16 Natural Remedies for Warts–Including a Crazy One That REALLY Works!

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Are you burdened by a stubborn wart? Here’s an assortment of natural remedies for warts, including one unbelievable one that really worked!

Would YOU try it?

plantar wart on toe with title saying amazing natural wart treatment.

I’m always on the hunt for natural remedies to treat ear infections, sinus infections, headaches, and more.

I’m just not a fan of prescription meds, or even OTC medications, mainly since one of the things that contributed to my health issues (including candida) is the overuse of meds and antibiotics in general.

So when warts surfaced in our home, I was not about to just run to the store to get an OTC wart remover – and I for sure wasn’t ready to pay $30 (how did it get that high?!) for a physician copay to have it removed from my son’s foot.

Warts are not a pleasant topic.

If you’ve ever had a wart, you know how hard it can be to get rid of it.

And it’s worse if you’ve got more than one wart. Once they start spreading they can really be tough to get rid of.

About 1 month ago I was helping my youngest get changed for bed. I don’t remember now what happened or why I noticed it, but I saw two small “somethings” on the sole of his foot, near the heel.

plantar wart on toe

I wouldn’t have thought much of them, except for the fact that I remembered having a plantar’s wart when I was a young girl.

It was painful and it took a long time to get rid of it.

I think we went to the store and got an over-the-counter wart remover and I applied it over and over again.

And they’re gross.

Back to my son.

I took a closer look at his foot and scraped a little of the surface off of the skin.

It felt hard underneath, and I could see the tell-tale little brownish-black dots in the center of a pattern.

The dots are called wart seeds sometimes, but they really are little blood clots.


Anyway, he clearly had two of them.

Then, my son showed me a “callus” on his toe.


It was a big one. But was it really a callus?

I went to the internet and found a site with great diagnostic information to find out if he had a callus or wart on his foot.

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How to Know If You Have a Wart or a Callus

To tell know if you have a wart or callus, you will need to press down on the thing (whatever it is) and find out when you have pain.

  • If it hurts pushing straight down on it–it’s a callus.
  • If it hurts putting pressure on the sides (by squeezing it)–it’s a wart.

Sure enough, we had a wart. No pain pressing down, but when I squeezed it, my son wasn’t happy.

Now it was time to try to get rid of warts.

Time to Get Rid of the Wart

A long time ago, we had tried using oregano oil before on a wart on my husband’s finger.

One day we were on a road trip. I put the oregano oil on it and within 3 hours it went from being a raised wart to being level with the rest of his skin.

It really worked great for a natural wart remedy, but we weren’t consistent enough to get rid of it, so it’s still there.

So I tried the oregano oil on my son’s foot for several days.

Again, I wasn’t consistent enough and no surprise–nothing happened.

I really wanted to be consistent with the oregano oil, but life was getting in the way.

So I hopped back on the internet and even asked my fans on my Facebook page for their ideas. (hop on over there if you haven’t already, K?)

Well, let me tell you, there were loads of ideas….

Natural Remedies for Warts

Following are some remedies that others suggested, plus some others that we didn’t get to try.

OTC Topical Treatments

(not going there again)

Super Glue

Doesn’t sounds very healthy to me.

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

I did this once for a wart on my hand. It ended up burning the surrounding skin and was super painful.

Banana Peel

The inside of the peel. It turns out that the inside of the banana peel has some kind of enzyme that can help address warts.


Some people try to just cut their own warts off (Not an option. No way.)

Removal By a Physician

Sounds like a good option, but I’ve read over and over that the wart often comes back. This was the case for one of my son’s friends.


Thuja Oil, Thuja Extract, or Thuja Homeopathic pellets. A reader mentioned that this worked well, but I haven’t tried it yet.

Vapor Rub

It’s true. Some people report that using Vicks® or a Homemade Vapor Rub works great for addressing warts.

Tea Tree Oil

I didn’t try this one, but a friend told me that she tried it and it worked great!


One reader wrote in to say that this plant, also known as the common garden ‘hens and chickens’ and often grown in succulent gardens and rock gardens. Simply break off a leaf and squeeze the juice onto the wart morning and night!

