Which Essential Oils Company is Best? ~ Part 6–Personal Attacks, Bias, and Distillation

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Wondering Which Essential Oils Company is Best? What about the "Therapeutic Grade" claims the MLM oils companies make? Come find out all you ever wanted to know about oils companies and more!

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**Attention** – Some readers say that they can’t access the Part 7.  If that is a problem for you, could I ask you to comment or email me at wholenewmom{at} gmail {dot} com, and you can go to this post to get access to the company that I chose.  Is Essential Oils Testing Reliable?

Now, back to the controversy.

I am typically not a fan of sensationalist titles for posts, but in this case, I kind of couldn't resist.

First of all, I need to apologize that I am going to have to push out the “announcement” day of the Best Essential Oils Series–just one more day.

Why?  Let me explain.

I really didn't want to do this, but I felt that with all the controversy going on regarding my review process that I should take time to address more issues that have come up during this series.  I want you to know that I am doing my homework and that I take what I am doing very seriously.

If you've been following along with the whole Best Essential Oils series, and have read the comments, you've seen that there have been a number of statements made, mostly by Dr. Robert Pappas.  What you may not know is that he has been commenting about my posts, and my blog, on his Facebook page, and has private messaged me on Facebook a number of times.

I've had a load of stuff on my plate these past few weeks (meh–still do), so it has taken me awhile to do enough research into some of his more scientific statements so that I could respond intelligently.

Today I am going to do so.  Because of the subject matter, this is going to be a much more lengthy post than usual, but I really thought it all needed to be addressed.

 1.  Source of Information

Pappas has insinuated, or directly asserted, that some of my statements with which he disagrees originated with Young Living (YL).  That is completely not true.  Here is one of his quotes from the comments on Part 4 of the Best Essential Oils Series:

Hi, just wanted to clear up some things concerning your comments about 1st, 2nd, 3rd distillations because this is an area of misinformation that, as far as I can tell, originates from the YL reps going back quite a number of years and just never seems to die down.

This is just one of many claims that I am repeating information from YL.

Yes, I was a Young Living rep, but interestingly enough, the information that I got about these distillations of peppermint came from doTERRA's support.  You can see this in the next section about distillation.

2.  Distillation of oils -1st, 2nd, 3rd and Complete

At the center of a lot of the controversy regarding my oils series is the distillation methods of oils, particularly peppermint.

I stated in Part 4 that doTERRA's peppermint oil was a “complete distill.”  Here is Pappas response from the comments:

“Who was it that told you their oil was “complete”? The word “complete” is not even a word that anyone in the essential oil industry would even use to describe a peppermint oil. Complete is used to describe a grade of Ylang Ylang oil and thats [sic] about it. Generally the best therapeutic oils also smell the best, at least thats [sic] been my experience.”

Here is an excerpt from the email that I received from the assistant to Dr. Hill, Chief Medical Advisor for doTERRA.  Please note that she both uses the word “complete” and also discusses the 3 distillation stages to describe doTERRA's peppermint.

Please apologize to her [Adrienne], I'm not sure why she didn't receive the
response.  You can let her know that our Peppermint uses complete
distillation.  There is 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and complete and we use complete.

I hope this is helpful!


Haylee Caplin
doTERRA Product Support

Pappas also commented:

Anyway, regarding peppermint (and essential oils in general for that matter), there typically is no such concept as a 1st, 2nd or 3rd distillation.

and then later in a comment that I hadn't approved until now (because I wanted to do more research before putting the information out there):

As for your question about the “1st distillation” I am guessing you might not have read my post completely about this or perhaps you just don’t believe me but this term is NEVER used in the industry and I would strongly recommend that you not use it either because its [sic] a misleading term. There is typically only ONE steam distillation of an oil to remove the oil from its plant material. When people say 1st distillation or 2nd distillation it conjures up images of redistilling the already spent botanical to get a less inferior oil. Nobody does this.

Well, this is a lot of info to digest, but here goes.

First of all, there are a host of references to these 1st, 2nd, and 3rd distillations that I found.

References to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Distillations from Oils Companies

These are references to this kind of distillation that I easily found doing an internet search:

1.  “Even an oil which is quite truthfully described as pure may be of poor quality, and therefore of less value  therapeutically.  IF AN ESSENTIAL OIL COSTS MUCH LESS THAN YOU WOULD NORMALLY EXPECT  TO PAY FOR IT, the oil may well be a third or fourth distillate from a batch of plant material which has already  yielded the greater part of its properties to the first or second distillation.” Aromatherapy An A-Z, by Patricia Davis, 1988, reprinted 1994, Saffron Walden, The C.W. Daniel Company Ltd., England, pp. 278-280.

2.  “LOW PRICES MAY ALSO MEAN THE OIL IS A SECOND OR THIRD DISTILLATION OF THE PLANT  MATERIAL, in which case it will have far less therapeutic value.” – from Holistic Aromatherapy, A. Berwick, 1994, Llewellyn Pub., St. Paul, MN pp. 168.

3.  Brambleberry.com sells different distillations of peppermint oils.  From their site: Peppermint Essential Oil (1st distillation)This is an herbaceous, sweet smelling peppermint. It is less brisk smelling than the 2nd distillation and contains slightly less menthol

4.  From Mountain Rose Herbs' website: “All of the oils offered by Mountain Rose Herbs are derived from the first distillation–never the second, third or fourth!”

5.  From The Herbs Place:  “Oil comes from the first distillations of the raw plant material.” when referring to why their oils are therapeutic grade.

I spoke with several people in the EO field and this is what I heard (of course, given the scope of this post, this is a summary only).

1.  Most plants are distilled only once because they don't produce enough oil for multiple distillations.

2.  Peppermint is an interesting plant in that it yields more oil than most others.  As such, large farms and distilleries extract a bunch of oil from the peppermint plant

Smaller farms do a first distillation of peppermint that they sell to oils companies for the highest price.

The peppermint is then re-distilled at a higher pressure and higher temperature for a 2nd distill, and the resulting oil is sold for less money to soap companies, and the like, that want a lower cost oil, but still desire a slightly “herby” smell.

The plant is then re-distilled one more time at a yet higher temperature and pressure for a 3rd distill, which is sold to companies wanting the candy-cane smelling oil.

Pappas has a lot of knowledge about essential oils that I don't have, but there are a lot of people using these terms in the industry, including those at doTERRA.  So it's clearly a very complicated matter that people have different opinions (including professional opinions) about.

UPDATE 8/16:

As you can probably tell, this distillation issue is very complicated.

Since this series was published, I was given more information from other experts (a distiller and chemists) in the field stating the following about essential oils and the distillation process:

However it is possible to distill one charge of plant using different configurations. The [sic} distiller … could be, for example, performing an atmospheric pressure distillation of the plant for 10 minutes, then increasing the pressure for another period and so on. As long as there is still essential oil in the plant matter this is possible. The more volatile and nice smelling aromatics will be trapped within the first “phase” of an operation like this and subsequent processing will extract higher boiling point components; as the distillation progresses, the compounds will become less desirable, therefore cheaper.

