Natural Autism Support (Monster Included!)

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What does a Blue Monster have to do with healing from autism? Find out here.

Life is hard.

When dealing with symptoms of autism (as with all special needs), it’s harder.

But we are still a family.

We still love each other.

We still have fun.

Here is a story of autism, family, love, and fun.  And healing.

It was a typical day.  I was busy doing things that were on “my agenda.”  The boys had done some homeschooling, but they were goofing around again.  You know — the way things typically go with boys and more so with one on the spectrum who has a hard time staying on task (though I must admit that sometimes it is my neuro-typical one who isn’t “on task” :-)!)

Usually, I hear the goofing around and I say in a not-as-gentle-as-it-should-be tone, “Come on…have you done your _________  (fill in the blank with the task, chore or school subject that I assume hasn’t been done) yet?”

But this day, something seemed different, so I decided to really listen to what was being said, or rather, er — sung.

Then I went into the other room and saw it.  Them.  And laughed.

Here were my two boys, snug like two bugs in a  —

laundry bag :-).  Stomping around and chanting —

“Here comes a four-footed monster.  We are a four-footed monster….”

I saw it.  And relished in it.

My sons pretending together.

I stopped what I was doing, smiled and grabbed my camera.  (Here’s the monster on the floor :-)!)

of autism aspergers

This playtime might seem like a small thing, but there are 2 reasons that this was really “big” for me:

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1.  My son’s symptoms of autism (Asperger’s Syndrome) are getting better.

One of the symptoms of autism or Asperger’s Syndrome in children is that they do not pretend.

Everything is literal.  Black and white.

But that day, he was playing with his ultra-creative younger brother, and having a great time!

I am not sure what is helping, but the progress we have seen in our son’s life is real

Well, whether it’s his restricted diet, metal detox, growing up, or just a miracle from God, I’ll take it.

2.  Interruptions can be a blessing.

I was interrupted, but it was great.  I could have gotten annoyed that they were goofing off, but instead, I chose to relish the moment.

The playing – the chanting – the pretending.  Real progress.

Please, Lord, remind me of this moment of grace during his next panic attack.  I’m still learning.

How about you?
What Natural Supports for Autism have worked for you?

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  1. I love this post for several reasons. First, as mom to a child on the spectrum, it feels amazing to have someone else understand EXACTLY how good it feels to see these seemingly small (but not to us!) achievements unfold before our eyes. Also, because you consistently admit there is only so much time in the day and so much you can give to each facet of your life. It’s great to read about a successful blogger who is not out to be the best or make the most money, but simply to chronicle, share interests and passions, and be realistic about life. Thanks for sharing so honestly!

    1. You are so welcome. I will say that balance continues to be hard. Trying to figure it out day by day. Just got a book called Boundaries. Hope to start reading it tomorrow.

  2. Hi Adrienne,
    Such a lovely post (despite an old one, but I’m only now discovering your page!).
    I know these moments so well. I have a 3.5 year old with symptoms of ASD (not diagnosed as medical professionals in the country we live in keep blaming things on English not being her first language – which is rubbish to me but I can’t do much about except trying to educate myself and help her on my own). And I also have a 2 year old. I have had these moments of awe when suddenly they were both sitting together on a kitchen towel (a pretend picnic blanket), having a picnic with their stuffed animals eating play doh cookies. Her younger sister is such a blessing to her, the best therapist ever.
    Your post brought tears to my eyes. And your blog is great, I will keep on reading. Thank you for writing about it all. xx

    1. Thank you and welcome!!! I am almost in tears reading your post. It’s hard . We are in the same boat. It’s not all peaches and cream here, but it’s better than it could be, ya know?

  3. I’ m very interested in your way of treating your son’s autism. But have you any experience with autistic kids that have trouble with eating and food in general? My two kids both are on the spectrum. My 14 year old son is diagnosed with classic autism, my daughter with pdd-nos. Especially my son has a very bad relationship with food, to a point that he became anorexic. He doesn’t like the taste of a lot of foods, how they feel, how his stomach feels full after eating… This has been going on since he was an infant. The last year he has made some improvement and is in intensive therapy for his autism right now. I’ve been interested in the diet approach, but it’s impossible to do because he rejects most foods, he clings on to the few foods he’s used to. Forcing is no option, I don’t want him to spin into a full anorexic circle, so I’m happy for the foods he does eat although they might not be perfect. How did your son cope with the change in diet? Change in general is difficult for autistic people.

