11 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Planned Parenthood

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I’m sure most, if not all of you have seen Planned Parenthood in the news over the past few weeks.

There have been a bunch of undercover videos released implicating them in the apparent selling of infant body parts.

These videos have drawn a lot of attention from both the “pro-life” and the “pro-choice” side, with the pro-life side stating that Planned Parenthood has committed felonies by selling human body parts, and many on the pro-choice side stating that the parts are for medical research, and/or that the videos have been doctored.

I am personally disgusted by these videos, but there are many other things about Planned Parenthood that I think deserve the attention of the media and of all U.S. citizens.

Whatever side of the “life / choice” debate you are on, I hope that you will read these, think about them, and keep an open mind as you do so.

I am more than happy to respond to any and all comments, on both sides of the debate.  I did my best to do thorough research and encourage conversation about any and all of these points.

Did you know these facts about Planned Parenthood?

11 Facts About Planned Parenthood

1.  A large amount of Planned Parenthood’s income comes from abortion.

Despite the fact that PP supporters continually claim that abortions comprise only 3% of the services that they provide, abortions are a large part of their income.  In fact, Planned Parenthood made approximately $163,826,500 from abortions in the 2013 – 2014 year, assuming approximately $500 per abortion, which is a low end estimation (source).  A second trimester abortion can cost well over $1,000. For a more detailed explanation of how the 3% claim is inaccurate, go here or here.

Basically, stating that abortion is only 3% of PPFA’s operation is similar to saying that car sales are only a small percentage of a car dealership’s business.  Of course, the dealership provides financing, washes cars, does service on cars, and leases cars, but the primary reason for a car dealer to be in existence is to sell cars.

2.  Prenatal Services amount to only 0.27% of all of Planned Parenthood’s services. (source)

One of the big claims that PPFA makes is that they provide all kinds of services, besides just abortions, including valuable prenatal services. However, they provide almost none of these.  Only 18,684 in 2013 – 2014.

3.  Over 46% of Planned Parenthood’s income comes from taxpayers.

According to Planned Parenthood’s annual report (2013 – 2014), they took in $528,400,000 from “Government Health Services Grants and Reimbursements.”  This amount represents 46.12% of their total income. (source)

4.  Planned Parenthood has provided low dose birth control pills, planning for failure and more abortions

See the documentation here, and here.  The pills are either received at a PPFA clinic, or PPFA gives out a prescription for the woman to receive them elsewhere.

5.  Planned Parenthood’s founder, Margaret Sanger, Targeted the Elimination of Blacks, Jews, and More.

Here are some quotes attributed to her:

– Referring to immigrants and Catholics, she wrote: “[They’re] an unceasingly spawning class of human beings who never should have been born at all.”

– “We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities. The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.”  — Margaret Sanger’s December 19, 1939 letter to Dr. Clarence Gamble, 255 Adams Street, Milton, Massachusetts. Original source: Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College, North Hampton, Massachusetts. Also described in Linda Gordon’s Woman’s Body, Woman’s Right: A Social History of Birth Control in America. New York: Grossman Publishers, 1976.

– “[Slavs, Latin, and Hebrew immigrants are] human weeds … a deadweight of human waste … [Blacks, soldiers, and Jews are a] menace to the race.” — Margaret Sanger, April 1933 Birth Control Review . (source)

6.  Planned Parenthood’s Founder Advocated Mandatory Sterilization

– “Give dysgenic groups [people with ‘bad genes’] in our population their choice of segregation or [compulsory] sterilization. — Margaret Sanger, April 1932 Birth Control Review.


7.  Planned Parenthood has Aided Sex Trafficking

PPFA has a history of aiding and abetting sex trafficking of girls as young as 14.  (source)

8.  Planned Parenthood’s Has Strong Ties to Euthanasia 

There are many ties between The American Birth Control League (which later became Planned Parenthood) and the National Society for the Legalization of Euthanasia. (source)

9.  Planned Parenthood Is Independently Wealthy.

In their 2013-2014 Annual Report, they cite over $1,000,000,000 (1 billion) in net assets.  I feel that their continuing to receive federal (taxpayer) funding when they have this amount of resources at their disposal is unethical, particularly when our nation is currently $18 trillion in debt.  Here is the current debt clock so you can see the current status of our debt to other nations: https://www.usdebtclock.org/. (source)

10.  Planned Parenthood Does Not Provide Mammograms 

Contrary to popular belief, the organization only refers for mammograms, but has no mammography equipment in any of its clinics. (source)

11.  Planned Parenthood’s President, Cecile Richards, Earned Almost $600,000 in 2013.

Cecile Richards, PPFA’s President earnings in 2013 were $590,928. (source)

The average of the Top 10 PPFA Affiliate’s CEO salaries is over $300,000.  You can see several charts detailing this information here. (Note — this article was removed after the publication of this post, but you can see information on high paying jobs at PPFA here.)

