Savory Hummus

Homemade Hummus

I am always on the hunt for quick, easy, frugal, healthy (and did I miss tasty?) meals and snack ideas.

Well, this one really fits the bill.

This recipe is our version based on one that we found in a Cooking Light magazine years ago.  And I mean years.

My path to health started (though now I know that it was not in a good direction) back in my teenage days when my grandfather passed away from a sudden heart attack while driving.  He had already had heart surgery (a triple bypass) in previous years and his mother had died from atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries).  I thought that low fat and especially low animal protein must be the way to go and so I did.   Hard core.  Armed with one subscription of Cooking Light magazine I was off and running to the healthy kitchen races.

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Not to say that Cooking Light is all bad, mind you, but my mindset combined with their focus, especially at that time, was a recipe (pun intended) for disaster in terms of my health.

This recipe is a winner, however.  I recently brought it to a Christmas party for our small group at church and it was a hit with all — health foodies and non health foodies alike.   So — now I am sharing it with you!

Our family loves hummus.  Whenever we get to visit Whole Foods and there is a hummus sample, ours is the family that can’t keep away from it.  Yours too?  Now you have no reason to spend $5.99 for some small environment spoiling plastic container of hummus that you need to ration for your family.  You can help the environment and your wallet too by printing this recipe and employing it in your kitchen.  And even if you are not buying organic beans and using ajwain yet, you are making a great step in the right direction.   We are all on the path towards whole foods together and getting there at different times and at different speeds.  It is all good.

One final point: you can make this recipe either with tahini or olive oil.  So for those allergic to sesame seeds, or if you just don’t have tahini in your pantry, you have a sesame-free option!

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Time Saving Notes:

1.  Make extra batches!  Hummus may be frozen for a future quick and easy meal.  The smooth texture can be restored by adding and stirring in some extra olive oil before serving.  We always at least double this recipe and eat it over several days,  especially when there is a potluck or other gathering where we will be sharing a dish to pass.  One cup of dried beans equals approximately 3 cups of cooked, so you can judge how many cups of beans to start with.

2.  Keep extra soaked and cooked beans stored in your freezer so that you can whip this up at a moment’s notice without needing to depend upon canned beans.


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What do you like to serve hummus with?


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  1. Yay! I’m so happy you posted this. That hummus you brought to the get together was the best I ever had.

  2. If you make a large batch can you freeze some? We love hummus here too. Would love to make ahead & freeze.. I’m not familiar with ajwain, what is this?

    Thanks for another great recipe!

  3. Hi Shelley!
    You can freeze hummus, but I must say that I have never done it, so my information is just from what I have read. It apparently will affect the texture a bit so that it is not so smooth. Supposedly if you add a bit of olive oil and stir after removing it from the freezer it will improve the texture, that should improve things. One other interesting option that I read about is that you can top the hummus with a bit of olive oil before freezing to keep the defrost cycle of the freezer from affecting the taste.
    I would recommend trying it with a small bit after trying the recipe and then see how you like the results. Put a small amount in a decent weight plastic bag, seal, freeze and then thaw after frozen to see how it turns out.
    Let us know what happens!

  4. I enjoyed your hummus recipe! It sounds good! Love your blog!

  5. I love hummus! So glad to get a good recipe. Think you for linking to Food on Fridays!

  6. Well ….thank you.

  7. I’m SO glad to find this recipe. Last Sunday when we were in Fort Worth, we bought some really wonderful Lemon Artichoke Hummus at Central Market and I’ve been thinking about making some ever since. However, all the recipes that I have call for tahini. Just try asking for that at a rural grocery store. Therefore, I’m glad to know that olive oil can be substitued. And yes, it did hurt just a little to pay as much for that container at C.M., but oh, was it wonderful.

  8. Hummus is one of my favorite snacks. I leave the tahini in and omit the EVOO but I love your sesame free option for those with food allergies.

    Thanks for linking up to Slightly Indulgent Tuesdays!


  9. Thanks for sharing it with us!see you again next week!

  10. cheerful says:

    i bet this is delicious…thanks for sharing your recipe! visiting from food trip friday and have a great week. :)

  11. Looks delish. We’d love you to share this recipe with us at
    Simply Delish.

  12. Thanks for sharing your recipe with
    Simply Delish. Hope to see you again this weekend.

  13. Thank you for posting to the Frugal Tuesday Tip.
    Everyone thinks I’m odd because I make my own hummus, so I like seeing hummus-making people like myself.

    • Well, I think it’s strange to buy hummus when you can make it so easily – and without preservative too (I assume you’ve noticed that a lot of them contain preservatives :-). I hope others can see how easy it is.

      • You’re absolutely right about most hummus having preservatives. Carrots and hummus have been my daughter’s favorite snack since she was about 15 months old and at some point, we realized that hummus with preservatives causes her to break out in a rash on her face. Just one more reason to avoid preservatives (and make it yourself!).

