Beautycounter Alternatives You’re Sure to Love

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If you’re like me, you’re dealing with a lot of disappointment about Beautycounter products not being available any longer. The company said they’d be back online after a brief closing, but now they’re sadly gone, at least until fall.

I’ll continue working on finding even more good clean non-toxic Beautycounter alternatives, but for now, here’s a list of products that are great place to start. I’ve actually have been pleasantly surprised with some of what I’ve found so far, and I think you will be too!

collage of beautycounter products with title saying clean beautycounter alternatives you're sure to love.

When all of this Beautycounter stuff happened, I really didn’t know what I was going to do. I’ve leaned almost completely on Beautycounter for my skincare and makeup for a long time and making a huge change from something you know and love is hard.

I counted on Beautycounter’s attention to detail with testing for heavy metals, endocrine disruption, and more, and I really most of their products.

True, not everything from their brand worked for me (I wouldn’t expect that from any brand), but I worked with Beautycounter for 11 years and some of their products were like comfort food for my face.

But life and skincare must go on.

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Where You Can Still Get Beautycounter Products

The plan is apparently for Beautycounter to be back in the fall, but there’s no guarantee. It’s hard to find new skincare and beauty. I get it. So if you really really can’t live without something right now, try Ulta.

A lot of products are selling out but they might get restocked.

I have some stash left so feel free to reach out and let me know what you’re in need of and hopefully I can help with what I have or getting it from another rep in my group.

Companies I Will Not Be Recommending

For various reasons, these are some companies that I do not recommend. I hope to share at least some of the reasons in the future, but my concerns are related to ingredient safety and transparency.

  • 100% Pure – concerns about fragrance
  • Shea Moisture – concerns about fragrance
  • Babo Botanicals – ethoxylated ingredients
  • Herbal Academy
  • Monat – artificial fragrance

Toxic Behavior In the Clean Beauty Industry

In my search for clean personal care and other healthy living products over the years, I’ve been:

  • lied to
  • gaslit
  • blocked on Facebook
  • had commissions stolen from me
  • threatened with lawsuits

Not pretty.

So when a company earns my trust, that’s a big deal.

Companies I’m Liking So Far

Navigating the clean beauty world is hard. There are concerns about heavy metals, endocrine disruptors, colors, fragrances, and more.

And companies aren’t always honest. Imagine that!

I’m can’t know everything, but so far I’m feeling good about a few options. And note that just because a company isn’t on this list doesn’t mean they aren’t good. I’ve reached out to a number of them since this all happened (and even before) and believe me, it’s complicated.

Right now, I’m really liking the following 2 brands, with a few add on products from other brands. I might add more to the list later, but I’m super busy and this all takes a ton of time so please be patient with me.

I truly didn’t plan on jumping into other brands quickly, but things don’t always go according to plans. I thought it would take me a LONG time to evaluate the landscape, even though I already knew it fairly well. And being in the “jump on board this new Direct Sales company and bring your teams / oh please buy this new stuff” thing just isn’t something I wanted to participate in.

Many “clean beauty brands” simply don’t have the same standards that Beautycounter does, and some are lacking in ethics in other ways. Ask me how I know.

However, this past week I took another look at a number of companies and got a few pleasant surprises. I think these companies seem to be good homes for most of my skincare and beauty needs (and hopefully yours as well.)

Beautycounter vs. Crunchi

Crunchi is a smaller name in the clean beauty scene, but they are something special. While this isn’t an exhaustive comparison of the two brands (more on that in a future post), I referenced a lot of Crunchi alternatives below, so I wanted to explain why.

If you loved Beautycounter, I think you’re going to for sure love Crunchi. In fact, compared to Beautycounter, Crunchi is….

