Perfect Potato Pancakes (gluten free with vegan option)

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Potato Pancakes - Yumm!! And they're special-diet friendly--Gluten-free with Dairy and Egg-Free option.

{Since we've gone gluten free, I've had to find some new ways to make some old favorites, like Chocolate “Cheesecake” Cupcakes, Buckwheat Wraps, Focaccia Flax Bread, Chili Mac, and Homemade Hamburger Helper.

Today, Corah of The Homespun Rabble Rouser brings to us a fabulous recipe for something we love–Potato Pancakes!  These look sooo good and my sons are already begging me to make them! Make sure to check out her blog. She is fighting valiantly against Lyme Disease and has a lot of good stuff to offer.}

Pancakes have been our families way of celebrating weekends for a long time. There's nothing quite like waking up to the smell of pancakes and bacon in the morning.

My husband, Lance, is the official pancake flipper in our house. (I am not pancake adept for some reason. I try, but they burn… always. I suspect my lack of patience.) He rises early on the weekends, spends some time in Bible study and then sets to work mixing up the “weekend magic” graciously allowing me to catch some extra shut eye.

With our recent switch to a gluten-free lifestyle as part of our attempt to treat Lyme Disease, our pancake making days ground to a halt. Or so we thought.

Our kids started lamenting their pancake loss and we all were growing tired of eggs for breakfast. So, I started scouring the web for inspiration, and Lance began creating and experimenting with some different recipes.My kids love the sweet recipes he came up with of course, but this one right here is my favorite.

I think about these pancakes a lot lately – almost as much as I think about pizza. I think I could eat them for every meal for a week before I'd get tired of them. The recipe calls for new potatoes, but they'd also be lovely with some heirloom potatoes and always remember to aim for organic.

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{From Adrienne–Can't wait to try these!  We just got a bunch of organic potatoes from a community garden of sorts. What a great way to start using them!  We LOOOVE pancakes here.  I've got this recipe for Buckwheat Pancakes, but I would so love to add to my repertoire!}

Do YOU like potato pancakes? Have you ever made them?


Corah WebberCorah Webber @ The Homespun Rabble Rouser is a writer, artist, and mother of 2. She splits her time between homeschooling, doodling in notebooks, researching health problems, and day dreaming. Her passion for health and blogging arose out of her own 18 year struggle with a misdiagnosed health condition that turned out to be Lyme Disease. She dreams about starting an urban farm and going to back to school to be a Naturopath Doctor once she is healed. Find out more about Corah by visiting The Homespun Rabble Rouser or connecting with her on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

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  1. Oh, yum. We LOVE potato pancakes. It’s a recipe handed down by my grandmother. I’ve never tried them with mushrooms, so that is definitely going to happen soon!

    Visiting from Simple Lives Thursday…

  2. I need to try these! They look and sound great 🙂

  3. What is the vegan egg replacement of choice here? It doesn’t sound like it would do well with chia or flax eggs..

    • I believe Ener-G egg replacer would work in this. Adrienne may possibly have more thoughts on that than I… she is more of an expert in the egg-free field than myself.

      • I have read of folks using all 3 (chia, flax and Powdered Replacer) in potato pancakes so I think all will work. I think the powdered would likely work the best. Maybe try 1/2 and 1/2? :). Don’t consider myself an expert for sure…especially when I tried making meringues w/ the powder. Don’

  4. I am also not a pancake flipper. I tend to scramble mine. These sound delicious!

  5. I just discoved you yesterday, in a Google search, while researching essential oils. I read your whole series on the subject. I was very impressed with your thorough research and all of your rebuttals to that wackadoodle, who, for whatever reason, seemed to have it out for you.
    Then I saw this recipe and decided to try it. My daughter and I had them for dinner last night, with sour cream and scallions, then for breakfast this morning, with ghee and maple syrup. Yum! Potato pancakes, to me, have always meant latkes, which I love. But, these were a whole new experience! I will keep following you. Keep up the good work, and don’t let the loonies get to you. 🙂

    • Wow – great to hear from you and welcome! I hope to post more on oils soon. I too was pretty frustrated w/ their treatment of me. Sheesh.

      Now I have to try these pancakes :).

    • Alex… so pleased you tried my husbands pancake recipe and loved them so much. I just read what you wrote to him and it brought a big smile to his face. Be sure to stop over to The Homespun Rabble Rouser for more as we’re planning a once weekly post of all the fun things he’s come up with.

  6. These look amazing! I was hoping someone could help me a bit with a modification? We are an egg free family due to my son’s allergy …and we cannot use the egg replacers due to the starches in them. Have you ever tried flax or chia ? I was wondering if you thought the pancakes would stay together with a flax or chia egg replacement?
    Thank you so much for your recipe !

    • I think they would work with either. But I’ll send Candace over as well :).

    • Michele – I really don’t have much experience working with flax or chia as an egg replacer. I think I tried it once with some cookies and didn’t really enjoy the results. I think just give it a try, maybe with the chia seeds first as that would be less flavor, and see how it goes.

  7. Yum, these look delicious! We are a GF family so I can’t wait to try these out.

  8. Hi Adrienne,

    I/we devour potato pancakes and I have made different kinds. This recipe looks delicious. But, I’ve made latkes, German potato pancakes, Scandinavian potato pancakes, and boxty (Irish potato pancakes), and Russian potato pancakes. They each are a little different, and just enough different from each other to serve each kind. I don’t think I have a favorite. Just depends on what else I am serving, and how ambitious I am, and how much time I have.