DIY Essential Oil Blend for Hair Growth

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Hair loss is something no woman ever wants to deal with. No matter what caused it, this DIY blend of essential oils will help your hair grow in better than ever! Plus, it's an inexpensive and natural solution that's safe.

When I was in college, I never thought I would some day be writing about a DIY Essential Oils for Hair Growth Blend. Back in those days, some people referred to me as the “big hair girl.”

I think some of it had to do with how I wore my hair, and also because I was temporarily addicted to perms.

Thankfully, that “addiction” ended about 10 years ago :).

Since my “Big Hair Girl” Days, however, I have had some issues with hair loss on and off.

Mostly it appears to be related to stress.  I had one year when the hair loss hit particularly hard and it was very difficult to deal with.

You know, if you're a woman, how hard it is when you lose hair. And if you're a man who cares about a woman who is losing her hair, please know how hard it is for her.

Whenever the hair loss has struck, I find myself scouring the internet for ways to stop it.  And to bring my hair back as quickly as possible.


Possible Reasons for Hair Loss:

thyroid issues
– iodine deficiency
adrenal stress
– iron deficiency

Ideally, for any of these conditions, you need to get to the root cause of your hair loss and figure out what is causing it, and work on getting healthier, so that you can have a more stable condition for your hair (and your health).

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Possible Hair Loss Remedies

I literally read for hours and hours — about causes of hair loss, supplements that might help, testimonials from people about whether certain supplements and regiments helped them or not…..

Things that I have looked or tried, included:

  • Supplements
    I tried a number of these.  Many didn't do anything (like the traditional Biotin), while others may have.  One of them that I am on the fence about is BioSil. It has great testimonials, but every time I try it I get cystic acne.  So I keep putting it aside.  Hope to try it again.  Update 9/12/16:  – no more reactions so I am using it now :).
  • Shampoos
    These didn't do anything for me, and many of them were filled with chemicals that I didn't want on my hair.
  • Reducing Stress
    This.  Works.  Hard to do, but it works and is of course great for health all around.
  • Brushing / Massaging
    I'm not sure if this works or not and honestly I didn't try it long term.  However, I do tend to massage my scalp pretty well every time I shampoo.
  • Special Oil and Blends
    I tried one overnight oil blend that was a little hard to get out of my hair.  And then I tried castor oil in my hair.  While I LOVE castor oil for its liver benefits in castor oil packs, I do NOT like it in my hair.  It was so terrible to get out that I ended up losing hair when I washed it over and over to remove the oil.  Not doing that again!

However, one of the things that I have leaned on whenever I have had hair loss, is a simple DIY Essential Oils for Hair Growth Blend and I do think it has really helped me.

Initially, the recipe was super simple.  Recently, I added another oil to the blend, and I feel like it works better.

Why This Essential Oil Hair Loss Blend Works

Rosemary Oil helps with hair growth, and it has been proven to do so. (source)

Peppermint Oil has also been shown to aid hair growth in studies.  (source)

Ravintsara Oil helps with skin conditions, many of which can be a cause, or the partial cause, of hair loss.

 Hair loss is something no woman ever wants to deal with. No matter what caused it, this DIY blend of essential oils will help your hair grow in better than ever! Plus, it's an inexpensive and natural solution that's safe.

One More Healthy Hair Tip

In addition to this oils blend which follows, I think it's crucial that you avoid toxins in your hair care routine. There are so many chemicals in your shampoo that can affect your hair health including foamers, thickeners, preservatives, and irritants.

Here is more information on toxins in shampoo to encourage your hair to be as healthy as it can be.

I recommend using shampoos without the toxins.  I've been using the shampoos in the post on Is Your Shampoo Making You Sick? – Probably. I've been trying out new ones trying to find exactly the best ones to recommend to you all, since this has been a very hard thing for me to find.

More Essential Oils for Hair Growth

Now, of course, there are so many other oils that you could use.  I just picked these from what I had read on the internet about oils that would help with hair loss and then made up a blend.

NON DIY Option: 

If you're not a DIY kind of person, you can buy an already made Hair Blend, To see why I chose the company that I did for essential oils, you can go to the start of my “Which Essential Oils Company is Best?” series or go right to the end here.

If you're into making your own essential oil hair loss blend, you could also add some of the oils to the mix:

Ylang Ylang
Holy Basil

You could also just add these oils to your shampoo, but since you are rinsing it out I think that using the DIY blend would be more effective.

Other Hair Helps:

I have personally used or am using the following products for hair health and my hair is in great shape now.

He Shou Wu herb – I currently use and love this strong concentrate from Hyperion Herbs.
Biosil – this has many great testimonials about its effect on hair, skin, and nails.
Voluminous Hair Blend
Evening Primrose Oil

This natural bristle brush from Morrocco Method is one of the best things I have done for my hair.

Seriously.  It brushes through my fine wavy hair so well with very little hair loss or breakage.  You will love it!

Note that this is their Pure Boar Brush and it's the largest one. You could get the mixed bristle brush which is less money or a smaller one. Whatever you like. All I can say is that I LOVE it!