        • Wow – thanks for sharing about the preservatives. I never really like the store-bought hummus anyway. In my opinion mine is much better. I hope you think so too.

  14. Naomi Snider says:

    Do you cook it with ajwain seed or powder?

  15. Naomi Snider says:

    Neither have I; I just googled it and found it that way, so was wondering what I should look for. I make hummus often, but am not familiar with ajwain. What does this add to the dish?

  16. Naomi Snider says:

    Oh, thank you, Adrienne! This info is more than I had hoped for. I usually soak my beans, but there are occasions when I want pinto beans for dinner and haven’t soaked any. Maybe this will help.

    As for garbanzos, I have been not only soaking them, but then draining and sprouting them until there is just a 1/16″ or so of sprout, then cooking them. I don’t know whether that makes them more nutritious, but they are super delicious! They get huge and soft. I don’t soak them with salt or anything acidic, just filtered water. I love to make hummus, but these beans are so good I couldn’t stop eating them whole!

    I’m glad to have this information about digestion of the beans; thanks for replying!

    • You’re welcome, Naomi!
      I will add that from what I understand, sprouting the beans will change and improve their nutrition. That is something that I have just started reading about and hope to learn more. From what I understand, it decreases the amount of carbohydrates – so that is a good thing.

      Also, I have trouble remembering to soak beans as well. However, I wouldn’t recommend just using the ajwain and not soaking. One thing that has really helped me is my pressure cooker. I know it’s a lot of money up front, but you can speed soak in them in 2 minutes! It is really amazing. Here is a post that I wrote on pressure cooking. Take care!

  17. Thanks! I just printed it! Thanks for making it so easy to print as well. :)

  18. What kind of beans do you use? I have never made hummus before. I know! I would like to try it with your recipe.

    Living So Abundantly: New meme this coming Thursday, July 7, 2011, Give Back Thursday–join the fun!

    • Thanks for stopping by! I recently updated the recipe and must have deleted the bean type by accident :-(. You actually could use any kind you like, as I have seen split pea hummus and white bean hummus recipes. However, traditional hummus is made with garbanzos. Try it an let me know what you think! We just love this recipe. It is one of my family’s favorites!

  19. Thank you so much! I am a newbie at making hummus, so this will be fun. :) I appreciate your help!

  20. I made it today, and wow! It’s a keeper for sure! This is the first time I’ve made hummus, and it was a perfect compliment to my veggies for lunch.

  21. LOL seriously, I think you’re becoming like one of my favorite food bloggers. I love hummus, thanks for the great recipe. :)

  22. I recently discovered adding a can of cannelinni beans will make your hummus very creamy.

  23. I do make my own hummus but use canned beans. I am going to try cooking my own beans for hummus and see how it goes. I am working on making my already healthy diet even more healthy but it does take time. I have to do it in baby steps!

    • Hi Tami. We all need to do it a bit at a time. It’s all too overwhelming otherwise. I think you’ll find that cooking the beans at home will make them so much more digestible. Just make more and save time that way :-).

  24. Thanks for linking your great post to FAT TUESDAY. This was very interesting! Hope to see you next week!

    Be sure to visit on Sunday for Sunday Snippets – your post from Fat Tuesday may be featured there!

    Share your great fermented food recipes at my Probiotic Food Linky – open through Februray 6, 2012.

  25. Hi Adrienne. What a great recipe that is always a favorite. It’s great to have a tahini free version since I don’t always have it in the house.

    I’ll be hosting Whole Food Wednesdays again at I hope you’ll swing by and even share if you like. Have a great rest of your week.

  26. yum! I normally use tahini when I make hummus, but I like your sesame free option because sometimes I do make things for folks with allergies.

  27. I’ve never tried to make my own hummus before, but with this recipe I really think I can do it!

  28. I love this! Thank you! I’ve been looking for a recipe that doesn’t require tahini. Thank you, thank you!

  29. Oh my…My 3 year old will love me for this one. She’s a hummus junkie!

  30. I would love for you to add this recipe to my Famous Linkz Party!! I have one every Wednesday.


  31. I like that this doesn’t have tahini, as we avoid sesame also. Thanks for linking up to H2W; come back next week to see if you were featured!

  32. I can’t wait to try this! I love hummus, but not buying those ridiculously priced little plastic cups, and I have yet to figure out where I can get tahini locally. This sounds perfect!

    • Hi Karen – I agree with you on the “ridiculously priced little plastic cups.” Expensive and wasteful and often filled w/ preservatives and unsoaked beans. Hope you like it!

  33. Humus is one of my favorite snacks. Thanks for sharing at Allergy-free Wednesday!

  34. Homemade hummus is one of our favorite snacks. My youngest son actually eats it by the spoonful. thanks for sharing your sesame free option with the HnS Hop.

  35. Following the blood-type diet for an A blood-type, I do my best to avoid garbanzo beans. I make my hummus with pinto beans instead and often add a bit of fresh mint as well – very refreshing.