Basically, it's a very confusing issue as to why some peppermint oils smell ultra sweet and others do not.  Perhaps something is being taken out of the oil after distilling. In the case of oils that are not pure, something may be added in.  There might be some peppermint oils that are referred to as this “first distillation” that are being sold as being therapeutically superior, but that would be a subjective decision and likely most aromatherapists would want all of the components of the oil, except in the case of ylang ylang (see the following information).

The basic thing to keep in mind through all of this is that you want to purchase your essential oils from a company that you trust to sell only quality, pure, unadulterated oils from indigenous locations.

3.  Ylang Ylang is an exception to this rule.  It is distilled first for a short time, yielding the most coveted “ylang ylang extra.”  The distiller is shut down, the oil collected, and then it is distilled further to produce “ylang ylang 1.”  (UPDATE: I just heard that most distillers don't shut down the distiller, but merely change out the containers to keep the oil grades separate and continue distilling.)  This continues to subsequently produce “ylang ylang 2” and “ylang ylang 3.”  Then, all 4 varieties of ylang ylang are combined to make “ylang ylang complete,” which is preferred by some, but is priced lower than “ylang ylang extra.”

 3.  Bias and Motivation

On his Facebook page, Pappas and his followers have talked about what my motives are:

Perhaps it will all be clear on Tuesday when she makes her great reveal….I can't help but question the motives here.

There were also numerous statements by Pappas that his company doesn't sell oils, but that he is merely an unbiased chemist who educates and tests oils for various companies.

He is the man who tests oils for doTERRA.  That means he is inherently biased.  doTERRA pays him to authenticate the quality of their oils so, I don't see how it could be that he doesn't have an interest in their oils being represented as being superior.

If doTERRA does well, Pappas does well.  At least on some level.

Again, as for my bias, it is for finding an oils company with the best qualities that I can find, at the best price.

Nothing more.  If the company that I recommend ends up having ethical or quality issues, then I won't recommend them anymore.  Plain and simple.

There are loads of money-making opportunities that I have passed up because I can't, in good conscience, take them.  I have blocked the URL's of companies whose ads I disapprove of, all which have led to less income for me.

One other point that I am a little confused about: Pappas has said over and over again that he is very concerned that I am putting out wrong information about the oils.  I am a lover of information as well, so I appreciate that.

However, in one of his comments to me, regarding my questioning why Emily Wright and David Hill are spreading apparently incorrect information about their peppermint oil, his reply was:

What they say in their marketing is not something I concern myself with with, just as its not my concern what any other company who sends me samples for analysis does with their marketing descriptions.

I don't understand why Pappas thinks it's crucial to correct apparent misinformation that comes from me, but not misinformation that comes from what is likely his main employment source, and one of the biggest sources of EO information in the U.S.

4.  Vomit and Peppermint Oil

Sorry for the sensationalist title here.

In the comments section of Part 4 of the series, Pappas states:

The thing about peppermint oil is that when its [sic] freshly distilled it contains very tiny amounts of some sulfurous components as well as some small aldehydes (namely isomers of isovaleraldehyde, also found in vomit) that, while minuscule in percentage, are such powerful components that you can smell them at ppm levels. The effects of these components can be minimized with age and evaporation because they are very volatile, but another way to get rid of these undesirables is to take the crude freshly distilled oil and then use a different distillation setup to fractionally vacuum distill away this tiny amount oil, thus giving the remaining oil a much better flavor, sweeter aroma…

Well, again, I am not an expert here, but I looked up isovaleraldehyde and vomit and there were no mentions of isovaleraldehyde being in vomit.  The only connections between the two seem to be that exposure to isovaleraldehydes can lead to vomiting.  I would need to see sources for this information because I couldn't find any.  In fact the main (almost all) results of my search were only Pappas stating this on my blog and on various Facebook pages.

Additionally, even if isomers of isovaleraldehyde are in vomit, that does not make them problematic.  For example, water and stomach acid are in vomit and so is food.  I drink water and eat food daily and I even take stomach acid to aid digestion and it basically served as a cure for rosacea for me.

I can understand some people finding the “herby” smell of 1st distill (or non re-distilled) peppermint to not be as pleasing as the “candy cane” smelling peppermint (like doTERRA's).  However, that does not mean that it induces nausea.  In fact, peppermint oils that have not been redistilled, or adulterated / changed by vacuuming are regularly used for nausea and digestive upset.  See my post on Peppermint and nausea.

5.  Moderating of Comments – Am I Just Censoring?

Pappas and his followers have commented numerous times that I am not approving his and other related comments.

Here is one quote from his Facebook page (which contains numerous postings which insult me):

In case anyone has been following the discussion over at The Whole New Mom blog there was a post from Adrienne directed to me that never did get answered. I actually did answer her questions but for some reason my answer was never approved to be public. Since there where people here waiting for my response I am posting it here how it should have read, in case anyone was wondering what my answer was.

and this:

Wonder why she is too afraid to let me post unmoderated and she let you right on through. This is just too weird. It feels like I am dealing with YOU KNOW WHO LOL

The “YOU KNOW WHO” that Pappas is referring to seems to be a large essential oil Direct Sales Company, or at least that's the best I can ascertain, based on his previous comments.

and this:

Thanks Syl [meaning Sylla Shephard Hangar, mentioned below] great to see you back into things as well. She had posted here, unmoderated I might add LOL

First of all, comments on Facebook, to my knowledge, can't be moderated once they are posted.  They can only be deleted (or edited) by the admin of a page or edited or deleted by the person who posted them.  So Facebook comments and blog comments are completely different things.

On my blog, I do have all comments moderated.  I do that so that I can keep malware, blatant self-promoting, and foul language, etc. off of my blog.

When there are particularly intense comments, I take awhile to respond and yes, sometimes comments fall through the cracks.  But I am not moderating them in order to censor people.  To the contrary, I think that I approve many more negative comments than most bloggers.  I enjoy the back and forth of ideas and think it's healthy to debate.  Many bloggers consider negative comments to be from trolls and so they delete and and all – but I don't do that.

But I do not think verbal abuse and rude behavior is OK.

Many bloggers moderate comments and I have only once, in 2 years of blogging, had someone email me to ask why I hadn't approved their comment.  In this case, Pappas private messaged me on Facebook several times, asking me why I wasn't approving his.  (I have heard that now you need to pay to private message non-friends on Facebook, but I haven't verified this yet.)

However, one thing that really concerns me is his (and his followers') accusations on his Facebook page  that I am not willing to get the truth out or that I have something to hide.  To the contrary, that is why I held comments in moderation–because I wanted time to get to the bottom of things as best as I could before posting their information.

