Healthy Popsicles: A Berry Superfood Recipe – low carb with AIP option

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Healthy Popsicles: A Berry Superfood Recipe - low carb with AIP option | Whole New Mom

Nothing like popsicles on a warm day for a refreshing treat.

And this superfood recipe is more than just a refreshing treat — it's good for you too!

These low-carb, healthy popsicles are loaded with antioxidants from multiple organic superfoods.

When I told my son I was going to make these he said, “Oh yes! Please make popsicles. I LOVE them!”

And when he found out that there would be berries in them, he was even more excited.

Of course.

I got this superfood recipe from a friend of mine awhile ago, and we just LOVE it!

Actually, we haven't made popsicles in a long time. Not sure why, but we haven't.  So we were so excited to do it again and to find a recipe that is fun, delicious, and even beautiful!

Why Superfoods?

Superfoods are kind of a word that's thrown around today a lot, but basically they are foods that are powerhouses of nutrition.

If you've been around my blog for awhile, you know that I used to eat the Standard American Diet (SAD), but had to move to lower carb foods due to candida.  We also are pretty much dairy free around here due to my oldest's life threatening allergy to dairy (amongst other things).

But more than just trying to avoid things like sugar, loads of carbs (especially refined carbs), and the things my son is allergic to, we have really been making an effort to put more healthful foods into our diet to improve our health.

The main things we have been trying to increase in our diets are vegetables and fruits, particularly low carb fruits like berries, and superfoods that pack an extra punch of nutrition.

I really thought that we were eating healthy enough, but when I sat down and looked at it, I realized that we weren't.  It's easy to grab nuts or something like that for a snack, and when you are eating lower carb, it's harder to eat fruits, and sometimes eating veggies just gets a little “old”.

So I've been looking for new ways to get more produce into our diets without adding too many carbs.

I've tried various green drinks and have found them to be a great help. You can easily put the powders in smoothies or add them to recipes, but this idea of making popsicles out of them was just too fun.

For this superfood recipe, you can of course use whatever fruit powder you like, or you could reverse engineer the ingredients to make the superfood powder that I used, but I do love the blend that I will mention in this post.

We've used the powder mostly in water as an afternoon pick me up drink, but this healthy popsicle recipe is our favorite use thus far.

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The Powder

DIY Fruit Powder Blend Ingredients:

If you want to make this recipe by making your own Fruit Blend, here are some links to products to get you going.

Here are some ingredients that would be helpful should you choose to do that.

  1. Blueberry Powder (Organic)
  2.  Acai Powder (Organic)
  3. Apple Powder (Organic)

There are a few Berry Blends you can buy and a few Superfood Blends, but just be careful what you purchase and read the reviews.  A common complaint is that many of the powders (the berries in particular) become rock solid quickly after purchase.  I think that's why the use of the cassava maltodextrin is so crucial in the blend that I used.  In fact, I had a berry powder years ago that did that very thing despite it having a moisture packet in it.   So just be careful what you buy and be careful how you store them should you go that route.

If you'd like to try out the one that I use, here is some more information about it.

Neal's Yard Remedies Organic Berry Complex 

The powder that I used is a great powder loaded with so much I wanted in our family's diet.

  • No added sugar
  • Non GMO
  • Gluten free
  • Dairy free
  • No preservatives
  • Vegan
  • Kosher
  • Certified organic

Regardless of whether you choose to use the Superfood powder that I did, or DIY your own version, you will want to blend several powders and extracts together to get the benefits of many different phytonutrients.  Following are the ingredients in the NYR Organic Powder with the benefits of each.


Apple Powder – high in fiber and pectin

Blueberry Powder – high in anthocyanins (great for health and skin radiance)

Blackcurrant Powder – high in anthocyanins. Supports good circulation and skin radiance.

