“Almond Joy” Bars {Revised} (sugar free with allergy options)

Got a sweet tooth but trying to eat healthier?  These No Bake Low Carb “Almond Joy” Bars are soooo good - even non healthy eaters love them.  Every time I make them they are gone lickety split and they're full of healthful ingredients like coconut oil, nut or seed butters, and more.  Enjoy the healthy grain free goodness! #paleo #lowcarb
I just love easy to make treats like my chocolate avocado truffles, these no bake chocolate mint bars, my silky bean fudge,  chocolate chia pudding, and homemade JELLO®.  But this recipes for Almond Joy® Bars has got to be one of our all time favorites.

This recipe is one of the first healthy desserts that I made after starting on my sugar-free diet a few years ago and it’s been one of our favorites.  I’ve shared it with sugar-free folks and non SFF (:-)) alike and everyone has loved it.  In fact, I just dropped a batch off to my best friend in celebration of her baby’s baptism.

My original post on Healthy Almond Joy Bars was just after I started blogging, and it was pretty good as it was.  But thanks to a reader’s alterations to my recipe (thanks, Liberty :-)) and another update of my own, I think it now is the best healthy almond joy recipe that you can find.  And a great healthy chocolate recipe for us chocolate and sugar loving folks!

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Some notes on ingredients:


I use these stainless steel mini measuring spoons for all my stevia extract uses.  The 2nd smallest scoop is 1/32 of a teaspoon (which equals 1 scoop).  These are a MUST if you bake with stevia.

Norpro Mini Measuring Spoons

Whether you are

  • looking for healthy chocolate candies
  • wanting to make home made candy
  • looking for a way to get healthy coconut oil into your diet

this is the recipe for you.  Let me know what you think!

Other Healthy Sweet Treats

Do you have a candy or dessert recipe that needs a makeover?

I can’t promise success (my recent attempt at healthy tootsie rolls was a total flop), but I have taste testers willing to try :-)!

There are affiliate links in the post.  Please read my disclaimer.
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  1. Instead of using all the sweeteners, I just add Nutiva’s coconut manna as the sweetener. Comes out amazing, try it if you haven’t already, super healthy too!

    • How interesting – you mean you used coconut butter instead of sweeteners?

      • Hi Adrienne,
        This is the brand our family loves https://store.nutiva.com/coconut-manna/ and they call theirs manna, but it is actually coconut butter technically. Thanks for pointing that out, I wasn’t sure of the difference, and now I know there is none except the name.

        We combine unsweetened shredded coconut and the coconut manna, (butter), until we have a manageable, stiff yet pliable, mixture and form into pinky finger shaped and sized logs on either wax or parchment paper.. We get raw organic almonds and place them along the top of the log, usually 2 or 3, or you could make small patty shapes to put more almonds on. We then heat gently whatever kind of organic chocolate bars they have on sale at Grocery Outlet this week and either drizzle or spoon over the logs and place in fridge until set and serve.

        We do peanut butter cups a similar way. Organic peanut butter mixed with ground flax seeds so it’s not so loose, shape and drizzle or cover in chocolate. You could add honey, stevia or coconut sugar to sweeten above treats, but we think they’re naturally sweet enough with the chocolate coating.

        Our boys love them and they’re getting super foods and good fats to boot, so I think it’s a win win. When you eat whole foods your taste buds are more alive and your palate, at least ours, does not appreciate the over the top sweetness of commercial processed foods have. This version is perfect for keeping in the fridge when a piece of fruit just doesn’t hit the mark.

        We also like to dip 1/3rd of a piece of fresh or dried fruits in the melted chocolate and place ground raw nuts on the chocolate before it sets. It takes about 10 minutes start to finish, you can make small portions and it’s a nice treat with a glass of red wine after supper every once in a while.

        I hope this helps and inspires you to have fun and figure out healthier versions of treats that work for you and yours.

  2. cheryl gassman says:

    AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! these are so good! thank you for posting this recipe

  3. Yum! I made these in a mini cupcake tin and they turned out awesome! 24 individual bites of delicious!