Some examples of what has been said about me:

By Pappas:

Wow, I guess this is what happens when people start fearing having other people around who know more than they do. Instead of wanting to learn more themselves they turn to protection mode so they can be the star of the show. Sad really. I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt, even defended her a couple of times. It is upsetting though when she directed questions specifically at me and I attempted to answer but she won't let me respond so people think I just chose to ignore her. Oh well, I have enough to keep me busy anyway. Thanks for trying.

I am not someone who fears having others with whom I disagree around.  I thrive on learning and have been interviewing many companies in preparation for this series.

And I will do so again in a future series on Heavy Metal Toxicity.

Here is another comment by Ann McIntire Wooledge:

She has really started a stir and I guess that's what she planned on, but she is ultimately making herself look rather uninformed and UNeducated. The best thing she could do now is to just admit she doesn't even know what a chemical constituent is and much less how to decide where would be the best company to buy essential oils – and stop this stupidity.

and more (this by Pappas):

That blog site is the most confusing I have seen in a while. I cannot even see a link to Part 5, how the heck did you find it?

and yet another (by Sylla Sheppard-Hanger):

scrolled thru the nonsense of her facebook page to find

one more by “Cher Aromapothecare”

Excellent reply Dr. P. (The girl could use a class). I agree, CO2 (or perhaps florasols) would be maybe a little closer representation of a plant but even that's a stretch.

more (this by Pappas):

What really ticks me off about is that she makes some honest mistakes concerning essential oils in general that alot [sic] of people make, then I go on there and write an in depth post to clear some things up and she doesn't let it through. I don't know maybe I am taking this too personal. I really don't care who she concludes is the best oil company I only wanted to clear up misconceptions and general points. It reminds me of when I posted on some YL rep sites to get them good info only to be banned because the facts were not jiving with the programming from their messiah [sic].

and finally (again by Sylla Sheppard-Hanger)

 all we can do is expose her and better yet the statements….its given me plenty of fodder for my new blog series!!!

Enough,eh?  I frankly am really disgusted by this behavior.

I am really disappointed at the behavior and negative comments thrown my way throughout this and hope that they will stop.

6.  About Me

Just to set the record straight, I don't typically post my “credentials,” but in this case I think they are warranted.
I don't have an advanced degree, but the learning I have done since my undergraduate degree has been extensive.

Here is my background:

1.  Top of my class in high school from a top level school.
2.  Phi Beta Kappa from The University of Virginia, one of the top 15 schools in the country.
3.  Echols Scholar at The University of Virginia.  Admission to the Echols Scholar program is made based on “In brief, the Office of Admission looks for academic excellence, intellectual leadership, and evidence of the ability to grapple with complex topics.” (Source).  Apparently this group is representative of the top 2% of the University.  Graduated with a 3.97 GPA.
4.  Taught Equity Options Valuation at the Chicago Board of Trade to options traders and MBAs
5.  Worked as a Manager in Employee Benefits
6.  Independent Life, Health, and Disability Agent for 7+ years
7.  Taught in Japan for one year and achieved near conversational fluency.
8.  Research-minded mom of a child with life-threatening food allergies.
9.  If I might jokingly add this, one of my local friends has called me the “investigative reporter” of health food and products.  ;-).

Basically, what I am saying here is…I am not a genius, but I am not an intellectual slouch either.  I don't mean this to discredit anyone else, but I am a deep thinker and am very concerned about excellence in research and learning and in conveying accurate information to you.

One final point.  A few folks on Pappas' Facebook page have commented that I have removed links to Pappas' Facebook page and website.  At first, I left all links left by Pappas and his followers, but I ended up going back through and deleting them because they were:

1.  excessive and
2.  resulted in basically blatant self-promoting.

Pappas doesn't allow advertising for oils companies on his page and I am choosing not to permit promotion of sites that deride my character in this manner.  At the beginning of this matter, Pappas seemed to be congenial, but as you can see from the comments above, that has changed.

If Pappas' and his followers' behavior changes and I receive an apology that is not followed by more maligning, then I will consider allowing the links.

7.  Troubling Questions

One thing that surprised me is that I think that the concerns I posted about Young Living were more controversial, and yet, to my knowledge, I haven't received any negative comments from any YL reps.  When I signed up with doTERRA I heard from a lot of reps how negative and accusatory they felt the YL reps were.
Not in my experience.

Just to make it clear:

I am not saying that Robert Pappas doesn't have significant qualifications.  He has extensive studies in the chemistry of oils and I don't.  Clearly there must be a reason or reasons for the differing facts here, or at least there is a different way of looking at the industry.

– Is it because he is mainly a chemist and the former owner of The Perfumery?
– Is it because he worked for / was closely connected with doTERRA?
– Why does he concern himself so much about what “little old me” says when the owners of doTERRA contradict each other–and him–while speaking around the world, via meetings, videos and more, to audiences much bigger than mine?
– Why has he spilled so much electronic ink to challenge and insult me when none of the other oils companies that have been critiqued in my posts have expressed any concern?

I don't know.  I am just trying to share what I am learning so that you can make a better decision about what essential oils you want to use for your family.

To see the other Best Essential Oils Posts:

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**ATTENTION!!!** – Some readers say that they can't access the Part 7.  If that is a problem for you, please try refreshing the page once or twice. If that doesn't work, please comment or email me at wholenewmom{at} gmail {dot} com, and you can go to this post to get access to the company that I chose.  Is Essential Oils Testing Reliable?  I apologize and we are working hard to rectify the situation.**

I'm sure your head is spinning just like mine was.  I really only wanted to find the company that would provide high quality oils for my family at a decent price, without a bunch of headaches and extra costs attached to it. But I ended up with quite a headache here.
One thing that really interests me is making my own essential oils blends.
This book has loads of essential oils blends in it as well as information about sourcing your own medicinal herbs.  Fascinating!
Following is an affiliate link so if you purchase after clicking on it I might make a commission. Your support of my blog is much appreciated and helps keep this free resource up and running. 
The Essential Oils Book
 Thanks for hanging in there with me.  
I'd love to hear your thoughts (but I reserve the right to moderate comments :-)).
The information here is for entertainment purposes only. Please consult a medical professional before changing your diet, exercise program, or before trying any natural remedies.

These comments do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Whole New Mom, LLC.


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  1. I just want to thank you for all the hard work and research you did. I am researching EO to find the best at an affordable price. You have given me a good foundation to go on. I would not have came across a fraction of this information on my own. I have found a product called Tisserand and would like your input. They seem like a trustworthy company and are very affordable. There is also a company that makes a line of skin care products called, By Nature, from New Zealand that seems good. Maybe these would fall under mid-level grade products? Please let me know. Thank you again.

  2. Brian Kolley says:

    I appreciate the information in this series of blog entries. My interest in EOs is the result of my recent change to DE shaving, where I’ve tried some pre-shave oils, shave soaps, after-shave balms, and colognes and would like to try more scents. However, given the high price of these products, the small amounts, and the difficulty of coordinating end product fragrances, it would be monumentally expensive and wasteful to try lots of end products that will just wind up sitting unused.

