In Search of The Best Essential Oils – What Makes a Good Essential Oils Company – Part Two

Wondering Which Essential Oils Company is Best? What about the "Therapeutic Grade" claims the MLM oils companies make? Come find out all you ever wanted to know about oils companies and more!

This path of figuring out which is the best essential oils company has been hard work.

I had NO idea that when I started out trying Young Living’s Thieves blend that I would be digging this heavily into a bunch of oils companies to find out which brand gave my family the biggest bang for the buck.

There’s been a lot of info to sort through, and life has been little [a lot] crazy over the past 6 months.)

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Read on to see what I’ve been learning.

First of all, if you missed my earlier posting on essential oils, you might want to revisit:

A Skeptic Looks at Essential Oils
Are Essential Oils a Scam? – Peppermint, Wintergreen, and More
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A lot has happened since those posts.

I had questions and more questions to ask–I think I probably almost drove a few oil company folks crazy in the process  :-) — but I feel pretty good about what I am going to share with you now.

But before I tell you which company I am going to be recommending, let me fill you in on how I got there and give you more information on essential oils in general.

(It wouldn’t be much fun without a little more suspense, right :-)?)

Finding the Best Essential Oils Company

In trying to sort out which company I wanted to recommend to you (and where I wanted to buy my oils from), I:

contacted a bunch of companies
– looked at tons of websites
talked on the phone with employees and owners of essential oils companies
thought agonized a lot
– thought some more
– spent a bunch of money on oils (and I do mean a bunch)

I really took this very seriously.  I wanted to provide my readers with the best essential oils company for the money.

Now of course, I can be wrong–and I do think that there is more than one good oil company out there.

But I am as sure as I can be right now that I have found a good one to recommend to you all.

What to Look for in an Essential Oils Company

1.  The Essential Oils Company Should Sell Quality Oils

The oils need to be as high quality as possible without being astronomical in price.  They should be:

extracted properly (under low temperature and low pressure)
– produced from plants grown in their indigenous locations (where they grow naturally)
– made from wild-crafted (indigenously grown and/or not removed entirely when harvested) and/or organic plants if at all possible

I have concerns along these lines about some of the companies that I looked into.  For example, Young Living is a very popular essential oils company.  In fact, if you recall from my post on A Skeptic Looks at Thieves Oil, and my post on Peppermint, Wintergreen, and More, you will see that I was at first very pleased with their oils.

However, I am concerned that many of Young Living’s oils are sourced in the U.S.  That is great from the standpoint of keeping shipping costs to the U.S. low, but many of the plants from which their oils are derived are not indigenous to the U.S. and so I think that is one thing to consider.

But let’s see what else our “search for the best essential oils company turns up.”  One company might not have everything we want…….

2.  The Essential Oils Should Be Pure

The oils must not have anything added to them, nor have anything taken out that should be “left in”

Apparently it is commonplace for oils “experts” or oil companies to add things to essential oils in order to make them “go farther” and thus be cheaper to produce.  The companies can either make more profit by selling an inferior product at a high price, or they can offer inferior product and an apparently “great price.”

I heard and read a lot about oil companies “monkeying around” with their oils in order to make them:

– smell better (By distilling oils longer or heating them, the “herby” smell of some oils is changed to make them more palatable.)
– pass quality and purity tests (Some “oil experts” are apparently smart enough to know what the tests are looking for, so they add things to the oils or alter them in other ways to make them “pass” the tests.  This is the case with oregano oil.  Some companies will adulterate their oregano oil to have carvacrol levels come to where they want them to be.)
– more profitable by adding fillers like propylene glycol and others

Additionally, oils should, when possible, be extracted with steam only–not with chemical solvents.  Who wants more chemical “nasties” on or in their bodies?  Not me.

Basically, the essential oils I want to use should be only oils.

Nothing added.  Nothing taken away.

You can read more about the adulteration of essential oils here.

3.  The Essential Oils Should Be Sold at an Affordable Price

The oils should be within the reach of most consumers’ budgets.

Of course, as with everything, there are varying degrees of quality.  The company that I have chosen has very high quality.  However, even that company’s owner admits that there are comparable, even higher quality oils available, but the prices of these oils are so exorbitant as to make them unaffordable to most people.

4.  The Essential Oils Should Be Effective

The oils must work.

Of course, we want oils to do something, and not just smell nice.  I can use plain vanilla extract for that :-).

5.  The Company Should Provide Education

Ideally, the oils company will offer opportunities to learn how to properly use oils to provide healthy options for the treatment of medical and emotional issues.

Of course, there is a huge amount of such information on the internet and in books like the following.

I’m working on growing my Essential Oils library and have the following book on my wish list.  It’s one that has the best reviews on Amazon and gets in to the nitty gritty of medicinal use, which is what I am the most interested in.

I’ll be back in the future with more on these books, but this one looks like a real winner:

Essential Oils Books

How’s that for a lot of information to chew on?  See why this has been tough?

Well, hang in there with me.  I’ll be back real soon with more information.

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What do you think?  Anything you would add to this list?

The information here is for entertainment purposes only. Please consult a medical professional before changing your diet, exercise program, or before trying any natural remedies.


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  1. Awesome article! Floracopia & Mountain Rose Herbs are my go to companies.

  2. Well I would pay more money for purer oils. And I would expect them to cost more. I want the best for my dollar always!

  3. And doTerra wins hands down for ME!

  4. Have you looked into Essante? They claim they are the only %100 pure organic Essential Oil Company.

  5. I appreciate that you included education on this list, because while the other categories do matter there is a certain aspect of trust on the buyer to accept the quality reports of any company. Yet, the company that takes time, effort and even money to educate the buyer, will prove the greatness of the company.

  6. Not to throw a crimp in this or anything but have you heard of butterfly expressions oils? I hope so so you won’t feel like there’s another one out there unchecked. I recently heard of them and being more familiar with Young Living, I wasn’t sure what to make of them. Bless you for doing this!

