Easy Chocolate Avocado Truffles with a Kick – paleo & vegan

Looking for a healthy sweet treat? This low carb paleo Chocolate Truffle Recipe is full of healthy ingredients like avocado, and is sugar free and dairy free too. They come together in a flash and are decadent enough for gift giving (if you don't eat them all yourself!)

I’m so excited to share this chocolate truffle recipe with you all today.  It’s easy and sooo delicious – even my “I don’t like chocolate” hubby was swooning over them.

Plus it’s a super easy dessert so you can pull it together quickly to bless your family, someone you love, or just make an indulgence for yourself.

I do.

I have 3 truffle recipes on my blog already.

But that clearly wasn’t enough.

One can never have too many truffles, I say.

First of all, they are typically chocolate, which is not easily passed up.

Second, they are an easy no bake dessert so they come together in a flash – perfect when you’re in a hurry (um…story of my life these days) and in the summer months when the though of turning on the oven is a bit daunting.

Third, they are yummy.

I used to make chocolate truffles every year as a Christmas gift for friends and loved ones.

Those were loaded with expensive chocolate bars, heavy cream and white sugar.

Alas. Since candida has become a household word around here there’s not going to be any of those around any time soon.

These truffles, however?

That’s a different story.

They’re loaded with the healthy goodness of plain cocoa, avocado, coconut butter, and a low carb sweetener.

Sigh – this much deliciousness with a bunch of health thrown in?


I dare say that these give the cream and white sugar laden truffles a real run for their money.

These are that good.

How good? Let me tell you – my husband is NOT a fan of chocolate. It gives him a headache sometimes and he typically passes it up.

But he sure didn’t turn down these morsels of  yumminess.

He ate one and said:

These. Are. Good.  I mean real good.

And they’re good for you too.

Chocolate Avocado Truffles Ingredients - Avocados, Cocoa, Coconut and Pumpkin Seeds

Health Benefits of Avocado

The base is avocado, which is a nutritional powerhouse:

– loaded with anti-inflammatory benefits
– high in Omega-3 fatty acids
– supports cardiovascular health
– promotes blood sugar regulation
– anti-cancer benefits – improves inflammatory and oxidative stress levels.

This resource has more on all of the above points. I think you’ll find it to be fascinating reading and will surely inspire you to whip up some of these truffles asap.

I must say, I will feel especially good about getting my next big bag of avocados at Costco the next time I am there :).

Health Benefits of Coconut

– high in fiber
– low glycemic index
– improves heart health
– has antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-parasitic healing properties (Source)

The health benefits of cocoa were harder to substantiate.  The information is kind of all over the board so I am not going to mention it here. Maybe in a future post after I have more time to digest it (pun intended.)

Looking for a healthy sweet treat? This low carb paleo Chocolate Truffle Recipe is full of healthy ingredients like avocado, and is sugar free and dairy free too. They come together in a flash and are decadent enough for gift giving (if you don't eat them all yourself!)

Regardless of whether or not cocoa is super good for you or not, these truffles are way healthier than most other dessert you could make.

And if you use stevia in them, you are getting a nutritional boost there as well. I touched on some of that in this post–Is Stevia a Danger to Your Health? The Truth Comes Out.

Believe me though.

You won’t need to convince anyone to gobble down a few of these to boost their health.

That will come naturally :).

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Chocolate Avocado Truffles - A Super Easy Dessert that's incredibly healthy, paleo, and vegan.

I really had to work hard to not eat the whole batch of these myself.

I’m watching my chocolate / caffeine intake due to adrenal fatigue, but boy were these calling my name all day.

I think these will be a frequent addition to our healthy snack menu in our home for sure (maybe made with carob next time), but I might need a lock on the refrigerator door ;-).

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How about you — have you made truffles before?
If not, what are you waiting for :)?

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  1. Can you you cocoa butter instead of coconut butter. I live overseas and can’t get the coconut butter.

  2. Does the avocado get brown after making these? How long do they last? I’ve always had to use lemon to keep my avocados fresh.

    • The truffles are really dark b/c of the chocolate. I don’t know about how long they would last but I wouldn’t leave them at room temp and maybe not too long in the fridge. They would freeze well for sure!

  3. Email was typed wrong????

  4. I was wondering what to substitute for the coconut butter? I have a strong reaction to coconut oil and I’m super hesitant to try the coconut butter. Thanks for your help!! :-)