    Being an engineer, I’ve decided to try my hand at creating them myself. So, I’m primarily interested in EOs as fragrances, since I anticipate using the carrier oils as the primary ingredients for skin conditioning. While I realize there are specific skin benefits from each EO, and I’m not going to ignore those benefits, they’re not going to be my primary consideration when blending them.

    There is a LOT of quackery, dishonesty, mythology, and lack of scientific rigor in the EO world, not to mention unscrupulous suppliers that sell junk, so I appreciate a blog series like this. That being said, I’m a skeptic too, so I can’t completely discount your financial incentive, but I believe that you’re being honest in how you came to be involved with the company you ultimately chose as the best (I read that post as well).

    In terms of Dr. Pappas, he comes across to me as an honest researcher as well. As an engineer, my BS alarms go off frequently on sites that provide info on EOs and Dr. Pappas’ scientific approach to the subject is in line with my thoughts on the matter. In the end, it’s all chemistry and if I want to create reproducible results, I can’t rely on mythology and folklore, I have to rely on science. Dr. Pappas brings that to the table in spades and I didn’t know or care what affiliations he’s had in the past, or which ones he has now. His science is sound and that’s all that matters to me. If he rendered an opinion on a particular supplier, I’d be skeptical and would need to see his connections to the supplier or its competitors to determine how much his opinion is motivated by them.

    Ultimately, everyone has bias of some form in who they prefer to work with, but that bias doesn’t necessarily mean that dishonesty is involved. In your case, I believe that your bias toward the supplier that you chose is based on the working relationship that you developed with them over time – a relationship that you weren’t quite able to develop with the other suppliers for whatever reason. It happens. Certainly as an engineer, I have relationships that I’ve developed with suppliers that I’ve come to trust and I prefer to work with them for that reason. It doesn’t mean that the other suppliers aren’t good, it just means I wasn’t able to develop the same level of trust for whatever reason. The point is, I don’t see anything dishonest in your choice regardless of whether or not you profit from the relationship, and whether or not you do is of no concern to me.

    Consequently, I believe that your experience with the various suppliers you’ve tried is sound as well. What I cared about in reading your blog series is what company I could rely on to provide consistent high quality EOs and good customer service at a good value. That’s what you’ve provided me and I thank you for that as your list has given me several from which to choose.

    I have purchased tiny pipettes (0.2ml capacity) and an accurate digital scale in order to get started. However, what I’m wondering about is the consistency of fragrances of the products from batch to batch. If the batches are inconsistent, then accurate measurements won’t mean much. Since these are natural products, there are going to be issues with batch to batch consistency and it requires a great deal of experience in batch blending to produce consistent results. In your experience with the suppliers you’ve used, how consistent have their EO fragrances been and which of the suppliers you’ve tested have had the most consistent batches?

    • Hi there. Thanks for commenting. I agree with you almost 100% on your assessment of the situation. However, I do think that one’s affiliate with companies in past and present can be an indication of one’s honesty and ethics, depending on how they responded to situations in the past and what they say about them now. I have left many companies (direct sales and otherwise) due to ethical issues and I will do so again. I have lost tons of money and time doing so — it’s not an easy decision and leaving YL and doTERRA was hard for me. Very. You may not have read it in the comments but my upline in doTERRA told me that I could expect $8K per month from doTERRA should I stay with them. I passed it up for a company with no established affiliate program at all.

      I can’t work w/ companies that don’t give me answers, or whose answers don’t make sense. If I can’t get what I need for my information or to help my readers, then I am not comfortable. Plain and simple.

      I don’t know how to respond about the fragrance issue. Essential Oils will vary in scent naturally due to many issues in the growing process so if that isn’t OK with you then you would have to go w/ a company that adjusts their oils to keep the scent consistent. I’m not comfortable with that and would prefer a little variation and have them leave the oils alone. Does that work for you? Thanks again for reading and for a thoughtful comment.

      • Brian Kolley says:

        It’s an honest answer and I appreciate it. Since this is all new to me, I don’t know what I don’t know and fragrance variation is one of those things that I simply don’t know due to lack of experience. However, before I buy, I would at least like to have an idea of the kind of fragrance variability I can expect from the suppliers that you’ve dealt with for a period of time so that I can develop realistic expectations. So maybe you can relate your experiences with variation with YL, doTerra, and your current supplier so that I can get a better understanding before I plunk down any more cash. Would you say that the variations you’ve experienced are completely different aromas batch to batch for a given EO such that you can’t reproduce the aroma of a blend no matter what you do, or are they similar basic aromas with the differences being more in strength and, let’s say nuance for lack of a better term, where you can reproduce the basic aroma of the blend but may need to add more or less EO to compensate and the final result will have slightly different notes? Also, if I find the fragrance of a new batch of EO to be unacceptable, would the suppliers you’ve dealt with be able or willing to do anything about it? I’m not expecting it to be like a chemistry set, mind you, I know that I may not be able to reproduce things perfectly, and the batch made by the supplier will smell the way it smells and they may not be able to do anything until they make their next batch, but I’d at least like to know which ones are more likely to work with a tiny user like me and which ones can’t be bothered.

        • Hi again. I haven’t studied this enough to say. However, I do not work w/ YL or doTERRA for a variety of reasons so I can’t recommend that. The companies mentioned in my final post have return policies that I think you would be comfortable with. Hope that helps.

  3. “Moral indignation is jealousy with a halo.” H.G. Wells

    When you ruffle someone’s feathers while researching in a mindful, respectful manner, you can be sure you’re asking questions that need to be answered. The confident and competent do not attempt to undermine anyone’s credibility, whether right or wrong, they stick to the facts and disseminate the truth clearly and without judgement. Brava and thank-you from someone who was approaching critical exasperation separating “essential oil” fact from fiction. I followed your link to Rocky Mountain Oils. I’ll be back.

  4. Thank for taking the time for researching the crazy world of E.O. I am at a point where I can not even concentrate due to some health issues and this has cleared up a lot of questions for me in this field.
    I realize the oils are not a cure but hopefully they will play a role in my healing journey.

    Thank you and god bless!

    • You are so welcome. More to come. I am sorry you are dealing w/ so much. I can’t medically advise, but I have some thyroid, toxins, and adrenal info on the blog that might interest you. I know how hard it is. If I can direct you somewhere I will. Just let me know what you are dealing with.

  5. Thank you for your unbiased and honest blog. I am completely new to this EO lifestyle and initially began thinking about it when I read to use EO with Epsom salts to reduce muscle fatigue and inflammation. Before purchasing, however, I wanted to find the best EO products for my money. Yes, I do believe you get what you pay for!
    Thanks again!

  6. I want to thank you for all the research you are doing. I have a scientific background and work in public health. I have food intolerances which I didn’t know about for almost 30 years. These intolerances made me feel ill my whole life, but when I discovered them, it lead me to having a holistic healthy living. I’m not there yet, but I am getting there and I don’t know if I will ever be “there”. I thank you for saving me a lot of time in this one crazy realm that scares me of EOs.

