Nut or Seed Butter Truffles (sugar-free)

Easy Truffle Recipe - Sugar and Dairy-free. These come together in a flash and are a yummy treat your kids will love. Low carb & Paleo too!

I love truffles.

I used to make sugar and chocolate-laden ones as Christmas gifts years ago.  But now that our family is trying to eat more healthfully, I have passed up my old truffle recipe in search of a fresh alternative.

Well, I finally found one.  Here is a great recipe for a treat that you and your family can indulge in while knowing that they are really good for you.

My inspiration for these came from Real Sustenance, a website dedicated to raw foods.  I found this recipe about one month ago and just had to try it.

True to my ways, I changed up the recipe a bit with new ingredients and a money-saving twist– and boy, do we have another winner this time.

The idea to roll them in coconut came from Kelly of The Nourishing Home.  I should have thought of it myself, since I rolled my other homemade truffles in cocoa, coconut and chopped nuts.  Ah well, sometimes we all need a reminder of good things.)

We even had friends over yesterday who do not have any dietary restrictions and they LOVED them.  In fact, my dear friend's daughter can be a picky eater and she kept asking for more “cookies” :-).

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Why these truffles are great:

  • They are raw, so you can benefit from increased nutrition
  • They are simple to prepareno baking required
  • The recipe is variable so you can “make do” with whatever you have in your home
  • They are packed with nutrition from nuts or seeds, coconut, and flax (a powerhouse of omega 3s)
  • A lot cheaper than buying fancy chocolates and such

NOTE:  Ground coconut isn't really coconut flour but it works pretty well in this recipe.

How about passing this recipe onto your kids or your husband so that they can whip up a batch (or two) for you on Mother's Day or some other holiday?  They are so easy to make that they can make them with almost no help!

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Do you have a healthy favorite sweet treat that you would like to share?

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  1. I tried these but they were so dry. Did I miss something? I had to add coconut oil and water and they still seem dry. Suggestions?

    • Hmmm…did you follow the recipe exactly? I haven’t had that problem unless my nut or seed butter was particularly dry. How was yours? Good to hear from you :)!

  2. MamaCassi says:

    tried this recipe w/ coconut flour and it rolled into balls, though was a little crumbly (used honey as a sweetener) but is very very dry and sticks in the throat. great w/ Earl Grey tea! i would add more fat next time to get the texture better. i’m thinking of trying coconut oil in addition to everything else. I think ground coconut (my choice) would work better than the coconut flour, but coconut flour is what I had on hand and I wanted to follow the recipe exactly the first time.

    Since the coconut flour has less fat, maybe adding fat would be the solution. I rolled mine in cinnamon, then some in nutmeg and others in allspice.

    Glad to have a quick food on hand for the tired mama who doesn’t always stop to eat and make enough food for herself!

  3. Okay, but how much granulated pure steia extract? I think 9 tablespoons is quite a bit. I also have liquid stevia if that is easier for your to convert.
    Thanks! You help so many people!!!!

    • Stevia extract is a powder so you would only use 4-5 scoops (I think I put that in the recipe.) I tend not to use drops in my recipes as I am not as well-versed in them. Typically 1 scoop of stevia extract is equivalent to about 2 T of sweetener. I’ll put a link in the post to the powder I use. :).

  4. Do you have a ball park figure of how many these make? Not sure if I should whip up a double batch! Thanks! Also, is that 4 tablespoons of pure stevia powder (seems like a lot). Or, do you suggest liquid stevia?