Black Friday Healthy Living Deals for 2022

Want to save money while living healthier (who doesn't, right)?

These Healthy Living Black Friday Deals are just what you need to keep yourself, your family, and your wallet in better shape.

Healthy Black Friday Deals text with coffee and small plant beside it

Give the Gift of Health this Holiday Season!

I mean seriously.....why give a bunch of "stuff" that will just end up in the trash or given away, when you could give REALLY useful and necessary things instead?

Bye bye stuff....hello usable gifts!

Bonus - you get to stay in your PJs!!  (YESSSSS!)

BEST OF ALL - when you give gifts from this list, you are giving the gift of health to your loved ones--or yourself!

{NOTE: I might come back and update them as new deals come in, so come back to check them out!}

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Here are some GREAT Healthy Black Friday Deals to help make it more affordable to live your best life! Stock up now on what you can--you don't know what prices will be like with all that is going on!

Black Friday Savings on Products I Recommend

Beautycounter - 20-30% off + Free Shipping over $50!

Beautycounter products in a wooden tray

Get GREAT deals on Clean Beauty with my favorite beauty company, Beautycounter!

Even their Holiday Sets are on sale!

Save on my faves:

Overnight No-Peel Peel
Bright C Serum
Eye Pencil (this is a GREAT deal - only $4 more than a competitor for THREE times the size!
Countertime Skincare - I love the whole line (except the eye cream. It's just not the one for me)--really turns back the clock and is sooo moisturizing!
Lotus Cleansing Balm - Use this as an overnight mask on top of moisturizer. Soo heavenly and lasts forever!
Jellies - These are sooo great, I got extra to have on hand all year. They moisturize my lips so well, I keep one in my pocket all the time. They smell amazing too!

Get 20% off most things, 30% off $250+ and Free Shipping over $50 through the 28th of Nov.

For the Gifts, one of my favorites is the RENEW BODY DUO - look at these results. I've tried only 1/2 of this set and it really works.

See why I love Beautycounter here.

Goodbye Kegels -- Restore Your Core for $30 off (& more)

Restore Your Core pelvic floor program creative asset

Get $30 off (and more) through 11/27 and reach out to me ( for a coupon code to save even more.

My pelvic floor has had issues for a long time--some things worked some but I need to step things up. I did quite a bit of research, and I'm entrusting my precious pelvic floor to Lauren of Restore Your Core and you should too!

She's got a phenomenal program, and knows what she's talking about. AND has a great Facebook group with lots of support.

It's Like Acupuncture at Home! Lifewave Phototherapy Patches - 30% off Select Patches

Through 11/28, get 30% off select patches.

I love these patches. We've used them for better brain function, pain, sleep, relaxation, and more. The technology is amazing and I can tell you that they work.

Here's what's on sale:

Nirvana - great for stress
Alavida - for overall wellness, but many report it helps with stress
Ice Wave - for pain / discomfort
x49 - weight issues and more - bone health benefits have been documented as well.

Go here to join - I recommend joining as a Distributor. No selling required, and Silver and above waives the $25 joining fee. Happy to help with anything. Just comment here or reach out at

Our Favorite Air Purification--Green Tech Environmental 18-50% off thru 11/30

woman sipping drink in counter with air purifier at the back

I have these air purifiers all around our home and we LOVE them! And at these prices, I might get a few more!

I love that there are no filters to replace (mostly just monthly cleaning--unless you get the HEPA models) but mostly love how much better we feel using them.

The Personal purifier works great too--great for going places with mold, fragrances, etc.

Go here to shop and use the following coupon codes to get the savings.

pureAIR3000 - BF3000
pureAIR1500 - BF1500
pureAIR 500 - BF500

Make sure to use my link to get personalized support--I work with an air quality expert and we can help you choose sizes and get ongoing help if needed.

Get Your Best Hair NATURALLY & More--Pure Haven Essentials - 15-30% off

I joined PHE to get access to their Supergreens Hair Line and boy, is it great! I love the Shampoo, Deep Conditioner, Scalp Treatment, and Detangler. Trying out the Thermal Spray next. My hair feels SO much healthier--can't wait to see what the future holds for it.