    That being said, there are two things I can conclude from this serious of posts 1) You are willing to be vulnerable, have faith in yourself, be emotional, and love yourself (I am working on my willingness to be vulnerable). 2) The people above seem to believe that intelligence is everything and if you don’t full understand the ins and outs of the big scientific terms used above then you should not be allowed to talk about them. This sounds like their failings and something they feel they need to make up for. I feel sorry for them. One post even seemed to try to put so many scientific words into a sentence that in no longer makes sense.

    If there is one thing I have learned with being a researcher (as this is really what you are when you are in public health) is that you can research things that have terms or processes that you don’t understand and still compare them. You may miss a few targets, but you were willing to even admit it at the times that you didn’t understand the process. Therefore I think you did an amazing job with trying to weed out the truths of your hypothesis, which may change in the future. Which is everyone’s right when they get more information, to change their opinion based on facts.

  7. I’m new to essential oils and was just looking for an unbiased review of the very confusing world of oils. It seems that everyone has a motive and its very difficult to sort through it all. You have provided that and more. Thank you for what must be extremely time consuming and for your commitment to not take anyone’s word but to do your own research. Its rather heart-breaking that some in the profession would be… well so unprofessional. I don’t usually comment on blogs… but I wanted YOU to know that I appreciate your time and information. Keep up the good fight! Thank you!!!

  8. I really appreciate your hard work! I don’t like Dr. Pappas or other people putting someone down because they don’t agree with them. I don’t understand why they didn’t explain things for you to help you if they knew the process. That would have made any one of them look good to people who read your blog and maybe give them more of a following. I thank you for doing all this work, with what you have on your own plate. I am quite naive, I believe them when they say the are pure oils on the labels. I am so glad that I have read your blog.

  9. I just want to say that I appreciate all your hard work in researching and sharing what u have found. It is hard to choose the right EO company and their is so MUCH hype out there…how to know what is true and what is a scam? Thank you for diving into this and letting us know what u have learned. I am in the process of looking into oils and am trying to find the best oils for my family. I am disappointed to hear from Dr. Pappas and other “professionals” who commented on this sight how their responses attack you as a person rather than helpfully provided correct info about oils. That’s not fair and so uncalled for. Unfortunately it doesn’t do them any credit. Just makes me question them even more. I think what you are doing is phenomenal….thank you for the info and knowledge.

  10. tom Johnson says:

    Despite your claims that you do not censor post, you do. You have deleted this post below. I will post it again…

    I just found your site and when I saw Dr. Pappas post here I was impresses with it. Then that all changed.

    I would like to make some comments regarding Robert Pappas. I have done business with Dr. Pappas going back over a decade. I am not a colleague of his, nor do I hold an advanced degree in chemical engineering, but I have enough experience with him over several years to trust what his says, despite his criticism for doing just that. I have not done business with him for a couple of years and never saw any of the interactions you two had anywhere else, but here. I don’t expect this to be posted, just for you read it, if you make it through it because I don’t think it will be pleasant for you.

    What first caught my attention was your homemade window cleaner and I originally saved your site. That was until I read this diatribe. I don’t know that Dr. P said anything inappropriate to or about you – certainty I did not read anything to that effect here. You, on the other hand, come off as rather juvenile and trivial in your writings here. I don’t think his CV is relevant, but as you want to show the reader yours, you are well out of your depth, and the fact you post this “background” as if to say you’re smart too, is pitifully sophomoric. There is a lot more I could say about the specifics of what you detailed, but you clearly do not have the EQ to accept it. Maybe you are intellectually smart, but all I see is a child that took her bat and ball and can’t play well with others. Even if I wanted to publicly defend him, that is not necessary as you have done that here better than I ever could. I wish you well and hope at whatever age you are, you grow-up, especially with a child that might develop the same lack of coping skills and emotional defects.

    Everything I have written here is 100% true, but given your level of maturity and lack of coping skills, I imagine you will dismiss me as a troll for Dr. P. So be it… we all have our rationalizations. I am however, a person who knows him well enough to respect him and his opinion. And no, I’m not a clinical psychologist, so that will help you in dismissing me in your rationalizations as well.

    If this time you decide to approve it, and even respond, make sure you delineate any typos you find with the Latin adverb [sic], to show how smart you are. 🙂

    • What an obnoxious comment. Of course your email looks like a fake one – so I suspect I’m responding to someone who won’t see my reply.

      In any case, replies in with yours:

      Despite your claims that you do not censor post, you do. You have deleted this post below. I will post it again…

      I have no idea what you are talking about. I never deleted this.

      I just found your site and when I saw Dr. Pappas post here I was impresses with it. Then that all changed.

      So after reading his post you weren’t impressed with him or with what he said any longer?

      I would like to make some comments regarding Robert Pappas. I have done business with Dr. Pappas going back over a decade. I am not a colleague of his, nor do I hold an advanced degree in chemical engineering, but I have enough experience with him over several years to trust what his says, despite his criticism for doing just that. I have not done business with him for a couple of years and never saw any of the interactions you two had anywhere else, but here. I don’t expect this to be posted, just for you read it, if you make it through it because I don’t think it will be pleasant for you.

      I don’t follow – he has criticized himself for talking or he has been criticized for talking? I don’t know what you are saying about said criticism.

      What first caught my attention was your homemade window cleaner and I originally saved your site. That was until I read this diatribe. I don’t know that Dr. P said anything inappropriate to or about you – certainty I did not read anything to that effect here.

      I guess that you and I have different thoughts about what is inappropriate.

      You, on the other hand, come off as rather juvenile and trivial in your writings here.

      Sorry that you feel that way.

      I don’t think his CV is relevant,

      Well, Pappas’ followers thought that it was and they sent it in asking me to post it.

      but as you want to show the reader yours, you are well out of your depth, and the fact you post this “background” as if to say you’re smart too, is pitifully sophomoric.

      No, I don’t think I’m that smart. I just wanted to share that I’m not someone who should just be dismissed. Pappas knows way more than I do about oils but that doesn’t mean he’s right about everything.

      There is a lot more I could say about the specifics of what you detailed, but you clearly do not have the EQ to accept it. Maybe you are intellectually smart, but all I see is a child that took her bat and ball and can’t play well with others. Even if I wanted to publicly defend him, that is not necessary as you have done that here better than I ever could. I wish you well and hope at whatever age you are, you grow-up, especially with a child that might develop the same lack of coping skills and emotional defects.

      Everything I have written here is 100% true,

      All that you have said is that you think I’m stupid and immature and that you think Pappas is smart and didn’t do anything wrong. Did I miss something else? Those are only opinions and nothing based on fact—though I will agree that Pappas is smart.

      but given your level of maturity and lack of coping skills, I imagine you will dismiss me as a troll for Dr. P. So be it… we all have our rationalizations. I am however, a person who knows him well enough to respect him and his opinion. And no, I’m not a clinical psychologist, so that will help you in dismissing me in your rationalizations as well.

