Why I Don’t Have Fermented Food on My Blog – Part 2

Fermented Foods like kombucha, kerif, sauerkraut, and kimchi are supposed to be great for leaky gut, but they have been a problem for me. Come find out why. Think you have a yeast allergy? You'll be interested in this post too!

So today I’m continuing the story of my looong path of trying to get fermented foods into my diet.

In Part One of Why I Don’t Have Fermented Food on My Blog, you read of my ups and downs with gut health and itching and my basically throwing in the towel numerous times as I tried to add these “health foods” to my diet–

–and failed time and time again.

I can be really stubborn.

About some things.

First of all, I’m sure any of you long-time followers are happy to see that Part Two is done already. Sometimes life and stuff gets in the way and I don’t finish my series as quickly as I would like to (like with my Could You Have Heavy Metal Poisoning and Not Know It? series that has yet to be continued.)


Please forgive me for being a real person who doesn’t always have her act together :-).

So let’s move on. Today’s post is another longish one. Stick with me. This is good stuff.

Trial #6 –  The Big Guns

I told you in Part One that I was given the chance of a lifetime while trying to sort out fermented foods and my health.

I got to talk with an expert in superfoods and probiotics to see what he thought about my situation.

I figured he’d be super busy and I’d get about 5-10 minutes, but I got over an hour.

And this was not just some health food guy who thinks probiotics are important.

This is the man who developed the fermented superfood powder that I’d been taking since July 2012.

His name is Czerral, and here’s just a peek at his resume:

  • in 1979 became well known for his role in bringing spirulina to the world market
  • in 1994, he introduced the first and only “Certified Organic Spirulina” to the
    Southern Hemisphere

Pretty impressive, no?

I went through the whole sad story with him–my adrenal and candida issues, and how I’d tried over and over again to add fermented foods to my diet with no luck.

His thinking?

The Reasoning

This is really interesting.

Czerral said that it was unlikely that I was reacting to the powdered superfood probiotic (or that I would react to the liquid one) because:

1.  The probiotic powder and the drink are made up of foods.

2.  They are fermented in a similar manner to how the foods are dealt with in the body, so the resulting product is predigested foods that have been acted upon by bacteria similar to how our body digests them.

3.  The probiotics are both fermented in carefully controlled environments to make sure the resulting products are pure and not contaminated with stray yeasts or bacteria.

So unless you react to the foods in the probiotics, you shouldn’t react to the probiotics.

(And even then, since the foods are predigested, people often can tolerate the foods in these products even if they are sensitive to them.)

The Plan

Czerral said I should “pound the heck out of my gut with a heavy saturation” of good bacteria (yes, those were his words–I took a lot of notes :-).)

The powder I was already taking (InLiven) was good, but he recommended a liquid (Fast Tract) that has higher bacteria counts so it would have a more intensive effect on my gut.

Here are the nuts and bolts of his recommendation:

1.  Buy 4 bottles of Fast Tract (not quite the boatload I mentioned in Part One)

2.  Drink 1 bottle per week–Each bottle is supposed to last for 1 month. Talk about flooding my system, huh?

His thinking was that my gut is still really overrun with the “bad guys” and that I needed to totally overwhelm them with beneficial bacteria to get my gut back in balance.

Well, I was pretty nervous about it.

Nervous about 

  • spending the money (I’m cheap-er-frugal, remember?), and
  • about what I might experience (I’d had enough bad experiences with itching and the like. If I drink a whole bottle in a week, what might happen to me? Might I become one giant itching, flaky mess?)

I talked it over with my husband, and we decided to purchase 1 bottle for a trial run to make sure it didn’t kill me.

Really, I’m kidding, but I was worried about spending a bunch of money and not being able to use the product.

So, I bought it.

And drank it.

The Results

I started with about 1/2 the daily dose.

I had a pretty intense reaction immediately.

Bad, bad itching in my ears.

Then–nothing. No other itching or side effects.

The bad itching happened once or twice over the next few days, immediately after taking the probiotic drink. But after about 2 weeks, the ear itching is almost gone. And they aren’t really peeling much anymore either.

I kept upping the dose a little and eventually got brave and just downed the daily dose plus a little.

And I’m taking the full dose of the fermented superfood powdered probiotic on alternating days, with no bad effects.

And–I’m having a few swigs of water kefir (homemade) now and then.


I’m thinking that the candida bugs are on their way out and that if I give them “The Big Guns” (the 4 bottles) I just might have a renewed gut.

I’m getting pretty excited about this.

What’s Next?