They have a TON of Black Friday Specials coming - including Door Busters from 7-10 am on Friday, 11/25. If you join their Preferred Customer program, you get Free Shipping on $70 and can access the sale starting now!

Their candles are made with all natural fragrance and they test for pesticides and glyphosate! Unheard of purity.

Ditch the Toxins with Fontana Candle Company

fontana candle company holiday collage

While the Pure Haven Candles are the purest I've found, Fontana has a really nice selection of candles made with NO artificial fragrance at all--and LOADS of lovely fragrances. Get 15% off with code wholenewmom on top of the sale prices!

Healthy Hair Clips at Lilla Rose - up to 60% off & Free Gift over $100

Lilla Rose Products

I pretty much exclusively use these clips in my hair. Super cute, easy to use and a great way to make a bad hair day better! Go here to get your deal through the 30th! See my Lilla Rose Review here.

Supercharge Your Health with OMICA ORGANICS - 20% OFF!

omica organics

This is one my all time favorite places. The owner and I are legit friends and I have learned so much from him! Get all of the following 20% off using code Thanks22ws.

  • Fulvic Acid that's been TESTED for heavy metals (not like that BOO company that went out of business)
  • Zeolite - they have an amazing liquid. I have a post coming out soon about this. See how reasonably priced this is? Most on the market are so overpriced and nothing special.
  • Black Cumin Oil- known to be amazing for so many things--look it up!
  • Stevia - one of the best on the market
  • Turmeric - SUPER dark
  • Aloe Powder GREAT for digestion!

Email me for savings code: or comment below!

Save on Supplements at Iherb - 25% off Sitewide

woman looking at a bottle of daily multivitamins

Iherb is of the BEST places to get supplements. Great prices and super fast shipping! Get a credit for using my link and save on their Black Friday deals! Use code BFCM25 for 25% off here.

Bulk Savings on Bulk Supplements - 15% off

This is one of my favorite supplement companies. They have SO much and it's almost all BULK! So you can really save!

And on top of the regular savings, get 15% off using code BK22 here!

Get Your Gut Optimized with Just Thrive - 25% off!

This company is a sister company to MegaSpore, which is HIGHLY regarded by practitioners. We've used this on and off for quite awhile and it was great when my son had to take antibiotics for a nasty issue this past year. His gut did GREAT as a result!

Supposedly this is one of, if not THE only probiotics to survive the gut to get where it needs to go! Get up to 25% off here using code BF2022! Coupon wholenewmom should get you more off as well!

Amazing Medicinal Mushrooms & More with Hyperion Herbs

These supplements are simply amazing. We use their Lions Mane and He Shou Wu daily - (He Shou Wu is great for hair and Lions Mane has been proven to help with brain health.)

Use code BF22 for 20% off sitewide - check out the Reishi and Cordyceps too!

Naturally Healthy Teeth with Orawellness

This company has amazing products for your teeth.

I LOVE their brushes (my teeth are SO much cleaner than even my Sonicare could get them!

And their Brushing Blend works amazingly. I haven't tried their Shine powder but that's next on my list.

Thru 11/30, get 15% off with code Holiday2022, Free Brush with every blend, and Free Shipping over $99!

Your teeth will feel cleaner than ever with their Bass Brush and Oral Blends. I use these every day and can't believe how much better my teeth feel than when I used a Sonicare!

You can see more about Orawellness at the end of this post on Sore Gums Remedies.

ButcherBox - Free Ribeyes for a Year!!

ButcherBox is really going all out. Through the 27th, new members get 2 100% grass-fed, grass-finished Ribeyes in every order for a year!! Grab your free steaks here!

Sugar-free for Less at Lakanto - 30% off EVERYTHING

Lakanto is my favorite shop for low-carb sweeteners and chocolate. Get 30% off and free shipping over $55 through 11/27!

The BEST Healthy Sugar-free Chocolate at ChocZero

Get unbelievable sugar-free chocolate everything, made with HIGH quality ingredients, at a discount during this lovely Black Friday sale!

Healthy EMF Jewelry - Special Discounted Boxed Sets and Free Tude w/ $100 Purchase

magnetude jewelry

This HEALTHY jewelry REALLY works. I personally feel it and tons of others are too! Better sleep, More Energy, headaches gone, pains in joints / hands gone (my son had irritation when he was on his cell phone but no more!