Morrocco Method Natural Boar Brush

Shampoos: – I've tried a bunch of shampoos while trying to find one that works well consistently without leaving a bunch of residue on my hair.  This post talks about choosing a safe shampoo and has the ones I love listed.  It's crucial to ditch the toxins to have a healthy scalp and therefore healthy hair as well.

Have you struggled with hair loss?
What have you tried and how has it worked?

Photo Credits: Naomi Huzovicova

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  1. Hi, I need some help please. I recently purchased all organic oils to mix as a gift to the ladies in my family. So i brought the following oils. Avocado oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, olive oil, argan oil, rosemary essential oil.

    Intially I brought these oils to mix to help with hair loss issues. I want to make a super oil to put on the hair 30mins to an hour before washing it out or an over night oil. Isit okay to mix all the above together? I understand that castor oil can be thick so less should into the mix and I understand that rosemary will be few drops ofcourse as its a essential oil. But I just needed to know if all the carrier oil can be mixed together. i brought 2 glass bottle each for the gifts & i was intending to have the same mix of all the 7 oils.

    Please help thank you xx

  2. Hi Adrianne
    I know this is an older post from you do I hope you will respond
    I have the hair support from RMO and want to start using it on my very thin hair. There’s a lot of info here but it’s sometimes confusing. To simplify, what should I mix it with? I am not at home right now but up at my cabin up north so I don’t have all my supplies with me. Should I mix with carrier oil, fro? And add Rosemary, peppermint and I may have the ravantsar with me too? How many drops of each? And how many times a week? Your response is greatly appreciated. Thanks

    • Hi there. I try to respond to all questions that need it :). You can use the same blending ideas that are in the post. I personally used to do this morning and night. I have been dropping off but have added in some of the things at the end of the post that might be of interest.

  3. Hello
    I’m about to try the two eggs and grape seed oil experiment (leave in for a hour) right now. After a rinse add coconut oil for eight hours. I’m home all day so it’s ok. And probably overnight massage my scalp with my carrier and essential oils blend. Will keep everyone posted of the outcome. Wish me Luck!!!

  4. Sandy Mahoney says:

    My hair is growing out very slowly after a year of chemo but I noticed the sides where as a little girl I would pin up are not growing! I thought only men had that problem. I look like I have huge forehead. Can you give me a detail receipe for this ?? Please!

  5. When you mix just the three oils and massage it into your scalp twice a day, doesn’t your scalp get oily? I want to try it but afraid of that. Also do you just rub it in your scalp or through the length of your hair?

    • One more question. Can you just mix the three oils in a spray bottle or do you have to add the other stuff?

      • You mean 3 essential oils?

        • Yes just the 3 oils. Can I just use those on my scalp twice a day without all the other ingredients? Also how does your scalp not get oily if you don’t wash it out each time? I really want to try this but don’t want my hair to look like I never shower. Lol

          • You should not use essential oils straight on your body anywhere. I use them mixed with the water but you should emulsify them first. Then you actually will look better on days you don’t shower. The water gives you some body :).

          • Sorry for all the questions. I would like to mix this all in a spray bottle cuz that sounds the easiest. What would you recommend for an emulsifier to do it that way? Don’t think some would spray out very easily.

          • I would think polysorbate 20 would be the best emulsifier in this case. There are other natural ones but they will not emulsify as well so that is up to you. No problem :).

    • You shouldn’t just apply the essential oils directly to your skin as outlined in this post. You only apply it to your scalp. I am going to do a post on hair health soon as well.

    • I think using it in the way of a hot oil treatment would work best. The oils can penetrate the hair shaft and fill in the holes.

  6. I had read that castor oil is the best for hair loss so I use that 2-1 with coconut oil & it is much easier to wash out. I use rosemary essential oil & peppermint essential oil. There is a formula for how much EO to your carrier oil. Google it. I’m on an iPad so can’t tell you right now. I use it twice a week overnight or a couple of hours in the morning with a shower cap.

  7. I have found a company, Just Natural, that haves great hair regrowth products. The ingredients are composed of mainly essential oils. Being an oiler, they won my heart. A bit expensive. But, you use it sparingly. I have been using $250 worth of product for a year now and still have half the supply left. ?

  8. Hi,

    I just recently purchased the Hair Support Blend from RMO. How many drops should I use of the RMO blend if I still wanted to use jojoba oil as the carrier. I am trying to figure out how I can apply your DIY blend but by using the RMO blend. Thank you for this post I have learned so much from reading it!



    • Hello Emily. I just did 18 drops of oil to 3/8 cup carrier oil. Hope you enjoy it and you are so welcome!

      • Thank you! A couple more questions came to mind…

        How may times do you use the blend with oil per week versus the blend with water? And for the blend with water is it safe if I use hydrolyzed collagen as the emulsifier and is that amount of collagen safe to use on the hair daily?


        • I only use the water blend so I don’t need to have more than 1 of these in my bathroom and b/c I wash my hair twice weekly. I haven’t heard of collagen being a problem on the hair – have you?

          • I read that there is such a thing as too much protein but with only 1 tsp. that should not be overboard, I was just wondering if you had any past experience with applying collagen topically. I shower every day because of working out, etc. but only shampoo 3x a week. Would you recommend only applying the blend 2x a week? Sorry for all the questions!

