Cream of Rice Cereal (Rice Porridge)

Homemade Cream of Rice Cereal. No need to buy expensive packets of cereal anymore-this is Super Simple, tastes great and is a great comfort food--especially for little ones who are sick. It's also a great gluten-free substitute for that standby Cream of Wheat.

When I was a little girl, one of my favorite breakfasts was Cream of Wheat.

Sounds crazy but I still get a warm feeling inside when I hear those words.  “Cream. of. Wheat.”

Well, we are gluten free now, so Cream of Rice is what we would eat. But I don’t like packets and I don’t like eating white rice.

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So here is a recipe for Cream of Rice made with brown rice.

It’s almost silly what memories words can conjure up, eh? When I hear “Cream of Wheat”, I picture the man on the front of the red box and can almost taste the warm creamy cereal in my mouth. Creamy goodness topped with a little brown sugar, a little milk and a dollop of butter (well, we ate margarine all the time.  Blech.)

Nothing better.

Well, a number of years ago I was at a gluten free fair and a lady was selling Cream of Rice cereal in a box.

Of course, I thought, “I can make that.”

So–I did.

The resulting Cream of Rice cereal is my kids’ “go to” when they are sick.

And when they aren’t, it’s a special treat.

We call it Rice Porridge around here.

It’s super simple and super cheap–er, I mean, frugal.

If you make your own, you are going to save a lot over the packaged stuff.

I checked on Amazon and even there you end up paying about 75 cents per serving for the boxed brand.

Using organic brown rice, I figured I was able to make this for about 14 cents per serving.

Woo hoo!  I just love saving money by making stuff myself.  Those little victories over a tight family budget mean a lot, don’t they?

And you’ll save on trips to the store–no need to rush out to buy “Cream of Rice” because you already have what you need in your pantry!

This is super simple.

Super creamy.

Brings back memories.


This homemade cream of rice cereal is super simple and frugal!

NOTE:  I always use brown rice for this recipe. If you use white rice it will cook super fast, but you will be giving up the fiber and nutrition of the bran and germ. And it has a much higher glycemic index as well.

You could boost the nutritive value of this dish by soaking the rice overnight in the liquid. Here’s my post on Soaking Grains – the Why and the How for more information.

My kids love this with my “Best Cinnamon Sugar“.  Think all cinnamon sugars are the same?  We didn’t think so :).

This really soothes my kids whenever they are sick.  And I love having some with them!

You could also try this with other grains. I haven’t yet, but if I do I’ll share with you!

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Did you eat Cream of Rice as a child too?

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  1. Wait, I’m confused. When you say 1 cup of rice, are you talking cooked rice? Because I don’t see how it would be possible to use raw rice and only cook it for 4 minutes. But that’s what I thought as i read the ingredients. If you could clarify, I’d appreciate it! Thanks!

  2. michelle says:

    Just curious– I know when I make brown rice for most any meal, it takes much longer than 4 minutes to boil/get tender. Are you blending/pureeing this after the four minutes to create the texture of the cream of rice?

    • Hi Michelle. As you can see from the comment above, I made a last minute ingredient change to the recipe (from ground rice to plain dry rice), but I had a million things going on at once and forgot to change the directions. Oops!! It should make sense now :).

      • michelle says:

        it does! :O)
        and you’re right, as soon as I saw this post, I was picturing the box.
        Sounds like a quick and easy dinner for me tonight, trying to shake this sinus junk that won’t let go. ordering pizza sounded like an awesome idea, until I saw this! LOL!

  3. I think I’m missing something. You’re cooking raw whole grain brown rice in 4 minutes? Your ingredient list doesn’t say the rice is ground, or that it’s pre-cooked. I’d love to make this, but I think I need some clarification. Thanks!

    Cream of Rice

    Makes approximately five servings (3/4 cup each)
    1 cup of rice (I prefer to use brown)
    4 1/2 cups liquid (water, milk or non dairy milk like Homemade Coconut Milk, Homemade Almond Milk, etc.)
    3/4 tsp salt (optional. I like Real Salt.)
    Optional toppings: butter (or other fat), sweetener, cinnamon
    1. Heat liquid over medium hit to a slow boil.
    2. Add rice and stir.
    3. Cover and simmer for about 4 minutes, until thickened.
    4. Serve with desired toppings.