  • Cleaner – Beautycounter was for sure the Leader in Clean, but it turns out that Crunchi’s standards are even cleaner. Crunchi, like Beautycounter, tests for heavy metals, Crunchi doesn’t use phenoxyethanol or FD&C colors (like Red No. 40). They also avoid a few other ingredients that aren’t as controversial, such as bismuth oxychloride, which is a 1 on EWG Skin Deep but is known for causing allergic reactions. Also, Crunchi makes more of an effort to use organic ingredients than Beautycounter did.
  • Less Expensive – while not a inexpensive drug store brand, Crunchi is a bit more affordable than Beautycounter.
  • More Sustainable – while Beautycounter was making a lot of strides in this arena, Crunchi has it nailed down. Almost all of their containers are glass and metal, and any plastic that they use is offset by their partnership with 4Ocean. When you get your order, you’ll notice that their packaging materials are notably “green.”
  • Debt Free – this is huge considering that Beautycounter’s debt was a big part of what led to Beautycounter closing. They were literally in foreclosure.

Crunchi doesn’t have as many products or as many colors as Beautycounter, but they have a decent offering and are developing more products fairly quickly.

Beautycounter vs. Poofy Organics

Another great option is Poofy Organics. Poofy seems like a well kept secret. Lower cost super clean products that seem to perform really well.

I’m ordering quite a few things and we’ll see how it goes, but their reviews seem pretty stellar. Since originally publishing this post, I’ve started chatting a lot with a makeup artist who is testing out their products currently so I’m adding new thoughts to their products and will be as time goes on.

Beautycounter and Poofy Organics are very different companies, but both focus on non-toxic, clean products. Poofy, however, take clean even beyond Crunchi in some ways (their testing isn’t as extensive due to the fact that they are smaller) and they offer way more than skincare and makeup including household products, essential oils, men’s products, and even supplements (including a stellar collagen made from all types that has tested glyphosate free).

Compared to Beautycounter, Poofy Organics is:

  • Cleaner – Poofy has a LOT of organic ingredients and even certified organic products. They lean on that certification and on testing of the raw products, but they are a smaller company and are not doing their own testing for the most part. Like Crunchi, they don’t use FD&C colors, but rely on mineral pigments instead.
  • Less Expensive – Pretty much all of their products are significantly less pricey than Beautycounter’s, sometimes up to half the cost.
  • Debt Free – I’m pretty sure they are debt free but I’m checking into the details about this.

I have heard from many people how great their products are, and am ordering them now and will report back later. You can see the reviews on their site, however, and they are quite good.

Get 10% off your first order at Poofy Organics with code WholeNewMom.

Beautycounter Alternatives

Following is a list of my current list of options to use in place of some Beautycounter favorites.

Again, I’m sharing a lot of Crunchi and Poofy Organics options now because I really trust them after everything I’ve learned so far. And my trust is hard earned.

I’m including some other products that I think seem trustworthy, but I need to learn more about them and of course want to try them before really standing behind them.

Full disclaimer: I’m not a makeup or skincare junkie like other bloggers, so forgive me for not sharing a sampling of the gazillion products I’ve tried over the years. I’ve tried various lines like Pure Haven, NYR Organic, Oliveda, 100% Pure, Miessence (super trustworthy brand), Clinique, and a few more but it’s not an endless list.

I like testing things for sure, but it’s hard to buy a bunch boatload of products and end up having them spoil or needing to gift them before they do. I’m already pushing the limits of that.

I’m also that person who buys several of the same tops or pants because I like them. And I pretty much wear the same earrings all the time. Ain’t got no time for trying out lip glosses from twenty different companies to see which one has the 100% perfect feel. Good / great is better than perfect for me.

Finally, purity / safety is paramount to me, so I don’t want to try products that might perform better, but might also compromise my health.

Beautycounter Skincare Alternatives

Beautycounter Lotus Cleansing Balm Alternatives

This is one of the products that I will miss the most from the BC lineup. I didn’t use this as a cleanser, however. I used it on top of moisturizer day and night and it really sealed everything in. The alternative you choose depends on how you plan to use it.