One reader mentioned that a slice of garlic on the wart worked well. That makes sense since warts are caused by a virus and garlic is antiviral.

Milkweed juice applied daily has been reported to help with warts.

Milk Thistle Extract
Since milk thistle is also antiviral this has been successful for some as well.


This is another antiviral plant that works for some to get rid of warts. You can crush a few leaves of fresh basil and rub the paste on the warts, or apply the crushed leaves over the warts and cover that with medical or duct tape.


The main ingredient in aspirin is salicylic acid, the main ingredient in wart remover. One reader told me that putting a paste of aspirin on the wart for 2-3 days with tape over it caused the wart to come off and never return!

and other concoctions of all sorts. However one option really caught my eye.


Yeppers. You all remember my post on natural ear infection remedies, right?

Well, at the time I tried that in my son’s ear (of course, after reading all over the internet that urine therapy has been used by many cultures for many years and there was even an international convention on it–so don’t think I’m just so crazy that I’ll try anything that I read on the internet–’cause I’m not), I was already trying this on my son’s warts.

But I wasn’t sure if it was going to take care of the more stubborn ones so I didn’t want to share it yet.

Well, now you can see how well this natural wart remedy worked and judge for yourself.

Plantars wart on big toe - Natural Remedies for Warts

How to Use Urine on a Wart

Basically you just urinate in a cup, put the urine on a small piece of cotton ball or pad.

Squeeze to remove the excess.

Put the soaked pad or cotton ball on the wart.

Cut medical tape in the appropriate size to cover the wart and the cotton. At least you need the cotton to stay put.

Repeat daily.

We did this for a few weeks. It would have gone faster if I’d remembered to change the cotton daily, but sometimes I forgot.

But every day we noticed an obvious change in the big wart.

Plantar Wart on toe
Plantar Wart Healing a Bit

This is what his toe looked like after the “pee pee treatment” was done!

Toe healed from plantar wart
Plantar Wart Gone!

All gone except for some peeling skin.

And the other warts are gone as well.

Even while we were treating the first 3, one more showed up on the other foot (lovely) and that one is gone as well.

Now, I am thinking the oregano oil would have worked if I had been more diligent, but I would forget sometimes and frankly, urine is a lot cheaper.

But if you’re squeemish about the urine therapy, then hop over to Rocky Mountain Oils and get some oregano oil. It’s great stuff and is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. I’ve even heard of folks treating MRSA successfully with it. Now that’s something to have on hand, you know?

If you’re curious about what essential oils company I recommend, you can read my series on Which Essential Oils Company is Best.

One Amazing Testimonial About Urine on a Wart

But I tried the urine also because the testimonials were so emphatic.

One was even pretty hilarious.

A man said his whole family had been plagued by plantar warts–except for him.

He thought it was because he had the habit of urinating in the shower, so he thought his feet were getting a natural anti-wart treatment every day.

I don’t know, but interesting, huh?

Urine Therapy for Warts–Is It Crazy?

Likely you think this is just gross and NUTS, right?

Well, check out this book – it’s got some very nice reviews.

I say – if you can get things done naturally and inexpensively then it’s worth looking at :).

Urine Therapy Book

A “Beautiful” Wart Treatment

How about a little pampering for you while you address your wart?

This is so crazy but seriously, one of my favorite skincare products also works on warts! Beautycounter’s Lotus Cleansing Balm is so great. Many use it for, well–cleansing, but I love it as a balm to seal in moisture after I do my morning and evening skincare routine.

Turns out, these products works on warts too!

Beautycounter cleansing balm

So after treating your skin to soothing balminess, put a little of this balm on your wart and watch it vanish.

Which of these Natural Remedies for Warts will you try?

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    1. You know–good question! I don’t recall. Typically I would say to never use it without a carrier oil, but in the case of applying it to wart, I think you can as long as you are really really careful and don’t get it anywhere else. Using something really fine like a match stick, etc., would be a really good idea. Hope that helps!

