Homemade Sugar-Free Lemonade

Sugar-Free Lemonade Recipe. Super Easy. Super Refreshing. This Homemade Lemonade is a great way to keep the heat and the munchies away :). I tend to pour some at night when I am temped to nibble.

Looking for a refreshing summer drink that is easy on your wallet?

Well, do I have a versatile lemonade recipe for you!

If you’ve been around my website a bit, you know that I don’t like purchasing ready-made things when I can easily make them myself.

Here is another case in point and one of the easiest yet.

One of my readers recently asked if I had a healthy drink she could treat her kids to by offering them something besides water. I completely understand.

I don’t let my kids drink any sodas or bottled juice drinks. One reason is due to the problems that they pose for health and the other is the cost.

1.  Have you seen the plethora of negative information coming out about high fructose corn syrup and sugar alone?  There has been mercury detected in high fructose corn syrup due to the means of processing, and sugar is now being linked to all sorts of health issues.

2.  Take a look at your grocery bill and see how much you are spending on drinks:  sodas, juices, etc.  And those “healthy waters”?  Don’t get me started. Anyhow, here is a way that you can treat your whole family to a wonderful summery drink without breaking the bank.  And you can sweeten it however you wish.

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Tips & More

1.  Of course, use lime juice to make limeade!

2.  How much can you save?

If you purchase Costco’s lemon juice, one 64 ounce (close to a 2-liter) will set you back only 24 cents, plus the cost of your sweetener.  And if you use stevia, this is really a bargain drink!

Now that’s a sweet deal :-P!)

So skip the specialty stevia-sweetened drinks on the market — make your own and do something more purposeful with your money!

3.  This post on Stevia has tips to help you use it if you aren’t familiar with it.

But for starters, these mini stainless measuring scoops are pretty much a must have if you are going to use stevia extract. I only really use one or 2 of the scoops, but they are pretty reasonable so I was willing to buy the set.

Norpro Mini Measuring Spoons

The 2nd smallest scoop is 1/32 of a teaspoon (the standard “stevia scoop” size) and it fits nicely in my small stevia container.  Some of the extracts are of differing strengths, so you might need to use the mid-sized scoop as well.

4.  Sweetener tips: For sweeteners, if you are able to eat sugar (more on that later), I recommend honey or sucanat.  If need/wish to avoid sugar, I recommend stevia.  If you have trouble with stevia, there are other options:

Vegetable glycerine is a more natural one.  NOW glycerine is a great brand.
They are not technically regarded as “whole foods” in the whole foodie arena, but xylitol and erythritol are the better choices among the alternative options. I recommend several brands, including Now Foods and Emerald Forest.  Prices on Iherb are great too for alternative sweeteners, and you get $5 back on your first order!  Here’s a link to NuNaturals erythritol there.

Check out my recipe page for other Make Your Own Tips that can save you a bundle, including:

What is your favorite drink?
Do you have something you would like me to figure out a “homemade” version of?

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  1. Hi Adrienne. I tried this recipe with oranges lemons and sparkling water. instead of all the artificial sweetners mentioned I used Agave Syrup but only a small amount as its very sweet. It turned out brilliantly and my fussy 12 yr old loves it. Agave syrup is a low GI sweetner and has about quarter the calories that sugar has and none of the dangers alluded to for artificial sweeteners.

  2. Great recipe! I would substitute fresh lemon juice, I like the taste better and I don’t trust any of that bottled stuff, organic or not. Thanks for reminding me to make drinks at home!

  3. I didn’t read thru all the posts so not sure if anyone else mentioned this, but, if you use San Pellagrino Sparkling Mineral Water with your lemon mix – ITS AMAZING! Tastes very much like Sprite. I easily drink a 32 oz. container of this on hot summer nights sitting on the porch.

  4. Lovely!

  5. hello, i just found your blog and am loving it so far. i just ordered my first bottle of stevia. the same you said to =) i would love to make this lemonade but am a littel confused about the stevia, am i going to use 8 scoops of 1/4 each scoop or a total of 1/4? thank you in advance especially ad im sure this is a dumb question.

    • HI and welcome! There’s a great giveaway coming today so make sure you are subscribed :). Here’s a post on stevia that should help. Keep in mind, that that stevia has changed. You will need about 60% more now. Your price shouldn’t be much more since it has larger volume. I am currently trying out different stevias to see which brand(s) I want to recommend.

  6. Victoria Bethea says:

    I’m trying to find your blog about water filters. I came across it in a recipe and now I can’t seem to locate. Thank you! Victoria

  7. I bet if you made a batch of this into ice cubes, then use them to cool another batch you wouldn’t have any dilution issues.

  8. The lemonade is great! I’m thinking that you meant a 1/4 cup of lemon juice per 8 oz of water though.

  9. I use liquid stevia. It’s much better to me than the powders. One small bottle last a long time cause 1 drop will sweeten 16 oz of tea quite well.

  10. Im a diabetic and always looking for ways to make sugar free stuff but I cant use the artificial sweetners as im allergic to all of them example nutrasweet splenda equal sweet n low