Crunchi’s I Am the Balm – Try this if you want another balm option for cleaning. I tried it and it’s actually too stiff for me (feels like I’m really pulling at my eyes) but the reviews on the site are stellar so most people will probably like this. I prefer an oil or gel cleanser, and the Crunchi Facial Bar works well after removing my eye makeup.

Crunchi’s I Am Luminous Facial Oil – I haven’t tried this yet but it’s in my cart and I’ll report back later. I would use something like this on top of moisturizer to seal in.

Poofy Organics Flawless Face Makeup Remover – It’s not a balm, but this should work well for removing your makeup without putting toxins on your skin. My makeup artist friend really likes their eye makeup remover. She has very sensitive eyes and this is one of the only ones that hasn’t irritated her eyes.

Evolve Cleansing Melt – this looks like a good clean option, but it’s more like a petroleum jelly base. Some people say it doesn’t remove their makeup well enough, but it might work for you. I plan to try it out and report back.

Beautycounter’s All Bright C Serum Alternatives

There are a lot of things to consider with a C serum; potent ingredients, opacity of the bottle, and having an air tight dispenser is crucial too.

Crunchi’s I Am Bright Vitamin C Facial Serum is a great alternative. I love the scent of the actives in this product. While many loved the action of Beautycounter’s serum, they didn’t like the scent. I’m seeing more results from Crunchi’s product, however, I am pairing it with their GoldenLight Peptide Serum so that is likely giving it an extra punch. But the serum also has niacinamide which is a well-known skin powerhouse as well.

Poofy Organic’s So Brilliant Flawless Face Serum – this serum is a great combination of C, avocado oil, hyaluronic acid, and niacinamide. It feels great on my face. Time will tell how it performs, but I like it so far.

Evolve C Skin Booster – This is a combination C serum with bakuchiol. Evolve is a well respected brand, and this does get overall good reviews, so it’s worth trying, but note that it’s not in an opaque container, which isn’t optimal as it might oxidize some.

Mad Hippie – For several reasons, this product isn’t comparable, but I thought I’d share that one of my Beautycounter customers tried it and reported that it didn’t work well and caused her skin to break out.

Beautycounter Brightening Face Oil Alternatives

Crunchi’s I Am Luminous Oil – this should be a fantastic alternative. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m going to soon.

Poofy Organics’ So Brilliant Face Serum – This is a great reasonably-priced option. It smells and feels very nice and is definitely moisturizing.

Beautycounter Countertime Essence Alternatives

Many people raved about Beautycounter’s Essence and I suspect they’ll like this product as well. Toners definitely do prep your skin to utilize the serums and moisturizers. The instructions for most toners state that you should apply with a cotton ball or pad, but truly you can just pat on your skin as well.

Crunchi’s Facial Essence – This toner smells great and seems to work well.

Poofy Organic’s Flawless Toner – This looks like a great clean toner for all types of skin.

Beautycounter Countertime Supreme Cream Alternatives

Crunchi’s Nightlight Advanced – this is a great option. I personally find it to be a little more tightening than moisturizing so you could mix it with their Nightlight Cream or add the Facial Oil on top.

Poofy Flawless Face PM – This cream is a lower cost option that is seriously rich. My face feels very nourished using it.

Beautycounter Countertime Soft Cream Alternatives

Crunchi’s Daylight Advanced – this is a great alternative to the Soft Cream with “youth activating” benefits.

Poofy Organic’s Flawless Face Moisturizer – This is more of a regular moisturizer than an “anti-aging” one, but paired with the serum and other actives, it should be a pretty good alternative.

Beautycounter Countertime Serum Alternatives

Crunchi Goldenlight Peptide Serum – this serum is a true powerhouse. I loved Beautycounter’s serum, but it did cause some breakouts for me at first. This one did not.

Poofy Organic’s Flawless Face So Brilliant Serum – I like this product. I’ve tried pairing i with their So Brilliant Eye Serum (yes you can use this on your whole face as the reviews mention) and my face seems to really like it.

