for the soaking process you said you use 2 tsp. of salt for 4 cups or nuts – just to clarify – is that 2 tsps for the ENTIRE batch of four cups of nuts? Or is it 2 tsp for each (1) cup of nuts? Thanks!!

  20. oh! And one more thing – after soaking & dehydrating – do they need to be refrigerated? Or is just in the cupboard/pantry good enough?

  21. Another perfectly spelled out and step by step instructional recipe!

    It REALLY is amazing how clear and precise Adrienne makes writes these out for us. THANK YOU!

    Ok I don’t have a dehydrator but want to make some sunflower seed butter after soaking and drying them.

    I did one batch without soaking and drying and it was very good. But I want to try the soaking and drying.

    I don’t have a dehydrator and don’t see one in my near future. I would like to use my oven BUT it only goes down to 175 F.

    Do people think that is too hot or is it possible it would still work?

    Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Mike. Again, you are waaay too kind and I suspect setting the bar up too high for my future posts :-). You can do 175 you just won’t have raw nuts anymore. So you’ll lose some nutritional value. Whenever you do decide to take the plunge on the dehydrator I promise I will get you the best deal. :).

  22. WHAT? WHAT?? WHAT????

    HOW is that possible??? Adrienne replied is WAY under 10 mins.

    Do you have a computer implanted in your brain for faster response time :)

    THANK YOU so VERY much for the fast reply!

    Ok I am off to soak some sun flower seeds :)

  23. Yes for sure I will contact you when I want to get a dehydrator. I am been drooling over the ones that you can get for us :)

    They are absolutely the king of the dehydrators, not that I spent upwards of 10+ hours researching them. No I wouldn’t do a silly thing like that 😉 lol

  24. You said peanut buttery tasting sun butter soon. Is there a way to make the sun butter taste more like peanut butter?


  25. ooooooooooooh that is what I was HOPPING you were saying :)

    Let us all know if you figure it out. I am going to try as well and will report back.

  26. I just had to post that because of coming across your blog a year ago, I realized the rationale of soaking/dehydrating nuts – all thanks to you! And you are so RIGHT! They taste so much better this way that I can’t eat nuts any other way now! Even my little shih-tzu’s come running every time they hear the mason jar rattle from getting into the almonds LOL I make numerous batches of Elana’s Protein Bars with these dehydrated nuts and is it ever GOOD! thanks so much for all your hard work in bringing such good info and recipes to us!

  27. Love this!

    2 things:

    1. Store bought nut and grain milks all have a ton of additives in them and contain much less of the actual NUTS than this fresh recipe does. The additive CARAGEENAN (thickener) found in every packaged nut milk is toxic and should never be consumed. Google it! Even if it cost a little more to make fresh almond milk, it’s still WAY better than packaged “so called” nut milks, which are quite unhealthy, given all the additives. Really, how much ALMOND is really in packaged almond milk??

    2. All the raw almonds you are buying are not truly raw. In fact, they wont even sprout. Try sprouting your almonds! This means they are dead and void of enzymes and nutrients. They have been pasteurized (thanks to the stupid California laws passed a few years back). However, you can google and find an almond grower in california that has a special low heat pasteurization process that guarantees their almonds will still sprout. They are not cheap, but what’s the point of consuming dead almonds? Of course any roasted nuts are dead too which is why they shouldnt be eaten much either.

    • Jeff, if you are speaking to the readers, you are right, but I do have a source for truly raw almonds. Actually, 2 of them. I have a whole post on the almond issue and almond pasteurization. :). I have found that it is hard to sprout any almond but my steam pasteurized ones seem to have the same soaking result as the raw and I am not sure what to make of that. I have heard from my local health food store that the freeze pasteurized ones still sprout as well so that is really interesting. How can one tell if the almonds still sprout? After doing quite a bit of research it seemed many folks can’t get the real “tail” on the almonds and I couldn’t either. Even using the raw almonds. Thanks!

  28. As I am just learning about “pasteurization” of almonds and do not have any truly raw almonds, does the soaking process help reduce any residues of chemicals used in the pasteurization process? As I begin the soaking process, I replace the water several times during the first 12 hours to remove whatever comes out of the skins. Hoping this may help.

  29. I just bought a BUNCH of peanuts for butter. They are already dried. Do I soak them and dry them again or did I do the wrong thing by buying 25# of DR peanuts?? I sure don’t want to waste them! Thanks for your thoughts!

    • They’re dry roasted? Typically that means they have chemicals on them, but not always. They’re not raw anymore so that aspect of your options to keep the health benefits of eating raw is gone, but if they aren’t laden w/ chemicals and stuff they aren’t totally junk. That being said, there are some who saw our roasting technique is what is causing so many peanut allergies. I don’t know if that’s the case or not.

