Buckwheat Crepe Cake with Chocolate Avocado Filling and Hazelnut “Cream”

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This Buckwheat Gluten-free Crepe Cake with amazing Chocolate Avocado Filling and Hazelnut Cream is decadent and luscious.

{Since we've gone gluten free (and my son is dairy free), I've had to come up with alternatives to typical treats we used to enjoy. We love these Chocolate Chip “Cheesecake”-Filled Chocolate Cupcakes, Dairy Free Chocolate Almond Chip Ice Cream, and Almond Joy Bars, and these Raw Fudge Brownies, but for a special occasion this fabulous Buckwheat Crepe Cake from Almost Bananas is just perfect.   Loaded with nutrition like avocado–this looks amazing!  One of the problems with making gluten-free cake is that you need to add a decent amount of white starch to get the “lift” of traditional white flour cakes.  With this crepe cake, that problem is solved.  This crepe cake is whole grain and lovely.}

Crepe cakes, in my opinion, are an excuse to eat more icing (make that “frosting,” for my American friends).

Crepes layered with filling make for a moist and rich treat.

I'm normally a fast and easy baker: one bowl, done.

For my birthday, though, I wanted to make something a little more fancy even though it meant taking more time. Crepe cakes take time, but they aren't difficult.

Introducing the Buckwheat Gluten-free Crepe Cake

I started with the idea of buckwheat crepes. Gluten-free and soaked, they provided the nutty flavour I wanted.

Next for the filling.

The first time I made the avocado based filling with carob, the second time with chocolate.

Both were delicious, though the carob paired with the nuttiness particularly well. Watch out for the size of the avocados, however.

Two avocados provided plenty of filling the first time, the second time the two avocados were small with huge pits, which is why in the photos, the filling is rather thin.

The hardest part was the topping. It had to be dairy-free, but whipping cream is my go to for cakes.

I'm not an icing type of girl.

I decided to continue the nutty theme for the topping with hazelnuts, thickening it with gelatin, adding maple syrup for a touch of sweetness. If you can eat dairy, however, go ahead and top with whipped cream.

Heaven on a plate.

The gluten-free crepe cake is not overly sweet, so if you want to indulge a sweet tooth, it's very adaptable to adding more sweetener of different kinds. For the crepes and cream, even stevia will work; for the filling it needs to have some body. Whole New Mom has a low-glycemic alternative to homemade powdered sugar that would work great for this recipe.

This Buckwheat Gluten-free Crepe Cake with amazing Chocolate Avocado Filling and Hazelnut Cream is decadent and luscious.


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Have you ever baked with buckwheat before?
Or ever had a gluten-free crepe cake?

Naomi Huzovicova - Writer at Whole New MomNaomi is originally from Canada, but is now a wife and mom in Slovakia. She tries to live each day as a follower of Christ in the chaos of caring for children. Using real food and creating an environmentally-friendly surrounding for her family is a priority. She dreams of a little farm while living in an apartment, enjoys handmade creations, and still doesn't like brussels sprouts. Naomi shares her food creations and photos of Slovakia at Almost Bananas. She looks forward to connecting with you on PinterestGoogle+, and Facebook.

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  2. Great recipe! I’d love to have you share it at our #glutenfreefridays link up! I know my readers would enjoy it! 🙂 Cindy from vegetarianmamma.com

  3. OMG my mouth is watering..lol. Thanks for the awesome recipe

  4. Yes, We love buckwheat pancakes! I would love to try this, as I am trying the blood type diet and I am a type A and buckwheat is a positive grain for type A’s. I will likely skip the frosting too… too much work. 🙂

  5. I like to use buckwheat crepe’s for chicken wraps at lunch. I can’t wait to try this recipe! Thanks for sharing!