UPDATE 8/8/15:

12.  Planned Parenthood Targets Minorities

PPFA is willing to accept donations that are earmarked for specific minorities.  Listen to the recordings at the bottom of this article.

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This is, of course, not a debate about whether or not abortion is right or wrong, though I am fine talking about that issue.  This is merely about concerns I have about Planned Parenthood.  About them as a corporation and about what they and their supporters say about them in defense of their practices.

Did you know about any of these facts?
Please share to get the truth out.

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  1. This article is too biased for a site that states it’s “research-based”. You may have done research, however the information you get off of the internet may not be as factual as you’d like to think, or you twist a narrative to suit your opinion and push it as fact. There is a lot of controversy concerning PP and I would like to see more qualified sources when discussing Them. A good factual article should have the least amount of bias as possible to present a case to the reader where they make their own judgment call on the matter, no being push toward one side.

    1. Hi there. Thanks for reading and for commenting. Actually of course as you know, everyone has bias. I do have mine. I’m open to being shown something that would prove that what I shared is incorrect—can you tell me what you would disagree with? Happy to dialogue about it–thanks!

  2. I do not know much about Planned Parenthood mostly because whenever I try to figure something out about it the people I talk to manipulate information to fit what their political party believes. I have spoken to both Republicans and Democrats and this always seems to happen. I am a Republican but I want unbiased information so that I can form an opinion of my own. Also when I search for information online again it is extremely biased. All I want is facts not someone trying to sway my view.
    When I read the article and comments here the author of this article seems to be someone who understands not everyone thinks the same and is open to criticism. If this is true I would love to get some answers to some of my questions.
    1. Why do Republicans hate Planned parenthood, and why do Democrats love it?
    2. Is one political party right over the other or is there truth in both sides?
    3. What really is wrong with Planned parenthood? Is it just abortion or is it other things as well?
    I have other questions but if anyone would be willing to answer these that would be great.

    1. Hi there. Gosh I’m so sorry that your comment hasn’t been approved for this long. It got lost in a pile of them.
      These are hard questions to answer because I don’t know everything but here are some thoughts.
      1) In general, Republicans are pro life and Democrats are not. Since PPFA’s main income centers around abortion, and they are the nation’s largest provider of abortion, it makes sense how both parties in general feel about PPFA. However the GOP tends to be a party of inaction–some would argue that they really don’t have much conviction.
      2) That’s another tough question. I think there’s corruption in both but then again, there’s corruption everywhere. What do you mean by “truth”? Do you mean about their perspectives about PPFA or about something else?
      3) I wrote a lot of things in this post — do you think they are good things? The movie, Unplanned, goes into a lot of concerns about PPFA including them pushing birth control pills that aren’t effective to lead to more abortions that they would then perform, and more. What do you think about that?

  3. Outstanding report. to some individuals this maybe to unbelievable to actually be true.But It’s the raw true.

  4. This article sickens me. But im not surprised. U said they were unethical taking money from the fed gov when they have so much… Their unethical cuz they murder hundreds of thousand babies every year. I wish I could be there when they explain to St. Peter how they did it for “Womens Health”

    1. They are unethical for both reasons and for more. That statement was not an exclusive one. Thanks for reading!

  5. Look up which famous people were almost aborted. You see how many? Steve Jobs, Justin Bieber, Celine Dion, Simone Biles. If PP had gotten their way, you wouldn’t here Despacito, you wouldn’t have an apple product, you wouldn’t hear that music from Titanic and Biles wouldn’t be able to show her talent. PP stops fetus’ from developing and the right of life and the chance to show and impact the world. The argument against this is that Hitler was almost aborted, so that baby can do good or bad because life offers no guarantees. Life doesn’t offer any guarantees but abortion gives no chances, you need to give the child the chance to live. PP is convincing many women daily to abort, meaning they are offering no chances for that baby to change the earth or just generally being given the wonderful gift of life.

    PS I’m 13 and I can see that a child is being killed but most adults are blind to the fact that aborting is not ridding of a problem. I really admire you Adrienne because of your bravery to stand up and point out what PP is doing.

    1. Thank you so much. I was almost aborted. That’s not why I stand up for the unborn b/c they are humans regardless. Have you heard about the book Gosnell?