Beautycounter AHA Mask Alternative

Crunchi’s I Am Polished Exfoliator – This face scrub has both physical and chemical exfoliators in it, just like the AHA Mask did, so it’s a fairly comparable product.

Poofy Organics’ Flawless Face Exfoliators – Poofy has both a morning and night exfoliator to choose from.

Beautycounter Makeup Alternatives

Beautycounter Skin Twin Alternative

Crunchi’s Beautifully Flawless Foundation – This foundation can be either light / sheer or a full coverage option (that was hard to get with Beautycounter).

For the best perfect sheer coverage, use their Smart Primer first (I really like this product), put a small dot of the foundation on the palm of your hand and use the Flat Top Brush to feather the foundation on your face. I’ve also mixed a bit of their moisturizer with the foundation to thin it out before applying.

Poofy Organics’ Foundation – Poofy has a powder foundation that can be used either dry or wet. They have a pretty good selection of colors and it should be pretty easy to blend two if need be.

My makeup artist friend overall really likes this product. She doesn’t love powder foundation, especially for older women, but this one worked really well for her and the colors are easily blended.

I like the powder foundation as well. I just hope they can get more colors. I’m not super fair and I tried both Wisp and Ethereal and could likely wear either, but Wisp seems to be the closest to my skin color.

I highly recommend trying a few of their Foundation Samples first to see what works best for you, but powders are more forgiving than liquids when it comes to foundation.

Beautycounter Dew Skin Alternative

Poofy Organics’ BB Cream is a really nice alternative to Beautycounter’s popular tinted moisturizer with SPF 15. They only have 2 shades at the moment (there’s hope to get more shades in the not too distant future), but since the coverage is so light, many people should be able to use one of these. It’s a great price point, too, at only $20.

I think this product is quite nice and is fairly comparable to Beautycounter’s. My makeup artist friend tried it and liked it and another friend just tried the darker shade (she’s tan) and really liked it as well.

Ilia’s Super Serum Skin Tint – this is another good option with loads of shades to choose from and an SPF of 40.

Beyond Gloss Alternative

Crunchi’s Hydrogloss Lip Oil – this is a lovely alternative to Beautycounter’s Beyond Gloss and it’s a frugal alternative too. It’s literally the largest lip gloss I’ve ever seen and goes on well.

Poofy Organics Lip Gloss – I like this product quite a bit and it smells lovely. I am testing out the Rush color. It’s a tad dark for me, but I’ve never been one for a lot of color on my lips. My makeup artist friend really likes it and she likes their lip liner as well. She paired Mocha with Rush and said that really the liner could even be used as a matte lip color.

Ilia Balmy Gloss Lip Oil – I haven’t tried this, but it seems like a good option as well.

woman putting on mascara.

Beautycounter Mascara Alternatives

Mascara is a tough product to find a quality option for that’s clean and if you have sensitive eyes, it’s even harder. Beautycounter’s mascara was very lovely, but it did sting my eyes some, which was a bother. One good thing that came out of Beautycounter closing down is that I found some mascaras that work better for m.

Poofy Organics HD Mascara – This mascara is for sure the one I recommend. I’ve worn it for a whole day and even tried to nap with it and it really hasn’t smudged, which is a really big deal. It’s my new favorite mascara and lengthens nicely too!

Crunchi’s Shattered Mascara – Crunchi’s mascara doesn’t sting either, and it’s a nice option, but it’s not as lengthening as the Poofy mascara and it smudges on me more easily.

To get longer lashes with this mascara, dust your lashes first with their Translucent FInishing Powder (which I love), and then use their Eyelash Curler and wiggle the mascara gently up your lashes. Even without the curler, I can make this mascara work if I carefully wiggle the wand.

Ilia Mascara – Ilia is an option for a clean mascara, but there are a number of complaints about it running and flaking easily, and causing reactions. Worth trying but you might end up with the same stinging situation that I’ve had with most clean mascaras.

Side note: I personally don’t recommend 100% Pure’s mascara due to unusual answers about fragrances when I inquired years ago, and it stung my eyes as well.

