Thanksgiving Leftover Box Labels

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These Super Easy DIY Thanksgiving Leftover Box Labels are just what you need to send your guests home with yummy memories of your gathering. They look great and you don’t need to worry about getting your containers back!

Thankful for leftovers label on top of a brown box with white measuring spoons and two-toned string beside it

This year, when you send your guests home with turkey, mashed potatoes (or mashed cauliflower), stuffing, cranberry sauce, or pumpkin pie, you can make it a little bit more special with these cute Thanksgiving Leftover Box Labels.

I have fond memories of eating Thanksgiving Leftovers when I was little. Now, I should say that I didn’t have a peachy keen childhood, but there were some bright spots, and one of the things I clearly recall is my father trying to get some of EVERYTHING on a fork when sitting down to eat Turkey Day leftovers.

A little turkey, a little stuffing, some cranberry sauce.

It all had to be on there.

I don’t think he ever made a Dagwood Thanksgiving Sandwich (do you know about Dagwood? If not, look it up!), but it would have been totally in character if he had.

Anyhow, I personally LOVE leftovers. 

And I’m sure your guests do as well.

If you’re typically left with too much stuffing (and other Thanksgiving stuffola) after your Thanksgiving Holiday Meal, how about using this lovely Thanksgiving Leftover Labels to send your guests home with some of the extras—in a super cute container that takes literally almost no time to make!

PLUS if you end up with just waaaay too much food, you can spread the wealth, ensuring that no food goes to waste. I’m all about frugality so this is tops in my book. I almost NEVER throw any kind of food away!

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What You Will Need to Make These Thanksgiving Leftover Box Labels

Full Sheet Sticker Paper
Twine (optional–for decoration)

Keep in mind that of course if you use a plain paper carrying bag or lunch bag, that you will have to put the leftovers in foil or some other wrapping or else they will leak through the bags.

Container Options for Using Thanksgiving Labels

The labels are shown pictured with these boxes

Here are some other great options:

These boxes would be great as well.

I see that they have some boxes that would work great at Hobby Lobby too–so feel free to check there or another crafty store, if you don’t have time to get something delivered.

You can even place the stickers on Paper Carrying Bags, or on super simple plain paper lunch bags

Simply place the leftovers in aluminum foil, wrap securely, and place inside the bag.

Then, place the label on the bag--these labels will dress up anything!

If you’re using a bag with handles, you could tie the handles together with the twine or use a lovely fall-themed ribbon like this.

A portrait of Thankful for leftovers label over a brown paper box placed on top of a wooden table

How to Make These DIY Thanksgiving Leftover Box Labels

Thanksgiving Leftover Box Labels

  1. Print the “Thankful for leftovers” Label onto full sheet sticker paper. (Follow the directions on your printer and for your specific computer for loading the printer and setting up your computer to print.)

  2. Be sure to set your printer so that it doesn’t “shrink to size” and to print the label at 100% so that the whole label prints off on the page.

  3. Cut the page along the grey line.

  4. Cut out the labels. You should get three labels per printed page.

  5. Print and repeat as many times as needed.

  6. Stash your labels until Thanksgiving.

  7. When it’s time to send folks home with their leftovers, simply peel off the back of the sticker and place on the closed container.

Get the Printable File for these DIY Thanksgiving Leftover Box Labels Here

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I just LOVE how easy and inexpensive this idea is—you can make your Thanksgiving Celebration just a little more fun and warm with very little effort and so inexpensively!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

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