  7. I’m so excited for the rest of your post! I buy a lot if oils. I am so appreciative of your research! Thank you.

  8. I’m glad you posted this too! :) I’m especially interested to find out about AuraCacia because I bought a couple of bottles at my local organics store. I hope they’re of a good quality…

    • I use aura cacia oils in my household cleaning products and for diffusers around the house, but I don’t use them internally or topically on my body. They are an inferior brand, but they are cheap.

  9. Looking forward to this. I have been very skeptical of Young Living too mostly b/c they are an expensive multi level marketing company. I also prefer mountain rose herbs but curious to see the result of your research.

    • Jennifer — I prefer Mountain Rose Herbs because DoTerra and Young Living (DoTerra sprang from Young Living) both have bad things to say about the other company, and I do not like 1) multi-level marketing companies and 2) companies that bad mouth other companies.

      From my experience, you get the same quality at Mountain Rose Herbs (I agree that YL and DT are good quality products), but you get twice as much for half the price.

      So hands down I choose Mountain Rose Herbs. I have been using them since 2004.

    • I have been using young living but skeptical too. Has anyone used living libations? The oils seem to be all organic or wild crafted and smaller scale than likes of yl and doterra. Would love to hear anyone’s experience.

  10. Love Mountain rose herbs, great trusted oils, i use them in my home and products :)

  11. Stephanie W. says:

    Thank you for your research! I’ve been wanting to get into using essential oils more but just am not sure which would be worth my dollars to use. The three that I’ve been wondering about, as far as comparison, are Young Living, Be Young, and doTerra.

  12. Gaahh! Leave us hanging… Looking forward to learning what you’ve found out. Thanks!

  13. I am SO glad and thankful you are doing this! I am a holistic nutritionist and I am getting questions ALL the time which is best. I TOTALLY agree with your analysis! I am excited to see who you choose and if it lines up with my favorite. I have never done this extensive of research! Again, thank you for doing this!
    Blessings to you!

  14. I am eagerly waiting for the next post on this! I have wondered about the differences between Young Living and Be Young. I just want to buy pure essential oils with medicinal value for a good price without having to give anyone my ss number! I hope you found the answer for me! I appreciate your research so much!

  15. jessica rasmussen says:

    I love mountain rose but that could be biased as I live in the town they are based in. Truly local product for us, plus great quality to boot. But would love to know of other choices out there and how they stack up.

  16. Thank You for checking this out so thoroughly! It is important we know the answers to these questions.

  17. I am relatively new to essential oil, but like you I am a skeptic. The only thing I know is that conventional medicine does not have all the answers. With essential oil there is not a system that regulates these oils in this country. So even though Young Living says they produce therapeutic oils the only thing we have to go on is their word. (I’ve hear all the rumors too) In Europe it’s not the same and they have the Essential Oils Botanically and Biochemically Defined (E.O.B.B.D.) tests. I know very few companies in this country have the E.O.B.B.D. label. Having a standard is useful to me because I know there are some oils that can be dangerous if combined with fillers and/or other oils. I’m not saying Young Living does this but with no standard how is a consumer to know? What are your thoughts on E.O.B.B.D?

  18. Nancy Sheridan says:

    All of Young Living’s Amazonian oils are sourced and grown in Ecuador. We have a large farm, distillery, schools that Gary Young has built for the local children, and a world renown naturopathic clinic there. We also have large farms in France, Oman and in several parts of the US. Each location has a fully equipped lab to determine that the oils produced are potent, effective and pure. Young Living has been in existence for 30 years, and 20 of them as a network marketing company. Gary Young knows his stuff:) When the lavender in Provence, France recently became decimated by drought and disease, the government of France approached Gary Young to obtain heirloom seeds to replant. After years of working with Gary to protect and rebuild the frankincense orchards and industry of Oman, the Sultan of Oman has given Gary 40,000 acres to grow frankincense and myrrh. The government of Peru has asked Gary to come into their country to revitalize the local economy, health and education of their people like Young Living has accomplished in Ecuador. I would say that even finding ‘wildcrafted’ sources is a sketchy business at best. If you don’t grow your own and have to go through a broker, how do you ensure the highest quality?

    • Nancy,
      That is info off the Young Living website. I have recently started using the Young Living oils and love them. But how do we know they are as pure as they say? You can say anything you want to on the internet, and make any claim. Have you ever visited any of the places first hand? I researched Gary Young and it isn’t very positive history. Please understand, I am not in any way trying to be controversial. I love oils and their healing properties, but want to make sure I am getting the best for my dollar. I do not work the business (though I love Network Marketing), I just became a distributor to be able to buy at the lowest price. Any info you have would be most helpful. Blessings to all.

      • Nancy Sheridan says:

        Actually I got to see the ‘seed to seal’ process at the Lavender Farm in Utah. We spent a week learning about oils, oils products and how they work in our bodies, then toured the farm and distillery. It was absolutely amazing! Have you ever poured fresh distilled lavender all over yourself? I can tell you we pretty much floated out of there and it healed up my sunburn quite effectively. As for most of these other companies, they are a copy of the original. Gary’s name has been defamed for years. Just remember to always consider the source. Who do you think came up with the recipes for oil blends that work so well? Check out the names of other brands…they sound strangely familiar to the blend names of Young Living’s blend names, the oldest, largest and most reputable essential oils company. And no, I did not take the info above from the YL website, I got it straight from Gary’s mouth when he spoke to us at convention. As well as Dr. HK Lin, Dr. Suhail and Dr. Purser, the 2 foremost cancer and frankincense researchers in the world, and the hormone researcher who developed the unsurpassed hormone balancer Progessence Plus oil serum. I have seen YL frankincense heal skin cancer. I have used our oregano and RC oils to heal myself and my children from MRSA. I have helped a number of families get off asthma meds. We got rid of our allergies and got off of antibiotics. I can’t speak to these other companies. I am not trained to. But several eo distributors have approached me and want to convince me of how terrible our oils are, our founder is, or so on and so forth. I just want to go with the best. And since Gary has discovered more oils, pioneered research and developed more oils protocols (ever heard of Raindrop Technique?) than any other company for longer than any other company has even existed, will go with what I know works for me and my family. BTW, Quackwatch, hater of all naturopathic medicine, has been debunked. Just fyi. :) Enjoy your Young Living oils. We love them!