      I will let my readers decide this for themselves. I don’t know what you are talking about regarding the clinical psychologist statement.

      If this time you decide to approve it, and even respond, make sure you delineate any typos you find with the Latin adverb [sic], to show how smart you are. ?

      I didn’t have to do that since I just responded in w/ your comment. Hope my responses clear things up a bit.

  11. Hi, I’m a health behavior scientist (phd) with a focus in placebo research. I also make a lot of my own skin care products so depend on eo’s mostly because they smell good and, therefore, make people feel good. Like a lot of folks following this conversation, I’m concerned about quality and sourcing and looking for the best resource. Happy I found that you’ve done so much legwork already. Many thanks.
    I’ll also say this about rigorous “academic” debate: don’t let your message get lost in the defense. Let your research speak for itself. If you get pulled into the “baiting” with Pappas, your hard research loses credibility. And, you’ve done a fine job. I’ve learned a lot reading over your posts. Another poster offered similar advice. Present your research goal, layout your methods, conduct your literature search and present your results. If Pappas’ is truly an educator, then he would point you to evidence-based resources and certainly not try to goad and shame you. I look foward to reading your conclusion! And, thanks so much for doing all the work for me. Very grateful.

  12. Just found your site, a couple things to say:

    1) I appreciate the time and energy you spent trying to accumulate the information here. I’m trying to sort through it all myself and was hoping to find someone else had already done so 😉

    2) I’m really disappointed in people in general on public sites, and I’m sorry you were goaded into responding to pappas.

    If I may offer a small piece of advice based on personal experience, take it or leave it:

    One thing people in general like to claim is that they have the right to speak openly on someone else’s private site. and they don’t. I don’t know if you’ve been subjected to attacks like this before, I’m guessing not, but I have. And from that experience I’ll say that those of us trying too hard to be “fair” and “open to others disagreeing opinions” just end up walked over and miserable in the long run. Because people like that are generally proven to be manipulative narcissists, claiming a “devotion to the truth” so you start down the rabbit hole of their abusive, attention-seeking trolling. When really there isn’t a single thing actually wrong with deleting every single thing they or their hangers-on have posted and putting you out of their misery. If you really want to be done with pappas, I’d delete every thing he’s posted in your blog and every response to them, including what you wrote in part 6 above. Purge your entire site of any mention of him. It is entirely your right to moderate your own forum and enforce your rules to keep it focused solely on information relevant to your topics and written in a positive truly helpful manner.
    As for his Facebook and other public shenanigans, if it bothers you enough that you can’t just ignore it, there are a couple routes you can take, one of which is to contact a lawyer about a cease and desist order for his harassment. Just be aware that if you start down that path and don’t make it stick, he’s going to use it for more attention-getting.

    Being subjected to abuse or stupidity is always a risk when you post something publicly. just don’t forget that you have the right to protect yourself from it.

    • Oh yeah. And btw I’m also a degrees chemist. Pappas is an idiot. I’ve come across others like him in my work, and behavior of trying to make fun of non-science people for not being familiar with field-specific terminology is both childish and to distract from criticism of the content of their other statements.

      You don’t need a degree in anything to recognize inconsistency in a company’s posted information or to receive poor customer service. Essential oil companies aren’t marketing to chemists, they are marketing to ordinary consumers. It seems to me the less reputable companies will try to take advantage of that by not posting genus names or distillation methods, but hey look you already figured that out, and you don’t even have a degree! 😛 😉

    • Thanks, Jen. I guess I just wanted to clear my name. I respect his knowledge about oils but not the manner in which he treated me. Thanks again.

  13. Hi there. I did come across this company during my research as well, however, am looking for bulk product amounts, which this company does not appear to accommodate. Do you have a runner up, or a company you would recommend for 2lb+ per oil orders?

    Thanks so much!

  14. I had started on the same journey as you, wanting to find the best quality essential oils for the best price. For someone like me, just starting out in essential oils, it quickly became a huge undertaking to research the different companies, read the reviews on Amazon, etc, when, I myself, didn’t even know what to look for.

    When I came across your blog it was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I’ve learned more in you’re blog than I have reading books and other articles online, and not only that but it truly feels that I’m taking this journey with you.

    As far as the comments go from Papas and others, it is a shame that they are so quick to make assumptions about you and what it is your doing. With their expertise aside, a majority of us aren’t chemist, in fact I’m sure it’s safe to say their are lots of people just starting out as I am. For us it’s more about the journey, learning with you, learning together, having discussions about what you’ve discovered and your thoughts throughout this journey. In a way, we are on the same level as you, with some of the same concerns and desire to continue the journey to find the truth. In the end, we take what we’ve learned and draw our own conclusions.

    I just want to say that you are doing a fantastic job! I will be spreading the word to others interested in essential oils about your blog.

    Thank you!

    • Thank you so much for the kind words, Jeremy. I assure you that I have spent way more time on this than I ever thought I would and that I am still doing it – I spent hours and hours contacting other companies this year due to some changes and have been learning so much – but there is a limit to my time.

      Anyhow, I hope to see you around again – more to come! I did recently put up posts on emulsifying essential oils as well as essential oil expiration. I hope you check them out. Take care!

    • Cosmogirl says:

      This is basically what I also wanted to say!! But I also wanted to add that some people in industries are forced to do things and some people are so insecure that they need to glut over others to feel even a tiny bit good (and the insecurity is of course caused by their background somehow etc it’s really a very complex topic but I have a feeling that you understand what I mean!) What I don’t know is what kind of people these bad-mouthed ones are… and I’m sad you had to experience them.

      Once again thank you for this excessive research! And I’m so happy I found your blog too!!:)

      take care, Cosmogirl

  15. I just want to say, I have now read all your posts in this series except the final decision one. The only thing that disappointed me was that you listed your credentials. Let me explain that… I did not feel it was necessary, your having to defend yourself that way, however I can totally understand why YOU would feel it necessary. It was the one part I actually just scrolled past & did not even read. Why? You clearly stated several times you were not an expert, I never got that you even insinuated you were any type of chemist. You clearly stated that you were just a mom, like me, that did a lot of research and got your information from a variety of sources. You even were clear that your sources were not an exhaustive list.

    I thought the information you presented was clear, concise & unbiased (or the times it was, you stated it may be and why that was your particular opinion, to which you ARE entitled). I thought you were articulate and in my opinion sound very well educated. In fact, in my opinion, you sound more educated that your friend Dr. Pappas. My reason for feeling that is because I feel it is a sign of an ignorant, uneducated person, with an obvious self-esteem problem to have to brag about themselves and to belittle or disparage another in order to make themselves look better. I also LOVE that before you answered or commented on something you went and found MORE information on the subject, as to be able to have an educated response. I’m very analytical as well, so I try to do the same thing. Thank you for that.