  30. Thanks, Adrieene

    While they are not organic, I bought them from a health food coop so I hope they aren’t laden with chemicals. Regardless, I understand what you have said. I was just wondering about the preparation of them into P Butter and whether or not soaking them would help.

  31. Stephanie says:

    Hi there thanks for your post! Do you know if it is ok to use an acidic medium, such as lemon juice, to soak the nuts in, instead of salt? I know you have to use an acidic medium for soaking grains, but I’m not sure if the same can apply to nuts and seeds? Thanks, Steph

  32. Stephanie says:

    I only ask because I have just soaked a whole lots of nuts and seeds but I didn’t use salt, I used lemon juice instead. I hope it hasn’t been a waste of my time and money soaking without the salt! :-)

    • The info I have read has adding acid medium (sometimes) to grains, but salt to nuts and seeds. The grains have phytates but the nuts and seeds have enzyme inhibitors.

  33. I am so impressed with your blog and all that you share and the wealth of knowledge that you have….as i go from topic to topic…..
    anyway do you think that only excalibur can be used….i bought a dehydrator two years back, not the excalibur, and i just can’t afford another one at the moment….
    i know that all raw food people recommend excalibur too………
    notice i bought it but never used it…
    and adding salt to soaking seeds and nuts is a new piece of info for me……thank-you ever so much……

  34. Nicolas says:

    Must a nut be whole to sprout or do nut pieces work as well?

  35. Hi Adrianne,
    I soak and sprout (the ones that can be), then dehydrate all my nuts because I cannot tolerate them otherwise. I did a lot of research before buying the dehydrator and so I was wondering what you know about which kind of nuts can be sprouted and which can’t. From my research, macademia nuts, for instance, do not need to be soaked. Many other nuts fall under the same category. Also, the raw foodies dehydrate all nuts under 105F and that works for me, I also dehydrate them for 24 hrs. They come out deliciously crispy and taste way better than non soaked/sprouted nuts. Any thoughts?

  36. Kimberly says:

    I’ve been soaking and drying nuts for many years, but have never splurged on a dehydrator. When we remodeled our kitchen 2 years ago, I did make sure the oven I purchased had a dehydration function for this very reason. But I’ve found that it takes SO long to get the nuts crispy that I end up bumping the temperature above 125 so they’re done in less than 24 hours – defeating the purpose of having the dehydrate function. Can you tell me how long it takes in your Excalibur to dry almonds? It may make it worth the expense to me! I usually do about 2 lbs. of almonds at a time because, with 6 kids, we go through them quickly! How much would the Excalibur hold? Thank you for your time, I will be sure to order through you if I purchase.

    • The almonds can take a long time. I tend to set the temp on 125 b/c the food temp is lower than the air temp and that is what the book recommended. That being said, the circulating air helps w/ the drying so for sure your almonds, etc. will dry faster in the dehydrator. I can easily get 35 cups of nut in my Excalibur and the other day I got more than that of macadamias.

  37. I’m just starting to learn about this (plus I’m sleep deprived…), so please bear with me. :-)
    You start out with RAW nuts, not roasted ones, right?

  38. Tia Stevens says:

    Probably a silly question, but do you do this process to all store bought nuts?

    • Not silly at all–I do this to raw nuts. There really isn’t a reason to do it to roasted nuts from the store since that already inhibits some or all of the enzyme inhibitors…but this way is more beneficial to your health.

  39. On a call to Excalibur, I was told their chef starts dehydrating nuts at a higher temp (I start at 145) for a few hours and then turns the temperature to 105.

  40. I’ve been looking for info on this, thanks!
    question: how/where/how long can you store nuts after they’re soaked? I store my raw ones in the freezer, but what changes once they’re soaked/roasted?

  41. How do I dehydrate sunflower seeds and not have them fall through the mesh of the excaliber tray? Ive been using parchment paper on top of the mesh but wondered what other options there were. Thanks.

  42. Well hello there and a big fat thanks for your time & information :)
    I do not have a dehydrator yet, one day I will be contacting you to get that Excalibar however right now, don’t ask me why because I don’t know that answer Ha ha ha but I have a Mac daddy Oven evidently because it goes to a very low temperature of 100*
    So I soaked the Brazil nuts overnight then put them in the oven on 125* at around 10am today…. I had to leave the house at that time and so I left the oven door a little open… ?question? Am I supposed to close Oven door while the nuts are in there dehydrating or leave the door open a bit?? Is it safe for me to leave Oven on when I am not home or when I sleep through the night….. I read to dehydrate them for 18hrs that would end up being 5am, I have to be up at 5:30 to get ready to go so good timing I suppose;) but just wondering if people just leave the Oven on while they are not home or sleeping? :) :) :) :)

    • Hi there. I could not recommend leaving an oven on while sleeping or away from home. I am sure people do it but I don’t think it’s recommended for safety reasons. Sorry :).

  43. hi, i must dehydrate them, cant i just eat them after they were soaked?

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