        • Nancy,
          Is there anyway you could call me to discuss about your usage with the YL oils with allergies? I have a son with them.
          are you on Facebook? I am Lori Hornecker Puckett

          • Hi. I only used them a little and also tried doTERRA but they didn’t work. Did I misrepresent myself? Thanks!

          • Thanks Adrienne,
            No you did not. Nancy stated she had gotten rid of asthma meds and allergies. We have both in my son and I have not been able to acheive this using the YL oils and was wondering what she did to accomplish these goals.
            thanks for all your hard work. This is a very confusing topic and there are so many choices, but just trying to also find the best one for our family.

        • very well said. I completely agree with every word. And I also am off all meds that drs could not heal for 60 years of struggling and not being able to breathe. I also have other brands that are going to go down the drain as I have tried to diffuse for a year and half and every single time I do I get a severe headache which I am guessing is from the added chemicals. I will NEVER go with anything but Young Living and yes I DO take them internally without hesitation.

  19. I can’t wait to hear what else you have to say on this topic! Trying to settle on the best essential oil company has been a great brain strain for me over the past year! I haven’t decided yet, so I eagerly look forward to what you have to say!

    Thanks for all of your hard work.

  20. Catherine Fogarty says:

    Take a look at Cheryl’s Herbs and Nature’s Gift. They are both getting information out about oils, and selling quality oils at a fair price.

  21. Thank you for all your research! I recently attended a Young Living seminar and have started doing a little research into other companies but you have made the task of comparing soooo much easier. Looking forward to your next post and passing your website on to my friends!!

  22. I am just itchin’ to find out what your conclusion is! Perhaps some Lavender will help that itch subside in the meantime…. muhahaha… okay, seriously though- I love your heart and attention to detail in doing the hard research. I do a lot of what you do– only I think you are more committed than I am– and I have many people come to me for answers.. so I’d love your opinions on this particular subject matter because I do personally have a presupposition to one of these companies ;0)

  23. I am so excited to see what you decided! We love EO and I’ll be glad to know which one you recommend we run with! :) That post was definitely a cliff hanger- maybe even along the lines of the first Lord of the Rings movie- you think you’re getting the whole story and just when it gets really intense and close… Bam- next time you’ll get the answer. :) I am just glad that unlike LOTR we don’t have wait 2 years for the next installment! :)

  24. Have you looked into Ananda? I use YL but have done some switching to Ananda recently. They have a web site.

  25. I am so greatful for the research you have done with these companies! I’m always wondering which company has the best product as I use essential oils for many of my families illnesses. Thanks again for the wonderful info and the education!

  26. Adrienne, I just came across your website, well enough time ago to read this post, the first post and all of the comments on both posts this morning and I’m impressed with the amount of responses and work done! It’s really awesome!

    I highly suggest you add one more company to look into before making your decision!

    Nature’s Fusions Essential Oils –
    email is
    phone is 1-801-376-5799 – David Peterson (Co-owner & Founder)

    I have spoken with the owner many times, he is often in meetings or working with someone else with Essential Oils, but he will always respond the same or next day by phone. Emails usually in a day or two, but phone is best for information.

    Their website is fully usable, but under renovation right now with their relabeling of bottles – you can still go to it though, and buy from it or from the stores they sell in, but that’s why you wont see images of the bottles or some other things until it’s added again- this is what I was told.

    I have used essential oils for years, and now solely use from this company. I have used and researched lots of oils from YL, DoTERRA, Mountain Rose, Aura Cacia, Be Young, Ananda, and many many more.

    Nature’s Fusions sells online and in Health Food/Organic Food Stores in Utah – Good Earth Natural Foods, Beehive Health Essentials, Bountiful Nutrition, Real Foods Organic Market (Their Organic line of oils).

    They have been around for about as long as DoTERRA. They guarantee the quality of their oils against anyone, as well as guarantee them with a 100% return policy forever, not just a few days. I’ve received refunds for leaking on the spot or a new bottle sent to replace immediately. 100% Pure, Therapeutic Grade Oils. Nothing added ever, not even in the blends. All oils have Gas Chromatography, MSDS charts, Safety and Data Sheets, Organic and Kosher Certification for the organic oils. Same quality or higher than any company i have ever used, and my list is very long.

    Your questions
    Quality – Therapeutic – 100% Pure – Extracted in country of origin – Oils from more than 20 countries – cold compress for citrus and low pressure, low temp for others except the Absolutes.

    Purity – 100% pure – they have GC charts and MSDS to prove purity for all oils, not even the blends have Carrier Oils to dilute or anything added

    Price – Retail is about 30-60% lower than DoTERRA wholesale, and 30-80% lower than YL wholesale – Sold in 15ml bottles

    Effective – My sister used to have asthma, now does not using Crystal Breathe, a friend got rid of her chronic headaches with their peppermint, I use Lullaby (sleep blend) every night – I have seen amazing things with their oils

    Education – They exhibit at expos in Utah to teach people, always respond to my emails quickly with very good information, calling the owner is perfect, or he’ll refer you to someone. Their bottles themselves actually have 5 “potential uses” on them, and the blends have the list of oils in them.

    This might have helped take off some of the time for research, though I know you will want to do your own research for this company. I personally would choose them after the years of research i have done and many companies i have tried.

    • Thanks. I am honestly worn out from all of this. I think I’m really nearing the end but this company looks interesting. I will see what more I can do in the meantime.

  27. I don’t see any mention of Edens Garden. I bought some essential oil from them. Had a question for customer service & they were very prompt in replying back regarding a question I had. I am no expert in the quality or authencity of EO so I am not sure how the product is? If anybody has bought EOs from Edens Garden please post your experience or what do you think about the EO they sell, is it good or average?

    • I did look into them. I don’t know that I’ll be able to post everything about every company – and now I am seeing that this might indeed take beyond tomorrow or Friday as more things come up….we’ll see. But they were in the mix for sure.

  28. Barb Jones says:

    Haha…this was great! Isn’t it uncanny how so many people have done research and are confused about what to do with EO?? I am certainly one of them. Adrienne, you are led by the Spirit for sure! We are all waiting with “bated breath”

    • Well…I sure hope so. This is a mess and getting messier in a way. All of you – my life is nuts so if I don’t get this done by tomorrow I am sorry. My health and family have to come first :).