Bottom line: For me, safe and non-stinging when it comes to mascara is key. I’ll go the extra step to put Crunchi’s mascara on carefully and will likely use the curler for maximum results.

Beautycounter Eyeliner Alternatives

Beautycounter stopped making their eye pencils awhile ago, but they were apparently reformulating them. I loved what a great value they were, but they were hard to apply and in cooler months you needed to warm the pencil before applying.

Crunchi Highliner Pencil Eyeliner – So far I really like this eye pencil. It goes on well even in cooler weather, has a nice point, and doesn’t sting my eyes. Even better, it’s a fabulous value compared to most clean eye pencils.

Poofy Organics Eyeliner – Super clean ingredients and great reviews. I’m ordering one and will report back with my thoughts, but I’m optimistic about this!

Ilia Clean Line Liner– Ilia doesn’t have an eye pencil, but they have a liquid eye liner. I personally don’t like liquid liners, but if you do this might be a good option for you.

Beautycounter Sheer Genius Lipstick Alternative

I don’t wear lipstick often at all. I liked the first BC lipstick, but it didn’t last that long. Here are some options that are clean.

Crunchi’s Lip Crayons – These are quite pretty, but more matte, I think, than a traditional lipstick. I personally prefer a gloss, but these should work for those who like lipsticks.

Poofy Organics Lipstick – My makeup artist friend tried these out and said they feel good and have pretty good staying powder for how natural they are (eating something like sorbet) and are pretty.

woman putting on face cream.

Beautycounter Body and Hair Care Alternatives

Beautycounter Deodorant Alternatives

Finding a substitute for Beautycounter’s Clean Deo is hard. Our youngest REALLY loved it. He’s an active young man in the trades, and loved their Sequoia scent. I liked Beautycounter’s Clean Deo for awhile, but recently it stopped working well for me, which can happen for some reason with more natural deodorants.

Here are some that I’m going to be trying based on the recommendations of others.

Poofy Organics Deodorants – I’m currently testing out their alcohol-based spray version and this non-baking soda sensitive deodorant, but they also have regular baking soda deodorant as well.

Native Deodorant – Native is a very popular brand but some say it’s too strong and causes a rash.

Little Seed Farm – this is a deodorant cream, so it’s very unlike Beautycounter’s Clean Deo. However, a number of people have mentioned how great it is, so I’m definitely going to try it. It’s magnesium based which can work great for some but can lead to pimples for others based on the pH of the product.

Lume – Lume is another clean brand that’s often recommended. Like other deodorants, however, it’s a personal thing. It works for some and not for others.

Beautycounter Sunscreen Alternatives

Beautycounter had a face, body, and spray sunscreen, as well as tinted sunscreens, so they had a lot of great options for safer sun care. Over the years, we’ve tried a few sunscreens, but most of them aren’t available any longer. Here are some options to try.

Crunchi – Crunchi has a facial moisturizer with SPF as well as a body sunscreen. Reviews say that their sunscreens don’t produce a white cast. They are talking about introducing tinted sunscreen and possibly a tinted moisturizer with SPF as well. I’ll report back once I try this.

The following brands seem clean, but I don’t know about their quality control including heavy metal testing.

Poofy Organics – Poofy has a sunscreen lotion, a sunscreen stick and also an SPF lip balm. Their sunscreen apparently works well but the lotion is a little thick. If it does get thicker in storage, you can warm it in warm water or your hands, or in your car on the way to the beach.

Babo Botanicals Sunscreen – I haven’t tried this brand, but it does have ethoxylated ingredients in at least some of their sunscreen products, which is a no go for me.

Badger – This also looks like a clean option, but I haven’t tried it yet and haven’t dug into the details.

These posts about Spray Sunscreen Dangers and Sunscreen Safety Tips have some helpful safety information that I recommend reading as well.

Beautycounter Shampoo and Conditioner Alternatives

I actually didn’t care for Beautycounter’s shampoo and conditioner. I really liked their Volume and Shape line when they had it, but alas it was a short lived line.