    • I’ve fixed the post – so sorry! I had a million things going on at once and missed that I had changed the ingredient list to be whole, uncooked rice -thanks!

  4. Timi Caswell says:

    This looks so yummy but I have a quick question – is the 1 cup of rice you use pre-cooked? Or, is the 4 minute cooking time a misprint? I’m a little confused and I want to get it right when I prepare this…thanks so much!

  5. I have a super soft spot in my heart for Cream of Wheat too…it was always in my cupboard up until three years ago…and I ate the same way you did! Heaven! Now I just make make hot cereal from various mixes of grains..still delicious if not exactly the same for my nostalgic taste buds!

  6. Charlotte Moore says:

    I would sure use the brown rice too. Sounds good.

  7. I’m looking forward to trying this! :) One question though: is there a soaked variation of this recipe? It would be great to have the same end result with an overnight soak to make the nutrients in the rice more digestible. Any ideas?

  8. Jessica says:

    Can’t wait to try this! My littlest is allergic to wheat and oats, so while her other siblings can do soaked oatmeal in the morning, I struggle for her. We did millet porridge for a while, but it’s not her favorite. I’ll be trying this soon!

  9. This looks delicious Adrienne! I too used to love Cream of Wheat as a kid, but have moved on now to overnight oats, which I am obsessed with. I’ll have to try this for my girls, as my oldest is sensitive to wheat. Thank you!
    P.s. Love your blog’s new look! :)

    • Thanks, Lauren! I hope she likes it! Thanks for mentioning the blog. I’ve been having a bunch of blog issues and had to make a quick change. There’s a lot of cleaning up to do still….. I am debating about the colors but that will come. Take care!

  10. Stephanie says:

    Thanks for the post, I look forward to trying this!

  11. I have always loved warm cereals like this. I think my favorite as a kids was actually Malt O Meal, with maple Cream of Wheat coming in a close second. I’m going to give your version a try for breakfast next week.

  12. Rattlebridge Farm says:

    This looks hearty and heartwarming, the perfect way to start the day. Thanks for participating in Foodie Friday!

  13. What a great simple idea! We too were big Cream of Wheat fans before going gluten free. I’ve been buying the boxed version and can’t wait to give your recipe a try! I found the recipe on Slightly Indulgent Tuesdays and just pinned it! Thank YOU!

  14. Ahh… I used to love cream of wheat as a kid too. :) We called it farina. I really miss it so I can’t wait to try this! Lovely idea!


  15. Rogene Robbins says:

    Never thought of grinding brown rice. Might have to give it a try.

  16. Martin Davidson says:

    So this cooks in 4 minutes on the stove, even with brown rice? Or have I misunderstood? It sounds great, if so. Can this be cooked in the microwave too?


  17. For the soaked variation – Soak the ground rice in the milk overnight and just heat up in the morning?

  18. I LOVE Wheatena-my dad would make it the night before with milk and butter and it was lusciously yummy!!!! I am gluten free now so will try this-thanks!

  19. Hi I have a rice cooker that does congee (which is what cream of rice is in asia) and I wonder if I could use the recipe to make it in my rice cooker? thanks 😀

  20. kari hanson says:

    Hi, so if I’m going to soak the rice first, is that the very first step? And then follow the recipe as written after? Or grind it up first then soak it, then cook it? Help! Thank you! :)

  21. You can do something like this called congee that is traditional for Chinese and in other cultures as well. Difference being that you don’t grind the rice but instead cook it in lots of water for a long time. I used to make it a lot in my crockpot. Cook the rice overnight in the crockpot with a few slices of ginger. In the morning it is ready to go and you can add toppings like you would oatmeal or even go savory and add tamari, sliced scallions and sautéed mushrooms or whatever floats your boat.