  29. Great info! I’ve been using Frontier herbs organic products, Aura Cacia…and I love them. I started a buying club to make it more affordable :)
    I would love to have you share this on Wildcrafting Wednesdays!

  30. My comment i made earlier this morning is still awaiting moderation, just wondering how long it normally takes since i saw a couple response from afterwards! Thanks, feel free to send me an email!

    • Sorry, Matthew. Some comments are easier for me to respond to than others and I had a rough day. I have some from months ago, honestly :-). I have had a few curve balls thrown at me this week both related to the oils issue (wanting to do a little more research) and unrelated and so in the interest of not getting too stressed out and totally ignoring my family I may need a little more time – maybe part 2 by this coming week.

  31. Ardena Newton says:

    Thank You so much for doing all the research. Just started using essential oils and your are helping me find answers to alot of questions I have. I have been using NOW EO cause I like their vitamins and thought that they would have good quality essential oils. Do you know the quality of NOW essential oils?

  32. My naturopath was a YL distributor before she was gone to Africa for 2 yrs. on a church mission. She came home and decided to look into all options. She was high up in YL, she knew someone high up in a start off from YL that is really popular right now- she researched and has some issues with both of these multi level companies. She chose native american nutritionals and it is not multi level and offers high quality oils. I also have muscle tested the best ois for me and it is native american nutritionals oils.

  33. Just to throw in my 2 cents .. I was introduced to doTERRA a few months ago and all I can say is . . AMAZING. Not only have we healed 11 health issues in our house (2 serious ones that previously required medication with bad side effects) but I have found every single rep I have met to be above board, excited to share their personal stories, and so helpful. Whether they “get” any money from you or not, everyone welcomes you to come to their classes to learn learn learn. Everyone helps everyone else without regard to how or if it personally profits them. It is a wonderful community!

    You can get a book that has not only the chemical constituents of each oil and blend, the “science”, the process that produces the oil, etc but also an entire comprehensive list of what oils seem to work best for what health issue. I have read comprehensive scientific papers from their advisory board which is comprised of medical professionals across the country. Universities and hospitals are using the oils and researching them with great success.

    I had heard early on that there was some controversy between YL and DT, but when I did my own research I found a very nicely written letter by David Stirling (the Prez of DT) which explained his side of the story. It was thoughtful and did not speak badly of the other company at all. I thought it was an excellent way to judge this man’s character by the way he responded to what I found to be a lot of ugliness. It was professional, well-written, and thoughtful.

    As far as price… you get what you pay for. Wild horses couldn’t drag us away from doTERRA because the proof is in the pudding. Arthritis, gout, influenza, skin staph infection, cold, night terrors, back pain, are just a short list of things that have been amazingly and miraculously addressed here in our home. Our health and wellness will never be the same thanks to doTERRA and I couldn’t begin to list the good things I have to say about this company and all the sincere caring people I have met on this journey!

    • Angela harris says:

      How did you clear gout? My husband has it…I’m a licensed massage therapist and doterra rep…Tks!

  34. Daniel James says:

    Wahhhhhhhhhh the suspense is killing me! Somebody revive me with essential oils 😉

  35. FRUSTRATED!!…… I am buying oils right now and I want to know the details!!

  36. looking forward to the next post

  37. I, too, have concerns with Young Living based on integrity of the founder. There is not such a thing as “therapeutic grade” ( see below)

    I appreciate your research and am waiting for the conclusion.
    I would like to check out the following company, as I think they would be good contender.

    I take a lot of supplements from NOW FOODS as they are recognized as good quality and follow Good Manufacturing Practices. I discovered they have very reasonably priced oils and no hype. And they are very open on their processing as presented on their website (see links below)

    Here is an excerpt:
    What are essential oils?
    Essential Oils are the naturally occurring volatile oils obtained by steam distillation or cold pressing (expression), having the characteristic aroma of the plant part from which it was derived. These 100% pure oils are “neat”, meaning they have not been processed, diluted or manipulated in any way with solvents or other additives.

    NOW’s citrus fruit essential oils are 100% cold pressed. Our other essential oils are typically 100% steam distilled.

    Do essential oils have a grading system to tell me which is better?
    There is no official grading system that grades essential oils as A, B, C or Therapeutic grade. All NOW 100% pure essential oils are accurately labeled as such and are the highest purity and quality available.

    Are NOW essential oils pure or do they have anything added to them?
    All of our 100% pure essential oils are labeled as such. We also sell clearly labeled oil blends that are formulated with essential oils or absolute extracts and another oil as a base, usually pure grapeseed oil.

    • Thanks – I have seen that as well. I have always liked NOW Foods, but sometimes I have wondered about their quality with some supplements. How have you felt? Sometimes I can’t get the results I want.

  38. I use Plant Therapy oils. I used to use YL but couldn’t find they blends I wanted and Aura Cacia was inferior. I love the synergies at plant Therapy and the price is certainly right.

  39. Just found your post. I ordered from New Directions Aromatics last week as they have organics. Will have to check into their quality based on your research.

    • Diane, what are your conclusions about New Directions? I’m interested in buying from them myself, since they seem like a good company, but I thought that it couldn’t hurt to have another’s opinion on it. Thanks for replying when you have a chance.

  40. Adrienne,
    Take a little nap, friend. I would like to feature this post on Deep Roots ‘EOA’ Wednesday, tomorrow! This is fascinating stuff and I’m in the process of choosing a company to be an affiliate…I don’t want to go MLM, however. I’ll be patient :)
    Blessings to you and your family. Merry Christmas!

  41. Hey! great article! I was wondering though what you think about NOW essential oils??

    • Sorry this is sooo late- -a bunch of comments got buried under others. I am not sure what to think. They do seem too cheap to be true. One thing that is missing is country of origin in their product info. I would really like to see that. I love NOW for some things but I don’t use their oils. Thanks!

  42. Adrienne,
    Would you please just email me the “winning” company by the 24th? I need to place an order with someone by then and appreciate all of the research you’ve done.
    Thank you!