A number of my customers liked their hair products, however, but I think I have a better alternative that most people will love.

Poofy Organic’s Mighty Mane Shampoo – I just got this shampoo and will add my thoughts after I’ve tried it out enough. I’m also testing out their Leave-in Conditioner, the Hair Serum, and their Hair Spray. The hair spray is very light hold so if you want medium to firm it’s not really a great choice. However, so far I like the leave-in. Some say it’s too heavy but it’s really nice for my dry fairly wavy hair and it smells amazing.

I’ve never been thrilled with a natural pre-made hair spray and have been using my Homemade Hair Spray almost exclusively, but I have high hopes for this product.

beautycounter products in a wood tray with title saying beautycounter alternatives you're sure to love.

How to Save at Crunchi

collage of crunchi products including eye shadow, face sunscreen, foundation, and peptide serum.

There are a few great ways to save with Crunchi.

  • New customers get 10% off any order over $50 with code ADVOCATE10
  • Get Free Shipping at $175
  • Join the Insider program for $29 annually. Get a Free Welcome Gift (at time of publication, the gift is the Gentle Facial Bar), 10% Crunchi Cash on all purchases, and Free Shipping at $125.
  • Client Exclusive – June 2024, get 20% off the Charcoal Facial Bar, using the code CHARCOAL20

How to Save at Poofy Organics

poofy organics skincare and makeup.

Here are a few great ways to save at Poofy Organics.

I plant to add more to this list later, but I hope that this gives you some solid options to try out for your clean beauty routine. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

What other companies do you think are worth considering? I’m researching, but do feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

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  1. Hi Adrienne, I am looking forward to trying your 2 new lines. I have been using NYR for over 10 years and still just love these products!!! Especially their Bee Lovely body lotion which I use every night on my hands, and sometimes legs & feet. Nothing like it I love their shampoo. And their WRBB; my whole family loves it (Wild Rose Beauty Balm, which has calmed SO many things and I use it as my facial cleanser). My favorite mascara is now discontinued but I still have some by Jane Iredale. I love her products. They’re all organic. A couple months ago I bought some Lune+Aster products, as well as RMS Beauty, & am pretty pleased with them.

    1. Hi Jill! I am doing way too much work on all of this. It’s a busy busy niche and so many things to think about. I did like NYR but actually like all lines I didn’t love everything. I didn’t like their shampoo at all, and I did like their lotions, but I’m trying to go even heavier organic with those now. I reserve the right to change my mind, but I am getting concerned about the preservatives.

      The Rose perfume they had that was discontinued was my all time fave (not that I wear a lot of perfume!!)

      Even the WRBB while I loved it, I had a bad rash and it didn’t work at all on it – I think the BC lotus balm was better. So crazy.
      I haven’t bought it in awhile – maybe I will try again but I have some other things I want to try now – I really don’t remember what I was thinking but perhaps when they started dumping all their affiliate stuff (twice in one year) I got frustrated. It’s not that a company needs to have that option but when they make all these changes, after we put a ton of work into it, it’s very disheartening. I’m sure you can understand. I then start to want to look elsewhere sadly.

      Just as an FYI Jane Iredale is not organic – perhaps you mean another line? I am familiar with RMS but I haven’t tried their products yet.

      I have one more skincare line I’m interested in but I am pretty well pleased with Crunchi. I just would like to test out a few more products and the Poofy ones – I really am looking forward to the Poofy Mighty Mane shampoo and their mascara. Oh the Jane eye pencil stung my eyes. Pretty but it irritated my eyes. There’s some common ingredient in these more natural (I think) eye pencils and mascaras that is bothering a lot of people but I don’t know what it is yet……

      Again, so many brands – it’s hard. I do like that the brands I chose are both US brands. The other one I might try isn’t but well, we’ll see!

  2. Do you have any mascara and skin twin featherweight foundation fair 150 left?? I went to buy one of each but sadly can’t find them. Please email me if so!