These Boxed Sets are heavily discounted and they have stones (tudes) in them that are only available in these sets.

What to buy? The owner (25+ years chiro) recommends 20,000 gauss but do what you can! I wear 20,000 daily. Each "tude" (rare earth magnet on the back of a stone) is 4000 gauss (gauss is a measure of magnetic strength).

Choose a Base (earrings, necklace, bracelet) and add your "tude" - add a chain if needed.

Get a Free Holiday Tude w/ $100 purchase and see the WELLNESS / RESEARCH tab about how it addresses cellular energy which is what EMF's affect negatively.

Aires Tech - 40% off orders over $200

Aires Tech is having an AWESOME deal.

Through the 29th, get whole house, device, or personal protection! Go here to save and use code wholenewmom for another 10% off!)

Rocky Mountain Oils - 30% off PLUS Doorbuster Deals

bottles of Rocky Mountain Essential Oils

Get 30% OFF Store-Wide ...PLUS Extra Deals Every Day!

Rocky Mountain Oils is one of my favorite essential oil sources. They have loads of pure oils - singles and blends that are already affordable....

Click here to get 30% off and check back for daily deals through Mon., Nov 30! Go here to see why I like this company.

DIY Your Own HEALTHY Freeze Dried Food- $500 off & Free Premium Pump - at Harvest Right

jars of fruits and vegetables for freeze dry

I LOVE our Harvest Right Freeze Dryer. Skip those ads for freeze dried stroganoff and fakola mac and cheese.

You can make your own Freeze Dried anything (almost!) for MUCH less.

Buy food on sale and freeze dry it, or freeze dry your favorite meals to keep your traveling expenses way down. Just add hot water and enjoy!

Comfy Healthy Sleep at My Green Mattress - up to $250 off

woman waking up from sleep in green mattress

Use code HOLIDAYS to Save up to $250 on their mattresses and 10% on Sleep Accessories Now through November 29th a surprise bonus on Mon and Tues.

We have their Natural Escape Mattress for one of our boys, and LOVE it! SO comfy!

Toxin-free Ceramcor Cookware - 25% off + Bonus Coupon

Ceracor - Non Toxic Ceramic Cookware / Green Cookware

Ditch your Teflon and get seriously healthy cookware instead!

Ceramor is basically THE safest cookware out there, and they have great deals going on! 25% off everything

Enjoy the savings!
Got any question? Ask them in the comments area and I'll be sure to help!

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    1. Actually I haven't bought those yet. We don't use air pods. Our youngest has regular plug in earphones. I've been trying to minimize exposure as much as possible since that's the best thing to do.

      Would your kids consider the jewelry? That's one good option.

  1. HI Adrienne,
    Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving! ?
    Wondering what your favorite EMF protection company is for whole house, cell phone, laptop, and teens’ airpods (which I am really concerned about) ?

    Thanks ever so much! ?

    1. Hi there! Thanks for the kind wishes!

      Currently we use and like the Defender Shield for cell phones and laptop and the Magnetude Jewelry for everything (b/c it goes with you everywhere!) -- Defender Shield has ear options.

      I am looking at other options as well but I do think that Aires Tech is a good company as well. Hope that helps!

  2. I wish I had a spot to leave it out all the time. It does take some time to set it up and it is really nice to be able to access it whenever. I know I would use it much more often if I could leave it out.

    1. I'm really thinking about this.....I missed Black Friday though---bummer!!!! And I have scrapbooking I'm not doing too!

  3. I have a cricut and they are a lot of fun. It does have a bit of a learning curve and you need a place you can spread it out and leave it while you are working if possible.

    I made tags for gifts and assorted cards. The uses are unlimited. If you get one, have fun!

    1. Hi Carol! Sorry for the late response. I didn't bit the bullet-but I'm still thinking about it!

      Leaving it out--hmmm. Are you leaving yours out all the time or just when you are making something? And it is hard to take out and put away?

      Do you feel it's worth the hassle of making things--I guess I could just buy tags and cards, but......then again, making things can be sooo therapeutic!

      Thanks for your help!