  43. First, thank you very much for taking the time to research all these companies. I began researching various companies myself. Most of the time I ended up with companies that touted themselves which didn’t do me any good. Then I saw your blog which has been very informative. You have done great research, personally I don’t know how you do it…

    Which brings me to what the heck is wrong with the people who want answers on their schedules? If those people need it that fast then let them research the information themselves. My obvious conclusion is they don’tbecause they know how time consuming it is!

    Therefore, don’t apologize to everyone for not having all the information finished by a certain timeframe. You get it done when you get it done. You have been very generous with responding to all the comments left here, on top of what I imagine is a mountain of emails….not to mention you have children look after. Plus it is Christmas, the entire month of December actually from Thanksgiving to New Year are ridiculously busy for moms. Again, I don’t know how you do it…kudos to you for maintaining a good deal of decorum whereas I would have answer something along “&$£×^#^÷*’ yourself!!!”

    Finally family and your personal life should always be a priority. I believe that most your readers are good people but there are a few that definitely could stand to revisit a lesson or two on good manners.

    I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year. I look forward to reading the rest of your article when you get it posted…no hurry :)

    • You are my new best friend. Merry Christmas to you as well!! It has been a lot and I had a little “blip” in the issue this past week–not to mention an icky personal mess I spent about 5 hours on yesterday. Not my idea of fun on the 23rd of December. I so appreciate your understanding. I really didn’t want to just stick the name of a company on my blog and write “Buy from this place.” That’s no fun….not informative….and you all would probably think I was just trying to sell something.

      Which is not what I want to do.

      I hope to tackle this again soon. Post #4 is part way done.

      Blessings and I look forward to hopefully hearing from you again!

  44. This topic is big and messy! I have traveled down it myself many times. I don’t blog, however. Best wishes to you!

  45. I very much enjoyed reading your posts, as I am presently pondering which company I should buy from. YL is very expensive, and my sister is signed up as a wholesaler through Starwest Botanicals. She will sell to me at her price.
    My concern is that I want quality for my family. I have a large family and one of the members has a debilitating disease that I would like to address through essential oils. I did not see any reference to Starwest on your articles. Did you investigate this company, and if so, how did it compare to YL in the area of quality?

  46. Did I miss it somewhere or is there nothing written about Mountain Rose Herbs?

  47. Stephanie says:

    I want to first thank you for this entire series. I am looking further into the NAN oils. But I’m confused about something. The article you link to about adulteration of oils talks about fractionated oils. NAN uses fractionated coconut oil in many of it’s products. Shouldn’t this be a concern?

    • It is a concern but the owner of NAN said that FCO is the most shelf stable liquid carrier they have and buyers want it so they use it. If they used something like olive oil then the EO’s would spoil too quickly. You are welcome!

  48. Stephanie says:

    Adrianne, I am torn. I WANT to like NAN. I even “felt good” about them overall, but then I’m still learning how to discern my feelings. I have a natural lady I am learning from and according to her, NAN did not “test” well and she felt something was off with their oils. She says from the bigger companies, Young Living is the only company with “excellent” oils across the board. She does not actively sell them. I had to ask her about them. I’m torn because I still think NAN looks good, but she says it isn’t and you chose not to go with Young Living after your research with them. Do you mind sharing off-site exactly what all of your reasons were for not choosing YL? I trust this lady incredibly. But NAN would be nice to use especially with their shipping being so little for just a bottle or two. if you need an address to email to. Thanks a million for all of your hard work!

    • Hi Stephanie. What does she mean by “did not test well” and was she w/ YL at that time? Please get back to me. Thanks. I did share a lot about my concerns about YL in the subsequent posts in the series–did you read them? Thanks!

      • Stephanie says:

        She was actually not using YL at the time of “testing” several brands when she “learned” that DoTerra’s weren’t good. She kept getting blocked with the person she was treating and couldn’t figure out why until she finally questioned the oils. Until then, she figured all essential oils were good. She uses kineseology and found that NAN’s blends with the fractionated oil blend are not good, but their NEAT oil blends are okay, but not excellent, and their single oils are excellent but not superior. (Excellent being the higher standard.) With the single oils she says they will work but will need more of them to be effective. I did read your entire series on it, and with so much there I don’t remember the exact details of not liking YL other than it being an NM requiring monthly quota’s for the highest payout, and questionable “gossip” about the founder, and that some of them didn’t work well personally for you? Was there more than that? As for YL, She hesitated using them for awhile due to not wanting to recommend anything in an Network Marketing Company, but through continued muscle testing found YLs to be the best in purity and quality and their blends are the best she has found. So while NANs are okay (minus the fractionated coconut oil), they are not the “best”. I might still purchase some of their single oils when needed even if I need more, simply to support a company that I believe has great integrity and is not a NM company. I, personally like the NM model, but not the high purchase requirements to get checks or even to keep your downline (on some). I’ve been involved with 3 nutritional NMs, and have dropped out of all three, although I still have a stockpile of product from one. I now am with a greeting card company that I love that doesn’t require monthly purchases at all to get paid and actually saves people money on something many already spend money on. So, not against the model in general, but I don’t like the comp plans of most out there, if that makes sense. I hope that’s clear.

        • Stephanie says:

          Oh, she says the “off” thing was probably the fractionated oil. Again, their NEAT blends are okay, their single oils are better, but not as good as YL, according to her! I do know that I started researching all this upon hearing that DoTerra oils contain a negative energy to her. I’ve used them, and have many still, but never got “great” results, just some help. She gave me a few drops of her YL Harmony oil in a spray bottle with water for me to help with the negative energy in my home. I was skeptical at first, but honestly it’s working wonders in that I’m am more patient, less yelling, and less stressed, all in the course of only a couple days. My kids each have their own tiny spray bottle with it and call it “Happy Spray” and spray whenever anyone is getting tense in the home.

          • That would make sense then…and it’s not a criticism at all about NAN’s oils. Just about FCO. Most people use FCO as a carrier oil when using essential oils externally b/c it is so shelf stable. I prefer not to.

            I personally think that muscle testing is very subjective (well, I think that really goes without saying) and I do have concerns about Young Living. If you follow through the series I mentioned things on and off. See if that is enough to explain. Thanks!