  36. Cheeryshirley says:

    I am going to make this in the morning…my husband is not exactly fond of hummus…and I am, so hopefully, this recipe will do the trick! Thanks so much! :) Cheeryshirley

    • Can’t wait to hear how it goes!

      • Cheeryshirley says:

        Oh, Adrienne! I made this today and we cannot stay out of it!!! Both of us! Thank you so much for this incredible recipe! Before, my hubby thoroughly disliked hummus and…now? He wants this “wonderful hummus” to be on the regular weekly menu! He dished up bowls for each of us at lunch time…just in case we wanted to “dip” anything in addition to our regular lunch! Hahahaha! Thank you! :) Cheeryshirley

  37. Yes, I do follow a “typical” hummus recipe. Mine calls for tinned beans which makes it very fast to make. I will be interested to pursue your suggestions for de-gassing the beans, however. Unlike your recipe, I do not add the cumin,corriander or red pepper although the combination sounds delicious. Garbanzo beans
    apparently… “contain a lectin that can cause a decrease in insulin production” in the A blood type according to Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo in Eat Right For Your Blood Type. When I was diagnosed with a yeast overgrowth several years ago, my diet was adjusted, i.e., no sugar, yeast, fermented foods etc., and then the doctor recommended I follow the diet for my blood type. When I follow the diet carefully, I feel 100% better, all physical ailments that plagued me for years clear up and the bonus is that I lose weight. I have felt pretty much alone for many years while working with this so I am delighted that I have found a community of people in cyberspace that understand and are exploring new options. Thanks for your sharings, Adrienne and please keep them coming.

    • Hi Martie! Thanks for sharing. I am familiar w/ this diet. I haven’t really tried it, but I am interested. I wonder if you’ve seen my post on adrenal fatigue. I am going to be sharing more, but I have found that there is a big connection between candida and heavy metals. So I am now working on the metals. I assume that I am going to be on a special diet the rest of my life, but I am doing a lot better.

      Look forward to seeing you around more. I hope this blog really grows into a community where we can help each other. Thanks for the encouragement.

  38. I love Hummus. Thanks, Adrienne. Another great post.

  39. Ruth Avery says:

    Awesome recipe, I made this with your flax bread recipe and my family and I are hooked!!!

  40. Tahini is what gives hummus its creamy texture and if you need to substitute, you could try peanut butter. It works well and tastes similar. Cheaper brands of tahini will taste bitter and you might need some honey to off-set the taste. I add both tahini and olive oil in my own. I also use the cooking water rather than add water, but that’s just me. Hummus is one of my favorite dishes!

    • Hi Melissa. I know – I love the creaminess of tahini, but the olive oil does nicely as a substitute. And my son is deathly allergic to peanuts as well :-(/

      As a side note on the water, you will be not be degassing the beans as much if you use the cooking water, but if that doesn’t bother you then great! Hope you enjoy this!

  41. Definitely good to have a tahini-free hummus recipe for those with allergies. However, for those who don’t, please do consider including the tahini in your hummus because the combination forms a complete protein and tahini has a nice dose of zinc. My autistic son is a very picky eater with a zinc deficiency, but he likes hummus and it is sometimes the only source of protein we can get into his meals; I even use it as a substitute for cheese sauce on pasta now that he is dairy-free. :)

  42. Blending the tahini with warm water makes the hummus creamy, like they serve in restaurants.

  43. My family and I are on a hummus kick lately, so I tried this. It was great for something just slightly different than traditional hummus! I used one can of beans and cut the recipe accordingly. Since one can of beans is approximately 1 3/4 to 2 cups of beans, it works perfectly to halve the the savory hummus recipe. Delicious!

  44. Unbelievably easy and yummy…….I always make chickpea curry from dry beans, and had allthe ingredients at hand. It is creamy without Tahini and just perfect. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe!

  45. Hello Adrienne, I thought you may be interested in this hummus also: Spinach Artichoke Hummus.
    Some added nutrition to the hummus.. (plus I always enjoyed Spinach Artichoke dip) going to add my home grown sprouts to it also.
    The crackers look good to.

    It was neat to see Kim Wilson from had a link to your site about your Healthy Hair Rinse. Two sites I visit often is hers and yours so that was cool.


  46. God this is so good!!!

  47. We made this last weekend and it was delicious! However, we found that each of the flavors were a little overbearing (and we usually need to add more spices to our recipes!). It was super garlicy, really salty and had a really strong cumin flavor. We used 2 cans of chickpeas to start, ended up adding 2 more after taste-testing while making it and the flavors were still overpowering. Wondering if we converted the amount of chickpeas incorrectly?? Love all of the flavors (sorry about my garlic breath!) and the texture was perfect, will definitely make again but will play with the spice measurements next time.

  48. I’ve been making a simple hummus recipe for years, but tried this one as we were tired of our recipe. It’s full of flavor and delicious! Thank you!

  49. This was tasty

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