    No where did I see that as being your purpose. I appreciate all the time and work you did and if nothing else it definitely gave me some ideas and a starting place if I want to do my own research. I got from your posts that you were doing nothing more than what I wanted, which was to go out and find information, good, bad and post the information you found. Again, when you posted an opinion, you stated it was opinion and not fact, etc.

    I could go on for a while about this as it is one of my pet peeves . I believe in uplifting others not cutting them down. If you have to do that, then you must not be that high and mighty. Thank you again for your help and input and all your hard work. Don’t let people like that slow you down or stop you. I appreciate it!!

    • Thanks for reading and for the kind words. It all was pretty frustrating.

      My point was just that I’m not just a mom listening to what others say and not questioning it but I really do spend a lot of time trying to verify things. I hope that explains things a little better. More on oils to come – including on other companies. I hope to see you around again!

  16. Stephanie Spears says:

    I can’t access the part 7. Could you email it to me please?

    • Hello Stephanie. I am happy to do that – would you be willing to attempt something for me first as we are working on fixing this issue. Could you try refreshing the page 1-2 times and let me know it that fixes the issue? Thank you!

  17. Adrienne, VERY, VERY interesting read. I personally believe you’ve done enough homework to be more than authorative on this subject.

    In the years I’ve been associated with Essential Oils, Young Living and DoTerra do have some very good quality oils, however, they are all so overpriced. The MLM business model no doubt has an impact on that. I’ve spoken to many Reps with these companies and they are so convinced in their own minds that their companies are like GOD and can’t do anything wrong, or say anything wrong. I’ve questioned things, like you have and the answers I get come back as almost cult-like.

    I’ve been obtaining my oils from a company that has been around for longer than any others of the ones you mentioned. They pretty much started the Essential Oils business. They are often very misunderstood and lumped into the MLM industry when they are in fact not. They’ve even taken this point to the high courts and won.

    Anyways, I can get 100% pure, unadulterated essential oils for literally half the price of Young Living, DoTerra and others. That’s a lot of money to save.

    Here is a link to the site: (site link removed by blog owner)

    Click on the lower left side of the screen on “Product Store”. Once in the store, click on the link for Essential Oils.


    • Hello Janice – thanks for reading and for the kind words.

      I am confused – can you explain why you said that the company you shared about basically started the EO business?

      I don’t allow people to put marketing links on my site – sorry about that.

      As for the company that you posted (Melaleuca) have you noticed that they have artificial colors and fragrances in their products – including acesulfame potassium? I would be interested in what you think about that. Thanks!

      • Hi Adrienne,

        As I’m sure you know, Melaleuca, is itself an essential oil. The company by the name started in 1985. Young Living started in 1993 figuring that they could capitalize on the essential oils business and thus came Young Living. DoTerra evolved from Young Living. Melaleuca has been using essential oils as part of their product line for decades and also has a full line of pure 100% oils, but at about half the price of any MLM companies. Actually, I have yet to find a company selling top quality oils for less.

        As for acesulfame potassium (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acesulfame_potassium), the sourcing of ingredients plays a major role on its safety. Melaleuca spends millions on research and development and keeps up with all the up to date latest research about ingredients. As of the latest information available, this ingredient is considered safe. If in the future details emerge stating otherwise, Melaleuca will immediately pull any products with it off of their shelves.

        Trust these details answer your questions.


        • Thanks, Janice. I know that Melaleuca is an essential oil, yes. I don’t know about what company had essential oils (or an oil) for sale in the US. Does the company say that it is the first one?

          As for acesulfame potassium, this is what concerns me: http://www.fitday.com/fitness-articles/nutrition/healthy-eating/top-number-most-dangerous-artificial-sweeteners.html

          I am aware of some conflicting studies on saccharin, but haven’t done enough research into it to speak to it.

          Do you have thoughts on the artificial fragrances and flavors? Thanks.

          • What was the 1st essential oil company? Interestingly Young Living claims to be the first. Just do a search online with quotes, “first essential oils company” and Young Living will pop up all over the place. That blows my mind because they only started in 1993 and Melaleuca has been around since 1985, so how can Young Living be the first???

            Does Melaleuca claim to be the 1st? No. However, from my research I can not find a company older than Melaleuca that was selling essential oils.

            There are many conflicting reports about Sweeteners. Melaleuca will be the 1st to drop any from their ingredient list if conclusive information is established. As of now acesulfame potassium is considered safe by authorative data, even more so if used in tiny amounts, which is the case with Melaleuca.

            As for “artificial fragrances and flavors”, even using essential oils can be considered artificial when they are mixed to create a scent. Melaleuca does use essential oils to create scents. Same goes for artificial flavors. The fact is that some may be unsafe and others are safe. Melaleuca’s policy from back in 1985 is to create products that are the safe according to the latest up to date research and to use the most natural ingredients possible, but again with the rule that they are safe according to the latest up to date research. In other words, being 100% natural does not make it safe either.

          • Well, for me, it doesn’t matter which company is first. I care about purity. But longevity can be an indicator of something positive, of course.

            In any case, what were they selling – melaleuca or were they selling other oils?

            About the fragrances and colors, I just talked to the company and this is verbatim what they told me:

            The fragrances “can be natural product or synthetically generated to mimic a natural product”. They are typically classified as terpines and all meet the RIFN for fragrance materials and are proprietary.”

            As for colors, the same person told me that they are added for a variety of reasons including to make the product more appealing. They are “either natural or approved to be safe for the intended uses by the FDA….some are natural and some are not natural.”

            So I hope that clears things up. Melaleuca is using artificial fragrance as well as artificial colors and they also have sucralose which has been shown to cause kidney issues. http://www.prevention.com/food/healthy-eating-tips/health-risks-sucralose

            I agree with you that natural doesn’t mean safe but I don’t want artificial fragrance in my household or personal care products. There are also plenty of products on their site that do not list ingredients.

            Thanks for reading and happy to dialogue more if you like.

          • Melaleuca does not claim to be the first essential oils company. Based on my research I could not find any other company that started before. In any case, if you search online for ( include the quotes ), “oldest essential oils company” and you will see tons of results point to Young Living. Kind of strange considering they started almost a decade after Melaleuca.

            Product ingredients are always subject to many opinions with frequent contradictions. Melaleuca’s mission has been to manufacture products with the safest and most natural ingredients known to science. Even if an ingredient is considered “natural”, it does not automatically mean it is safe.

            In regards to artificial fragrances and flavors, Melaleuca often uses essential oil blends, which would then be an “artificial fragrance”. Same goes for flavors. As soon as you mix things together it no longer can legally be considered “natural”.

            Hope this makes sense.

          • Hi again.

            I don’t understand that claim about artificial fragrances and flavors. There are all kinds of mixes of spices on the market and flavorings that are called natural and they are blended. There are loads of essential oils blends on the market that are not called artificial fragrances. Another Melaleuca rep said these same things to me but it doesn’t make any sense at all. Artificial is artificial. Blending doesn’t make something artificial.