        • Hi there.

          I think as you go through the rest of the series you will see more of my concerns about YL – the chemically smell that we detected, etc. I can’t speak to it myself, but there is TONS of anecdotal evidence on the web and by mouth that YL’s oils simply aren’t working that well anymore and folks were moving to DT as a result.

          There was more than that for me as well. I don’t know that all of what is out there about GY is gossip. I think that if that is so, and that people are just seeking to tear him down, then that is a complete shame. However, if the things that are written are true, some of them are very disconcerting.

          I did have one YL rep who told me that it bothered her that Young let others call him Dr. Gary Young. She said that what bothered her is that Young never corrected anyone with the truth. I really don’t know what to make of all of that.

          Finally, as I responded in a different response to you–muscle testing is a questionable test in my opinion. I can see how so many people claim it works, but it seems very dubious to me and subjective. I don’t see how the body is responding to just the material in a bottle or jar or container of any sort and not the container or label itself. I know that people say you can use the mind to suggest to the self that you are testing the materials inside, but that just seems quite odd to me. I am very open to alternative medical practices, but this gets into a whole new realm that at least for now I am not comfortable with relying upon. One can have negative feelings about something but not respond negatively to the substance otherwise.

          I hope that helps and makes sense. Thanks!

          • daisylocks says:

            I have been using YL oils for a while and just started getting organized to sell them, not enough to really make a living but if I can at least cover what I need AND more importantly help others learn about eo’s in the process than I think that part is worth it.

            I too am finding it hard to believe what is what here between NAN and YL. The idea of using international sources is of course important but how closely do they work with those farmers to ensure that they are not using pesticides. From what I understand the “organic” definitions are different in different parts of the world. I have also been told that a lot of the YL plants are grown globally…is this not true? And YL oils truly are potent.

            But I will certainly buy some NAN oils to compare directly with mine like peppermint and lavender and oregano that I use a lot. If I can support the little guy, I would like to do that but this stuff just gets so expensive!!

            What about the quality of the frankincense resin? Is it safe to ingest and does it have a similar concentration of boswellic acid? The oil has less than the resin, but oil to oil the difference here would probably more substantial.

            *Have you ever done independent testing? For example, sending out samples to an independent lab? I had a friend do that with YL and she said everything panned out to be legit, however I do not think she compared them to NAN.

            Thanks so much for your research! This is exactly the info that I’ve been looking for!

            • This is from the owner of Native American Nutritionals:

              Working with the farmers is highly important. YL has a few farms but most of their oil comes from other sources. When I was working there they grew about 1 or 2% of the oil they used — I normally tell people 5% to be extra generous.

              We are not worried by what YL is doing. People should love our oil compared to YL. Most all YL people do but there are a few that still enjoy YL. For example: At first I liked YL’s peppermint that was candy cane smelling but when I got used to the first distilled oil, I now don’t like any sharp crisp peppermint.

              Yes you can use our oils the same way you use YL oils however you may want to be careful with some of ours — it can be quite a bit stronger than YL’s — oregano for example.

              Are you asking me if I personally did independent testing? I didn’t – it costs a fortune and I just can’t justify that cost.

              You are welcome!

  49. Emilie Doering says:

    I’m sure someone has asked you this already. I read somewhere that for the FDA to consider an essential oil food grade or ingestible it needs to be distilled twice, but for essential oils to be considered pure and therapeutic grade it should only be distilled once.

    If you are interested in ingesting essential oils, which distillation do you pick?

  50. Does Native American Nutritionals put an expiration date on their essential oils?
    Have you ever researched “Kobashi Oil”, located in the UK? Their oils are GCMS tested, grown indigenous to their region and I believe the fulfill all your requirements except not in the USA. They also are the only company I have been able to find that puts a “best before” date on all their essential oils. I have been very happy with their quality and their pricing.

    • EOs don’t expire. Eventually, the citrus ones will oxidize but otherwise they don’t spoil as far as I know. Thanks! If I find anything out I will let you know.

      • Ashley says:

        Do NAN essential oils have expiration dates printed on their bottles?

        • My understanding is EOs don’t have expiration dates. They don’t spoil – some oils will lose their strength. Do you buy an oil that does have dates on it? Maybe they are putting something in it that has an expiry?

  51. Which post contains your review of Mountain Rose? Why did you decide against them?



    • Mainly I wasn’t able to get sourcing info and they were equivocal about internal usage.

      • Of course they are equivocal about internal usage! They don’t want to be sued! It’s one of those blanket disclaimers that they throw out there..? Kind of like, “consult your doctor before…” Blah blah blah.
        I say give them a deeper look. I don’t feel like you gave them much attention in your research (or at least research that we can see).

        • I called them again and they are now saying that that isn’t the issue. i tried looking more but I am just swamped. I am going to see the oils I have (if I still have some) to see how they compare with NAN. I like their products OK but Frontier spices are clearly superior IMHO so that might just be how I feel about the oils as well.

  52. Barbara says:

    HI Can you give me some info on what insurance comp will pay for the young living oils to be used & how would you go about asking or proving you needed these oils??? Do you know anyone who has gotten there insurance co to pay for the oils & what ones???? thank you so much Barbara

    PS. I realy enjoyed your artical, I thought it was a realy fair & to the piont !

    • I can’t imagine any insurance company paying for it. I wish they did – -and for other alternative care.

      • I didn’t notice if you had studied up on Eden’s Garden. As far as I can tell they are a newer company but I have been hooked by their prices and quality. I just wondered if you had researched them as well. Thanks!

  53. LOVED the Young living oils.. didn’t love the price.. Now I love Eden’s garden.. awesome oils and half the price.. Love the “Age Defy” and “Good Night”.. and the 4 thieves.. all are great. I order them from Amazon.. LOVE them.