  1. I’ve had the best success with Apple Cider Vinegar to get rid of warts, but the surrounding skin should be coated with oil or vaseline (or olive oil based vaseline substitute) before applying the cotton soaked in vinegar. Otherwise the surrounding skin will get burned/damaged.

    1. Yes that ACV can be really really strong and painful. We’ve tried that! Great tip – does that take care of it completely for you? I wonder if that would rub off and the ACV would still cause issues.

      1. I completely got rid of a small wart on the side of my little finger. Every night at bedtime I put an olive oil based balm, like vaseline but not petroleum based, all around the wart, then used a qtip to wipe off any that was got on the wart. Then an apple cider vinegar soaked cotton ball held in place with a bandaid. It took about 3-4 weeks to get rid of the wart.

        1. That’s what I would do LOL – great minds. I used to have urine mentioned in the post too since people who do urine therapy have mentioned that–it’s of course controversial but doesn’t burn ;).

          1. I’ve used urine therapy for allergies and other conditions. People often don’t realize that urine is not part of the digestive tract system – urine is sterile (unless there’s a kidney or urinary tract infection) and it’s filtered directly out of the blood. A chiropractor told me about urine therapy and I read a couple of books on it. I came to this site and post googling urine and warts, b/c I have a new one on my toe and wondered if urine would get rid of it. It would be easier not having to mess with the vaseline like balm. I’ve been using aloe and it’s maybe helping shrink it, but I’m not sure.

            1. Interesting. Yes my housemate in college told me about urine being sterile. Of course once it leaves the body that’s a different story depending especially on the person’s hygiene, etc. – I’m sure there’s some contamination at the point of exit. However, it’s very interesting. I thought I had removed the urine part from the post but I guess I didn’t after all. I don’t understand why it should work but there are a lot of testimonials about it.

  2. I have had consistently good results treaty warts with the juice from the leaves of the succulent echaveria, also know as the common garden ‘hens and chickens’ often grown in succulent gardens and rock gardens. Just break off a leaf and squeeze the juice onto the wart a few times a day or at least in the morning and at night. Google an image of it and I’m sure you will recognize this common plant.

  3. A bandaid alone would have made them go away. That’s how I got rid of one on my finger many years ago. A friend noticed it, and said her husband had gotten rid of hers by covering them with bandaids and telling her to forget about them. Of course she still had to change bandages, but nothing else was put on them, and she had numerous warts on her fingers. I tried it, and it worked! I was so happy, as I had been picking at it, and it was painful! It’s a virus, and apparently they starve from lack of light and air.

    1. I know that has worked for many people….of course from reading the comments you’ll see that people have been through a lot and for some this is what they needed but so glad it worked for you!! Thanks for reading!

  4. You, my love, are a life saver. I haven’t been this excited in a long time. Three years ago I started getting “sores” on my legs then in time all over especially my back. An allergist, my PCP, 2 dermatologists, and an Infectious Disease doctor could not tell me what I had and why. I kept thinking all the time it was Lyme disease and it may be. I don’t know, yet. But when I saw your post about the wart on your son and the description it took my breath away for a moment. That’s its that’s it, I cried. More research showed pictures of the seed warts or little black spots that show up on the skin or the scabs. I’m a picker. It turns out they are little dried blood clots. All of this has given me hope that maybe now something can be done. All because of you and your little one. I am making an appointment with my PCP and whatever his conclusion may be, yea or nay on the warts I’m still peeing on my whole body. I may look and smell like a stinky mummy but who cares? Hugs.

    1. Are you serious you have that many of these? By the way, warts are caused by viruses so when you have a lot many say that it’s due to an immune issue so please do take care and I think, as always, working on overall health is a good thing to do! Take care and thanks for reading!

  5. I have success getting rid of warts by using the juice of the echeveria plant, it’s often called ‘hens and chicken plant’ and is easy to grow both indoors and outdoors. Just snap of a fleshy petal and squeeze the juice onto the wart. Apply at least once a day or more often, the wart is usually gone in 5-6 days. Might be more appealing for those a little squeamish about using urine.