    2. its girls like u that make me happy to get old. Knowing smart girls like u will rule this country someday makes me feel better. God bless you

    3. I don’t understand what you mean when you say “If PP had gotten their way…” because it was the parents of those famous people who decided what they wanted to do. I understand that if they were aborted then we wouldn’t have all this wonderful art and entertainment, but this isn’t peer presure, although PP may advocate for abortions at the end of the day it is the woman who makes the final decision. I’m not saying that it’s the woman’s ‘fault’ if she is unhappy with her decision, all I’m pointing out is that the woman calls the final shots. Overall I respect your oppinion and I do agree with some of what you said, however, I don’t agree with how you worded that statement.

  6. PP practically convinces clients to abort when they are struggling because it gives them more money. I would like to share an anecdote. My mother was at an abortion clinic with another lady, who was convinced that abortion was her only choice. She told the doctor that she was confused about what to do and the doctor simply replied; “Don’t worry, you won’t feel a thing and it gets any stress off your hands.” When the women heard that, she agreed but asked for a picture of a baby, to which the doctor reluctantly agreed to. My mother saw this, she saw that truthfully this mother wanted the child, she saw that the doctor was convincing the woman to abort. She told the woman; “Why do you want this picture?” The lady answered; “I want to see what my child would look like.” My mother then said; ” So, you want this child.”
    The woman chose to let the child live and 9 months later a child was born, to which my mother is the godmother of. If my mother wasn’t there or if my mother had chosen to view things differently, that child wouldn’t be and that woman would be grieving over that picture her whole life, knowing she had ended a child’s life because she thought it was at the wrong time.

    1. At the end of the day sometimes it is the woman’s decision, I mean how often do people get told by their doctors that they are overweight or something and the person doesn’t worry about and doesn’t listen to the doctor. Doctors advocate all different types of advice, but it’s whether the person listens or not that changes the outcome.

  7. This is disturbing, but it doesn’t surprise me at all. I’ve lived in the hood my whole life, and they come to your school’s if you live in black/latino/ Chicano areas.. As SOON as your parents sign the permission slip for sex-ed presentation, they come through and hand out goodie-bags with condoms and birth control and info packets for ppfa. 7TH GRADERS !! getting bc , condoms, etc. “Sex is a natural part of life” … ok.. but not when I’m 12 though y’all.
    Anyhow, as an adult now, I work with people who grew up in areas like Bel Air, Beverly Hills, and Calabasas.. when I make jokes about growing up, sex-ed class, or pp they all look at me like they have NO IDEA what I’m saying… It honestly makes feel like we grew up on different planets.
    In highschool, I can’t think of a single friend who didn’t make that special trip to pp. Only reason I didn’t is because I was in jail or on probation. It’s like they knew, if you can desensitized them while they’re young, THEY’RE BOUND to eff up…and it’s sad because it’s been working for wayyyy to long.
    I’m 30 and I have friends MY AGE becoming grandmothers, or advising their daughters to go to pp and “not ruin your life like I did”. It’s a vicious cycle.

  8. Everything you’re saying is false. I’ve been going to PP FOR over 15 years and I’ve NEVER had an abortion. Hospitals do MORE abortions than PP. PP found a lump in my mother breast, the found cancer in my friend cervix. They DON’T target minorities and I’m half black and white I live in the capital city of NY I mostly see white girls at PP.
    Don’t not spread your false bullshit. You can not call yourself pro-life if you DON’T care about MY life.

    1. Thanks for reading.

      Can you tell me specifically what you disagree with besides what you wrote b/c you said that “everything that I said is false”.

      1. Just b/c you haven’t had an abortion (which I am glad about) doesn’t mean that Planned Parenthood isn’t mainly in the abortion business.

      2. I do not think that hospitals perform more abortions than Planned Parenthood, and even if they did that wouldn’t disprove what I wrote. Here is information about how clinics perform abortions and not hospitals: https://www.slate.com/articles/double_x/doublex/2015/11/why_are_abortions_performed_in_clinics_not_hospitals.html

      3. I’m glad that PPFA found the issues for your mother and friend. That still doesn’t disprove what I wrote.

      4. Your experience, while valid, still doesn’t disprove that they target minority cities. Do you disagree with this map? https://www.protectingblacklife.org/pp_targets/

      5. I would appreciate your not using profanities here.

      6. I do care about your life. If I didn’t care about you, that wouldn’t make me not pro-life, however. Perhaps this post would be of interest. https://wholenewmom.com/health-concerns/what-is-pro-life/

      I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts and again, thanks for reading and for commenting.