  54. Helen Jacobson says:

    Thank you for the info and your homework that you’ve done in this regard. I am just starting my journey into learning more about these essential oils. I was introduced to do Terra, and am considering signing up with them but also wanted to do just as you did and find out more about the various companies, to make sure I am making a correct choice for myself. Thanks again and for all of the links you have provided that I plan to to check out. :)

  55. Katy Richard says:

    Young living oils are not mostly sourced in the United States. True they do have farms in the US. (Nothing wrong with that! Means they are able to sustain the highest quality while benefiting local economies. They also have farms all over the world, including where the plants are indigenous. They source their seeds from all over the world (where indigenous plants grow) consult with and employ the foremost growing experts, and use the highest standards for cultivation.
    I don’t understand the skepticism about Young Living. If it weren’t for founder Gary Young, this country wouldn’t even be seeing this awesome movement of incorporating EOs into our lives. Before he figured out that everyone should be using them, the people using them were a relatively small amount of health practitioners. I say the more the merrier, there’s room for everyone. Choose wisely, but there’s no need to demonize another company, unless their product is downright harmful.

  56. I encourage you to check out Selah Essential Oils.
    They are a Christian essential oils company, are not MLM at all, have completely pure, unadulterated oils, and are incredibly affordable. They are a new company (just celebrated their first birthday) but are very knowledgeable, pray over the orders, and seek to honor God with the company.

  57. Thanks for sharing your research with us! We have used EO’s for the last 8-10 years and they have been super helpful in our family’s health! I agree with your comments – we use them internally with care and prudence. I had a bad reaction on my face once from mixing the wrong oils. It was terrible and painful. Left me with burns, HOWEVER, we realized that we had mixed oils incorrectly and knew to blame ourselves and not the oils.

    We used to use Young Living, but came to a point where we just could not afford them anymore (left a well paying job in the city to raise our kids in the country). We tried Mtn. Rose and they were fine (but pricey shipping at the time), but then found Plant Therapy. You are right, their Helichrysum is not the Italicum variety (I use that particular one in my salves), but I just buy my Italicum from another company. We have been very pleased with PT’s fast customer service and the quality we have experienced. I do think YL and DoTerra have excellent oils, we just can’t afford them and have not found PT’s to be lacking in any way. I had no idea there were so many companies!! One other that I have used occasionally is Anana Apothecary. They have the Italicum and a lot of info on the oils, including how many drops per ml for each oil and how to mix oils in other products to the correct percentage. Very helpful.

    Thanks again for all your hard work and for sharing it with us! :)

  58. So where does new directions aromatics rank?

  59. Awesome info!!!

  60. Tara Fears says:

    The issue of ‘what is the best essential oil’ is such a fluid question that requires continued research as more and more essential oil companies appear. I really appreciate the research and time you have taken to provide us all with this great information! Thank you! I wanted to let you know about a brand new essential oil company that has popped up in the industry. The company is called Améo and I have been very impressed with them so far – and this is where I am purchasing my oils from right now. They claim to have clinical grade oils which basically put their oils at the same quality and purity as the oils used in medical testing and research. They have proven that their oils are cell permeable and show this in video form on their website (it’s amazing!). They also have offered transparency in providing results of their extensive testing with each batch (to maintain clinical grade quality and purity) as well as information on where the plants for that specific batch came from. I would love to see what your personal feelings would be on this company based on all your previous research. Should you want to conduct some research on this company, I would be happy to send you a small sample for you to smell, use, and compare to the oils you have in your home. Please let me know. Thank you again for all your time in conducting this research!

    • Hi there. I have been getting umpteen comments from distributors for this company. I might be interested but I don’t know what kind of comparison I would do as all I did was smell and use. Not scientific but the questioning period was telling I thought. Thanks.

      at this point I am not keen on signing w/ an MLM essential oils company based on my previous experience with them but I don’t like to say “never”. That being said there are more things about NAN and RMO that I really like so I don’t think I am ready to move but you can send me something if you like. Thanks!

  61. Any updates since this article?

  62. What about Auroma?

  63. I have really enjoyed reading I can’t wait to see who you think the best is! I have just started using and I have several brands

    • Thanks! I would love to hear what you thought after you reached the end. It was a huge dilemma for me to be sure. My husband and I were just talking about that the other day.

  64. Hi, thanks for all your research on essential oils. Please check out Edens Garden. They not only have pure oils at a more then reasonable price but they give back to the community. Check it out. I was surprised when I did. A friend told me about them. For many years I bought from another company related to one you mentioned. When the owner started to dilute the oils, I noticed right away and questioned my rep. I stopped buying from them and eventually she noticed too and quit the company.

    • Hi there. I did check them out – thanks :)! Hope to see you around again.

      • Hi, i was wondering if there is something wrong with this company. You did not mention anything you liked or disliked. At least I could not find any in you reviews. Just curious.. I don’t want to get stung again, so I was looking forward to your opinion or anything that you had said about EG. Thought maybe i missed something when I checked them out. Thanks

  65. Diane Hembree says:

    I can’t see the last series announcing the best company. Can you email me that? How can I get that? Thanks!

  66. Debra, RN says:

    The best one I have found is from an online company called “deSensua”. Very impressed!

    • Hi Debra. I just checked the out quickly. I did notice that they have pretty limited choices, and no helichrysum, which, while pricey, is something I use fairly often, and also most of their oils are not organic or wild/crafted which is the case of almost all of Native American’s. It appears that their prices are higher too from the few that I checked. Of course, if you are happy you should keep using them, but seems that Native American would be worth a second look (of course, perhaps you didn’t get to the end of my series yet :). Here it is in case you missed it:

      • Debra, RN says:

        Hi Adrienne. Thanks for your prompt feedback. Striving for organic is when those oils are crafted in areas where pesticides, etc. are used. deSensua oils come from all over the world where the sourcing is most pure and potent. They do have oils that are “wild-crafted”. Many crops outside of the US don’t use harmful chemicals and their soils are rich and untainted. Regarding pricing, I love deSensua’s Myrrh and found theirs cheaper than Native American’s. And the bottle came in a velvet back to further protect the oil from any light. I hope this helps.

        • Thanks. I already knew about the other countries and their usage of pesticides – of course, it will vary by country. Most of Native American’s oils come from countries where they don’t use any chemicals. I wonder if the bag is necessary if the bottles are blue or amber? I have heard good things about the blue bottles that NAN uses. I keep most of my oils in a drawer b/c that keeps dust off of them too.