    1. My son has texture issues but overall he has done well w/ the changes, but he is high functioning. I guess you need to think about what changes you would make and maybe tell him it’s for a short time. But of course, I can’t medically advise. You need to be really careful. My son gets very nervous about the changes but in general he adapts well especially if he feels better. But it’s tough to see others eating junk while we try so hard.

    1. Thanks for sharing. I have heard about Cutler’s protocol but the only thing that concerns me is the chelating process. I hope to talk about that in the future, but I am concerned about how it apparently pulls out minerals as well. Thanks and I am glad you are doing better!

  4. awesome blog! yes i too know those bitter sweet moments of seeing my son laughing and expressing joy. how wonderful…us moms never will take all that is so good for granted…autism has taught me to have so much gratitute and so much more compassion then I ever had before…
    my son went from violent aggressive autism to a happy good natured kid with mild ADD
    he was a tough nut with severe gasto issues and i did a lot with him…but I learned many lessons in the process…including finding God as my savior:)

    1. I think you put in the wrong link. I am familiar w/ the blood type theory. When I clicked on the link you had there it went to a Chinese site :).

  5. hi Adrienne….

    i had a lot of health problems… one of which was my eyes which just kept watering… the doctors pills and potions did no good… and they kept saying “its allergy”… so i searched the web for allergy and found this…. it took 4 months for my eyes to stop watering… but from the very first week other things began to heal… and the things i am allergic to has surprised me…. most of the “super foods” no wonder they didnt help…. things i considered healthy…..that i had eaten regularly… its worth investigating for your family

  6. So very happy for your “Mom”ent. Continue to study and try new ways to help keep your family eating healthy, cleansing and healing. Cheering you on and thankful for all the tips. As I keep up with the farm, my home business, and home schooling my 5 little ones- I sympathize with the “lack of time” – appreciate you sharing!

    (Oh, love the comment…. “and I say in a not-as-gentle-as-it-should-be tone”…. I AM SO THERE WITH YA!)

  7. I loved this story and totally get the beauty of seeing your kids not just interact well together, but really play. My son is 11 with Aspergers, ADHD, and SPD. We also have 3 daughters, from 4 to 8. We have used a GFCF, additive free, whole living foods diet to help our son and I now help others do the same.

    I would love for you to join our brand new community at Nourishing Journey. It’s a free membership meant to support people through this process. I would highlight your blog on our member blog roll. I also would love to record an interview with you about your story. It’s a series I have called, “Real Moms, Real Life” that encourages those who are unsure and shows the proof is in the experience, not the negativity from mainstream doctors. Just contact me if you would be interested.

    I just found your blog today and love it. Thanks for sharing your story.

    1. Hi Stephani. I’d love to be connected with you. I am swamped, but eager. Please tell me more as you are able. Thank you for sharing.

  8. This is a wonderful story- my newphew (also has Aspergers) decided for the first time this halloween (he is 9) that he was going to be a price is right contestant- needless to say our family was estatic!

    1. Oh how sweet. I am sitting here smiling! We may or may not participate this year, but my son has been Bibleman (a not so familiar video character) and Curious George. That was a fun year. I made the costumes and he matched his brother. Oh I am starting to miss the “little boy” days already :-(.

  9. Adrienne, can you tell me where this practitioner is located and if she does a test to determine what metals, in what concentrations, are currently present? Thanks!

    1. Tracy, she is in California. She works with patients long distance – all over the world. Her site is and her hair test is really specific and can tell what metals are coming out – when and what might be coming next and how the minerals are imbalanced as well. I am still learning about it, but I can tell you that from my personal experience I am a ton better than I was 10 months ago, when I started and my son is better. Also there is a friend of mine here who is almost completely better. Theresa, herself, had epilepsy which took a long time to go away, but it is completely gone now and her son was healed from a particularly debilitating condition as well. I am sure she will be happy to talk to you about it. As I said, I don’t make any money from referring people to her, but I think she would be grateful to know that I referred you. Thanks! Oh -she can be reached at 707-544-0661.