            Is this something that Melaleuca has put in print? Or something that they are saying to reps?

  18. I posted for the first time earlier in response to the lady whose viewpoint could be roughly summed up as ‘as long as the EO is pure you can ingest it and you’ll be fine’.
    But I forgot to say thanks for posting all this! (shame face)
    I’ve found it very informative in MANY respects. I’ve found the information you’ve gathered informative. And the inability/difficulty to get other facts is informative too…I had no idea the EO world was so thick with struggle.
    While I feel for you having to get pelted with word rocks, I have read every single comment up to this part (6, I think) and…just…wow.
    Some of this is very junior high, people. Brad is the hottest! No, Johnny is totes the hottest and if you think BRAD is the hottest you must be deficient or Brad’s wingman Zac got you to say that. Go sit somewhere else, and take your Brad cooties along.
    This is what it sounds like to people looking in from outside the oil world. Im admiring you for staying so civilized…I would probably not have.

    I also till this entry did not understand the commentary about Pappas. I could only see the comments under entries 1-5. I do not do Facebook or any EO sites so all of this OTHER stuff he’s said was not known to me, and I couldn’t figure out where you were coming from because his comments on your page seemed more or less ok to me. Isovaleraldehyde, btw,might very well be present in several EOs (and it is reasonable to expect it as a component of vomit) because it occurs naturally in many foods and is also formed as a ‘side effect’ of brewing in a finished brewski.( guess since overimbibing beer causes lots of people to heave, people who are interested in that sorta thing found it when they looked..?) I think he made that statement not as a negative, like not saying it detracts from the EO, I think he just said it as one of those ‘useless fun fact’ type of asides and it was not otherwise meant to be relevant.

    I do agree though that those outside snipes about you being true( I’m not saying you made it up, just saying I didn’t see it with me own two eyes since I don’t do FB & such…but I have no reason to doubt you) then yes, he read way too much nefarity (new word!) into things like why his comments didn’t post immediately,took it the wrong way and responded wildly out of proportion, inappropriately. It’s too bad.

    Anyway, thank you. I’ve been using ‘lesser’ oils partly out of just not knowing whether the difference could really be THAT drastic and partly out of not wanting to spend mad cash if the difference really wasn’t that drastic.
    But when I need oils next, I plan to check out MRO and NAN and I had never heard of either before stumbling across your blog ( I don’t even remember what I was searching for but it wasn’t EO) and now I will check out your other topics.
    It’s me being thick, but I don’t readily see how to subscribe on the pages of this series…how would I do it?
    Thanks again for doing this. People like me who are not ‘into’ EO but are starting down the road of a less corporate or less unhealthful lifestyle find it a useful yellow brick in the road! Hope your fall is off to a satisfactory start.

    • I also was going to say that part of why I am so confused at the whole Pappas thing is that now, having seen the commentary left by ‘Pappas’ here and the commentary left by ‘Pappas’ elsewhere… Are we absolutely sure it’s the same person?

      The commentary here is a) mostly civil and b) doesn’t even ‘sound’ like the same person who said the other stuff.

      That could be because he took more time to craft the commentary here, I guess. The sentence structure is more skillful, the choice of vocabulary is superior; it just sounds like a more thoughtful, better-educated person.

      The extra-blogular (haha) comments read as though a grade-schooler wrote them. That could be the result of just throwing them out in the heat of the moment instead of sitting down to really compose them, sure.
      But it could also be that one of the ‘Pappas’ is not the ‘real’ one. I don’t mean a total impostor, since the FB Pappas acknowledges he has been here. I just mean it’s possible that one of them is actually an assistant/minion of some kind doing the actual writing.
      (Jeez, I would hope the minion would be the one writing like an aggrieved teen, but idk). Now, he still has responsibility for what the assistant says in his name, and if that’s what happened BOTH of them should apologize.
      The third possibility is that one person wrote all of it but rather than it being the result of putting thought into one and rushing the other, it could just be that, like many people, he behaves differently around different people.
      Granted, that’s also kinda junior high, but most of us did that at some point. We acted one way around Leslie and then when Leslie wasn’t around and the clique was talking smack about Leslie, we were weak and did it too. Maybe we just did it to get along. But sometimes you really get caught up and you believe it.

      It is a weakness of character in an adult and it would still be wrong. Just pointing out that the world is wide and I hope it doesn’t just chalk up to the simplest answer, which would be ‘what a ( insert expletive of choice)’. Though it might.

      • Hi Jennifer. I’m not sure what to say except that Pappas contacted me privately on Facebook as well and his commentary on his Facebook pages matched the information that he shared on my site. Thanks for reading – more to come on oils so hope to see you around again!

    • Thank you so much for reading and for the encouragement!

      The EO world has many more struggles in it than I shared. Many.

      It is natural to think that isovaleraldehyde might be in EOs – I just couldn’t find that it causes vomit but instead that it makes one not feel like vomiting.

      There will be more shared on oils, hopefully in the near future, so please do stay tuned — thanks and hope to see you around again!

      Oh, how to subscribe, I would recommend going to this report and doing so – as I hope to change subscription subscribers soon and that way you won’t miss out. http://wholenewmom.com/10-things-you-need-to-know-about-essential-oils-before-you-buy/ Thanks for subscribing! If you would like to subscribe to blog post updates, there is a spot just under each blog post to do that.

  19. I found & read your 7 posts on essential oils today, & thank you for your dedicated research. I’ve used essential oils sporadically for many years & have attended numerous classes from Natures Sunshine, Doterra, & a weekend study & forage with a European Aromatherapy author. –Still–I’ve been confused & appreciate your blog information. I’me currently well stocked with DT, but have been looking for a less expensive & less ‘promotional’ carrier, I’m pleased to read your good review of Rocky Mountain. You didn’t mention Tropical Traditions essential oils in your search & am wondering if you looked at them as well. They are not MLM, & since I trust some of their other products, recently purchased a few of their oils.. They are primarily sellers of coconut oil, but also sell & write articles concerning healthy products. Thank you.. .

    • Hi Judith and thanks for reading. Yes, I did look at them when I did the series and decided against them for several reasons. I am very familiar with TT and am disappointed that I heard they are discontinuing some of their organic coconut oil. Did you hear that? I’m looking into other companies but am very very busy at the moment so stay tuned! Thanks!

  20. Do you have any information about Eden Gardens or Mountain Rose?

    • Hi there. I’m going to be working on information about other companies hopefully soon. I will say that MRH is not an oils company – they are an herbs company so it’s a little different of an expertise base in my opinion.

      • Hi Adrienne. Would you happen to know where I can find testing results for NOW EO’s. I see them in the local health food store and wondered about their purity. Thank you

        • There are some groups on Facebook that do independent testing of oils. I don’t recall their names, sorry. I am doing loads of work to have other options for you all so stay tuned.