          • Hi Adrienne and Debra,
            So i read your whole series and loved the information. I have narrowed down my EO collection to just that of NAN and DeSensua (and YL thieves, i just can’t give it up). I LOVE DeSensua but haven’t used it enough to know if it doesn’t “work” i have searched high and low to find a though review on the company and could not find anything. negative or positive my only complaint with the company is the lack of information they provide for each oil. I also love my NAN seriously, my only complaint with them and its so petty i know but i HATE their packaging/labels. So silly i know, but when you have market experience you just can’t ignore it haha. Anyways, I know that you cannot do anymore reviews but if you could point be in the right direction for more information on DeSensua i would appreciate it. If not i do understand.
            Debra, what about you? do you have information i could get?

            • Hi there! Not sure what Debra you are referring to, but anyhow thank you! I loved Thieves too but I have had great success with NAN’s Immune Strength and my DIY version of Thieves

              I don’t know about desensua but one of their reps kind of spammed my comments w/ a bunch of links to her site which I don’t like really :).

              I don’t see any indication of their oils being organic and/or wild crafted. Do you? Also I don’t see that they even offer helichrysum oil – maybe I am missing it? I don’t have much more time right now but those are the first things I noticed. Of course, that could change and it’s a very cursory look at their site.

  67. According to my research the number one essential oil brand out there is livinglibations. There quality control is higher then young livings and they only sell what they can find that meets there quality demands. I asked them about youngling and they told me they like the company for there education on oils but based on what they see in videos etc they see too many quality control issues to recommend there products. living libations sells direct from there website so no network marketing markups like other companies do.

    • Hi there. I did look at their oils. I asked for a chart w/ information on their oils but what I got was a chart of the oil name and the qualities they felt it had. I just went to their site and I don’t see a Latin name or country of origin or growing practices, but of course that could change at any time. I still have the chart they sent me, however, so I could show that to you if you would like to see it. They had nice people there though :).

  68. Hello, I’m so thankful for bloggers like you who’ve done this much research. It makes my research just a little bit easier! I’m wanting to start using EOs but am one to double check what I’ve been told And feel safety is quite important! Anyway, I’m steadily reading through your series but had a quick question about the books you recommend? It appears like the names have been cut out? You say book”s” but I only see one book image, otherwise no mention if titles. Am I missing it or was that, Aromotherapy for Health Professionals, the only one you currently recommend? With all the books I’ve read reviews on, I’ve narrowed it down to “The Healing Power of Liquid Copals” and “The Complete Book of Essential Oils”. Are you familiar with either? I’m wanting a book that has the history/science behind them, safety, how to use them, uses for them, recipes and safety info for children, pregnant and nursing mother’s. Is there such a book?!

    Thank you!

    • Hi there. So so sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I have been so busy and am trying to catch up on comments. There should be one book at the end of each post – are you not seeing that? Let me know.

  69. Monique says:

    I love Jurlique’s products but they are on the expensive side, I would definetely would like to know what you found the best product’s are.

  70. Hi, I was wondering if you have heard of White Lotus Aromatics? If so what are your thoughts on them? I’m somewhat new to the essential oil life, I just bought a couple of oils from Rocky Mountain Essential Oils, but I’m going further down the rabbit hole in my research for the best essential oils out there. I’ve been reading a lot on White Lotus, but will also be checking out Native Americans.

    • I don’t believe I looked at them, but not sure. I really need to be careful what I write about other companies as they can change at any time and I even got a threatening email about negative comments on my site about a certain company. I hope you can understand – -thanks :)!

  71. Quick update, I just checked the Native American Naturals website and it is the exact same EO as Rocky Mountain Essential oils! Very cool!

  72. Thanks for the quick responses, yeah I know some companies can be a little touchy…Anyway, I’m glad my RM purchase was not a bust! Just ordered some more from NAN. :)

  73. Martin Hresko says:

    Why is “indigenous locations” a relevant criteria? Do you have any research showing plants grown in their indigenous locations produce better oils than plants grown in non-indigenous locations?

  74. Michelle says:

    Agree with you on all 5 counts!

  75. Pat Jones says:

    Certainly unsure of where you got your information on the sources for Young Living essential oils but if truth is what you were after, you really missed it!! We actually only have 3 farms is the US. Others farmed owned by YL are in British Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, France, Oman, Israel, Taiwan and now Croatia where we grow our own Helichrysum. Only 30% of what we distill is sold because if it doesn’t meet our therapeutic standard it is not packaged for sale.

    • Hi there. Sorry for the delay in responding. I’ve been swamped. What did you think I had wrong in the post? I stated that they had many farms in the US, which they do. Thanks.

  76. Thank you so kindly for all of your research, honesty, and the claritiy you provided to me about essential oils and the companies. I just dont have time time to do this intense research, so thank you. I will be making all of my families soaps, lotions, etc. and I want to provide the best quality for a reasonable price. I like how you stood your ground against certain “educated professionals”, they usually lie anyway to protect certain interest of others or themselves….. Most important, you were honest about your findings. I was curious about the commission stuff, but I checked with NAN, and I would still buy their products non-the-less. Thanks for directing me to a good place to start. Take care.

    • Thanks, Tomeka, for your kind words. They didn’t have an affiliate program when I chose to go with them. I was the first :). I hope you enjoy the oils if you decide to buy them. Take care!

  77. Rivera Lemon says:

    Wonderful article!!!! i have more information about essential oils! thank so much

  78. Emily Mitchell says:

    Young living has a few farms in the US but most of them are out of this country. Also young living owns and operates every farm and distillery. They have a seed to seal guarantee. No third party.

  79. Rina Dreyer says:

    Thank you for all the information. I am producing essential oils from what I’m growing in Israel. Lavender, Sage, Geranium (Bourbon, lemon), Rosemary, Eucalyptus (lemon) and Rosemary. I hope to have more by next summer: Clary Sage, Patchouli, Arnica, Roman Chamomile and Origanum Dayi. I hope to succeed at Frankincense and Myrrh too. We have a copper still. My oil is 100% pure. What makes my oils so special is the essence of the Land and from what is very suited to our soil and climate conditions.

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