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  1. Hello
    Just wandering if you do one on one training for people interested in making the products

  2. I have a corn allergy…what recipe do you use for baking powder?

  3. Could you please let me know what essential oil company in Canada that you would recommend. I think the shipping and duty for RMO would be just too expensive.

  4. Just wondering if you have or know of a natural treatment for coldsores? For the first time in my life I have developed one in the corner of my mouth. Got some cream from the pharmacy but it’s got some very scary looking drugs in it! Would prefer a more natural remedy. Still trying to heal myself of adrenal fatigue and Candida over growth want to try and stay clear of drugs! Ps keep up the good work, your a great inspiration!

  5. test comment

  6. Laura Baker says:

    I just wanted to say I just read this article ( and felt it was so thoroughly researched and defended and PERFECTLY addressed my questions that I had to compliment you on your blog! I have quite literally never done so… ever. Read lots on the web, appreciate it, and move on. But, thank you! I think this was a really fair and well done post. Bravo!

  7. Elizabeth Luther says:

    What are your thoughts on erythritol? I found that it is made from corn We, too, are trying to stay away from corn now, and cannot believe how it is not only in everything, but simply cannot be found non GMO anywhere. We currently use xylitol as a sugar substitute, as my husband was diagnosed with low grade prostate cancer, and we are choosing to fight it with dietary changes. We are finding xylitol to be very sweet, not to mention expensive and would like an alternate, low glycemic choice.. Please advise, as you seem highly educated in this area of healthy eating. Thank you for all of your research, information, recipes, time and willingness to share. You are truly a blessing.

    • Hi there. Thanks for the kind words. I use erythritol sometimes but not often. I find that it costs more, I think, since it’s not as sweet as xylitol. Ideally I blend that, xylitol and stevia extract. I should put together a blend one of these days. Does that help?

  8. my son said he recently tried black rice and liked it. I went looking for it and found some. Now it sits in my pantry and I’m wondering how to use it. Can you help? Would I use it in dishes that call for rice or is it best used as a side dish?

  9. Where can I purchase “Best” Essential Oils?

  10. Adrienne,

    Thanks again for the information and followup….

    After doing further research on the pure white stevia extract…..the pure stuff….. I wasn’t very happy when I found out about the chemical process it goes thru to produce the final white product… China or not, it would appear that there is more to be considered……long story short, I have decided to use the pure green leaf powder (not from China) for my stevia needs .

    Anyway, my search is over…….thanks again for the help.

    best to you…


    • You are so welcome. So one thing that I have found out is that there are many companies that actually use only water to make the stevia extract. I am about 100% certain that NuNaturals is one of them. So I have no concerns using their product. I hope that helps. Of course, the green powder is an option as well — I just don’t like it as well.

  11. Thanks again for the reply…..just checked out the link…….unfortunately, an update there indicates that they, too, now source from China…… the search continues for a non-China sourced product……who knows, maybe there is none.

    • You are welcome. I emailed them. I just called Trader Joe’s and they said that theirs says it is sourced in the US. I’m not sure b/c on Amazon it seems to say differently, but here is a good place to start: (affiliate link):

    • Hello Rob,

      I got an email from NuNaturals about their product and this what they said:

      We test our extracts for pesticides, heavy metals, and other undesirable compounds. Our extracts have always passed the tests done by independent, third-party laboratories that we have test our ingredients. We have visited the facilities in China and have audited them. Our Stevia extract is Non-GMO Project Verified. We have done business with our suppliers for 5+ years and we trust, but verify, our suppliers.

      They did also send me the parameters that they measure. I feel pretty confident in their quality. I hope this helps. I can give you that info as well if you would like.

  12. With regards to Stevia…..does anyone know of a brand of pure stevia extract that is NOT sourced in China? Thanks!

    • Hi there. Great question!

      Most stevia is from China but of course that doesn’t mean that it is all bad. China has a lot of problems but if the quality control is OK then I am fine using the product. This one, however, is not from China and it is good quality (affiliate link):

  13. I read about your heavy metals detox experience and well Ive had this for who knows how long of course! There metal flakes in cereals etc. I was diagnosed by an a well known guy thst does Intuitive medicine. He at the time prescribed to me cilantro oil a few drops in all my foods. I’m lazy so I did not continue it too long! I also tried that powdered earth,U forgot the name right now and I was also recommended that Zeolite you took but I’m very afraid of the hexheimers symptoms they are very very severe for me causing me unable to walk the joint pain is soooo bad! Please elaborate on what protocol you recommend, because I want to get rid of this and my candida overgrowth is pretty bad too!

    • Hi there. It’s so complicated. I can’t recommend a protocol but can only say what I have done. I worked on the candida diet but got much worse until I did other things. Ate more animal protein, lower carb, then did thyroid work, eliminated foods that were causing sensitivity, and then did liver work. Now I still do the zeolite and am going to look at more heavy metal work. I am taking some adaptogens now and upping my produce. I started on some produce capsules that have helped a lot recently and some other herbs. I tried the diatomaceous earth but it made me tired. I have to try it again.

  14. I love all your great information regarding Essential Oils (Rocky Mountain is a bit more expensive than I hoped), but I signed up and NOTHING HAPPENED! No email saying, “Welcome” and especially no “10 Things You NEED TO KNOW About Essential Oils BEFORE You Buy”!!!
    So, what do I do, or am I just a little too used to instant internet responses?

    Thanks for all the information you provide and if you ever come across a quality source of Jasmine and Rose Essential Oil that doesn’t cost a $10.00 or more a drop (just kidding – No I’m not!), please let me know.

    • Hello there. Something is wrong w/ my report and free meal plan not going out so I will email it to you.

      I don’t think those are easy oils to get inexpensively, but I will email you.

  15. Hi there! I just received your Allergy Free Meal Plan and am super excited to use it. I am however having a hard time with serving suggestions? Are they listed somewhere and I am just missing them? I want to make sure I add quantity to the grocery list if needed. Thanks so much!

  16. What book do you recommend buying for ways to use and mix various essential oils? I’m just starting out with an interest to use them however I would prefer a book that is user friendly but not to basic that it’s unhelpful as I grow to use essential oils more regularly. Thank you.

  17. Helga Cueto Cid says:

    And Yes,Young Living & Doterra have claims waiting to be explained.They use chemicals instead of real EO and as we all know they’re toxic,cause cancer & other diseases.On the other hand,Young Living has similar issues.
    Former Young Living Reps left the company to start Doterra Essential Oils Co.
    Do the research & know the facts.

  18. Helga Cueto Cid says:

    Hello: I’ve tried all the EO on the market & done all the research required.After a lot of investigation the only company left was SWISSJUST INTERNATIONAL……..Really the best EO,100% pure,no chemicals or bizarre compounds whatsoever.Did the testing in a lab also.Regards from Chile,South America.
    P.S. I’m a Bach Remedies Practitioner,Stylist,Colorist & Licensed Cosmetologist.I must use the best is out there.

  19. Hi! What are your thoughts buying essential oils on Amazon?

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