  22. Oh, wow. This is so simple, but so much better than the store bought junk. Using brown rice really helps with texture, as well. I am in such bliss right now… 😀

  23. YEA!!!! Thanks for this. Recently going gluten free I was in mourning over losing my ultimate comfort food…cream of wheat! I also love it when I am sick…even 45 years later. We must be kindred spirits as I LOVE it too with real butter, salt for sure and sweetener! (My dad always added crumbled bacon or sausage…that is pretty good too.) I was thrilled that there was such a thing as cream of rice…and NOW to have this much thriftier version makes my day! I must say that I found last winter the very best improvement (who knew it could be improved) is making it with straight with coconut milk!

  24. I wanted to check out some of your links but when I click on one the whole page changes so I lose my place….as a suggestion can you make your site open a new page when you click on a link instead of losing the page you are on?

  25. miriam weinstein says:

    Roast the rice first, roast it until it pops, then grind. Use a heavy pan, and keep an eye on it!

    • miriam weinstein says:

      Oops. Then grind the rice. And optimally, cook it for 10 minutes at least! Wonderful with added ground almond meal, or even some cut up bananas. But it will taste way better, and be easier to digest if you roast the rice first. Take some time, roast several cups in small batches, grind it, put it in a jar on the shelf.

  26. I love cream of brown rice and make my own

  27. Looks delicious. I have bookmarked it to try. My wife and I frequently make our own Cream of Oat Bran, using the toasted milled Oat bran that one can buy at Trader Joe’s.

    And when we are feeling really decadent, we make it with 1/2 milk, 1/2 water, and 2 triangles of Mexican Cocoa chocolate per 3 cups of liquid, for our healthier “Cocoa Wheats.” Does anyone else remember cocoa wheats from childhood? Yum!

  28. What is the recipe for 1 serving? I wake up at 4:30 am and the rest of my family at 7 after I’ve been at work for a while. But I always loved cream of wheat but being celiacs and I’ve been looking for something to replace it. What would the recipe for a sjhle serving be?

  29. Hi Adrienne,

    My oldest daughter has been having more allergy trouble lately, so we have her on a very limited diet. I’ve been struggling to find breakfast food that she can eat (and that she actually likes), and she loved this! I added frozen blueberries and raw honey to the mix, and she and her sister ate it right up. Thanks for the recipe!! :)

  30. Lou Gagne says:

    Thank you so much for this recipe. I’ve searched all over for the package, but am not having any luck, until I found you. I love this cereal and am on an elimination diet by my allergist that requires that I have this a few time during the week. I also love/loved Cream of Wheat but with this diet there are no wheat products allowed (until, of course, I start adding things into my diet). I will now try this and am sure it will be wonderful. Thank you again. Best regards, Lou G

  31. Cream of rice, or rice porridge is so simple and easy to make and it too is my go-to food if I’m not feeling well, thanks for the recipe! When i am feeling well, i like to add fruit (fresh, dried, or frozen), nuts, berries, seeds, it makes such a wholesome heart-warming breakfast! I use a magic bullet to grind the rice, works perfect! And talk abut saving on your grocery bill :)

  32. Thank you thank you so much for this it is truly a winner my kids loved it. Now we didn’t use cinnamon do to they don’t like it in something’s. I am very impress!!

  33. Thank you for creating this GF option for childhood cream-of-wheat lovers! It looks amazing. I took the liberty of posting a link to your recipe on my blog to help other people who are looking for delicious GF breakfasts, called “Gluten-Free Go-Tos”: Can’t wait to try it!

  34. This is great.
    Just to clarify, should you soak rice, before grinding, or grind, then soak
    . If the later, should you rinse the rice, because of arsenic?

    • You soak prior to cooking. Or you grind and soak – either way. I don’t think rinsing will do anything to the arsenic. Lundberg (affiliate link) has one of the lowest amts of arsenic from what I have read.ttp://

  35. My Mom always made a Finnish dish called “rice porridge” (riisi puuro).
    You can make it sweet… or not. My Mother never made it very sweet.
    We’d always stir a spoon of jam or pour over some Finnish fruit ‘soup’.
    Basically it’s the same recipe as yours, but whole rice grains. Traditionally
    it would be made with short grain white rice. I always make it with brown.
    Usually I buy brown basmati.