A Flood for Me &  The Chance of a Lifetime–For You

Now that I’ve seen that I am tolerating these fermented food probiotics, I am going to order those 4 bottles (not a boatload, but a small bucket’s-worth) and start “pounding the heck” out of my bad bacteria with a flood of the good guys.

And I have more planned in the way of fermenting.

I am starting some home ferments and will be doing more. And I will be sharing with you as I learn.

But what’s next for you– truly is The Chance of Lifetime.

I’ve arranged for you to be able to hear from and ask questions of Czerral in a live teleseminar on Thursday, May 30.

Czerral is the maker of InLiven and Fast Tract, two food-based probiotics from Miessence, a company that I have been learning more about for awhile now (InLiven is the superfood probiotic and Fast Tract is their liquid “Big Guns” that I am going to be flooding my gut with. Look out, bad guys, here it comes!)

I will be interviewing Czerral about

  • what probiotics are
  • why we need them
  • when to take them (time of day/with food or without)
  • genetically modified probiotics (for real.  GMOs are everywhere)
  • and more

and there will be time for Q&A with this superfood probiotic expert who helped me sooo much.

So it you too are “itching” to talk to someone about your gut health and probiotic questions, now is your chance.

Just click here to sign up.

And even if you can’t make it, sign up anyway since a recording will be delivered to your inbox and you can listen at your convenience. (Of course, I think the Q&A is likely to be great, so I would make every effort to attend, for sure.)

What a treat, huh?


Click here for part one of Why I Don’t Have Fermented Food on My Blog.
Click here for part threeWhy I WILL Have Fermented Food on My Blog


Details About Your Chance of a Lifetime

1.  The teleseminar is going to last about 1 hour – about 45 minutes for the interview and 15 minutes for Q&A–give or take.

Two Giveaways!  (Gotta love FREE stuff, right?  And this is some good free stuff.) By signing up for the teleseminar, you will be able to enter a drawing for

    • a FREE tub of InLiven, the powdered superfood probiotic, and
    • a FREE bottle of the Liquid “Big Guns” probiotic drink (Fast Tract).

Miessence (the parent company) has been gracious enough to offer these freebies to my readers. You’ll get info about entering the giveaway after the call.

3.  Just so you know, Czerral and I will be joined by Lacey of KV Organics. She’s a gem of a gal and she and I have talked about probiotics and InLiven for about a year now. She’s helping me out because I’ve never handled a webinar and she’s been sooo helpful to me in this whole journey, so we decided to work on this together.

When you sign up for the teleseminar, you’ll be getting communications from her because I am just swamped and Lacey has offered to handle the webinar registration and everything to take a load off of my plate.  What a blessing. Just so you know, you’ll be getting communications from her, as opposed to from me :-).

4.  If you are interested in taking a closer look at the products that I am taking, you can check out this link to all of Miessence’s superfoods.

(Disclaimer: I signed up as a rep with Miessence so that I could get a discount and that link is to my store.  The products are very high quality and they are not cheap, so I wanted to get them for a more reasonable price so it would work for my family’s budget.  If you can’t wait and want to try something right now, you can use the discount code “greenbiz” through the end of May 2013 to get 20% off your order of any size.  And you also get 20% off any future order as long as you order once per year.)

I am sooo looking forward to this. I get to pick Czerral’s brain again and bring his knowledge base to all of you.

I really encourage all of you to sign up. I feel like I am on the cusp of some more deep healing, and I am extremely passionate about sharing what I learn with you all.

I’ve got a lot of learning to do, but one step at a time, right?

More later about how my new journey is going…..And I am putting my whole family on InLiven, so you’ll get to see how that is all going.

**The source of the top photo is Michaela of Vicariously Vintage. She’s another gem, and you can see she’s a real pro at fermenting. **

So—what do you think about this?

What questions you would like for me to ask Czerral in the teleseminar!

Remember: I am not a doctor and can’t medically advise. You should talk to a medical professional before making any changes to your exercise or health protocol. Please read my disclaimer here.

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  1. Jason

    Please look into histamine intolerance/ get genetic testing for methylation pathways difficulties
    Chris Kresser has some good podcasts on this at revolution health radio. Definitely get the help of a good/ knowledgeable practitioner. You might just need to supplement with something ghat your body is missing due to a genetic predisposition. You probably don’t have to keep suffering!

    • Thanks for that. I am working w/ a practitioner on the methylation already so great minds :). I don’t think I have histamine intolerance. I thought so but don’t any longer and the fermented foods don’t seem to be affecting my anymore – thanks!