Connect with Neighbors for Preparedness

15 Ways to Get to Know Your Neighbor - A GREAT Way to Prepare for Emergencies.

I recently had a mini-flash flood in my backyard.

We had torrential rains and several homes were flooded. We were okay, but some of our neighbors' homes were flooded with water and mud.

Some swimming pools were filled with muddy water. Our dirt/sand here is reddish orange. It stains clothes and shoes.

The rocks in Southern Utah are beautiful to look at, climb, rappel and walk on nature trails. BUT when we have too much rain in a very short time it can be very dangerous, very quickly.

We had neighbors texting each other to make sure everyone was okay.

We were all asking questions like, "are you okay?" or "do you need sandbags?"

The rain and hail actually pitted cars, garage doors, front doors, and gates. Some cars were so badly pitted they looked like some rocks had been thrown at them.

The reason I want to share these 15 ways to get to know your neighbor is because we might just need that family that lives 6 doors down to come and help in a fire, a tornado, a hurricane, a flood, an earthquake, or simply a torrential rainstorm.

Sometimes we feel very secure that we can take care of ourselves.

That truly is a very good feeling.

BUT sometimes we need to know our neighbors so we can share labor, tools and know-how in an unexpected emergency. I have said many times when I teach emergency preparedness classes...".that guy down the street with a chainsaw may be your new best friend."

Knowing your neighbors is a great way to provide that extra level of security to your community.

We rely on the police to cruise the area looking for trouble spots.

A well-informed neighborhood is one that provides that "crime watch" feel and actuality.

Be aware of who is driving down the street.

Alert neighbors if you think the door to door solicitor / salesperson may be casing the homes looking for that weak link.

If you notice papers piling up out front, grass growing longer than usual, weeds in the planter areas, etc. these may be signs of challenges in that home. Be vigilant and concerned.

How better to show we live the mantra to "love thy neighbor"?

How well do YOU know YOUR Neighbors?

Which tip will you try first?  Or which do you already do?

Linda Loosli from Food Storage Moms - writer for Whole New MomLinda Loosli blogs at As a young mother with four girls she learned to stretch the dollar the best she could. She learned to eat healthy and enjoy tasty meals without spending a fortune and expanded those same ideas to help people out of work, forced from homes from disaster, those with limited means and others that they should have food stored for that "rainy day". She then started showing people how to use the food they do have for quality meals, no matter where they are or what tools and facilities are available for preparation.

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  1. Thanks for the info, I would have never thought that knowing my neighbors could help during a disaster, until I was in that situation of coarse.