  36. Hey there, this is great!

    Question for you.

    How well do you think this would keep, or have you tried making a big batch and reheating? It sounds like a silly question since the recipe probably only takes 10 minutes to make but I have an hour+ commute and like to eat when I get to the office. If I made a batch for the week and put it into containers do you think it would reheat well?

    • I think it would reheat just fine – but I can’t make shelf life claims. If you add some sweetener and salt it would keep a bit longer. Hope that helps.

    • In fact, I should clarify that – we reheat all the time. Of course some folks think that “just made is best” but we have eaten it both ways and my kids are fine with it. It might be a bit thicker so you might want to thin it out some.

  37. Soooo. Yummy. Just made this for my sick celiac kiddo. Cream of wheat was a household fave and this is SO similar!!!!

    One direction change that I might suggest would be to add “stir or whisk continuously as you add the ground rice” I should have remembered to do this but ended up with some sizeable lumps. Still delish with butter and syrup! Mmmmmm!!!!

  38. This is crazy cool! I’m glad I happened onto this site. I had some extra time this morning and was considering what was for breakfast when I noticed a bag of rice (white). I got about a cup of rice out and tossed it into my coffee grinder, added a dash of Cayenne Pepper, and sugar – then set to grinding.
    The difference for me was that I ground it into a very light powder which seemed to make the cooking process go pretty quick. Microwaved for 6 minutes, stirring occasionally.

    Results: Hot, delicious, and filling!

    Now that I have your website to refer to, I’ll include ‘soaking’ into my food prep.

    Great stuff – thanks for sharing!

  39. My husband made me your recipe today as I am bed bound feeling very under the weather. Just what I needed to perk back up again. One of my childhood favorites! Yummy.
    I like it best with white jasmine rice cooked 1/2 in water and 1/2 milk and served with honey. It’s the best!

  40. Elisabeth says:

    When I tried to grind up dry white rice in my food processor, it didn’t grind properly (it was very chunky and cooked really unevenly) and it put of this super funky metallic smell. Does a blender work better? Any advice on making this a more successful venture?

    Thanks! This looks delicious. I grew up on cream of rice — made with milk and a bit of maple syrup — and my dad even sang the old jingle for it whenever we ate it. Such happy memories! It makes it even more fun to eat it with my kids, with just a bit of maple syrup!

  41. Actually, white rice is preferred on the “Perfect Human Diet” for its safe starch properties. Let the rice cool to room temperature and you get resistant starch. The body doesn’t burn as much of it as fuel and sends it to the gut to build gut bacteria…prebiotics.

    Fiber isn’t totally necessary as it irritates the lining of the stomach, but the gut bacteria is.

    • I’ve been reading some about that. Thanks. Isn’t there an amount of time you need to cook it for?

      • No, I believe it is normal cooking time. The key is to let it cool to at least room temperature. What I was doing before I came across your recipe was cooking it, putting it in the fridge over night, then in the morning add sweetener, cinnamon, vanilla extract and some cream and eating it cold, almost as a rice pudding.

  42. This did not work at all for me. I followed the directions and used these portions, but after ten minutes of simmering and waiting for it to thicken, I still ended up with liquid milk with ground rice sitting at the bottom.

    • I’m sorry – did you figure out why this possibly happened? It has worked for me every time.

    • Sonia Martinez Romaih says:

      The key is mixing throughout – I used a very low temperature on the stove and stirred madly whenever I stirred bringing up what was on the bottom of the pot stirring out any lumps. Then when it started to boil used the whisk and whisked for the 5 minutes. It was amazing the most silky, almost pudding like porridge with no lumps. We served with a little Breton butter, brown sugar, bananas and walnuts. Plus I cooked it in a blend of coconut milk and water. Absolutely delish! I am also thinking of making a savory version to serve instead of polenta with a stew of roasted root vegetables. Thank you!

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