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I have been through a lot in life–food allergies, eczema, Asperger’s, adrenal burnout, heavy metals.  I have learned a lot, and though it seems the learning is endless, I love sharing what I can with my great community of readers.

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1.  Advertising, Sponsorships, and Giveaways:

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2.  Questions about Diet and Health:

I receive emails daily from readers wanting to know if I have ideas regarding their health situation.

First of all, as I have stated many times, I am not a doctor.  Or anything like that.  I was Pre-Med in college and read a lot about health.  One day I hope to get more training.  However–not yet.

I so love helping others, but this blog takes a lot of time and while I would love to give out free advice all the time, I just can’t afford to do that.

If I can respond quickly to your question, I will try, but please understand that I am a busy homeschooling wife, mom, and blogger and my family has to come first.

3.  Essential Oils Company Questions:

I get loads of these daily, asking me what I think about different companies.  I so wish I could answer all of these, but I can’t.  I am trying to juggle this blog, family, community, church and homeschooling and I just can’t investigate every company out there.  Most are buying from the same “experts” and so my answer will typically be the same.

If you are wondering about a company and whether I would recommend it or not:

Please read this post that has some guidelines on the qualities of a good essential oils company.

Thank you :).

General Questions:

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Guest Posts / Feature Request:

Interested in writing a guest post or being featured on Whole New Mom? — Simply send me an email that includes your topic idea and a sample of your work. Please note, however, that I do not accept guest posts that are being submitted with the intent of gaining SEO links (especially paid links).

If you would like me to write a guest post for your site, simply email me with that request. Due to time constraints, I’m pretty picky and want posts that are top notch, but I’m open to talking!

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  • Natural Living (green, clean, eco friendly)
  • Simple Living
  • Herbs & Essential Oils
  • Natural Personal & Home Care (soaps, salves, cleaners, etc.)
  • Gardening
  • Healthy Recipes (no boxed mixes, refined white or brown sugar, etc.)

Extremely controversial topics are not accepted.


  1. All posts & photos must be original and you must own them. Purchased stock photos are fine as well. We will not accept posts that belong to others, posted on your site, or guest posted elsewhere, and posts will be checked for plagiarism.
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Email inquiries can be sent to: adrienne {at} wholenewmom {dot} com.

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Submit a DIY or Recipe:

Do you have a great idea that you would like to share with me and my readers?  Please email it to me with the Subject “Recipe” or “DIY Tip”.  If I love it, I will share it here and give you credit.  Thanks in advance!

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