Acerola Cherry Extract Powder – high in vitamin C

Açaí Powder – high in antioxidants resveratrol

Green Bell Pepper Powder – high in vitamin C and antioxidants

Pomegranate Juice Powder – high in vitamin C, antioxidants, and minerals

Chia Seeds – high in Omega 3 fatty acids and great for gut health

Goji Berry Extract Powder – often called the “elixir of youth”.  It's stickiness shows that it has polysaccharides in it and helps moisturize skin from the inside out.

Stevia – a natural sweetener that I use in so many of my recipes. It is over 200 times as sweet as sugar and yet has no calories, no glycemic index and none of the negative side effects of sugar.  In this post about stevia and health, you can see that it actually might support healthy blood sugar levels.

Anthocyanins are the plant colorings responsible for the vibrant reds, blues, and purples in fruits, and they have been noted to show promise in protecting from many health conditions. (source)

It's a fabulous pick-me-up in the morning or afternoon and has only a few carbs, and as a result, is a great way to get more produce into your diet.

And… makes amazing popsicles.

They are low carb, no sugar-added, and even adaptable for the AIP diet (Autoimmune Protocol or Autoimmune Paleo).

Notes about Ingredients – The “flavourings” are Organic Blackberry Flavors and the Maltodextrin is from Organic Cassava and keeps the Acerola Cherry Powder from clumping as it has a tendency to do so.  Also, all of the ingredients are sourced in the US.

Get your Antioxidant Boost with this delicious Neal's Yard Remedies Berry Complex. It's loaded with health benefits and tastes amazing!


For the AIP option for this recipe use another fruit powder because the powder that I used contains some non AIP foods.  I couldn't find a powdered superfood powder blend that was certified organic anywhere else, but you could make up your own using individual fruit powders that work for you.

Carb Count:

I typically don't give any kind of nutrition counts, but from my quick calculations, if you make small popsicles (like the 1/2 cup push up pops that we used) they have about 5 grams of carbs from the berries (we used blueberries) and 1.3 grams from the berry powder.  So a total of 6.3 grams of carbs per popsicle.

If you are on the THM plan, the blend I used has maltodextrin and so it's off plan. Use one of the berry powders that I offered as an alternative.

The Popsicle Molds

These Popsicle Molds will give you popsicles very similar to the ones in the image.

But you could use any shape or variety you like.Zoku Popsicle Molds

Healthy Popsicles: A Berry Superfood Recipe - low carb with AIP option | Whole New Mom


Superfood Berry Popsicles - Low Carb with AIP options

Serves 4 large popsicles or 6 small popsicles or push-up pops, depending on size     adjust servings

These Superfood Berry Popsicles are Low-Carb Popsicles made with Superfoods and are loaded with antioxidants for amazing health benefits.


  • Water (please use filtered. Here is more on How I Make Our Water Safe)
  • 2 scoops (10 g - approx 2 Tbsp) Berry Powder or Superfood Berry Complex Powder (or for AIP see above note). Add more if you like more flavor.
  • 1 1/2 cups Berries
  • 1/2 Lemon or 1 T Lemon Juice (I buy huge bottles of lemon juice at Costco)
  • Stevia to Taste (we used 2 scoops [1/16 tsp] of Nunaturals brand. See How to Use Stevia.) Omit for most AIP diets or use honey or maple syrup.


  1. Blend the BerryPowder with 2 cups of water.
  2. Add the juice of ½ of a lemon (1 Tbsp of lemon juice) to the blended mixture. Stir well.
  3. Fill the popsicle molds half way with berries.
  4. Pour the Berry Complex Mixture over the berries to fill.
  5. Freeze 'til solid. About 5 hours for large popsicles.


Healthy Popsicles: A Berry Superfood Recipe - low carb with AIP option | Whole New Mom

These healthy popsicles are so good – my youngest would eat all of them if I let him — but alas, he has to share :).

I hope you enjoy them too.  It feels great knowing that I got some fabulous nutrition into him and not junky sugar-laden stuff.

What is your favorite frozen treat?

Photo Credit: Heather Ollenburg

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