Homemade Almond Joy Bars (with allergy and sugar free options)

Healthy Desserts Almond Joy Candy Recipe

NOTE: This recipe has been updated to be better than ever.  Please hop on over to Homemade Almond Joy Bars – Revised (dairy free with sugar free option) to see the “new and improved” recipe.

Got a craving for something sweet and chocolatey?  Do you love candy bars but wish that they were just a bit healthier?

We have some pretty intense sweet tooths in my family.  Especially, that is, my kids and I do :-).

However, we have been attempting to be a sugar free family for quite awhile (some of us more sugar free than others), but Almond Joy bars are one of those things that really tug at my husband’s heart.  (Anything gummy does as well, like Dots, Ju Jubes, Skittles, but I haven’t attempted substitutes for those yet!)  And, we avoid processed foods as much as possible.

So, here is a delicious and healthy alternative for us and for you!

I suppose that many of you have read of the wonderful benefits of adding coconut oil to your diet.  Well, here is a great way to get more of it into your diet.

As with all of my recipes, it is adaptable for any number of special diets.  Feel free to play around with the sweeteners, oils and nut or seed butters.  They all work great!

The base of this dessert is the same as my Homemade Chocolate or Carob Bar, and then it is topped with a coconut oil / coconut topping and whole or sliced almonds.

So, without further ado–


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Do you have a favorite candy recipe that you can share?

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  1. Love love love these! I just wish I could get an approximate nutritional breakdown on them. I know it varies, but I used ideal sugar substitute and honey, because I didnt have the liquid sugar sub. I also used cornstarch, being gluten free I knew that was safe. Using unsweetened low fat shredded coconut also helps to keep the calories down too. Just wondering if you knew?

    • I am sorry, Melissa – I have never done a nutritional breakdown on any of my recipes. From what I understand it is pricey to get that done, but I haven’t looked into it. I am curious about ideal and low fat coconut. I have never heard of either.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Low fat coconut? Coconut is a Healthy Fat. Just like avocados, olive oil, etc… Forget the low-fat-fad & just eat real food. A world renouned heart surgeon just had an interview on 60 minutes not long back where he admitted (& since Dr. Weil & others also have) that low fat is EXTREMELY detrimental to our health, and not beneficial at all.

    Melissa, if you’re only eating Real Whole Foods, recognizable by Mother Nature, & no artificial / processed ingredients, you simply will not need to count calories. No one in history has ever counted calories until modern times. Your body will do what it knows how to do, & you will be healthy. Just like our ancestors.

    Adrienne, these look amazing :)

    • Thanks, Jennifer! I so hope you enjoy them!!! Real food is very important. Hard to get it into our heads, but most stuff folks eat just isn’t really food. I was duped too.