    1. Hi there! I got your email and responded, but yes to the mascara and no for the foundation, but I am seeing if I can get one for you. You might want to check out Poofy’s foundation. Crunchi’s is very pretty as well and will last a LONG time using a light hand. Depends on what you are looking for.



      I can help w/ color matching if you’d like. I do think that the Crunchi Primer is a must under their foundation, however.

  3. Hi Adrienne,
    I’m looking for Beauty Counter Sheer Genius Conditioning Lipstick Lily. Can you tell me if you have it to sell?
    Thanks so much!
    Diana Green

    1. Hi Diana! So sorry for the late reply. It’s been a crazy week! I’m so sorry but I don’t have that. Feel free to ask about anything, else, however. Another option is to check out the brands I put in the post. I hope to add more later. Again, so sorry about both things – delay and the lipstick.

  4. Oh no! I’ll look into those you’re recommending. Can you give an opinion on Poofy Organics or on Pure Haven? Thank you.

    1. Hi Katie! I’m glad you asked about those. I actually have put quite a few Poofy products in the post after researching them a lot this week. Pure Haven is something I am not recommending at this time.
      Have you tried either or both?

      1. Hi! Thanks for your reply. I have used some cosmetics from both. As you do more research than I do , I just thought I’d ask your opinion. I make my own soap and lotion/moisturizer & lip balm and mostly do “no-poo” for my hair but I haven’t delved into making my own cosmetics, so I look for more natural ones to buy. I know Poofy was recently sold and I haven’t looked deeply into it, but the few things I purchase from them don’t seem to have changed. I purchased some Pure Haven mascara & blush/bronzer many years ago when a friend hosted a party for them, but that is all. I think I first stumbled upon Poofy when looking for some nail polish I felt ok letting my daughter use.

        1. Hi there. You’re so welcome. The formulator for Poofy remained the same for awhile but it’s a different person now. I think the new owners seem solid but I’m planning to speak with at least one of them soon. I’d love to hear what you think about the products but sounds like you like them? Yes, it’s great to have a nail polish that isn’t super toxic. I can’t know everything about everything but so far feeling really good about Poofy and am going to order products this weekend to try out.

          1. I use Poofy’s mascara almost daily (the regular one, not the HD one), and their foundation, blush, eyeshadow, and sometimes eyeliner a few times a week. My son likes to use bath bombs in the bath and I let him use Poofy’s. Their tinted lip balm is nice for a bit of sheer color. I’ve not tried their lipstick. We have a lot of their nail polish that my daughter uses. I have used some of their shampoo and conditioner for my daughter and I, but it left our hair very greasy-looking, but I don’t think they sell that particular one anymore. The new owners did seem change the product offerings up a bit.

            1. Thanks so much for telling me! Love all the details! I am going to try the Mighty Mane Shampoo so sounds like that’s not what you were using, correct? Do you feel their makeup is nice looking and comparable to higher end ones? Yes, apparently for awhile the original formulator was in place but that was just arranged for a short period of time and they are adding things and removing some depending on popularity I guess. I’ll find out more as time goes on.

    1. Hi Melissa – I assume you mean the Crunchi products, correct? And by fragrance free, do you mean no scent at all or do you mean no artificial fragrance or no essential oils or….. Let me know and I’m happy to help! Thanks for reading :).

        1. Got it – There is no artificial fragrance. Are you looking just for skincare? And are extracts OK with you? Some products have extracts but no essential oils. I just want to know what I’m looking for for you :).

        2. Hi Melissa – I’m still working on your question. I’m looking at products for you and just put another line of products in the post. Checking those but so far they do have essential oils. Can you not tolerate any or is it just if they are strong that they are a problem for you?

          I am looking at another line that has quite a few products without essential oils but they have some extracts and such so there will be a fragrance in some of the products but one line doesn’t really smell like much. Are you just needing something that just isn’t strong smelling?
          Thanks! I hope to be able to help!