          • Have you read that too much protein on your hair is an issue? I use this daily – twice a day. I don’t see any issues with it since it is well diluted. I haven’t ever applied collagen topically but I use it internally.

  9. I just received rosemary and peppermint oils from RMO yesterday. I massaged a drop of each into some conditioner and let it sit while I showered. Then washed my hair last. My hair fell/rinsed out more than usual. it kinda scared me. Do you think it’s normal for this to happen the first time using the oils?

    • Hi Suzanne. No, that should not happen like that. I am wondering if you massaging in did that? I have noticed that sometimes I perceive hair loss when it isn’t happening. For example, typically I blog my hair out, but when I don’t, I notice hair falling later – but that’s b/c my brush didn’t catch it.

      Of course, if you think the oils caused it, then by all means stop, but I can’t imagine it happening so quickly.

      I leave them in overnight and all day personally for maximum benefit. Thanks for reading!

      • Thank you for your reply!

        Can you tell me why you added the ravintsara oil to your recipe? When I research this oil it seems to be for respiratory and antibacterial benefit. Why do you find this oil helpful for hair growth? I’m new to essential oils, so forgive me if the question is something most people already know. ?

        • Sure thing, Suzanne.

          First of all, I added it b/c it is in RMO’s hair blend and I trust them — I have found that they put a lot of thought into their blends and that they work quite well.

          The function of the Ravintsara is to support the skin of the scalp, which can often be a contributor to hair loss.

          Depending on your issues, you could leave it out if you like. Hope that helps :).

          And no, this is not something most people would know — it’s a great question!

          Have you found a book or 2 that you like? I have a few that I would recommend and am looking at a few more. Take care!!

          • I would love to know what books you recommend!

          • Yes, sure. I have a few more that I am going to be checking out but I would highly recommend the books that are at the bottom of the posts in my series….mainly the one by Neal’s Yard Remedies (it’s short but packed w/ great information), the Aromatherapy for Professionals one is more technical but great, and hmmmmm…there is one at the bottom of this post that is pretty good but a little outdated. (I am considering changing things around so different books might be there later. ) I am going to be looking at a few more. Let me know if these recommendations help. I will be doing a post on EO books in the future.

          • Thank you so much for your help!

            I have another hair question. You suggest adding 2 drops of each oil per ounce of jojoba oil (or water) to make the blend. (6 drops in 3/8cup)
            Is there a reason why you chose that ratio? I read conflicting recipe ideas on websites… some seem to add strong doses of essential oils, and others not.

          • Hi Suzanne.

            When I first started using oils I was using a lot of them undiluted and I have moved to more dilution over time. I feel it is a safer application method and it still seems to work. I hope to share more about dilutions in the future.

          • Thank you for answering all of my questions. I am really enjoying your blog! 🙂

          • You are so welcome! It’s a blessing to know that my site is a help. Working on a few new things for this week. Hope to see you around again!

          • Hi Adrienne! Me again. 🙂

            I am using the water based recipe, only using the oils and water, putting them in a 4 ounce glass bottle with a spray pump. I shake up the water and oil right before I spray it on my hair/scalp. Do you think this is a satisfactory method?

          • Hi there!

            I do it that way myself right now but am going to be emulsifying from now on to prevent sensitivities. Lavender shouldn’t be an issue to not emulsify, but other oils might be.

  10. Dear Madam,
    Is the site ‘soulflower’ good to purchase essential oils??? Can coconut oil be used as carrier oil in aromatherapy??

    • Never heard of them. Sorry. You could use coconut oil but fractionated works best since it has a long shelf life and won’t stain clothes. It depends what your goals are.

  11. One of the things I have done is blend coconut oil with castor oil and 1 or 2 drops of rosemary oil.
    This recipe is very effective,and easy to wash out of the hair. I find that too much rosemary oil can be very stimulating. Not great if you have it on all night.
    As a result of doing this faithfully for 6 months, twice a week, hair grew back.

  12. Hi,

    I cut my hair very short, almost military to get all the haircolor off so I could grow it out naturally with my gray showing, I love gray hair. So, what has worked tremendously for me is taking Biotin 10,ooh mug and Prenatal vitamins and using Avalon organic hair strengthening shampoo and being careful not too be abusive with my hair like rubber bands on it or barrettes too tight. I also brush it out at night to stimulate the follicles. Well, my hair in one year since cut is now down to my bra strap of the longest layer. People that know me have said “wow, your hair has gotten so long so quick”. So, anyway, this works for me and would encourage anyone to try this easy regimen.

  13. HI,

    Thanks for your post after reading it i have decided to purchase Hair support from rocky mountain oils.Can you please suggest which shampoo should i use to rinse my hair….

  14. What base can i use to make a Non – oily spray using EO and herbal extracts ?

    Also: In 4oz bottle how many drops of each EO ? rosemary / lavender / thyme / cedarwood.

    I would love to make this alcohol free, and non – oily… is there a way ??

  15. can you tell me what “X” is?? 6 drops of X- thank you